American Crime Story: ‘Marcia, Marcia, Marcia’ Review

American Crime Story 'The Lady Bunch'

“I’m not a public personality. This isn’t what I do.” -Marcia Clark

American Crime Story took a page from The Brady Bunch with the aptly titled ‘Marcia, Marcia, Marcia’. Most of the episode focused on Marcia Clark and, after watching, I think it’s safe to say that we should all feel a bit bad for Marcia. Sorry Jan. This episode was one of the best of the series so far and Sarah Paulson has been a rock star in her role as Marcia Clark. After watching Ms. Paulson play a variety of characters in American Horror Story over the years, it’s very cool to see her completely own this role and she’s been putting on an absolutely stunning performance so far.

Mark Fuhrman also finally took the stand and it’s becoming clear where the defense is going with their line of questioning. I’m still quite shocked about how the evidence has barely come into play and the entire case is more focused on race and gender issues than the facts. It annoys the fuck out of me but obviously this is what happened. And what the fuck is up with Judge Ito? I don’t remember him being this douchey during the real case but it looks like he has no idea what he’s doing, always taking recesses for lunch.

Once again, American Crime Story treated us to another amazing hour of television and Marcia, Marcia, Marcia may have been the best so far. Now let’s all head over to the nearest hair salon, get the perm of the century and enjoy the review, fellow crime enthusiasts!

Six Hours In Simi Valley

The gloves definitely came off for this one, folks! Marcia’s causing a ruckus in court with her hilarious breathing disorder and almost got thrown in contempt. Plus, the judge took a shot at Judge Ito, basically implying he’s a huge pushover. For the entirety of this episode, I was rooting for Marcia. She clearly had some bad luck during this case and it must have been super difficult to deal with both her personal life and the trial of the fucking century at the same time. I am Team Marcia all the way!

Go Marcia

The scene with Marcia and her son was beyond great. I don’t know why I feel this way considering I usually am not a fan of this love dovery (totally just invented that word) but I think I can relate with Marcia having been a lawyer myself. Let’s just say it’s beyond stressful and I could never imagine being in this massive spotlight in which Marcia finds herself. The scene where she shares a hug with her little boy and receives a lecture on how smoking is totally gross (which I’m going to have to respectfully disagree when it’s done in moderation) was heartwarming in every way.

I Want To Hug You Like An Animal

Marcia is feeling the heat after she ends up all over the news. The media has taken a negative outlook on both Marcia and her perm and it’s obviously affecting her lawyering skills. Things go from bad to worse when Johnnie “Motherfucker” Cochran questions one of the officers about their little road trip to Rockingham. I think Johnnie is on to something because I can’t imagine the cops are supposed to go from the crime scene directly to the victim’s ex-husband’s house. As we all know, the detectives searched OJ’s property that night and this is obviously going to come up and destroy all of the LAPD’s credibility. It’s not going to be good day for Marcia. Even Jan Brady agrees:

Of course, Marcia is feeling the heat from all of the media attention and she can’t seem to catch a break in this case, possibly due to Judge Ito’s lax attitude in the courtroom. Needless to say, Marcia said the word ‘shit’ quite a bit in this episode and I can’t say that I blame her:


Meanwhile, Cochran is making jokes with detective Lange and even though he looks like he’s having a riot…

Cochran making faces

…he has ulterior motives. When Lange is on the stand, Cochran emphasizes the fact that Lange took OJ’s shoes home with him to Simi Valley, which also happens to be the home of the officers who were involved in the Rodney King beating. While this shouldn’t even be an issue, it ends up being a huge deal for the defense since it makes the LAPD look like racists and it should be fairly obvious that a detective shouldn’t be taking evidence home from a crime scene. Yup, this looks absolutely terrible for the prosecution.

Is Marcia Clark A Bitch Or A Babe?

Marcia and Darden appear to be slowly developing a relationship after they get their drink and dance on during a late night at the office. I’ll admit, these two are pretty cute together and it’s good to see that Marcia has a close friend to get her through the shit storm that is on its way.

Back in the courtroom, the prosecution is ready to call Mark Fuhrman which is quickly put on hold. Instead, the defense announces that they have an urgent matter with respect to one of their witnesses, Rosa Lopez, as she allegedly plans on leaving the country for good. It’s now or never for her to take the stand but Marcia is not too happy about how this all went down:

“We’ve all got witness problems.”

Judge Ito grants a hearing to establish whether this needs to happen but Marcia completely loses it because she has children she needs to attend to. I’ve never seen something like this happen in a courtroom before but it’s hard not to take Marcia’s side here. I just really wish she would have acted on this instead of staying at the office all night. She really should have went home to her kids because this is totally going to blow up in her face especially since her ex is an asshole.

Back in court, Johnnie makes a remark about Marcia’s childcare concerns and this leads to Marcia absolutely losing it on the defense which she had every right to do. There is so much I didn’t know about Marcia and this episode did a phenomenal job of filling us in. Johnnie was completely out of line with his remarks and this was pretty much your standard sexist comment from a man who clearly doesn’t understand how difficult it is to work a 70-hour week while taking care of a family. Cochran…a motherfucker.

Ms. Lopez, the housekeeper for OJ’s neighbor, finally takes the stand but Marcia is on her A-game and completely destroys any credibility this witness might have had.

“I stay just for today for Mr. Johnnie. Tomorrow I fly.”

I have no fucking idea what the defense or Ms. Lopez were thinking here given the fact that Rosa didn’t have any flight reservations. She’s clearly a huge fucking liar and is obviously wasting everyone’s time. OJ is right when he tells his defense team to get this woman off the stand. I say throw this woman in jail for perjury, please! Dumb bitch. At least we got to see Bailey totally have a laugh at Mr. Johnnie’s expense.

"Mr. Johnnie? Jesus."

I honestly don’t understand why the media was so obsessed with the personal lives of the lawyers involved, including Johnnie who has some skeletons in his own closet with respect to domestic abuse. It’s totally fucking absurd to think that this case had nothing to do with the actual evidence. It’s really a perfect example of why you should NEVER EVER EVER believe anything you read in the news because you will never get the full story. Fuck you, news media!

It was only a matter of time before Marcia’s ex, Gordon, decides to be a total douchebag and rats out Marcia to the media for working late instead of being home with the kids. I have no idea what would motivate someone to do this but obviously Gordon is a hater. Luckily for all of us, this leads to the greatest scene from the episode. Never in a million years did I think a simple makeover scene could make you feel this good, but that was exactly what happened when Seal’s Kiss From A Rose started playing.

Did you know, that when it snows…oh wait, it doesn’t snow in California. Marcia wants something softer so she can become the new, real Marcia Clark.

The Perminator

The Perminator bursts into the courthouse brimming with confidence but as we all know, the media will eventually ruin all of the fun, and Marcia’s confidence, by judging her solely based on hernew look. Even this guy got in on the action:

“God damn. Who turned her into Rick James?”

I don’t know what I would do if I was in Marcia’s situation but I can pretty much guarantee that I would lose it on everyone so good for her for keeping her composure after that random store clerk was being a total dick to her based only on his perception of Marcia from the media. Like I’ve said, the media are fucking pricks.

Plus, this song was playing and I immediately had memories from my childhood:

Great song choice, show! Portishead’s Sour Times is a total ’90s jam and I loved the inclusion, especially since I totally forgot about this song. Of course, this was all leading up to one thing. It’s time for Mark Fuhrman to take the stand. Let’s just hope they don’t bring up his Nazi memorabilia.

Dropping ‘N’ Bombs

Fuhrman takes the stage and you just know it’s going to be intense. In reality though, the defense is setting up Fuhrman and the LAPD for something big and it’s probably safe to assume that they have some witnesses who are going to make Fuhrman look like Pinocchio after he tells a bunch of lies.

I also have to add that I completely agree with these guys in reference to everyone’s favorite airhead:

“They should bring Kato back on the show, he was so great!”

I cannot wait for this guy to return since I do remember him taking the stand during the actual trial. It’s pretty much guaranteed to make us all laugh our asses off. Back to the matter at hand, Fuhrman is pretty solid on the stand but Lee Bailey has one helluva plan, especially if you consider the fact that he’s an old, privileged white man. As soon as he stood up to start questioning Fuhrman I knew there was going to be trouble and I’m not talking about the Kardashian kind.

But first, Marcia does her thing and she has been pretty adamant that Fuhrman is one of their best witnesses. She has clearly underestimated the size of the defense team’s balls because what comes next was pretty shocking in every way. Bailey begins his questioning about the glove that was found at the Bundy scene and it’s obvious he’s trying to make it look like Fuhrman planted the glove at the crime scene. Marcia obviously objects to all of this and decides to totally burn Bailey by taking a shot at his penis size. Ultimately, this infuriates Bailey who decides it’s time to really turn the heat up. Also, did anyone notice that lovely old school computer in the courtroom? Classic!

Commodore 64

Brings me back to the Commodore 64 days even though I’m pretty sure that’s not a Commodore. Either way, using disks totally sucked balls.

Bailey continues with his line of questioning and starts dropping all sorts of ‘N’ bombs in court. It should be fairly obvious where the defense is going with this. They are trying to set Fuhrman up and it’s pretty much a lose-lose situation for the prosecution. Marcia really should have listened to Darden and kept Fuhrman off the stand. Obviously Fuhrman denies ever using this derogatory term and it’s pretty much inevitable that this is going to come back and bite him in the ass. Credibility is such an important thing in these types of cases and the LAPD is about to lose all of theirs.

If that’s not bad enough, shit continues to hit the fan for Marcia whose OTHER ex-hubby decided to also be a douchebag by releasing a nude photo of Marcia to the media. I think it’s time for Marcia to start dating different types of men because these guys are obviously the worst. In the end, Marcia has a breakdown in the courtroom, leading Judge Ito to take yet another recess (probably for more lunch). This is a message to all aspiring lawyers out there:

Don't go to law school

Yup, law totally blows. Thankfully, Marcia has a great friend in Darden and he’s able to comfort her. I honestly can’t imagine how difficult this would have been for Marcia. She’s clearly not used to the publicity and it’s having a major affect on her lawyering ability. That said, it was absolutely awesome to see the real Marcia Clark instead of the made-up bullshit fabricated by the media. This was easily one of the best episodes of American Crime Story and there’s still way more to come.

Mikey Likes It

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia was totally awesome in every way. There was so much I didn’t know about the lawyer behind the prosecution and it was fitting that the series showed up what Marcia was going through during the trial of the century. This would be no easy task for anyone given the nature of this case so I have nothing but admiration for this woman who clearly had to put up with a ton of bullshit.

We also finally got to see Fuhrman take the stand and that was one fucking powerful scene. I can’t believe the series dropped so many ‘N’ bombs in one scene but I’m happy to see they are trying to keep this is as real as possible. Fuhrman is obviously being set up here and the defense definitely has something planned to completely discredit Fuhrman and the LAPD. Putting Fuhrman on the stand was clearly Marcia’s biggest mistake because it ultimately puts doubt in the minds of the jurors regarding the investigation and whether it was legit.

American Crime Story has done a phenomenal job in delivering the case of the century. With so many twists and turns and an insane cast of characters, most of whom are lawyers, the cast has been superb in their portrayals. It’s almost mind blowing that all of this actually happened 22 years ago and I’m thrilled that I get to go along for the ride (in a white Bronco, of course) because there was a lot from this case that I simply didn’t remember.

So what did everyone think of Marcia, Marcia, Marcia? Are you jumping on the perm bandwagon? Or are you ready to jump on a plane to El Salvador with Ms. Lopez? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow ACS fans!

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