Better Call Saul: ‘Switch’ Review

Better Call Saul 'Sunk Costs'

Better Call Saul returned for its sophomore season and the premiere, titled ‘Switch’, mostly revolved around Jimmy going through a midlife crisis regarding his career as a lawyer. And I don’t really blame him since being a lawyer totally sucks balls. The premiere had its moments but the story didn’t seem to go anywhere satisfying. Jimmy is offered a new job at Davis & Main which he turns down and proceeds to spend the rest of the episode doing some soul searching. In comparison to last year’s series premiere, ‘Switch’ left me hoping that things get rolling soon because not much was happening to kick things off.

I did, however, enjoy watching Pryce try to go it alone after he fires his bodyguard Mike. Obviously Pryce is going to have his hands full with Nacho and he probably shouldn’t have been flaunting his new expensive ride. I also have a feeling that Pryce may end up on Jimmy’s doorstep as his newest client after his place is trashed. I did, however, love how dumb this guy was. Obviously it’s not a good idea to flaunt your wheels at a drug deal. What an idiot. But Pryce is definitely pretty fly for a white guy in my books and I think we’ll get more laughs at his expense as the season continues.

As the season rolls on, the story will need to pick up big time as the premiere didn’t really give us much of a picture as to where were headed. All we know is that Jimmy will be doing his lawyer thing at a brand new firm which will hopefully lead to a lot more laughs and ridiculous clients along the way. It’s all good, man so enjoy the review!


We get things rolling with another Cinnabon scene to start off the second season. I think it’s safe to say that these black and white scenes are a flash into the future, after the events of Breaking Bad. Even though they’re brief, I love the fact that we get a glimpse into Saul’s life after his interactions with Walter White. I’m still drooling at the prospects of a Heisenberg appearance and so should you.

This time around, Saul locks himself out of Cinnabon and is stuck debating whether or not he should open the emergency exit. Wise choice waiting it out though since the last thing Saul needs is the cops asking him questions. Also, it looks like Saul has officially hit rock bottom because his life totally appears to blows now.

"That moment when your life sucks."

Just like Breaking Bad, the soundtrack is still fantastic on this series. I will never forget Baby Blue playing during Breaking Bad’s final moments. It was one of those iconic moments that has been burned into my memory. The premiere of Better Call Saul continued with the trend to include some good jams, using Billy Walker’s Funny How Time Slips Away. Honestly, while we don’t really know what is going on with Saul in the future, I think the song title was an appropriate inclusion.

Saul’s having a bad day in the future as always seems to be the case. I didn’t like the fact that they used a similar scene as last year’s series premiere considering both took place at the exact same Cinnabon. I think the premiere would have been a lot stronger if they had provided us with something a bit more fresh than Jimmy McGill leaving his tag on the wall.

Livin’ The Good Life

We head back to the present to catch up with Jimmy McGill and he’s got a job interview for a prestigious law firm, Davis & Main, but what he really wants is Kim Wexler so he drops out of the running for a position and decides to quit the law. Ah yes, the great debate every lawyer will go through at some point in their career…whether to leave it all behind for a way better life or stick it out until your dead. Most lawyers make the wrong choice, luckily I was not one of them.

Jimmy returns to the nail salon where he runs his practice but there’s one little problem: the cucumber water is for paying customer only. Luckily, this won’t be a problem for Jimmy:

Quench Your Thirst

Apparently that cucumber water is some pretty addictive stuff but still, the Korean owner is not impressed:

Korean ladies reaction

Now, I don’t know what it would be like to live out of a Korean nail salon but Jimmy is doing just that so props to him for somehow being able to live like this. So instead of taking that cushy job, Jimmy decides to relax in a pool shaped like a lazy river. He explains to Kim that he finally decided to be himself for once and, in order to do so, he has to quit the law. Good choice, Jimmy. At least his taste for the expensive didn’t wash away and Jimmy wants to order $50 shots of tequila. Kim doesn’t let him throw his money away so instead Jimmy devises a plan on the spot to get lots and lots of free expensive tequila shots. And all he needed was a douchey stock trader to make it happen:

“Take a pillow and put it over that stock’s face until you hear the death bed queef.”

This particular scene with Jimmy and Kim was very real for me having gone through this exact same thing when I decided to leave the law myself. I’m sure many of us have been in this type of situation though, where you end up going a certain path that doesn’t lead up to your expectations. This almost always leads to a personal crisis which Jimmy is going through here. Jimmy makes a good point about the whole ‘sunk cost fallacy’ which is basically the idea that because you have already invested a significant amount of time and money into something, you should continue with that path. I can assure you that the legal world is exactly like that. Lawyers will go through years of law school and training, spend thousands of dollars to get there and then realize that they don’t necessarily like the career they have chosen but we always seem to convince ourselves that it will get better and we keep at it because of all the time and money we’ve already invested. But as Jimmy says, he’s been doing the right thing all these years but where has it gotten him?

Well apparently, it gets him and Kim super drunk thanks to our moronic investor friend. Jimmy totally plays dumb and pretends that he has lots of cash money at his disposal in order to have our investor douche buy him and Kim a shit ton of those $50 tequila shots. Not bad thinking and I encourage everyone everywhere to try this exact thing on some lame-o Wall Street bro.

Drinks taste better when someone else is buying

Cheers to that, right? Hell, Jimmy and Kim didn’t even have to do anything. Ken, the idiot trader, offers to pay the entire bill on their word and while he probably thinks he’s playing them, it turns out that ole Ken is the one who got played.

Wheelin’ And Dealin’

Meanwhile, Pryce is the worst drug dealer ever and decides that he no longer requires Mike’s services as his bodyguard. Obviously this is a terrible idea since Pryce stil has to meet Nacho and it certainly doesn’t help that he’s showing off his flashy new wheels:

"We ridin' dirty today."

There is something completely wrong about watching a super white bald dude with glasses drive this gangsta wagon but I’m all for it. Pryce basically refuses to use a different vehicle since he would rather show off his new gravy train but Mike is not all aboard and peaces the F out. Pryce is officially on his own and meets up with Nacho without his muscle. Even more hilarious were Pryce’s matching yellow shoes. The man with the yellow hat would be proud.

"Nice kicks."

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Pryce has his house ransacked and all of his baseball cards are missing. Yup, that’s right…Pryce is totally into baseball cards and it’s really the only thing he’s pissed about. This guy is a total super nerd and I love how he treated his lost baseball cards as if he had lost a child. Obviously there is no way in hell Pryce is going to survive without Mike and I can’t help but think this guy is going to get arrested and end up as Jimmy’s client.

“The priority is my baseball cards.”

The cops end up searching behind Pryce’s sofa and uncover a small crevice behind the wall but it’s unclear whether they actually find anything there. It looked as if nothing was there but maybe the writers decided to make us wait until the next episode to find out what they uncovered, if anything. Pryce is in all sorts of dirty hot water and Mike was definitely right when he told him not to roll around in his flashy new ride.

To wrap things up, we catch back up with Jimmy who’s back in the lazy river-shaped pool with his waterproof cell phone (aka a phone in a ziplock bag), leaving messages on Kim’s voicemail.

“Come Kim. Join me. Join the PRIDE!”

Jimmy ultimately comes to a decision to reconsider his job opportunity with Davis & Main and he lawyers up and goes back to work in a brand new setting. Things are looking up for Jimmy with this new opportunity presenting itself but you just know this isn’t going to last long. This is Saul Goodman after all and I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before Jimmy screws up this opportunity on his way to becoming Saul.

Switch was really all about Jimmy debating whether he wanted to continue down the legal path and I’m not sure it was necessary to have him go through a midlife crisis for an entire episode. That said, I am definitely curious to see what’s next for Jimmy. How long will it actually take for him to complete his transformation into Saul Goodman? I can’t wait to find out and so should you!

The Verdict


Mikey Dislikes ItI admittedly love the flash forwards they do every season but I think using the Cinnabon as the setting again didn’t work for me. There are probably a million other things they could have showed us so I’m not sure if this was the way to go in the premiere. Plus, they did this exact same thing to start things off last season so it was a bit recycled if you ask me, especially considering we already knew it was Saul in the future.

I also don’t think we needed to spend an entire episode of Jimmy going into crisis mode about his legal career. It honestly took way too long and I think this series is much better when Jimmy is dealing with his crazy clients. Hopefully, now that Jimmy is settling in at his new law firm, he’ll have plenty more insane cases on his hands and I have a sneaking suspicion that Pryce might just end up as one of his first cases.

Speaking of Pryce, that guy is clearly a moron but it’s people like him that this show totally needs. If Jimmy does end up having to defend Pryce, I think this could have some hilarious consequences going forward especially since both Jimmy and Pryce have been dealing with Nacho in some way.

Obviously Better Call Saul is not Breaking Bad but the season two premiere was a bit of a letdown for me. There wasn’t enough going on to really get me interested so here’s hoping that the story starts to pick up soon.

So what did everyone think of Switch? Are you ready to do some $50 tequila shots in anticipation of this season? Or are you chugging cucumber water out of the tap in disgust? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading. And remember, if you’re ever in trouble with the law, always lawyer up!