Better Call Saul: ‘Amarillo’ Review

Better Call Saul 'Ad Hoc'

Better Call Saul slowed things down quite a bit for its latest episode, titled Amarillo, with Jimmy entering the world of advertising and Mike getting a new job from the Nacho Man. It wasn’t all that exciting but at least we finally got to see Jimmy in action as he put together his first commercial. Let’s be honest here though, not too much happened in Amarillo and it looks like this was more of a set-up for things to come.

There were a couple of funny moments, most of which came when Jimmy was putting together this epic commercial but without the nail salon and Pryce, there wasn’t all that much going on here. The best moment for me was when Jimmy was watching the phones like a hawk after airing his targeted ad and the switchboards lighting up big time. Of course, Jimmy has much bigger problems now that Cliff is super pissed that he aired the ad without first letting the partners see it. Unfortunately, however, we’re going to have to wait until next week to see the results of this early morning meeting with the partners.

So instead of ambulance chasing, let’s all chase after a bus full of retirees and enjoy the review, fellow legal eagles!

Waltz Across Texas

Our episode starts off with Ernest Tubb’s Waltz Across Texas playing and it appears Jimmy is chillin’ in the Lone Star State.

Of course, he makes his intentions clear when he waltzes onto a broken down bus full of Sandpiper Crossing residents. It was all part of the plan since Jimmy was denied permission to discuss the case with them. And thankfully, none of them were driving.

“It’s a good thing none of you folks are driving.”

He tracks down Alma May so he can ask her a few questions and gives a speech about how these oldies are getting ripped off by management. Jimmy is easily able to get everyone on board as the old folks seem to connect to him. Gotta love it when Jimmy gets creative. Jimmy is able to get Davis & Main a whole wack of new clients and his brother immediately questions his tactics. At this point, Jimmy probably wants Chuck to go back in hiding because he’s been a nuisance ever since he decided to get out of the house.

I have to admit, Jimmy is a superb liar and I’m all for it, especially when he’s in the boardroom full of boring ass lawyers. Plus, Jimmy really wanted to continue the game of footsies he and Kim started last week but it looks like it’s back to the friend zone for Jimmy:

The Friend Zone

Kim’s all pissed off about the fact that she can tell when Jimmy is lying but I have to take Jimmy’s side on this one. He’s totally right when he says these old timers wouldn’t have any representation if it wasn’t for his trip to Texas. Plus, dumb rules are made to be broken. Go Jimmy!

Meanwhile, Mike is busy helping out his daughter-in-law after she tells him she heard gunshots in the neighborhood. I guess this is what happens when you live in the New Mexico ghetto, if such a thing exists. She tells Mike she doesn’t want his help but Mike ignores her and ends up spending the night in his car in case the gunshot noises return. And it was only a matter of time before this is exactly what happens. But, as it turns out, the gunshots in questions were not actually gunshots but rather just the local paper delivery man throwing papers out of his car. Obviously!

Mike’s daughter-in-law still thinks someone is shooting at her house but Mike knows that’s not the case after staking out the neighborhood. This chick is just looney tunes so Mike decides to evict her and her daughter from the neighborhood just to be safe. Plus, he doesn’t want her to know that he was scoping out the neighborhood in the first place.

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.”

I didn’t really understand the whole point of showing us all of this but regardless, Mike needs work and the only way he’s going to get paid is through his veterinarian friend who also provides Mike with private security jobs. I’m not sure how a vet gets into this line of work but let’s just roll with it. Mike eventually gets a phone call for a job with some serious money from a guy who specifically asked for Mike. So who is this guy? Well if you guessed that it was Nacho, you would be absolutely correct! I was a bit disappointed with this reveal considering they seemed to be hyping up something bigger. Maybe I’m just a dreamer but I was really hoping that Gus from Breaking Bad was going to return but it just wasn’t meant to be.

So it looks like Mike is going to have to help the Nacho Man make someone disappear but we’re left wondering who Nacho is referring to. Is it possible that Nacho wants Mike to get rid of Jimmy? Or is someone else from Breaking Bad about to make an appearance? Let’s all hope for the latter.

Alley Cats

Truth In Advertising 

Jimmy realizes that something fishy is going on when the mailers they’ve been sending out to Sandpiper residents are not being returned. Luckily, Jimmy has another great idea, this time in the form of a highly targeted TV advertisement. Jimmy knows that the Sandpiper residents are really into Murder, She Wrote and lets Cliff know that if they air a commercial during this timeslot, they will get the exposure they so desperately need.

Of course, the last commercial they aired was utter shit just like every single ad produced by law firms. We can’t forget that lawyers are some of the most uncreative people on the planet so who can blame them for producing some of the worst commercials of all time. At least they worked hard to get the swirl right.

"They worked real hard to get the swirl just right."

Jimmy is shocked that the partners signed off on the commercial since it totally sucked and his reaction is pretty much the same as mine whenever some dumb ass lawyer commercial comes on:

The Look of Disappointment

Jimmy meets with the videographers and it looks like he’s going to have his hands full with these two clowns who much prefer to goof around.


Jimmy takes over on the creative end of things and decides they are going to have an old lady in a rocking chair wearing a shawl. Our star makes her grand entrance in the best way possible:

“I’m ready for my close up, Mr. McGill.”

Later on, Kim and Jimmy are having a debate about who in the fuck invented the “big bowl of balls” that seem to appear in every corporate apartment in the world. I agree with Kim and have no clue why or how this is even a thing but if you happen to have a big bowl of balls in your home, you might want to reconsider your choice of decorating.

Jimmy has Kim pretend like she’s an 86-year old woman who enjoys lime jello so she can put herself in the shoes of their target audience for Jimmy McGill’s first of many commercials. While the commerical is still absolute shit, it’s much better than the previous effort so props to Jimmy for using his creativity to ensure that Davis & Main will be able to get Sandpiper residents on their side.

"Where did it all go?"

The commercial is a hit with Kim who thinks this will attract a whole bunch of new clients and the phones light up after Jimmy finally airs the commercial. I have to admit, I was feeling a little nervous at first and thought that maybe this would turn into a failure but sure enough, Jimmy’s plan worked like a charm and golden oldies from all over the country start calling Davis & Main.

As simple as all of this was, there was something totally pleasurable about watching the end results and you can’t help but feel good for Jimmy. His plan worked like a charm and now the firm should be able to bring in enough clients from Sandpiper to really make this worth their while. Unfortunately for Jimmy, however, Cliff is super pissed off that Jimmy ran the ad without his consent and it looks like Cliff is just like every single partner I have ever met…a complete douchebag who is only concerned with his own ego.

At this point, I’m 100% on Jimmy’s side since I can’t even shit out something bigger than these lawyer’s egos. You would think that Cliff would be happy and impressed that Jimmy was able to get him so much new business but instead he’s being a negative nancy all because he didn’t get to see the ad before it aired. Come on, Cliff…quit being a douche. So obviously Jimmy is in hot water but at least the writers are making us root for him. BINGO!

The Verdict

Mikey Dislikes It

There wasn’t a whole lot going on in Amarillo. The episode really only focused on two stories: Jimmy creating a targeted ad to attract Sandpiper residents to Davis & Main and Mike getting a new job. While it was funny watching Jimmy put together this video, the entire episode moved a bit too slow for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, I was still entertained, but the main story doesn’t appear to be moving along and I’m completely lost as to where this season is headed.

If I had to guess, I think Mike is going to have his hands full with whomever Nacho wants him to go after. I think it’s quite possible that he might be targeting Jimmy which would certainly make things very interesting for Mike. We already know from Breaking Bad that Mike and Saul end up working together but the question still remains as to how these two end up becoming allies.

We also have yet to see anyone from Breaking Bad make an appearance this season. I imagine the writers are going to drop a big surprise on all of us at some point whether it’s in the form of Gus, Jesse or Walter White himself. And while we seemed to be heading for a big surprise with Mike’s newest employer, it was a huge letdown in the end since it only turned out to be Nacho. That said, maybe the person he needs out of the picture will have a connection with Breaking Bad but, unfortunately, we’re going to have to do a bit of waiting before we find out.

So what did everyone think of Amarillo? Did you enjoy watching Jimmy create his first ever advertisement? Or would you rather be watching Murder, She Wrote? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow Jimmy McGill fans!