Better Call Saul: ‘Nailed’ Review

Better Call Saul 'The Stars and Stripes'

Better Call Saul nailed it in two big ways with the appropriately titled ‘Nailed’ as we got to see Mike use his homemade spike strip and Jimmy’s brother nail his head against a counter top. It was a shocking end to an intense episode and I was firmly reminded of why Breaking Bad had my attention for so long. Better Call Saul has definitely followed in Breaking Bad’s footsteps and it’s been a joy to watch, even if Jimmy hasn’t quite transformed into Saul Goodman just yet.

The other part of this series that intrigues me so much is that we know where some of these characters end up, we just don’t know how they got there. We know Jimmy becomes Saul but how does this all go down? And what about Mike? How did he become Gus’s right hand man? I’m also super curious to find out how Hector Salamanca ended up in a wheelchair because he wasn’t exactly talkative during his Breaking Bad days. These are all questions that I want answered and I’m thoroughly enjoying getting to know some of these old characters a little better.

I’m also curious to find out what happens to some of the newer characters like Kim and Chuck. Well, I think it’s safe to say that we just found out what fate awaited Chuck because that ending threw me headfirst into a counter top. Is Jimmy really going to be responsible for his older brother’s death? It’s possible although we don’t quite know the answer to that yet.

Now let’s all go for a ride in the popsicle truck and enjoy the review. And remember…it’s s’all good, man!

Spare Tires

We catch up with that dude from Mexico who is clearly smuggling something illegal in his popsicle truck. He’s also having a good time jammin’ out along the way until it’s immediately revealed why Mike was poking holes in that garden hose. I had a suspicion he may have been creating a spike strip and that was exactly what he used it for, taking down the Mexican dude in the process.

"Take me to the drugs."

It appears Mike has hit the jackpot and he finds a shit ton of money hidden inside of the popsicle truck’s tires. Not a bad hiding spot considering I have no fucking clue how they would have got the money inside in the first place. This is also another reason why I love this show.

Things keep getting better for Mike as he heads to the bar and buys a round for the entire house!

On the 7th day...we drank

Is there anything better than a big breakfast after a night of partying too hard? Definitely not and Mike had the exact same thing on his mind. Unfortuantely, his breakfast is interrupted by Nacho who demands the two meet immediately. Nacho tells Mike what Mike already knows and totally thinks he was responsible for stealing that shit ton of tire money. He’s clearly not wrong either.

“You wanna rip off the cartel... by all means!”

We also find out that Hector Salamanca was able to clean up the problem before the police got involved by shooting a good Samaritan in the head. Mike is clearly in some big shit if that driver can identify him but he’s pretty confident his ninja costume worked like a charm. This can pretty much only end in two ways. Either Mike is going to get away with it without a hitch or Hector, Tuco and the rest of the Mexican cartel are going to be coming for his head. And I hope it’s the latter.

Momentum Shift

Jimmy’s dirty trick of changing the address on all of Chuck’s court documents was everything I have come to expect from soon-to-be Saul. His brother, Chuckie, is ready to represent his new client, Mesa Verde, but his first obstacle of the day was definitely a sign of things to come.


Watch out for those metal detectors! During the hearing, Chuck ends up making a gigantic fool out of himself when the mistaken address is discovered and, unfortunately, Mesa Verde is going to have to wait another six weeks from Friday before they’re heading back to court.

That Moment You're Fucked

On the one hand, I kinda feel bad for Chuck since he didn’t actually fuck anything up. He was simply a victim of sabotage at the hands of his brother. On the other hand, I enjoyed watching Chuck get what he deserved after he stole Mesa Verde from the hands of Kim Wexler.

Inevitably, Mesa Verde goes right back to Kim and it’s game on for McGill & Wexler LLP. Jimmy and Kimmy make a trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s but, unfortunately for Jimmy, the locks have been changed and Chuck wants to clear the air…in front of Kim. Yup, it’s not going to be a good time for Mr. McGill. Somehow Chuck was able to solve the mystery of the modified legal documents even if he does appear to sound crazy, especially when he’s wearing his cape.

“I’m a baked potato.”

Surprisingly, Kim doesn’t buy any of it. I thought for sure she was going to be uber pissed at Jimmy but instead she tells Chuck where to go. And it was epic! Go Kim! Of course, I’m completely lying because Kim was, in fact, super fucking pissed.

That Moment Your Girl Is Pissed

It turns out she was just defending Jimmy temporarily because they were in front of his brother and she obvs doesn’t want soon-to-be Saul going to prison for forgery. Jimmy is most definitely in the doghouse after his latest antics so naturally, he decides to grab his film crew and reenact Abbey Road.

The Beatles

I just loved every second of this. This show is visually amazing so regardless how slow an episode appears to be, at least our eyes will always be having an eyegasm as we watch the story unfold.

Jimmy and his film crew head over to a local public school to shoot their commercial but the school teachers are not down with trespassing. It’s all good though because Jimmy is able to convince them that Annette over at the superintendent’s office gave them permission to shoot a documentary about Rupert Holmes. You know…Rupert Holmes? The Pina Colada song? Clearly Jimmy is making all of this up and it buys him just enough time to finish shooting his new advertisement which is scheduled to air between 11:18 and 11:35 during Diagnosis Murder (and yes, this was a real show).

Unfortunately, we never get to see the ad run because Kim puts a shit ton of doubt into Jimmy’s head. Chuck is one smart cookie so Jimmy heads back to the copy shop so he can dot his ‘i’s’ and cross his ‘t’s’.

“Sometimes I go #2 and don’t flush.”

Lance, the guy on duty, has no idea what in the fuck Jimmy is talking about but he accepts his bribe immediately and even offers to erase the video surveillance tapes for an additional fee. It was a good thing too because sure enough, Chuck E. Cheese shows up to ask questions. This is when Jimmy’s plan completely backfires because there is no fucking way in hell that Chuck is going to be able to handle an entire copy center full of electronics. After completely trippin’ balls, Chuck ends up collapsing in the most awkward way possible…


…and is more than likely dead. Wait, WHAT?! Did Jimmy just inadvertently kill his older brother? It certainly looks like it because Chuck definitely smashed his skull directly into that counter top. I have a feeling that Chuck didn’t survive this one and this is quite the game changer. I bet Kim will blame Jimmy for all of this, and rightfully so, and finally cut ties with him which would probably be the best case scenario is you’re a Wexler fan.

Seriously though, I definitely did NOT expect that ending and either did you!

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT

Mikey Likes It‘Nailed’ nailed it. The second season of Better Call Saul is a solid reminder of why I miss Breaking Bad so much. The penultimate episode of season two had a little bit of everything. Mike got to use his homemade spike strip and possibly started a war with the Mexican drug cartel and Jimmy may have accidentally killed his brother. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected this outcome from Jimmy making some photocopies so Kim could get her client back. It was bat shit crazy to say the least.

I love how old characters from Breaking Bad have popped up this season but I think I’m most curious to see how Hector ended up in a wheelchair with his bell. Based on the way things are setting up, I’m starting to think that Mike may be the one to put Hector in his future condition. And how about that homemade spike strip? That was just pure genius and it was great to watch Mr. Magoo make off with a whole wad of benjamins!

I’m not sure what awaits us in the finale but it looks like we have two separate stories. First, I think we’ll likely see the cartel attempt to figure out who hijacked their stash of cash. Second, Jimmy is going to have to face the repercussions after Chuck fell and bumped his head. I’m almost positive that he’s super dead and Jimmy will have to live with his decisions for the rest of his life. I assumed something would happen to Chuck eventually but I could have never predicted this and it was quite the cliffhanger ending.

So what did everyone think of ‘Nailed’? Did it hit the nail right on Chuck’s head? Or would you rather get in a popsicle truck and drive through a spike strip? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, legal eagles!

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