Better Call Saul: ‘Cobbler’ Review

Better Call Saul 'The Apple Of My Pie'

Better Call Saul was all about pie this time around and Jimmy McGill was doing his lawyer thing in the best possible way. As I predicted last week, Pryce and Jimmy finally came together for one hilarious scene that involved a story about squat cobbling. Now if only we could get our hands on the actual video. Regardless, if there is one lesson to take from this it’s that science nerds with an unhealthy obsession with baseball cards should not be dealing drugs (unless their name is Walter White).

The one thing I really love about Better Call Saul compared to all of the other legal TV series out there is how real it is with regards to the practice of law. Shows like Suits and How To Get Away With Murder are so ridiculous because they paint a completely wrong picture of what being a lawyer is all about. As someone who used to practice law, however, I can assure you that Better Call Saul is easily the closest thing to reality when it comes to the legal world and I much prefer realism over bullshit. So a big thank you to Vince Gilligan for keepin’ it real!

So let’s all play footsies and enjoy the review, fellow Squat Cobblers!

Bury Your Head In Sandpiper

Things get rolling with Chuck getting his Mozart on when he’s suddenly interrupted by one of his partners, Howard Hamlin. Of course, Chuck was a little upset that he couldn’t get the right notes during his piano jamming session:

That moment when you do something stupid

Stop punching yourself in face, Chuckie! During their conversation, it’s revealed that Chuck has decided he’s finally going to leave the house and come back to work for a day. The Sandpiper case is moving along and for those that don’t remember from last season, The Sandpiper Crossing is a retirement home that has been overcharging their residents. Jimmy had met with one of the residents last season and seems to get along swimmingly with the old folks there which may be the reason Davis & Main decided to hire him. And it is turning out to be a pretty good decision because the case involves an optional allowance program which none of the residents have opted out of. Jimmy says it best, “if opting-in is a requirement of residency than the voluntary claims shouldn’t hold water”. Turns out that Jimmy is a much better lawyer than we all gave him credit for during his Breaking Bad days.

Jimmy and Kim are also advancing their relationship, much to my surprise.  I have to admit, they are super cute together and I love how Kim switched briefs around so her and Jimmy could sit beside each other during the most boring legal meeting in the world (just like every single legal meeting ever). At least they were having their own fun under the table.


This totally made me feel like I was in sixth grade again even though no one was interested in my dumb 12-year old ass. After the meeting, Jimmy and Kim are sharing a cigarette in the parking garage, discussing Jimmy’s new life, and Kim has a gift for him in the form of a ‘World’s 2nd Best Lawyer’ travel mug. Kim it totally just keepin’ it real.

"Just keepin' it real."

These two are super awesome together and, even though I tend to hate the lovey dovey bullshit, you just can’t help but feel good for Kimmy and Jimmy. But as we all know, this is obviously not going to end well since Kim was no where to be found in Breaking Bad. The question we should be asking ourselves is what exactly is going to happen to Kim Wexler? I really hope she doesn’t end up getting killed off because that would totally suck balls but obviously a fallout between these two is inevitable, right?

With the new job, it’s time for Jimmy to move out of the Korean nail salon, upgrade his ride and move on up to bigger and better things. Unfortunately, no goodbye hugs for Jimmy from his former landlord.

Goodbye Hug?

I really hope we haven’t seen the last of the Korean nail salon owner because her facial expressions are priceless. She is never impressed with Jimmy but it’s one of those random relationships that you just love to watch, even if we rarely get to see these two interact. Plus, I’m going to miss all those references to cucumber water.

The Pryce Is Right

Pryce is on the hunt for his missing baseball cards and he’s ready for his “appointment” at the cop shop but clearly this nerd is in way over his head and Mike is able to pull him over for a conversation and thankfully persuade him from making his appointment. Obviously the cops are onto Pryce who had all of his drugs, and baseball cards, stolen from his home in the premiere.

I'm With Stupid

It looks like Mike has a new job after Pryce explains his encounter with the police. He’s joining up with The Hardy Boys to go on the case for the missing priceless baseball cards. I totally would read this book and, admit it, you would too. Of course, Mike is not all that impressed with Pryce’s stupidity but at least he’s smart enough to know exactly what to do in this situation.

Mike decides that it’s time to give his car upholstery a make-over but his real intention is to have a chat with the Nacho Man who apparently works at this custom upholstery shop.

"Maybe Alligator"

Mike decides that he totally wants to pimp out his ride with alligator upholstery and he finally gets Nacho alone. He eventually convinces Nacho to return Pryce’s baseball cards and $10K in cash otherwise Mike will have to call up the big dogs, specifically Tuco Salamanca who is one bat shit crazy mofo. It was a deal that would have been impossible for Nacho to turn down since Mike also promises that he’ll get a $60K return on his investment. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

This also leads to the most hilarious meeting between Pryce and Nacho. Pryce is giving up his school bus for 6-year old pimps and it’s obviously going straight to the chop shop, much to Pryce’s dismay. It looks like Mike was finally able to talk some sense into him. Regardless, he’s wayyy too obsessed with his baseball cards to care about anything going on around him.

House of Cards

I guess we can put an end to Pryce’s drug dealing days. It was fun while it lasted but he is definitely no Walter White. Of course, there is still that other matter regarding the police…

Squat Cobbler

Jimmy and Pryce finally cross paths after Mike calls up Jimmy with an interesting proposal. Pryce is going to have to figure out how to get the cops off his ass and, luckily for him, Jimmy McGill is in the house. This was easily the best scene of the entire episode. For whatever reason, watching Jimmy tell the cops this completely insane made-up story about Pryce’s pie-squatting fetish was everything I didn’t know I needed in my life.

Lawyer Up

Pryce lets the cops know that he’s found his baseball cards by hiring a private investigator. Case closed, right? Nope because Jimmy sends Pryce out of the room to have a little chat with our detective friends. And Jimmy comes up with the best explanation ever for the hiding spot in Pryce’s home. You see, Pryce and his “art patron” have an arrangement whereby Pryce makes private videos of an “artistic” nature for this wealthy gentlemen and that was what the hiding spot was for.

If you’re thinking these videos are of a pornographic nature, you would be absolutely wrong because Pryce is a squat cobbler. Wait, what? At this point I was pretty much asking the same question as the detectives:

What the fuck is a squat cobbler?

Obviously we’re all wondering what the hell a Hoboken squat cobbler is (also known as a Full Moon Pie, Boston Cream Splat, Simple Simon The Ass Man or Dutch Apple Ass) and according to Jimmy, it’s when a man sits in a pie and wiggles around. I could not even make this shit up if I tried, even if you gave me a million years. Unbelievably, the cops buy the story but it will require Pryce to actually make a video of him squat cobbling. If this video exists, I don’t even know if I ever want to see Pryce wiggling around in a pie but after listening to Jimmy’s make-believe story and knowing how goofy Pryce is, this would likely go viral on YouTube.

Finally, Jimmy calls it a day and him and Kim chow down on the leftover pies. Don’t worry folks, these were not touched by Pryce because that would be totally gross.

That Takes The Pie

Jimmy also shouldn’t have told Kim about the made-up video either. She was not too impressed with the fact that he fabricated evidence since it could potentially get Jimmy fired or disbarred if the wrong people know about it. Obviously this is the beginning of Jimmy’s transformation into Saul Goodman and I have a sneaking suspicion that he is going to blow it with Kim. Still, I think I prefer Jimmy’s style. I love watching him come up with these crazy stories to help his clients and ‘Squat Cobbler’ has officially become a part of my vocabulary. And hopefully yours too.

The Verdict

Mikey Likes It

Cobbler introduced us to squat cobbling in the most hilarious way possible and, compared to the premiere, I liked how things are finally moving along in the story. Jimmy is now working for a prestigious law firm and will obviously be heavily involved with the Sandpiper case going forward. He also helped Pryce get out of his predicament with the police and all it took was a bat shit crazy story about Pryce’s make believe fetish of squat cobbling.

The episode got off to a slow start but I have to admit, the final half picked things up perfectly. The scene with Jimmy at the cop shop was beyond original and I’m positive none of us would have ever been able to predict that outcome. And the funny thing is, by not showing us the actual footage of Pryce sitting in pie, it almost creates a sense of mystery behind what this would look like exactly. Seriously though, it’s probably for the better that we didn’t have to see this.

Now that Pryce is in the clear, I have no idea what is next and that is a good thing. I’m really curious to see where the story is heading for Jimmy McGill and I am predicting that he will finally become Saul Goodman at some point this season. I’m also super curious to see what happens to Kim and I really think the writers are hinting at Jimmy’s transformation with his first scheme being the fabricated pie sitting tapes. I still can’t even believe that is a thing now.

So what did you think of Cobbler? Were you immediately googling ‘Pie Squatter Videos’ after watching the episode? Or have you lost interest and would rather get new car upholstery? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading! And remember, it’s s’all good, man!