American Horror Story Freak Show: ‘Edward Mordrake Pt. 1’ Review

Trick Or Two-Face?

Crystal Baller

“It’s your song, Elsa, and it’s the most heartbreaking music I’ve ever heard. They’re cheering now, the applause sounds like thunder” -Maggie Esmeralda

Last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show, titled Edward Mordrake Pt. 1, kicked off our annual two-parter episode last night and it didn’t disappoint. That said, did anyone else get the sense that the show took a step back to set up some characters and stories? I wanted more Twisty!!! Still though, a filler episode of AHS is still way better than mostly everything on television.

We had three more characters enter the mix this week with Maggie Esmeralda (played by Emma Roberts), Stanley (played by Denis O’Hare) and, of course, the two-faced man Edward Mordrake who is based on a real person (and he’s played by Wes Bentley).

Also, more of these two:

Amazon Eve and Ma Petite

BOO!So adorable. At least we do get some CUTE with all the BAT SHIT CRAZY! Without further delay though, enjoy the review!

The Leg-Penis Girl

Girl with Leg for a Penis from CreditsLots to talk about today so let’s get right into it. First, you are probably wondering why in the FUCK I included the above image! Well, there is a method to my madness and I have a feeling Ms. Leg-For-A-Penis in the opening credits is already starring in the show. Of course, this wouldn’t be American Horror Story if they didn’t try to throw us off the trail.

So the episode starts off in a Museum or Oddity Shop, not quite sure but the main point here is that University degrees no longer mean anything to anyone in society.

Harvard SchmarvardCourse if you’re going to try to defraud the experts you might wanna work on your lying and deceiving skills just a bit. These two were god awful when it came to telling some white lies about their Sasquatch-In-A-Jar.  Reference to Canada anyone? Canadian Horror Story? Boo, eh!

Couple of things really peaked my interest here! First, the mention of Chang and Eng Bunker who were real Siamese Twins. Check out the Wikipedia page by clicking here if you’re interested. Looks like some of our characters were, in fact, based on real people which is SO cool.

I also came across a wonderful article from who did a piece on the real people who inspired our Freak Show. It’s a really interesting read so check ‘er out! You won’t regret it…or will you? This is AHS after all (Addie’s ‘You’re gonna regret it’ from Season 1 still creeps me out). Here’s the link: Incredible Photos of the Real People who Inspired American Horror Story Freak Show. And yes folks, the woman in the credits with the leg as a penis is a real person!

Second, Esmeralda’s prophecy is likely all BS! The crystal ball was bad ass though. Also, Emma Roberts is damn sexy. That said, I feel like it was this fortune reading that led to Elsa singing up a storm on Halloween. Maybe that was the plan all along so Mordrake could be summoned? She also mentions the name Marlena and I’m curious to learn more about this because it seemed to have struck a nerve with Elsa. In the end, she hires the fortune teller for the Freak Show but not before it is revealed that Elsa will be visited by a dark stranger which is obvs a reference to Mordrake!

The other interesting part about Esmeralda and Stanley was this:

Down UnderThe viking dude gets a glimpse of what’s under Stanley’s hood and apparently it’s HUGE! So is this the guy with a leg for a penis? I’m guessing not…it would be way too obvious. I actually think that Maggie Esmeralda is the one with the leg for a penis. Anyone else notice that she’s always wearing a skirt!?!? That would be quite the TWIST-Y!

Now lets go get our beards on.

The Bearded Wonder

Moulin Rouge Freak EditionThis one is kinda funny for me only because, when I was a kid, there was a friend of ours whose mom used to help around the school. She also had a little beard and all the kids used to call her The Bearded Lady behind her back…it’s a good thing Twisty wasn’t around back then. Enter Ethel Darling, the real bearded lady. This episode featured a lot of the Bearded One and it didn’t disappoint as we were able to pick up a few tidbits from her flashbacks and visit to the Doc.

Doc tells her she’s got Cirrhosis of liver and has only 6-12 months to live and Bates’ performance was spectacular. The doctor was the first person to ever treat Ethel with respect and it’s hard to not love the guy because of how genuine he is. I’ve worked with a ton of professionals in my day and none of them acted like this guy! And my dentist, if you’re reading this, take notes please 🙂

ethel-at-the-docThe other point worth nothing was with regards to Bette and Dotte. Two heads are definitely better than one unless one of the heads wants to REMOVE the other head in which case than it might not be so great. Dot really has it in for Bette to the point where she is seeking a modern day beheading.

Getting ahead of the competition

Kay so, I love Sarah Paulson. And Emma Roberts too. But Sarah Paulson is not only playing a two-headed character, she is playing two completely different characters who share a body and want to kill each other! To anyone who has ever tried to act before, this is insanity! She is unbelievable and this season has easily been her BEST yet! Which head are you rooting for? I’m firmly on the Bette side and I tend to believe her when she said with only one head, they’d just be a plain Jane! Probably some truth to that as well since it’s the two heads that attracts the crowds!

Now send in the CLOWNS!

Twisted Minds

Twisty creepin in the bushes.Because one clown is never enough! One head…not enough. One face…not enough. One clown? Clearly not enough. And boy has the plot twisted up nicely here. I was expecting to get part of Twisty’s back story this week…didn’t happen. But it’s coming next week. And we did get a little more into the mind of Dandy the Clown. What is wrong with this kiddo?

But it’s Halloween and big brothers every where are gettin’ there clown on in order to piss off their little sisters. The townsfolk from Jupiter are in Palm Beach for tricks and treats because of the curfew and, if you haven’t figured this out already, the kid in the clown costume is about to go for a ride to who the fuck knows!

Honestly though, if you do happen to see any clown that looks like THAT in broad daylight this Halloween, please just hide your kids and hide your wife/husband!

Not A Lawn OrnamentI’m also taking bets that Dandy’s first victim is going to be his own maid. By the way, Patti LaBelle dressed up as Dandy’s favorite cartoon character was an absolute gold gem! The picture says it all:

Dandy the Clown's First Victim is Woody Woodpecker?Patti LaBelle as Woody Woodpecker. Classic! Course, while all this was going on, Twisty was up to his old tricks of kidnapping children in broad daylight:

twisty-kidnapOf course he picks the kid who dressed up as a clown for Halloween. And when he takes him back to his schoolbus in the woods, Dandy is already there, being Dandy.

Trick or Treat

But before Dandy can get to the kiddies, Twisty comes home and he is not impressed. There is obviously some reason behind Twisty kidnapping children and I have a feeling we will be getting his back story next week so stay tuned! Monsters indeed…

Gods & Monsters

My ShowNot to be outdone by past seasons and in traditional American Horror Story style, we finally get our historical figure. Edward Mordrake, the two-faced man! The Murder House featured The Black Dahlia, Asylum had Anne Frank and Coven got The Axeman of New Orleans. The Freak Show gets a freak obviously and it was really cool stuff:

Wanna go for a ride?The guy is all around creepy. Not Twisty creepy, but terrifying in his own way. And apparently after being summoned, his only goal is to take someone to Hell with him. Kinda reminded me of that Papa Shango guy from Coven and Misty Day who is probably still dissecting a frog over and over and over. We also got his back story as Ethel explains it all to the rest of the freaks.

Apparently if you perform on Halloween you’re going to have a bad time! Mordrake”s backstory was just all-around Amazeballs and I love how they do the flashbacks. Straight up black and white! LOVE!

So, Mordrake was an Englishman of noble birth who had all sorts of talents, especially this one:

Good things come in two's.And as Ethel told us the story, she had everyone’s attention including these two:

Amazon Eve and MTo be quite frank, Amazon Eve and Ma Petite are two of my faves! So adorable and something totally cool about the biggest and smallest women in the freak show being BFFs. But in all honesty, Mordrake is fucked. Ethel continues the story and apparently Mordrake was not too fond of his second face so he decided to attempt to kill it.

FacialIf that’s not f’d up enough for ya, the other face would not die and Mordrake had tried many times. It also spoke to him and commanded him to be cray cray. And, great shout-out to Asylum because that was where Mordrake ended up–the crazy house! Nice connection to one of the more darker seasons of AHS as even Ethel herself says “he escaped asylum”. Hmmmm….I just get this feeling we’re going to be getting some connections to Season 2, especially with Pepper in the mix. And here’s this for a random thought…Elsa Mars was in Nazi Germany at one point and, well, guess which character from Asylum has Nazi connections??!! 😉

Harvey Dent would be proud.Mordrake ended up at the Freak Show where he was billed as the Two-Faced Prince and, being the multi-talented individual he was, he stole the show til he took a bow and revealed his second face. Gotham and Two-Face got NOTHING on this guy.

One Halloween night, Mordrake decided to murder every single freak in the troupe. Jesus H. Christ.

Bad Day to wear stripes.Then Mordrake hangs himself although I’m not quite sure his other face died with him. Nightmares, anyone?

mordrake-hanging-face-still-aliveAnd if you watch closely enough, the face on the back of his head totally smiles and blinks! Twisty doesn’t seem so bad now, at least til next week! Wait there’s more…freaks can’t perform on Halloween because if they do, Mordrake will be summoned to take one of the performers to Hell.

If I’m a freak in Jupiter at this point, I’m getting the HELL out of dodge! We got Esmeralda and Stanley looking for freak skeletons, Twisty and Dandy up to God knows what and now Mordrake and his creepy, smily second face. Not a good time to be a freak.

So I think it’s pretty obvious that we are going to see another freak death next week because Mordrake has to pick someone to take with him. Who’s it going to be? Any guesses? We know it’s not Ethel as Mordrake visits her towards the end of the episode.


Mordrake tells Ethel that he must take a freak and it doesn’t matter who summoned him. Mordrake also says that if she lies to him, his second face will know! Yikes. So we get a bit of Ethel’s back story and it’s fairly depressing, especially the part where she gives birth to Jimmy and everyone calls him a monster!

In the end though, Mordrake spares Ethel which can only mean one thing…our death count is about to grow! Next week I am expecting Mordrake to take his victim so maybe we’re in for a treat (and not a trick) after all!

 The Music (Brought to you by the makers of Clown Costumes)

freak-show-funeralAHHHHH! More music. Once again AHS did another stunning performance only this time using Lana Del Rey’s God’s & Monsters. To be honest, I didn’t like the song choice. I think they should have used Fucked My Way To The Top since it’s not as mainstream. And there is a MILLION other amazing songs to pick from that use the word FREAK! Like Live:

Either way, totally appropriate song. “No one’s going to take my soul away” is obviously a reference to Mordrake so that was pretty freakin’ cool! Check out the full iTunes version of the song below:

And here is the original by Lana Del Rey herself. I can only wonder what other performances we will be seeing in upcoming episodes! Any one have any good song requests?

 The Verdict

EPISODE SCORE: 8.5 / 10 So I get the feeling that clown costumes are going to be selling through the roof this Halloween. We have quite the cast of characters at this point and I expect that it’s only a matter of time before they start dropping like flies freaks! This episode was all about character and plot development and we now have TWO crazy clowns running around Jupiter, a strong man with a temper (and what was with Desiree’s threat) and Esmeralda the Fortune Teller who appears to be looking for freak skeletons to bring back to the museum. With all of this going on, I expect next week’s episode to be the SHITTTTTTTTTT!

One Freak To Rule Them All

legless-suzy-bobbing-for-applesLooks like next week someone is going to hell with Mordrake, any ideas on who that might be? And I believe Twisty’s back story is going to be in the fold as well! Cannot wait. Check out the preview for Part 2 of Edward Mordrake:

And of course, the poll continues as we attempt to crown our favorite freak! It appears that most of us actually like Twisty, with Jimmy Darling following closely behind. Get ya vote on below.