11.22.63: ‘The Eyes Of Texas’ Review

11.22.63 'Sharp Shooter'

“When you refuse to tell people the truth Mr. Amberson, you deny them their dignity. And for some of us, dignity matters.” -Ms. Mimi

All eyes were on Jake on 11.22.63 as he dove deeper into the past and seems to be getting closer to his ultimate goal to prevent the JFK assassination. ‘The Eyes of Texas’ brought us closer to the truth about Kennedy’s shooter but it also showed us why it might be a bad idea to get comfortable in the past. I think it’s becoming clear that Oswald is probably the shooter but we’re going to have to wait another week to find out. Since this episode took place on and after March 25th, 1963, it’s only a matter of time until we see firsthand what happened with General Walker, which took place on April 10, 1963.

I can’t help but think that Jake may be fucking with the past a little too much though. He is getting way too involved with Sadie and this is something he is going to struggle with if he is able to successfully complete his mission. Is Jake going to return to the present if he is successful? Or will he stick it out in the ’60s with Sadie? All I know is that he better fucking go back because all of us want to see what happens to the world if JFK had survived. You better be listening, show!

‘The Eyes of Texas’ got the ball rolling with Jake and Billy finally getting some info from all of their spying so let’s get ready for a night out at the Shamrock Hotel and enjoy the review, fellow time travelers!

Conspiracy Theories 

We flash forward to March 25th, 1963 with Oswald performing a speed run to see how fast he can put a rifle together. It appears that Oswald is more than likely the shooter given all of the evidence and he even refers to himself as a “sharp shooter” during his practice session. Oswald is so proud that he decides to get a sixties selfie with his favorite toy.

Picture Day

I guess Oswald must have learned something about shooting in Mother Russia. He is also clearly looney tunes. Marina was right when she said he looked ridiculous. Best picture ever.

Meanwhile, Jake and Bill are chillaxin’ in their Jodie apartment and things get strange when Bill and Marina share a moment through the window. If I’m Jake, I don’t know if I’d be trusting Billy the Kid. Is it not possible that this is the past’s way of pushing back? I just get the feeling that Bill is going to fuck things up for Jake.

Jake and Bill finally get some great audio of George de Mohrenfuck telling Oswald to assassinate General Walker and that he wants to introduce him to his friends at the CIA. Wait, what?! The CIA is involved in all of this? What the fuck, show! This shit is getting crazy and it appears there might be a much bigger conspiracy taking place. Is it possible that George is the gun, Lee is the bullet, the CIA is pulling the trigger and Walker is a test run for Kennedy? This is certainly one bat shit crazy theory but maybe it’s also just as likely that Oswald is simply a crazy mofo. Of course, that is all going to have to wait because Ms. Mimi shows up at Jake’s door and lets him know that she knows he’s not who he says he is. Uh oh.

"I'm on to you."

Jake comes up with a great story about how he’s in the witness protection program. Ms. Mimi decides to keep her mouth shut and it’s a good thing otherwise Jake’s cover would have been completely blown. Still, he is probably going to have to come clean to all of his close friends eventually including Sadie whom Jake has gotten extra close with.

Smart is the new sexy

I still think getting romantically involved 53 years in the past is a terrible idea but what do I know?! Jake decides that he should probably fix this potentially huge problem with Sadie so he invites her on a weekend getaway. The sensational ’60s soundtrack was jammin’ big time here for these scenes. First, we had The Crystals Then He Kissed Me which I highly encourage you to check out below:

This was immediately followed up by Sam Cooke’s Nothing Can Change This Love as Sadie and Jake share an intimate dance together:

Once again, 11.22.63 is totally exploiting the ’60s setting by unleashing some amazing old school tunes and I’m all for it. Music always has a way of making good scenes great and this is exactly what happened in The Eyes of Texas. Please, show…keep the jams coming.

Things get creepy though when it’s revealed that someone is spying on Sadie and Jake and the ’60s version of a sex tape (i.e. an envelope full of revealing photos) is left in Jake and Sadie’s room. We eventually find out that it’s Sadie’s hubby who is responsible for this and I get the feeling that he might just be the one who is going to completely blow up Jake’s cover. Ain’t time travel just terrific?

A Night Of Debauchery 

Jake seems to think that these photos were left by the CIA but he couldn’t be more wrong about this because when you fuck with the past, the past will fuck with you. Bill suggests that if he’s this concerned about it, he should just break up with Sadie and it’s some really good advice that Jake should probably take. Unfortunately, it looks like Jake has developed some feelings for Sadie, something that Al told him NOT to do. It’s obvious that Jake is going to have to make a tough choice at some point because, the last time I checked, he’s still going to have to return to the present without Sadie.

Bill also questions why he doesn’t just shoot Lee and get it over with, and I agree, but Jake wants to be super sure before pulling the trigger on the trigger man. This leads to Jake and Bill following George and Lee to a speakeasy called the Shamrock Hotel and the party is rockin’ and rollin’ with The Shirelles Boys playing loud:

I’m totally ready to go back to the swingin’ sixties if only for the music and so should you! Jake gets his pick from all the ladies but he appears to be wearing beer goggles and ends up choosing this mess:

One of those nights

Obviously Bill and Jake are not here for the ladies so Jake has Bill stay on the lower floor while he heads upstairs with his new floozy. He eventually comes across Lee and George and tells the hooker to take a hike but she’s not too impressed after Jake causes her to lose her footing and break a heel. Needless to say, I would not want to end up on this chick’s bad side:

“You sorry sons a bitch.”

I think this is the exact reaction of every single woman everywhere when their man accidentally breaks something. This causes a massive commotion at the speakeasy and Jake ends up getting arrested for solicitation of a prostitute, putting an end to his spy game.

The next day, after Principal Deacon bails Jake out, Jake sees Sadie with another man and it should be obvious that this is her abusive husband who is also a total douchebag. Jake confronts Sadie about the situation and she’s super upset because Johnny has refused to give her the divorce she badly wants. Yup, apparently the ’60s was full of domestic abuse and sexism and is clearly a terrible place to time travel if you’re a woman. I mean, what are the odds that Jake ends up landing himself in the middle of two different situations involving domestic abuse?

From this conversation, we learned that Johnny is one super fucked up dude. Apparently he enjoys putting clothespins on his penis and I must warn all men out there to never try this unless you absolutely love excruciating pain. Just like Sadie, I would have also laughed at this but obviously this was the wrong move since Johnny is a total asshole and rapist. Can you believe that people think that it’s a wife’s duty to take care of her husband? Obviously this line of thinking was more prevalent in the ’60s but it’s still something that is present today and hopefully this way of thinking will be long gone before I am.

Here’s Johnny

After meeting with Sadie, Bill arrives at the school and things are about to heat up because Lee and George have another meeting planned so Jake and Bill put on their detective hats and tail them. If only they had access to the Scooby Doo team and their mystery machine which sadly won’t exist until 1969. Imagine that…a world without Scooby Doo.

Scooby Doo...Where Are You?

Jake follows George to a meeting with some men in black but the past decides to be a dick and send in a dog to start barking super loud so as to attract all sorts of attention. Jake has no choice but to back out but it turns out he wasn’t the only one creepily stalking someone because Sadie’s husband, Johnny Clayton, got in on the action too.

Here's Johnny

Johnny comes clean about the photographs and immediately confesses that he was the one taking the pictures. Of course, this pisses Jake off and he threatens to kick the living shit out of Johnny. I also especially loved Jake’s response to Johnny’s request to refrain from using profanity. Fuck you, indeed!

"No profanity please." "FUCK YOU!"

Johnny’s attempt at threatening Jake doesn’t work at all and Jake decides to totally make fun of his clothespin fetish. Ya, I don’t think this is such a good idea, Jake. Johnny appears to be bat shit crazy and I don’t think you want to send him over the edge, especially considering he can easily go after Sadie. Jake has really gotten himself into a messy situation and he definitely should not have ignored Al’s advice. At some point, he is going to have to return to the present so getting involved with Sadie romantically is a terrible idea all around.

Meanwhile, Bill is spying on Lee and hears some interesting things, specifically Lee telling Marina that he has something important that he has to do. I’m pretty sure Lee is probably the one behind the attempted Walker assassination and we will be finding out very soon since this all went down on April 10, 1963 so here’s hoping that this will all play out in the next episode.

It’s also becoming evident that Oswald is abusive with Marina which leads to Bill comforting her with a smoke.

"Wanna smoke?"

Bill and Jake are definitely playing with fire by connecting with these people from the past and my gut is telling me this situation with Bill and Marina could eventually blow Jake’s cover. Obviously it would not be easy to sit back idly while listening to Marina take a beating from Oswald but these two need to start thinking with their OTHER heads or shit is going to hit the fan real soon.

In the end, Johnny gives Sadie the divorce she so desperately wanted but I have a feeling this is definitely not the last we have heard from him. The past is obviously getting right pissed off with the fact that Jake keeps trying to fuck with it and all of these elements are likely going to come together at the most inconvenient time possible. Jake is also going to have some explaining to do after Sadie finds all of his surveillance equipment and decides to have a listen. Yup, this is not going to look good for Jake since it’s totally going to make him look like a Russian spy but at least things concluded in the best way possible, with Bruce Channel’s Hey Baby playing during that finale scene. Sorry for Jake though since I don’t think Sadie wants to be his girl after this discovery.

The Verdict


Mikey Likes It11.22.63 has been a pleasant surprise so far and I’m loving the ’60s setting. With Jake and Bill settling in, it’s obvious that we’re setting things up for the attempted General Walker assassination so Jake can finally confirm whether Oswald is the real shooter. There are, however, a ton of wildcards that have been thrown into the mix because the past hates being fucked with. Bill is getting closer to Marina and Jake has somehow managed to get Sadie’s ex-hubby involved by telling him to fuck off and making fun of his sexual fetishes. Bad choices, all around.

I particularly loved the soundtrack from this episode as we were treated to tons of awesome tunes from the period. The show has done a wonderful job of making us feel like we’re in the swingin’ sixties and I think the scene at the Shamrock Hotel was the perfect way to set the mood and give us some comedy at the same time. It’s also worth mentioning that James Franco appears to be the perfect fit for Jake since he’s able to make us laugh. So very different from the Under the Dome days when we were laughing at the actors and actresses and not with them.

The only thing missing this time around was Al. I was getting accustomed to seeing those flashbacks of Al telling his stories and I hope we will get to see more of this in the final half of the season. Regardless, 11.22.63 has me hooked and I’m super excited to see how Oswald’s first assassination attempt goes down.

So what did everyone think of The Eyes of Texas? Are you ready to head over to your local speakeasy for a night of debauchery? Or would you rather place clothespins all over your body instead of watching this series? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow time travelers!

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