11.22.63: ‘The Truth’ Review

11.22.63 'Truthiness'

“The hardest part about living in the past is that everything you tell everybody will be a lie.” -Al

11.22.63 got crazy with ‘The Truth’ and, as it turns out, Bill and Jake totally dropped the ball. This was a fuck-up of epic proportions with both Jake and Bill missing a huge opportunity to confirm that Oswald was the shooter. Now what, show?

It looks like we’re going to have to wait until November 22, 1963 to find out the truth but at least it was an intense hour with Jake finally coming clean to Sadie about his past (or should I say future). Jake should have taken Al’s advice but instead he ended up missing the entire Walker assassination attempt so he could save Sadie. At this point, Jake should probably consider going back to the present and hitting the reset button but I think it’s safe to say that he’s going to wait it out and it’s all going to come down to the actual day in question.

‘The Truth’ didn’t reveal the truth but it did provide us with some tense moments. Johnny is one completely crazy mofo so Jake’s interference may have actually saved Sadie’s life in the long run, even if he had never gotten involved in the first place. I think Johnny would have probably killed Sadie whether Jake interfered or not so maybe it was a good thing that Jake ignored Al’s advice. Or maybe this is the past’s way of pushing back. Either way, Jake better get his shit together soon or he’s going to find himself forgetting the real reason he went back in time in the first place. Enjoy the review, fellow time travelers.


Sadie is really pissed off over the fact that she just found Jake’s surveillance equipment and overheard some conversation in Russian. Obviously, Jake comes up with the worst excuse ever by suggesting that it was just some Russian actors, and this was Sadie’s response:


Poor Jake can’t even tell her the truth since he’s a fucking time traveler and who the hell is gonna believe that? If you guessed Bill, you would be absolutely correct since he totally believed Jake.

We flash forward to the present, where we catch up with Jake who is teaching his class about Greek mythology but what he really wants to know is what event his students would change if they had one opportunity to go back in time. It’s a really deep question that had me thinking and I’m not even sure what my response would be since the possibilities are endless. What would YOU change from the past if you had one chance? I can only hope it’s not the same answer as these idiot teenagers:

“Just kill Homer, dude.”

At least they aren’t referring to Homer Simpson. We also learn that Al returned to the present on December 3rd, 1962 so he wasn’t even around for the General Walker assassination attempt and this explains why is was never able to confirm if Oswald was the shooter.

Back in the past, things get even worse for Jake who gets fired for his involvement at the local whorehouse and for having this “Russian filth” in his apartment. At least his schedule is free now so him and Bill can stake out General Walker’s house for the imminent assassination attempt which is exactly what they do. The theory is that Lee planned it so he could disappear into the crowd of churchgoers after shooting Walker through his front window. Of course, we know that Lee misses and Walker only ends up taking some shrapnel in the arm. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching Jake get mad at Bill for asking so many questions, especially Jake’s response when Bill asks him how he knows if the General Walker shooter is the same as the JFK shooter:

“Because he’s using the same FUCKING gun, with the same FUCKING bullets, that blows Kennedy’s head off”

Come on Billy boy, get with the program. Jake should probably cut him some slack though considering he’s not exactly from the future. They start preparing for the big day but what I don’t understand is why Jake is so worried about the past pushing back. In this particular case, they aren’t planning on changing anything, they are strictly there to identify the shooter so I’m not quite sure why the past is pushing back here. I was under the impression that the past only gets pissed off when you try to change something so I found this to be a bit of a plot hole. That said, I have convinced myself that the past already knows about the bigger plan so it’s trying to make things harder for Jake and Bill. That’s really the only thing that would make sense, right?

Regardless, shit is about to go down big time and, now that Jake has been dumped, he’s heading back to Jodie to destroy all evidence of Jake Amberson’s existence. That is until the phone starts ringing.

A Delicate Situation

I think it would be very difficult to live in the past for over three years in isolation so I guess I can’t blame Jake for making friends and finding a girlfriend. I do, however, blame Jake for getting way too involved and giving the past a great opportunity to really fuck things up for his big plan which is exactly what happens when Clothespin Dick, Sadie’s ex-husband, takes her hostage. This ultimately forces Jake to come to her rescue and so Jake lets Bill know that he’s going to have to go to General Walker’s alone.

For some idiotic reason, Jake decides to RUN to Sadie’s rather than drive for absolutely no good reason whatsoever. When he arrives, it’s clearly not a good situation and I totally think the past had something to do with this since Jake was getting much too involved in Sadie’s life. And when you fuck with the past, the past will obviously send the ex-husband over in an attempt to murder your new girlfriend. The past will also send Scar from The Lion King:

Scar Face

Okay, so I made that last one up but you get where I’m going with all of this. Sadie’s face has been mutilated by Johnny and these two are in big trouble, especially since Jake gave his only gun to Bill before he returned to Jodie. I also don’t think Jake’s reaction to Sadie’s new makeover was an appropriate one but it did make me laugh:

"Jesus Christ"

Obviously this is not a good situation for Jake to be in but this was probably inevitable considering Clothespin Dick is fucking bat shit crazy. Props to T.R. Knight for doing a phenomenal job with Johnny’s character. There are not too many characters that I just straight up hate but Johnny is definitely one of them. Johnny decides that Jake, whom he is now referring to as ‘Cock Boy’, is going to drink a fresh glass of bleach. That is, until Sadie interrupts the party by purposely knocking  the bowl of fruit off of the table while making fun of Johnny for being a Grandma’s boy:

Grandma's Boy

Before Jake can pick up a piece of glass from the shattered fruit bowl though, the doorbell rings and it’s totally the past fucking with everyone. Sadie conveniently won the spring raffle and some students are bringing over her prize but we all know the real reason they showed up is because the past sent them to prevent Jake from changing the past by murdering Johnny. The past, however, doesn’t know who it’s fucking with because Jake is able to get rid of the students and proceeds to blind Johnny in the best way possible:

When bleach gets in your eyes

It was a little frustrating watching Johnny here because of how dumb he was. He totally put his face out, giving Jake the perfect opportunity to blind him. All hell breaks loose and Johnny starts shooting blindly. Jake removes his watch and throws it across the room which leads to Johnny following the sound and shooting, giving Jake the perfect opportunity to do this:

Poker Face

Yup, he impaled Johnny’s face with a fire poker and it was a pretty gruesome way to go. It also gives Lady Gaga’s Poker Face an entire new meaning! Either way, Johnny won’t be missed and Sadie’s reaction was priceless. Jake appears to be on a roll when it comes to changing up the past. He’s already prevented a mass murder and now he’s the sole reason Johnny Clayton’s timeline has ended much earlier than it was supposed to. He is also responsible for the giant cut on Sadie’s face and I wonder if Jake is going to start considering hitting the reset button so as to prevent all of this from ever happening. He is eventually going to have to return to the present and that is going to totally suck for Sadie who is going to be scarred for life. Way to go, Jake.

Now that Jake has committed another murder, the police were obviously going to have questions for him but it’s pretty clear that this was all in self defense. Unfortunately, Jake has fucked with the past big time and is starting to lose his focus on the real reasons he’s there. Al warned him about this exact thing…

If you get too close, you’ll forget what you came for.”

…so obviously Jake has decided to ignore these tips and has now created an entirely new timeline by getting involved with Sadie. If Jake had never been interrupted by Clothespin Dick, he wouldn’t have had to leave Bill alone at General Walker’s to fuck things up completely which is exactly what Bill did.

You Can’t Handle The Truth

Bill is messing with the past big time by flirting with Marina. Smoking was totally cool in the ’60s and also one way to win a lady over as Billy the Kid once again convinces Marina to go on another smoke date.

Smoke Date

The past is totally unimpressed with Bill’s attempt at interfering and sends Oswald to interrupt the smoke party. Oswald is one crazy dude though and he refuses to have a conversation with Bill until he reads Karl Marx’s Marx on Economics, a grim reminder of my university undergraduate days. Best not to get involved, Billy.

We finally head back to General Walker’s for the big assassination attempt. It was a super tense moment but I just knew something was going to go wrong, especially given the fact that Jake had to send Bill alone. Bill, for some idiotic reason, thinks his sister is alive and attending the church service but he’s completely wrong since it’s just a random chick. The past is obviously making Bill see ghosts so he won’t be able to identify the shooter. It was an epic fail by Bill and now it looks like we’re going to have to wait until 11/22/63 to find out who the shooter is. Way to go, Bill!

Mission Failed

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Jake sees General Walker come in to attend to his bullet wound and calls Bill to find out what happened. Bill is completely devastated over the fact that he fucked up his mission as he explains to Jake that he missed the entire thing due to his own stupidity. Jake’s reaction was exactly what mine would have been:

That moment when you’re done talking

I think it’s at this exact moment that Jake realizes that he royally fucked up by leaving Bill in charge. It looks like they’re now going to have to wait it out until November 22, 1963 to see if Oswald is actually the shooter. This is clearly not a good thing considering this is the biggest event they are trying to change so we know the past is going to do everything it can to ensure Jake fails.

Even though Jake and Bill were unable to unravel the truth at General Walker’s assassination attempt, Jake did finally tell Sadie the truth about who he is. Everyone in the ’60s is totally gullible so Sadie, after having a good laugh, believes everything Jake tells her, even if it sounds insane which it does. I still think Jake made a HUGE mistake by interfering with Sadie’s life as he is now 100% responsible for her facial scar. He’s also going to eventually have to return to the past and leave Sadie unless there is some way to bring her back with him (which I hope there is not since that would be too easy).

With only three more episodes left, everything is setting up nicely for that big November day in Dallas. I’m not quite sure what Jake is going to do next now that he missed the perfect opportunity to identify the shooter but I imagine we’re going to be spending a lot more time with the Oswald family. Please Jake, next time don’t leave your most important missions in Bill’s hands.

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT (but dislikes Jake’s decision-making skills) 

Mikey Likes It11.22.63 has been on a roll and this continued with ‘The Truth’ even if we didn’t actually learn the truth. I had a bad feeling Billy the Kid was going to fuck everything up as soon as Jake decided that he wasn’t going to make it and that was exactly what happened. I really don’t understand why the past was messing with them here considering they weren’t actually trying to change anything but obviously Johnny’s kidnapping of Sadie was meant to pull Jake away from General Walkers because the past knows that Bill is a total idiot.

Johnny’s character was a riot to watch but Jake is going to have a lot on his mind since he is totally responsible for Sadie’s new facial scar. That entire scene was as tense as it gets and Johnny made for a great villain. I think the focus is going to shift to Oswald and his family for the remaining three episodes which is definitely a good thing. Everything is leading up to November 1963 and I’m definitely excited to see how this series will reenact that historical moment. It is going to be epic!

I also really liked the flashback scenes from this episode. Even though Al only made a brief appearance, he once again said the most profound things about his own trip to the past. I just wish Jake would have actually taken his advice instead of getting involved in numerous domestic disputes. This really was the theme of the episode though as Jake appears to be forgetting the real reason he went back in time in the first place. Get your shit together, Jake!

So what did everyone think of ‘The Truth’? Were you satisfied with the fact that we didn’t learn the truth at all? Or are you ready to take a fire poker to the face like Johnny? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow time travelers!

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