Better Call Saul: ‘Klick’ Review

Gimme Jimmy

Better Call Saul wrapped up its second season with Klick and Saul is still no where to be found although it could probably be argued that that ending is the beginning of Jimmy’s big transformation. It’s hard to believe that we are two full seasons in and the guy whose name appears in the TITLE of the show hasn’t showed up yet. Enough with Jimmy McGill…I’m ready to call Saul!

I’m also ready to call Mike because his story was easily the most entertaining of the finale. There is going to be a lot of speculation around the note that was left on his car right before he almost started a war with the Mexican drug cartel. I’m not sure there are too many possibilities as to who left the note but you’ll have to keep reading to see who I think is likely involved and you all will definitely know him from Breaking Bad. If this happens, minds will be blown.

We also got our first look at Jimmy’s new commercial and it was pretty much exactly what I expected from a lawyer like Jimmy. Gimme Jimmy might be working for now but Mikey’s thinking that Mr. McGill might be getting a name change real soon especially now that Jimmy opened his big mouth for JudgeBot 3000! Enjoy the review and remember…it’s s’all good, man!

The Long Con

The finale started off with a flashback of Chuck and Jimmy by their mother’s bedside. She’s not doing too well and by not doing too well I mean she’s going to die within minutes. Jimmy decides that it’s time to feed his hunger and goes to get food but while he’s out, Mama McGill wakes up, proceeds to ask for Jimmy and flat lines. Jimmy immediately wants to know if she woke up or said anything but Chuck totally lies about the entire situation.

The Sound of Silence

So why would Mama McGill ask for Jimmy and immediately die when she realizes that Chuck’s the only one in her presence? And why would Chuck hide this from his little bro? Obviously this is setting us up for that big reveal in the final scene but I’m not quite sure why Chuck needed to lie here.

Meanwhile, back in the present, Jimmy rushes back into the copy center to help out his older brother who, as we know from last week, smashed his head up pretty good. The scene where Chuck is being treated by the hospital staff was super impressive as we watched Chuck completely freak the fuck out about all of the technological equipment being used on him, especially the electrocardiogram. Now, I’m no doctor…so I literally have no idea what this is even for but I may have been just as freaked out as Chuck here:

“Oh God.....not the EKG”

This scene was super intense though and props to Michael McKean (who plays Chuck) for making us feel just as stressed out. Chuck ends up refusing all other tests but Jimmy decides to use his power of veto and save Chuck by using his power of attorney to make the decisions on Chuck’s behalf. Yup, the law is super messed up and this could totally happen to you one day. Trust no one!

Chuck only cares about one thing though and that’s proving that Jimmy set him up with Mesa Verde and bribed the copy center manager to keep his mouth shut. Chuck’s pretty smart to figure this all out but Ernesto comes to Jimmy’s rescue and tells Chuck E. Cheese that he was the one who called Jimmy after Chuck fell and couldn’t get up. Sorry Chuckie, but it looks like trying to catch Jimmy red-handed isn’t going to be child’s play after all!

Oh, and just throwing this out there, but doesn’t Ernesto look a little familiar? Like as in Gustavo Fring familiar? Yup, I’m calling it now but I have a sneaking suspicion that Ernesto is about to become a bigger part of the story. He even has similar mannerisms and personality to one of Breaking Bad’s greatest villains so this would be an absolutely epic twist if it turns out being true (and he also dresses like Gus, wears glasses and both of their names end in ‘O’). I hope you’re listening, Vince Gilligan!

“I was thinking about changing my name to Gustavo.”

Okay, based on looks alone this might be a stretch but never say never, especially when you consider the fact that when you take the first letter of each episode title in season two and rearrange them, you get ‘FRINGS BACK’. Yup, that’s bat shit crazy and definitely means that Gus is coming in season three.

Considering this is a show about a lawyer, we spent quite a bit of time at the hospital but after receiving a cat scan and self-inducing himself back into unconsciousness, Chuck E. Cheese is finally released. I’m quite surprised they didn’t find a watermelon-sized brain tumor considering how cray cray Chuckie is but at least he managed to survive his cat scan while only trippin’ balls.

“I ain’t consenting to that!”

Jimmy takes his older brother back to the cuckoo’s nest where Chuck asks for some alone time but instead Chuck gets on his most exquisite tinfoil cape and makes his way to the garage…

Back To The Crazy Cave

…where he proceeds to renovate his house into a lair to hide from all things electronic. We’re totally meant to believe that Chuck is completely bat shit crazy but the reality is that this was part of his plan all along. Jimmy eventually shows up and thinks he messed up his older brother for good this time after he finds out that Chuck has retired from HHM and the law. In other words, Chuck 100% knew that Jimmy would react this way. It was all an act and a damn good one at that because he completely fooled me (although in our defense, it helped that Chuck is actually crazy).

Jimmy ultimately confesses and I think we’re all just as impressed as Jimmy was that Chuck got every single detail correct. It was a pretty good acting effort by Chuck though and I think it’s safe to say that Chuck had planned the entire thing seeing as he was recording the entire conversation.

JudgeBot 3000 says you’re fucked.

Yup, Jimmy is Fucked with a capital ‘F’. I’m predicting that this is the beginning of the end for Jimmy McGill and it’s about freakin’ time! I think a lot of us cannot wait for Saul to finally make his Better Call Saul debut. The show has his name in the title after all.


For me, Mike’s story was the highlight of the finale. He’s desperately trying to solve his problem with the cartel so he can protect his family and he definitely came up with a solid plan. Nacho is taking our popsicle truck driver into the desert so they can ask him some questions about where that tire money went. They also totally intend on murdering the shit out him so it’s the perfect opportunity for Mike to do some sniping.

Mike calls up his arms dealer to get his hands on an illegal sniper rifle since he’s clearly going to need a murder weapon. But first, a little target practice:

Duck Hunt

I couldn’t resist a good old Duck Hunt meme, it’s just too bad that Mike was aiming for Hector Salamanca and not that god damn annoying dog! Speaking of Hector, I thought for sure this was going to be the reason he ended up in a wheelchair because Mike was totally ready to snipe a motherfucker. Of course, he probably wasn’t expecting the Nacho Man to block his shot which was super annoying in every way.

“I’ll just stand right here.”

Oh and while all of this was happening, things did not get any better for our popsicle truck driver…

Mexican Cartel Execution

…who is now super dead. Mike’s hesitation may have been good luck in disguise but we’re not really sure what that Mexican truck driver ended up telling Nacho and Hector. Mike better hope to fuck that Banana Popsicle didn’t spill the beans or he could be in big time trouble. Plus, it doesn’t help that his horn started randomly going off before he could take the shot. God damn car alarms!

It’s revealed, however, that someone decided to pitch a tent using only a big stick and the front seat of Mike’s car. They also decided to leave Mike a one-word note:

Who Left The Note?

So who could have followed Mike into the desert to tell him he shouldn’t be fucking with the Mexican cartel? Well, your guess is as good as mine but something tells me that whoever did must have some kind of connection to the original Breaking Bad. This seems to be a pretty major cliffhanger and I’m pretty sure I’ve had enough of these for one season. Ya, I’m looking at you Walking Dead!

Still, the entire scene with Mike was the highlight of the finale for me and I have a gut feeling that Gus Fring might just be the man behind this note. Even if Ernesto doesn’t turn out being Gus, he’s at least a clue that Gus is on his way and it’s very hard to ignore that cryptic ‘Frings Back’ message from the writers. Plus, Mike and Gus were totally BFFs for much of Breaking Bad so I don’t think it would be all that far-fetched. Saul AND Gus in season three? Yes fucking please!

The Verdict


Mikey Dislikes ItI’m probably going to take a little heat for this verdict but I just wasn’t feeling the main story for the finale. I always have higher expectations for the last episode of any season and this finale just didn’t work for me. Don’t get me wrong, every character in this series is a treasure to watch and the acting is absolutely phenomenal but this particular story with Jimmy, Chuck and the Copy Center just didn’t pull me in. Plus, Jimmy is still Jimmy and we’re already two seasons in! It’s time for him to finally become the Saul we know he can be!

I think the finale did a great job of leaving us hanging though and it’s going to be a long off season wondering who left that note on Mike’s car. I think there are some pretty big hints that it could be Gus from Breaking Bad and I’ve been anticipating his return ever since I realized that Mike was going to be a main character on this series. Gus played a big part of one of my favorite story lines on Breaking Bad and I can pretty much guarantee that his return would only make this series even more intriguing then it already is. Los Pollos Hermanos, anyone?

Maybe my expectations have gotten a little too high because of this show’s predecessor but ‘Klick’ just didn’t click for me. Jimmy is gonna be in some really fucking hot water now that Chuck has his confession on tape. I’m willing to bet that he’s about to lose his practice and his girl but let’s hope that it doesn’t take an entire season for that to happen. I’m definitely ready for some Saul now that we’re twenty episodes in and so should you.

So what did everyone think of the finale of Better Call Saul? Are you obsessing over the mystery person who left the note on Mike’s windshield? Or are you building a tinfoil fort like Chuck in order to get away from this series? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow legal eagles!

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