American Horror Story Hotel: ‘Devil’s Night’ Review

AHS Hotel 'Serial Killer Soiree'

“Haven’t you ever had a day like that? Where all you were, all you ever had been your whole life don’t mean nothing to you any more? All of a sudden, you’re just a different person.” -Aileen Wuornos

American Horror Story Hotel just fucking serial murdered everyone and it was one of the most insanely satisfying things I have ever seen. Should I be disgusted with myself for enjoying this glorification of America’s most notorious serial killers? Probably but this was so bat shit fucking crazy that you couldn’t help but say to yourself “I know how f’d up this is but I have never seen anything like this on television in my life so fuck it, I’m all in.” And in we were.

Lily Rabe, one of my favorites on this series, completely murdered the role of Aileen Wuornos in a spectacular way. The beer guzzling, mullet sporting Aileen could not have been a more perfect addition to the Devil’s Night festivities and pretty much everything Lily said and did was instantly classic. Now, I’m not one to support real life serial killers because that shit be crazy but this made for an unbelievably twisted hour of television.

Richard Ramirez, John Wayne Gacy (played by John Carroll Lynch who also played another clown you might remember from Freak Show), the Zodiac killer and Jeffrey Dahmer were all present for this serial killer soiree and I swear nothing else mattered once dinner started. I literally could have never predicted things to play out like this but I’m certainly glad they did because this might have been one of the best episodes we have seen from American Horror Story so far. Enjoy the review, fellow guests.

The Chicken Coop Murders

There is something special about Detective John Lowe and I’m not quite sure what is in store for him but I’ve really enjoyed Wes Bentley is his new role this season. John is still at the Hotel Cortez, and while having a conversation with his daughter on the phone, he notices that there is a flood coming from the room above. This isn’t any ordinary flood though.

Do you like the new wallpaper?

Since John is a cop, he immediately goes to investigate and finds Ms. Evers, the greatest laundress ever, washing some bloody sheets in the room above him.

We were also treated to Ms. Evers tragic tale from 1925 when she took her son out trick-or-treating and the story didn’t disappoint. In fact, it actually makes sense why Ms. Evers is so obsessed with washing the sheets. She ends up dressing up her boy as a ghost which only involved one sheet with some holes poked out for the eyes. Looking good, kid.

My Boo

Ms. Evers story was pretty messed up but the fact that it was based on a real crime makes it completely bat shit crazy. The Wineville Chicken Coop Murders are totally a real thing because this is American Horror Story and the theme of the night was serial murder. So Miss Evers son was, in fact, kidnapped by real life serial murderer Gordon Northcott. And this guy was one fucked up dude having killed at least three young boys with the death count allegedly reaching 20.

Chicken Shit

While having a conversation with John, and a glass of Sherrry, it’s revealed that Ms. Evers son was one of the children involved in the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders and John can somewhat relate having lost his own son in a similar manner. Ms. Evers is haunted by what happened to her son and you can’t help but feel bad for her. She explains that while the police were able to save some of the boys, they weren’t able to find the Evers boy because the killer disposed of the bodies using quicklime and scattered the remaining bones in a mass grave, just like the real Wineville murders.

Talking about her past makes her lose her shit, however, and Ms. Evers starts freaking out about a dinner party that she is supposed to be preparing for the evening. I’ll take one of those refills now, Hazel.

Refills, Refills, Refills

Seriously, is there anyone better than Ms. Evers this season? We have had our fair share of supporting characters on this series, but Mare Winningham has been a gem as Ms. Hazel Evers and I can only hope the craziness continues for the rest of the season.

After his conversation with Ms. Evers, John goes back to the police department to do some investigating and it becomes clear that Ms. Evers has been around for a very long time considering her son disappeared 85 years ago. At this point, John probably thinks he’s losing his shit because how could he possibly have a conversation with the mother of a murder victim from 85 years ago. I’m willing to bet he is having some regrets about turning down that glass of Sherry. Bottoms up! Speaking of drinks…

Thirst For Blood

We also caught up with little Holden after Alex found him at the Hotel Cortez last week. She takes him home, where she thinks he’s supposed to be, and they are greeted by the family dog Jasper. I immediately knew the dog was in big trouble when Holden let us know that he was thirsty. Clearly, this kid isn’t normal and he’s definitely not thirsty for juice.

When did my kid get so fucked up?

Alex checks him out, she is a doctor after all, and his temperature is extremely low so obviously this must be a side effect of the virus. While Alex goes to fetch her boy some juice, she returns to Holden helping himself to lunch and family dog was on the menu.

Kid Eat Dog World

What the fuck!? This kid is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. I mean, he just butchered the family dog and drank its blood! As disappointed as I am with this ancient virus story, at least the vamp kids are around to make it disturbingly creepy.

Holden wasn’t feeling too hot after drinking the dog’s blood either, probably another side effect of this virus, and it’s becoming clear that these vamps are only supposed to consume human blood. After the incident with the dog, Alex heads back to the Hotel Cortez where Holden runs back to his coffin and Alex is greeted by The Countess, who once again delivers an awesome line.

"You must have a lot of questions. I have answers."

As much as I don’t like this virus story, I will admit that I am loving Lady Gaga so far. She has a way of making the simplest lines stand out and this one was brilliantly executed. And you’re god damn right we have a lot of questions so you better get to answering! But sadly, there were no answers…only more questions. The Countess explains to Alex that Holden could feel her longing and that was why he came back to her. She also explains that she actually saved Holden from a lifetime of neglect and we go back to 2010 to see that it was, in fact, The Countess who was responsible for kidnapping the Lowe’s only son.

"The world can be such a dangerous place."

I’m not sure how they didn’t notice a woman wearing a creepy black dress with an umbrella and holding hands with a child walking away on the beach, but let’s just roll with it. So The Countless explains that she wants to keep these children safe but it’s pretty obvious that there is more to the story than that considering the fact that she drinks their blood. The Countess lets us know that Holden has contracted an ancient virus, a blood disorder, which gives him health, vitality and everlasting life. Sounds like a pretty awesome blood disorder to me! Where can I contract this?

Alex is pissed about not getting any answers (as we all are) and immediately pulls a gun on The Countess and and wants to find a cure but there is no cure to be found. The Countess offers Alex a chance to be with her son for eternity but there will be a price…and that price is her undying loyalty to The Countess. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Except Alex decides this is fucking cuckoo and threatens to go to the police but she’s stopped by Tristan before she can get very far.

Tristan punches Alex

Booo Tristan. I still can’t stand him. Finn Wittrock was so much better as Dandy and I’m just not feeling his character at all this season. He also keeps doing the complete opposite of what The Countess wants him to do and it’s getting rather annoying. The Countess ends up letting Alex go because she knows she would rather get her son back than go to the police and she is 100% right.

Later, Alex returns to the hotel and decides she cannot lose her boy again so The Countess does her ritual and we have yet another character who has the virus. I seriously want answers now. Why is almost every character being infected with this virus? Where did the virus come from? And what will Alex’s new role be now that she has given her loyalty to The Countess? I thought you had answers, Countess…clearly that was a lie. Well, at least we have that dinner party to go to.

Nap Time

Ghosts and Ghouls

The most disturbing dinner party ever gets started when Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, checks into the Hotel Cortez.

My future is so bright I gotta wear shades

Yup, you read this correctly and the fun is only just getting started. After checking in, Richard decides that the first thing on his agenda is murder and he bashes one of the guests over the head with a lamp in the middle of the night. The victim’s wife is forced to swear to Satan that she won’t scream but she does anyways and runs out of the room, only to end up in the arms of Mr. March.

"Come. Finish her off."

Evan Peters is crushing it in his new villainous role and, like Gaga, everything he says makes you want to listen. I don’t know if it’s because of that ridiculous accent or because his character is extremely captivating but the more we see of Mr. March, the better this show is.

John’s back at the hotel bar with Liz Taylor but this time, he’s taking a pass on the ginger ale and going with a double martini instead. Control is an illusion anyways, right Liz? John is greeted by an unusual guest and it was one of the greatest scenes ever. Lily Rabe returned to play America’s most notorious female serial killer Aileen Wuornos and her performance was hands down one of the best things I have seen on American Horror Story. I’ll be honest, when they first announced this news, I was a bit disappointed because I figured it would have been impossible to match Charlize Theron’s version of Aileen from the movie Monster. Boy was I ever wrong.

"Does this look like a Halloween costume to you?"

John thinks Aileen is wearing a great costume and who can blame him for thinking this? Aileen has been dead since 2002 after all. The conversation with Aileen was picture perfect though. John mentions that her victims had no history or record of violence or assault but Aileen says she only knew who those men were on that day. And she’s probably not wrong since it’s quite possible that the men she killed were just as evil as she was. After hearing this story, John proceeds to get completely hammered and decides to take Aileen back up to his room but she ends up clubbing him in the back of the head before they get there. And that’s when shit gets completely fucking insane. John escapes and cuffs Aileen to the sink but we all know she’s already dead and John is not going to be able to keep her there for very long.

He heads to the lobby and checks the guest book which you can see below. I’m not sure if this contains any clues but I did appreciate the Zodiac Killer’s signature.

Hotel Cortez Guest Book

Like Ms. Evers, Denis O’Hare’s Liz Taylor has been an awesome addition this season and even though we don’t know much about his story yet, everything he says is amazeballs. John says he is looking for a skank but Liz Taylor needs him to be more specific…apparently skanks frequent the Hotel Cortez more than we know. Liz also lets John know about Mr. March and his Devil’s Night Soiree. John, for some reason, has never heard of Devil’s Night before and Liz Taylor’s reaction was priceless:

"Ohhhh, sweety."

He also informs John that he has been invited to the dinner and I now have a million questions. Why is John invited to a dinner party of dead serial killers? The obvious answer is that he is likely a serial killer himself but doesn’t know it yet. This seems way to obvious to me though and if it turns out that John is the Ten Commandents killer, I don’t think I’d be all that surprised. That said, I have no idea why else he was invited to this soiree unless our dead guests are playing a trick on him. It’s also worth noting that John is not dead either or so we think. Every single dinner guest already left the mortal world behind so why is John there if he’s alive? And the reason this is likely important is because you might remember Ramirez asking Mr. March why Charles Manson isn’t on the guest list to which March responds that he hasn’t left the mortal world yet. Could John actually be dead? Maybe…but I’m not so sure since he left the hotel earlier in the episode. Unfortunately, this is going to have to remain a mystery for now but I get the sense that John is not the Ten Commandments Killer because that is just way too obvious and this is American Horror Story.

The Mount Rushmore of Murder

Dinner time! John gets his best tuxedo on and heads over to the most insane, bat shit crazy dinner party I have ever experienced. You just knew this was going to be fucked up given the fact that Aileen Wuornos, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, the Zodiac Killer and Richard Ramirez were all in attendance. And I have to admit, the entire dinner scene was not only hilarious, but it gave me the chills. Plus, Lily Rabe was everything I didn’t know I wanted in my life.

"Suck my left tit, Clark Gable."

At this point in the season, I have no idea how Mr. March and the rest of these serial killers are still walking around as ghosts. I mean, I get that they are only there because it’s Devil’s Night but is John really just hallucinating this entire scene because he was shitfaced or did all of this actually happen?

We get to hear everyone’s story about how they came to meet Mr. March and I think the point to be made here is that Mr. March was America’s first real serial killer (as he is based off of the real life H. H. Holmes) and he was an inspiration to every serial killer in the room. This explains why these lunatics come for dinner every Devil’s Night. The jokes were non-stop as well, and I laughed hysterically at the fact that Dahmer wanted nothing to do with his salad because he’d rather feast on dark meat. Lily Rabe’s reaction = priceless:

Aileen Wuornos laughing it up

Of course, things get even more fucked up to the extreme when Richard Ramirez puts some jams on. Specifically, Sweet Jane by the Cowboy Junkies:

Ramirez and Aileen jamming to Sweet Jane was the definition of bat shit crazy. And things get even more fucked up when they bring out the main course for Dahmer, which happens to be a young naked dude. Everything during this scene was a reference to these killers own stories so if you don’t know anything about these evil individuals, I highly encourage you to read up on them. At this point, John is messed up on Absinthe and his tolerance for alcohol is at the same level as a 15-year-old drinking for the first time. Absinthe is totally a hallucinogen though so it might be possible that John was actually just seeing all of this in his head.

Also, Jeffrey Dahmer drilled a hole in this guys head:

Oh Poor Sweet Jeffrey

Wait, WHAT? This was hands down the most messed up dinner party I have ever seen, especially considering John shoots Dahmer but can’t kill him because he’s already super dead. At this point, I have no idea how they are going to explain all of this and maybe they won’t even bother. Either way, it was one of the wildest scenes we will ever see on American Horror Story.

Mr. March makes a toast and everything he says is completely insane but also completely true. And really, what does this say about our society:

“Thank you all for being here on Devil’s Night. But it is I who should be the one celebrating you. I look around and I see the definition of American success. They write books about you, make movies of your lives. Years after your deaths, people continue to be enthralled. You made your mark in history. Like The Iliad, your stories will live on forever. I consider you all my equals. Nothing would please me more if you could stay and join me for dessert.”

As someone who studied criminology, I recognize that what Mr. March says here is completely true. Why does our society focus on all of the bad? Why does this episode only feature serial murderers while none of their victims are mentioned? And isn’t that the real tragedy in all of this? The fact that we’re glorifying serial killers and actually enjoying it? That’s some deep shit right there that will hopefully make us think hard about all of this. I mean, we’re celebrating the lives of serial killers and the only conclusion I can draw from this is that we are all fucked right up.

We also learned a little bit more about Sally, who was barely in this episode until the very end. She’s having a cigarette outside but her whole job is to recruit some dessert for the dinner party. She ends up taking some random into the hotel, where she gets him high as shit on China White and delivers him to the dinner party in exchange for being left alone for the rest of the year. And our serial killers proceed to stab the living crap out of  Mr. Random. What a delicious dessert.

The Real Life Twisty

But John wakes up to find himself in an empty room with only Sally and she tells him he was probably just hallucinating from the Absinthe. At this point, I have no idea what is real and what is not. Did this serial killer soiree actually happen or is it all part of John’s imagination? If it did happen, how are these serial killers able to check into the Hotel Cortez given the fact that they are all super dead? Never in my wildest dreams could I have expected an episode quite like this so props to this series for coming up with something completely original. And while I love that the writers try to incorporate real life people and events into their stories, did they go a little too far by glorifying these murderers? Maybe…but it was still so satisfying.

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT (especially the dessert)

Mikey Likes ItI’m still in shock about this one. Am I going to hell for liking this episode? Probably but it was worth it. Lily Rabe absolutely slayed it as Aileen Wuornos. And I thought Charlize Theron was pretty damn good in Monster but this was just amazeballs all around. I still don’t even understand how these serial murderers are able to check-in every single Devil’s Night but whatever, who cares. It’s a small price to pay to have dinner with the Mount Rushmore of Murder.

Points were awarded for everything that involved Lily Rabe because she is one of the best things on this show. It’s really too bad she’ll probably only be around for this episode. The entire dinner party was a riot of references to these real life killers but so far, American Horror Story Hotel is at its best when they are focusing on Mr. March, Ms. Evers and the vamp kids and that was probably what made Devil’s Night so entertaining. My only concern at this point is with respect to this whole virus business. That story is getting boring fast because it seems like every single episode, someone new is getting infected and we really have no answers about what this virus is or where it came from.

So what did you think of Devil’s Night? Do you feel like putting a drill through your head because you actually loved the episode and don’t know what to think about yourself or life anymore? Or was the serial killer soiree a little too much? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to vote for your favorite Hotel character below:

Lastly, be sure to check out the preview for Room Service, where it looks like John is calling in the reinforcements. What is going to happen to the Hotel Cortez? Your guess is as good as mine. Thanks for reading, fellow guests. Enjoy your Sherry.