American Horror Story Hotel: ‘Mommy’ Review

AHS Hotel 'Mother Nature'

“Some days are bearable. Today is very hard.” -Alex Lowe

I think my expectations for American Horror Story Hotel have become overwhelmingly high after watching the first two episodes because the latest episode, titled Mommy, didn’t seem to meet my expectations. Obviously we can’t expect every single episode of this series to be amazeballs and Mommy certainly didn’t live up to the hype that the previous episodes created.

There was a couple of good moments such as Chloe Sevigny’s opening monologue and the introduction of Ramona Royale, played by the sensational Angela Bassett, but other than that, there wasn’t a whole lot going on here. We didn’t learn anything new about the Ten Commandments Killer or the Vampire Kids and it really felt like this episode was setting things up for the long haul more than anything else. I also don’t like how everyone in the Hotel seems to have contracted the virus. You would think being able to provide people with immortality would be something you don’t just hand out like candy but it looked as though everyone is jumping on the vampire express these days.

Is anybody even alive or mortal in this hotel? The answer seems to be no and I’m not sure how this is all going to work if half the cast can’t even die because they are already dead. Also, it seems pretty obvious to me at this point that anyone who has contracted the virus that gives them immortality is sure to end up getting murdered at some point since that’s the only way they can die. Now quickly, make Ms. Evers proud, put a load of laundry in and enjoy the review, fellow guests.

Lowe Blow

Alex Lowe’s monologue at the beginning of the episode was one of the best and I’m really enjoying Chloe Sevigny in her new role in Hotel. We find out that she never wanted to raise children but rather save other people’s kids. That was her dream and it looks like dreams really do come true. But we also learn about how her feelings changed when Holden was brought into the world. She felt whole and she found her soul mate.

Addicted To Bae

She also picks favorites because she never loved Scarlett or John as much as Holden. If I’m Scarlett, I’m thinking my moms a jerk at this point. But at least we got to learn more about what makes Alex tick and I think it will be very important to the story going forward. After Holden was kidnapped, Alex lost her whole world and is still trying to put the pieces of her life back together. She even says that “you do whatever you need to do to solider on because you tell yourself, time is on your side but then a year has gone by and you understand that the next year will not be much different and the feeling will never go away because there is no getting over it.” That’s some pretty powerful shit right there and her story is deeply tragic in every way. She even attempted suicide at some point after losing Holden.

Blood Bath

Alex thinks Scarlett is trying to hurt her with her stories about Holden being alive but we know she is telling the truth and we also know that Alex is going to eventually believe her, especially after she finds Holden at the hotel.

We also check back in with John who is still on the hunt for the Ten Commandments Killer who has murdered some gossip columnists. This time the commandment they broke was ‘Thou shalt not bear false witness’ and since these guys were peddling in lies, they had to go.

Hold Your Tongue

How would you like to have your tongue nailed to a desk? Sounds pretty awful if you ask me. Obviously the big question is who is the killer and there really hasn’t been many clues as to which one of our characters is committing these awful murders. We know it can’t be any of the people who have died at the hotel since they can’t leave the premises but that still leaves us with a laundry list of characters. Could either John or Alex be responsible for these heinous acts? It’s been suspected that Alex might be the one secretly committing these murders but I’m not so sure. I think her story is going to have more to do with little Holden at the hotel.

I also found John and Sally’s relationship to be getting very interesting. John obviously suspects Sally is up to something but what he doesn’t understand is that she’s already super dead. If the same rules from Murder House apply, Sally clearly can’t leave the hotel and it looks like that is the case as she disappears after John tries to arrest her. And to this I say:


Sarah Paulson has been a joy to watch this season in her new villain role and I love the fact that she’s a ghost with nothing to lose. And I’m not even sure how she can be stopped since she’s already dead.

John’s problems appear to be piling up and now his wife Alex has decided to give him a real American Horror Story called divorce. John breaks down in tears over this but Alex just really wants to move on with her life. Of course, that is going to be a lot more difficult after she finds Holden in the hallways of the hotel.

Hi Mommy

This is one of the better stories of the season so far and I was hoping this episode was going to be more about Holden and Alex. Unfortunately, we only get to see their reunion and it was a bit disappointing considering the episode was called Mommy. So what is going to happen now that Alex has found her long lost son? And how is this going to play into the bigger picture with The Countess using these kids to stay young forever? If I had to take a guess, I think Alex is going to try to get Holden out of the hotel but there is going to be a lot of resistance from Holden and The Countess. And much like Murder House, I think it’s possible that both John and Alex will end up being killed in the hotel so they can stay with their little Holden for eternity, just like what happened to the entire Harmon family. Of course, this is American Horror Story so anything is possible but I am dying to see the connections between the Hotel Cortez and the L.A. Murder House. And you should be too.

Kill Will

Tristan Duffy annoys me. I’m not sure why but Finn Wittrock was so much more appealing as Dandy last season and I’m not sure how I feel about him or his story this season. After him and The Countess murdered that random dude they picked up off Grindr last episode, it appears Tristan now has a taste for murder and he decides he wants to have a little chat with Mr. March about this.

Mr. March mentions some interesting amenities he built for the Hotel, some of which I hope we see in future episodes. I mean, a hotel with secret rooms, hinged walls, acid pits, asphyxiation chambers and, of course, a black closet is definitely a place I want to go this season and we better be seeing these acid pits Mr. March speaks of.

Don't Wander Off Into...The Black Closet

That guy won’t be coming out of the closet any time soon after being impaled to the wall. Yikes!

Tristan is interrupted by Will Drake, the new owner of the Hotel Cortez, who immediately wants to know how his face healed so quickly. Tristan lets Mr. Drake know that he’s not here to be a deposit in his spank bank and even Drake’s own son Lachlan knows a good burn when he hears one.


After Drake kicks out Tristan, Mr. March decides that he wants the floor torn out for some reason and he also says that Drake can’t be allowed to touch a single room. This strikes me as odd but it also sounds like it’s going to be important. Plus, Ms. Evers is at it again with her hilarious catch phrases about laundry.

Where Will I Launder the Linens

We know that The Countess wants to get rid of Drake since he’s the new owner of the Hotel and we later find out that this cannot happen until she marries him first due to the fact that she is running out of cash money. This sounds an awful lot like what happened to Mr. March back in 1925, doesn’t it? While there have been rumors abound about who could be playing Mr. March’s wife, I truly think that this is a big clue that it was probably the Countess. And while I have heard speculation that Emma Roberts might be the one playing his wife, I simply don’t think that is going to be the case. In fact, I think Emma Roberts is going to be coming back as Madison Montgomery since we haven’t had any connections to Coven as of yet, she used to live in Los Angeles as she was a Hollywood movie star and she probably has some sort of connection to the Montgomery’s from Murder House. In fact, if Madison doesn’t return this season, I’ll be shocked.

The Countess ends up seducing Mr. Drake herself and it was all very bat shit crazy considering the fact that she says to Mr. Drake that he needs to die. I see no way Drake is going to survive this season. I also loved the fact that The Countess was taken for a fool by Bernie Madoff which explains her lack of funds. Oopsie!

Kill Will

I also wanted to quickly mention that there is a hallway on the third floor that goes no where but Drake’s blueprints confirm that there are actually rooms on this floor and if you remember back from the premiere, Iris had mentioned something about “feeding the thing in Room 33”. It’s obvious they are hiding something on the third floor but what in the hell could it possibly be? I can’t wait to find out.

We also catch up with Claudia, the editor from Vogue, and unfortunately for her, she has to stay in the room where Gabriel is now living inside of her mattress. I don’t think Sally is doing a very good job of sewing these people inside as this is now the second victim to escape the clutches of their new home in Mattress City.

Quit Hogging All The Covers

So I guess Gabriel is still alive somehow and he ends up stabbing the living fuck out of Claudia with a pair of scissors which was brutal in every way. Gabriel then ends up running into John in the lobby and is taken to the hospital immediately where he finally succumbs to his injuries. What was the entire point of Gabriel’s story? I’m not really sure seeing as he was raped by the Addiction Demon, sewn into a mattress, murdered Claudia and then died at the hospital. At least we know Claudia is still going to be around in ghost form for the next little while.

If this were hell, I'd be the one in that awful sorrow knock off you're wearing

What I don’t understand is why some of the other people who have died in the hotel are no where to be found, like the Swedish Meatballs. Shouldn’t they be wandering around the hallways of the Hotel Cortez too? Hopefully this gets explained at some point because it’s bugging the fuck out of me. Strangely, I have a craving for swedish meatballs now…and maybe a Royale with cheese!

Royale With Cheese

AHS Hotel: Ramona Royale

Iris and Donovan have an interesting relationship. Donovan has some major mommy issues and it stems all the way back to his childhood. Donovan resents the fact that his mama was making terrible life choices, including the vegetarian cult she was involved in that led to Donovan shitting his pants at school because of the fiber diet. We also find out that Donovan is still pissed off about the fact that Iris saved his life from a drug OD back in ’94.

This is one of those stories that I don’t know how to feel about yet. I really don’t understand why Donovan is so hostile towards his moms and we’ll definitely need more backstory regarding this in future episodes but at least we finally got to meet Angela Bassett’s Ramona Royale after Donovan attempts to murder her for her blood. We also had another great jam playing before meeting Ramona so be sure to check out Just Like Honey by The Jesus and Mary Chain below:

Ramona takes Donovan back to her home base where she is taking some of his blood and makes note that he’s been feeding on junkies, something that these vamps are not supposed to be doing. We also learn more about Ramona’s story and it was easily the best part of the entire episode. Ramona was a bad ass movie star back in the ’70s and she didn’t get on her knees for no man!

I don't get on my knees for no man

Plus we got to see these hilarious and awesome movie posters for some of her movies. The Bride of Blackenstein was my personal fave:

Ramona Royale Movie Posters

I am thrilled that Angela Bassett is back in the mix as she’s always been one of my favorite actresses ever since she played Marie Laveau and I think she’s going to bring some attitude to the Hotel Cortez. It was also revealed that Ramona and The Countess used to be good friends to the point where the Countess had infected her with the virus. I loved the shots of Ramona and The Countess in the elevator as they showed them year after year wearing new outfits and sporting new hairstyles, it was all really well done. More importantly, however, it appears that The Countess has big time problems with one of her creations creating something else. Ramona ends up falling in love with some Suge Knight wannabe who she passes on the virus to but it ends in mass murder because the Countess is one jealous bitch.

Death Row Records

I guess it’s not a good idea to go against The Countess or you are definitely going to have a bad time.

Ramona now wants revenge on the Countess so I can only imagine these two will meet again at some point during the season. She wanted Donovan to get some info for her from inside the hotel but since Donnie boy was kicked to the curb, this is not gonna happen. So where does this leave Ramona? Well, I think she might have to get in touch with Tristan in order for her plan to work and that is probably a good possibility considering that Tristan is The Countess’s new boy toy.

This whole virus story is a bit strange to me and I’m not sure it’s all that interesting. I mean, it looks like every single fucking character on the show is infected now. And it’s not even like they can’t die because they most certainly can which leads me to believe that this is going to end with a whole lot of murder.

I Want My Mommy

With Donovan being the worst son ever and telling his mom to go kill herself, that is exactly what Iris decides to do. She’s feeling unlovable because her own son hates her so she goes to Sally for an old fashioned assisted suicide using a massive quantity of drugs. Sally is obviously still pissed about the whole getting thrown out of a building thing but she wants to make sure that Iris isn’t going to be sharing haunted hallway duty with her.

It becomes apparent that Sally has some pretty shitty drugs as they aren’t enough to kill Iris so Sally puts a bag over her head to suffocate her. Luckily for Iris, Donovan has a change of heart about his mama and ends up coming to her rescue at the last possible minute. In order to save her, he ends up spilling some of his vamp blood into her mouth and it looks like Iris has officially joined Team Vamp.

Blood Drops Are Falling On My Head

But as we learned earlier with Ramona, The Countess is going to be uber pissed off about this since she doesn’t want her minions passing on the virus. I hope they explain this a bit further because as of now, The Countess is just being a selfish bitch by controlling who is allowed to turn people and who is not (which is pretty much everyone except herself).

"There's some twisted poetic justice."

So things are getting pretty fucked up and this episode spent some time explaining some things to get the story rolling. That said, it wasn’t all that great. Sarah Paulson is slaying it as Sally so far and she is hands down my favorite character but other than her and Ramona, things were pretty boring at the Hotel Cortez this week. I think it’s safe to say that we’re going to be seeing some insane love triangle between Donovan, Tristan, The Countess and Ramona and now that Donovan has passed on the virus to his mother so she can live, Donovan might be one of our first major victims of the season.

The Verdict

Mikey Dislikes ItI rarely dislike anything about this series, but Mommy was simply not a very good episode and seemed to lack the bat shit crazy we have come to expect from this show. I’m not even sure if I’m feeling this whole virus storyline and Iris and Donovan’s mother-son issues are pretty boring to say the least. We’re slowly moving towards something but I’m not even sure what that something is yet. Mr. March, Ms. Evers and Sally are ghosts who haunt the hallways of the Hotel Cortez and I’d love to see more about their role in all of this because nothing has really been explained as of yet other than the fact that they all died in the hotel. And this virus shit is starting to get on my nerves because EVERYONE has it. And really, what good is immortality if you can still die?

Points were awarded for Ramona Royale making her grand entrance and pretty much every scene with Sally but everything else was just meh. Obviously we need to see the rest of the season to really get a sense of what is happening in the hotel but as a standalone episode, there wasn’t much happening here in terms of excitement. I really hope the show steps it up next week for their traditional Halloween episode. And pleasssse give us an entire episode dedicated to Liz Taylor because what’s not to like about Denis O’Hare in drag, right?

So what did you think of Mommy? Do you agree with me and think this was just more of a filler episode to get the plot rolling? Or do you agree with Sally and think it was goody? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to vote for your favorite Hotel character as well! Thanks for reading, fellow guests.

And finally, Lily Rabe is BACK next week as Aileen Wuornos and I cannot wait. She’s been one of my favorites on this show since the first season and it looks like the hotel is hosting a dinner party for some of the world’s most renowned serial killers including John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer. It also looks like Alex is going to be confronting the Countess about Holden as well. Be sure to check out the promo for Devil’s Night: