American Horror Story: Top 40 Characters

American Horror Story: Top 40 Characters

Due to going through massive amounts of American Horror Story withdrawals, Mikey has decided that it’s time to count down the top 40 American Horror Story characters of all time. Because of the anthology nature of this series, there were a ton of amazing people to choose from. In fact, there are so many amazeballs characters that it was hard to keep this list to only 40. A special thanks to Hunter, who put this awesome list together for all of us. Enjoy, fellow American Horror Story fans!

"This show is amazeballs."

40) Ben Harmon – Murder House

Ben Harmon
He’s not a psychologist, he’s a psychiatrist.

Portrayed By: Dylan McDermott

Best Quote: (To Larry about Hayden) “You see that crazy bitch, you tell her we’re done.”

39) Marcy – Murder House and Hotel

Can’t sell a house for shit, or a hotel for that matter either. #1 Rule when buying property in L.A.:NEVER BUY REAL ESTATE FROM THIS BITCH!

Portrayed By: Christine Estabrook

Best Quote: (in Murder House) “Everybody thinks they have style and everybody thinks they are funny. Most people aren’t” OOHHHH.. BURN!

38) Amazon Eve – Freak Show

Amazon Eve
Don’t let that sweet face fool you because Eve’s got moves that will fuck a fucker up.

Portrayed By: Erika Ervin

Best Quote: (after Ma Petite jumps out of the pumpkin) *gasps* “You!”


37) Queenie – Coven and Hotel

Look pencil dick, she’s a human voodoo doll. Enough said.

Portrayed By: Gabourey Sidibe

Best Quote: (in Coven to Madison) “Bitch, I will eat you!”

36) Countess Elizabeth Johnson – Hotel

AHS Hotel: The Countess
No running in her lobby…

Portrayed By: Lady Gaga

Best Quote: (to Iris) “Your boy has a jawline for days.”

"Your boy has a jawline for days."

35) Dr. Arthur Arden AKA Hans Gruper – Asylum and Freak Show

Dr. Arthur Arden
We should mention that he does NOT pay you to be his test subject.

Portrayed By: James Cromwell and John Cromwell (Hans Gruper)

Best Quote: (in Asylum to the Statue of Virgin Mary) “WHORE!”

34) Ramona Royale – Hotel

AHS Hotel: Ramona Royale
She don’t get on her knees for NO man!

Portrayed By: Angela Bassett

Best Quote: “I need to take a life to bring me back to life.”

33) Papa Legba – Coven

Papa Legba
*In Presidential Voice* Papa Legba wants your soul…unless you don’t have one.

Portrayed By: Lance Reddick

Best Quote: (to Fiona) “The deal is off. You have nothing to sell. You have no soul.”

32) Detective John Lowe – Hotel

AHS Hotel: Detective John Lowe
He didn’t even know he was the killer even if we all did.

Portrayed By: Wes Bentley

Best Quote: “This is my breakdown! I’m gonna have it!”

31) Madison Montgomery – Coven

Madison Montgomery
If it’s hot outside, she’ll probably make it very clear that her vagina is sweating.

Portrayed By: Emma Roberts

Best Quote: (to Fiona) “Surprise bitch, I bet you thought you’ve seen the last of me.” 

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