American Crime Story: ‘The Verdict’ Review

American Crime Story 'Twist of Fate'

“We, the jury, in the above entitled action find the defendant, Orenthal James Simpson, not guilty.”

American Crime Story read us the verdict for the finale and, even though we already knew the outcome, it was still one hell of an epic hour of television. This series has done a remarkable job delivering the trial of the century and I especially loved watching how everyone reacted to one of the most watched verdicts of all time.

The final episode of the season took us through the closing arguments, including that infamous quote about the glove from Johnny Cochran, but I think it’s safe to say that the evidence as a whole points to one man and that man is OJ Simpson. I really don’t understand why this jury was so stupid and I can’t even believe that after such a long trial, the jury only took FOUR FUCKING HOURS to reach a verdict. It’s almost like they didn’t give a fuck either way and for that, they are clearly all idiots.

We also checked in with everyone after the verdict was read and it was truly emotional watching the prosecution and the victim’s families deal with the impact of the verdict. Even OJ is going to have problems now that more than half of the population thinks he’s a murderer.

Overall, this series was the perfect way to relive one of the world’s most famous murder trials. I still can’t get over the fact that there was so much I didn’t know from this case. Everything that was presented to us was mind-blowing in every way and I think we can all agree that American Crime Story is here to stay. With every season focusing on a new crime, the possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see where we’re going next season (assuming ACS will be renewed).

Now let’s all cancel our plans since the jury has already reached a verdict and enjoy the review, fellow OJ fans!

Closing Arguments

Johnny is ready to go for the closing arguments but the dream team has one last trick up their sleeve first. OJ is waiving his right to testify but Johnny requests that OJ be allowed to make a brief statement regarding the waiver. Marcia obviously objects to this, even if the jury is not present, and I have to agree with Marcia on this one. In my opinion, if the defendant waives their right to testify they should not be given an opportunity to speak without being cross-examined, regardless of whether the jury is present or not. Surprisingly, Judge Ito grants the request though which was a bit mind-baffling. Marcia’s reaction to OJ’s speech was exactly what we were all thinking.

I'm done

The defense finally rests its case and everything now rests in the jury’s hands which is clearly not a good thing since these jurors are straight-up morons. If only they had known the defense team had nicknames for all of them, including one who Lee Bailey continuously referred to as ‘The Demon’. Classic.

We’re ready for the closing arguments and even Vegas is ready, offering 6:5 odds in favor of conviction. Yup, this case was so fucked up that you could literally gamble on the verdict. Marcia takes the stage first and she makes some pretty good points in summarizing the case. Sure, Mark Fuhrman is the biggest racist in the world but what the hell does that even have to do with this case? Apparently a lot. Still, it’s hard to believe that the jury ignored all of the factual, irrefutable evidence.

As a matter of fact

Personally, I don’t understand how anyone could think this man is not guilty. There was simply way too much evidence, not to mention all of the domestic abuse complaints from Nicole leading up to the murders.

The evidence points on one man

After listening to Marcia’s closing arguments, I don’t even think it’s possible that OJ could NOT have committed this crime. There are literally no other suspects and, whether Fuhrman is the biggest racist in the world or not, I highly doubt the LAPD framed OJ.

Next up it was Johnny’s turn and I almost wonder what would have happened if Johnny had went with his original line: “If the glove’s too small, easy call.” Ya, it doesn’t quite have the same effect, does it? Cochran’s entire argument revolves around Mark Fuhrman and the entire LAPD. He argues that the LAPD quite possibly framed OJ and, given the fact that Fuhrman speaks like Adolph Hitler, I suppose he has a point but still, there is no actual evidence that Fuhrman did anything to frame OJ. It would have been one thing if they actually had evidence but I’m pretty sure that just because Fuhrman is the biggest racist in the world doesn’t automatically mean he framed OJ. Even the whole ‘glove not fitting’ thing was ridiculous considering there are numerous images of OJ wearing the gloves.

"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit."

Sorry Johnny but just because the glove didn’t fit one time doesn’t mean OJ didn’t commit the crime. Mr. Goldman’s reaction sums it up perfectly:

The Goldman's reaction to closing arguments

Now the entire case is in the jury’s hands and, unfortunately, I don’t think they were taking it all that seriously.

The Dumbest Jury In The World

If Mark Fuhrman is the biggest racist in the world than these jurors clearly make up the dumbest jury in the world. Everyone is expecting a lengthy deliberation from the jury considering how long the trial went and yet, it only took them FOUR hours to reach a verdict. FOUR FUCKING HOURS! I can’t even. How is it possible that this jury reached a verdict so quickly? This was not a black and white case and I’m honestly dumbfounded at how quickly they reached their decision. It’s almost like not one juror gave a shit either way and that is injustice in and of itself.

The jury starts out by taking a vote and it’s already not looking good for the prosecution. The numbers were 10-2 in favor of acquittal and I’m already questioning how these people came to that conclusion.

The Dumbest Jury In The World

Oh wait, I almost forgot…they’re all morons. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t be referring to these jurors as idiots if they actually spent some time discussing the evidence. Instead, everyone already has their minds made up, nothing was really considered and it felt like the two jurors who voted guilty were pressured into changing their minds.

"I will never be smart. Never ever."

Even Judge Ito was in complete disbelief after discovering how quickly the jury reached their decision.

Are you shitting me?

Watching everyone react to how quickly a decision was reached was priceless and Shapiro sums up the situation perfectly when he says the jury discussed the case less than everybody in America. Shapiro is absolutely 100% correct here. It’s hard to believe that these people could reach a verdict so quickly but here we are.

It’s time for the biggest verdict in the history of the world. Literally everyone was watching intently as this went down back in the ’90s. It was a national event and I appreciated how the show slipped in some real footage of people watching intently as this was about to go down.

Of course, we all knew what the verdict was going to be but I think it was the reactions of everyone involved, including the public, that truly spoke to how big of a deal this case was.

Not Guilty

First, I feel absolutely terrible for the Goldman and Brown families because this would have been the hardest thing ever to have to deal with. Their lives have been tragically changed because of these homicides and I am willing to bet that they were devastated by this verdict. Second, it’s quite shocking to me how mixed the reactions were. I honestly believe, based on the evidence, that OJ committed these murders but I was a bit dumbfounded by the fact that there were also a ton of people supporting OJ.

Interestingly, even though the verdict was clearly the wrong one, it may have actually prevented another Los Angeles riot because if people were celebrating the not guilty verdict that hard, I can’t even imagine what those same people would have done had it came back as guilty. I almost have to believe that this verdict saved numerous lives in the end because that is the only way I can justify this complete and utter failure of the criminal justice system. Also, did anyone else want to punch this juror in the face? I know I did.

"Douchebags unite."

After Effects

The effects of the OJ Simpson verdict were felt by everyone involved in the case and I was glad to see the show follow-up with our characters after the trial. Especially OJ, who ended up getting what he deserved anyways. Sure, there were a ton of people that were happy with the outcome but there were just as many people , if not more, who were royally pissed off that OJ walked free.

The prosecution is first up and they are in total disbelief that OJ Simpson was acquitted. Darden doesn’t even want to face the press and who can blame him! This was like losing the Lawyer Superbowl. Even more importantly though, this was about serving justice and Marcia is feeling ashamed for letting down the victims. Gil was there to console her and it was a heartbreaking moment all around. Marcia put her life into this case so I completely understand how she feels. Sarah Paulson has really been the superstar of the season and it was a pleasure to see Marcia’s side of the story. The feels all around.

The Feels

Simply put, it must have been fucking HARD for the prosecution to deal with the aftermath of this case and I think the finale did an unbelievable job of putting us in their shoes. Even worse is the fact that the victims families also had to deal with the not guilty verdict and if you didn’t feel bad for the Goldmans as they left the courthouse, then you probably have no heart. This was an absolute tragedy and I think we sometimes forget that along the way. So no Marcia, it’s never too early for a drink:

"“Is it too early for a drink?”

Meanwhile, the defense is doing the complete opposite and partying it up now that OJ is a free man. Interestingly, there was another major outcome from this case regarding systemic racism which got President Clinton’s attention.

"That's the victory."

It’s unbelievable to think that all of these positive after effects occurred from one verdict and one case. It’s also times like these that make fighting for something you believe in totally worth it. One minute I’m pissed at Cochran for his ridiculous legal tactics, the next minute I’m cheering him on. Who would have thought? Not me.

Of course, the finale wouldn’t be complete without checking in on OJ. He’s finally out of jail but on the way home in their Ford Aerostar, there is a mob of people who are royally fucking pissed about the not guilty verdict. OJ might be back but he’s about to realize that his world is going to completely change. Obviously I’m not the only one who thinks OJ is totally guilty and he’s about to lose a lot of friends, including Kardashian. Enjoy your new life, OJ!

OJ is free

OJ probably should have expected to lose some friends after the trial of the century and I don’t even blame Kardashian for leaving the party early. He obviously thinks OJ is guilty and, based on all of the evidence, it appears that Kardashian is one of the smart ones. Never thought I’d ever say that! But hey, at least OJ still has his best friend.

Just me and my buddy

To close things out, I’ve included the same track, Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers, that played at the very end of the finale as they showed us what happened to everyone who was involved in the case. Both Robert Kardashian and Johnny Cochran have since passed away which is sad in and of itself but it was good to see the writers include this and fill us in on what these real people have been up to. It’s also insanely hard to believe that OJ is up for parole in 2017 so hopefully he never reads these reviews because I would prefer not to be murdered.

The final shot of the season was of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and it was the right way to finish things off. Obviously this entire trial was a media circus and I think sometimes we forget that two innocent people lost their lives. It’s the victims of these horrific crimes that should matter the most and so I really appreciated this reminder as the season concluded. May they rest in peace.

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

The Verdict

Mikey Likes It

American Crime Story wrapped things up with the big verdict and it was both satisfying and entertaining even though we already knew the outcome. It’s hard to believe that this bat shit crazy case even happened in real life and I was happy to see American Crime Story do it justice, unlike that verdict. I learned a ton of new information about the trial and, for me, I think one of my favorite revelations was watching the jury completely lose their minds along the way. Seriously, FOUR HOURS?! You have got to be kidding me.

I think the finale did a phenomenal job of showing us the impact the verdict had on all of the people involved. Everyone and their grandma was watching this on television when it went down and I really felt like I was back in 1995 again. Obviously the prosecution had a tough pill to swallow after the verdict which must have been extremely difficult but, on the other hand, it also looks like some good came from this with the President addressing systemic racism on national TV.

I honestly don’t think I know one person that thinks OJ is actually innocent. It would be difficult to dispute all of the solid evidence presented by the prosecution, especially the DNA evidence. Those jurors clearly just wanted to get the trial over with and I’m still in complete shock that they barely had a discussion about any of this. My only complaint was the lack of Kato throughout the series. I was totally hoping we were going to at least see him on the stand but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Hell, he was even a no-show for OJ’s not guilty party.

So what did everyone think of the American Crime Story finale? Did it make you feel like you were back in 1995 watching the verdict live? Or are you ready to get a drink with Marcia regardless of what time it is and call it a day? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow crime enthusiasts. It was a pleasure to journey through the crime of the century with you all!

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