Fargo: ‘Did You Do This? No, You Did It’ Review

Fargo 'Twists and Turns'

“Different roads. Same destination.” -Floyd Gerhardt

Things are heating up in Fargo and Did You Do This? No, You Did This! may have been the best episode of the season so far. While we learned nothing new about Ed, Peggy, Dodd and Hanzee, there was still a lot going on especially with Bear Gerhardt and Mike Milligan. So many twists that I didn’t see coming, especially at the end of the episode when Milligan completely changed things up in dramatic fashion.

The war between Kansas City and the Gerhardt’s is reaching a boiling point and even the cops have finally realized that they need to do something about it with all of the bodies piling up. And hell, even the Gerhardt’s seem to be at each other’s throats after Bear finds out that Simone has been sleeping with the enemy. This episode had a little bit of everything with some action-packed sequences, some amazing dialogue from Mike Milligan and Lou Solverson and even the alien references returned when Betsy walked into Hank’s office. Seriously, if you don’t like this series, I feel so so sorry for you.

With only three episodes left, I can honestly say that I have no idea how this is all going to turn out but if I had to make an educated guess, my gut is telling me that the Gerhardt’s and Kansas City are probably going to be extinct. And how will the Blomquist’s fit into the bigger picture now that Ed has Dodd in the back of his trunk?

Sit back, let the breakfast king of Loyola make you some pancakes and eggs and enjoy the review!

Window Shopping

Fargo’s latest got off to a great start with some random people talking in an office while the window washers are doing some cleaning. But these are not your ordinary window washers because they brought guns.

Window Washer's murder some office people

This was an awesome scene. It was perfectly shot (pun totally intended) and is a prime example of how to get the viewers attention from the very beginning. Kansas City is officially going on a rampage and killing everyone associated with the Gerhardt’s family business and we were treated to a montage of some of these murders with Jethro Tull’s Locomotive Breath playing in the background. Once again, Fargo is killing it with the soundtrack this season. Check out the track below:

I absolutely loved that opening scene as they went back and forth between the Gerhardt’s burying Otto and K.C. taking care of business, simply beautiful stuff. Visually speaking, this series is an orgasm for the eyes and I could probably watch the show on mute and still enjoy it!

We catch up with the Gerhardt’s who are burying Otto. Jean Smart was unbelievable in her role as Floyd Gerhardt during this episode. She has a presence about her at the top of the Gerhardt family tree and she is having none of it from that porcupine Simone who was essentially responsible for Otto’s death. And Simone finally gets what she deserves for her betrayal, starting with this epic bitch slap:

Floyd smacks Simone in the face

That’s gotta hurt, but I don’t really feel sorry for Simone. She’s your typical spoiled brat who pretty much does whatever the fuck she wants and ends up betraying the family that gave her everything. The cops eventually arrive at the Gerhardt farm and they need Floyd to come to the station for a chat after their house was shot to shit last episode.

At the cop shop, everyone is tired of cleaning up dead bodies and they are trying to put an end to this war between K.C. and Fargo. It was also revealed that Peggy and Ed are both on the run after Peggy tasered Dodd and Ed ran away from the cops in the middle of no where (more on this later).

They bring Floyd in for questioning and the ultimate goal is to put an end to this war. The Gerhardt’s backs are to the wall and Floyd still wants to avenge her son’s death but Hank knows Ed Blomquist is not a butcher, at least not metaphorically speaking. But Floyd’s boys are not going to stop this butchery. This is war after all.

"I'm going to smoke."

Eventually, the cops offer Floyd a deal so she can provide them with information about Kansas City. She tells them that K.C. runs most of their dope out of an outfit in Cincinnati, where they hide it in the tires of vehicles for easy transport. She also tells them about a nail salon and an auto repair shop that are involved. I think it’s time to call in the feds at this point and I’m surprised the FBI hasn’t gotten involved with all of these murders happening.

After providing the cops with this information, they release Floyd and her and Bear return home only to find out that Hanzee has found Dodd but we’re left hanging because we still don’t know what actually happened to him. At least not yet anyways. We do, however, know that Ed Blomquist has him in the back of his trunk.

Goldilocks and the Bear

Simone rolls up to the Pearl Hotel with Kenny Roger’s Just Dropped In blaring on the radio, yet another amazing song selection. I have to think that having this season take place in the ’70s totally helped with this since there was no better decade for rock ‘n roll!

Milligan is feeling the pressure from the K.C. higher ups who are not impressed with the way he’s been handling the situation with the Gerhardt’s. Simone arrives and confronts Milligan about killing her grandfather. She wanted her father dead, she didn’t want the family farm shot up but Milligan doesn’t seem to give a rats ass seeing as he has a job to do. While Milligan is quoting literature, there is a knock at the door. Lou and Ben break into the room so they can have a conversation with Milligan about this war between K.C. and the Gerhardt’s. Lou’s monologue about greed was pure genius and he tries to reason with Milligan but obviously it’s not going to be as simple as throwing in the towel. Milligan’s response was even better as he tells a story about a man who works in a factory. One day his boss gets it in his mind that this man is stealing from him so every night at the gate, they search his wheelbarrow but never find anything. As it turns out, he’s actually stealing wheelbarrows! The point being that sometimes the answer is so obvious that you can’t see it because you’re looking to hard. Simply genius. Also, I can’t help but the writers are playing tricks on us.

“The past can no more become the future than the future can become the past.”

Bokeem Woodbine is a quote-dropping machine this season and it’s not every day we see an actor who demands our attention through the words that come out of his mouth. I swear every episode he has something brilliant to say and this was no exception. Milligan might be one of my favorite characters up to this point.

Shit really hits the fan for Simone when she goes back to her car. Her uncle Bear arrives at the hotel and is immediately suspicious as to why she is there. Simone attempts to come up with an excuse that she’s trying to score some weed but it’s pretty obvious that she’s been in bed with the enemy. Bear doesn’t give her a choice and they head off into the country to have a ‘conversation’.

Once they arrive, Simone obviously doesn’t want to come with Bear and who can blame her. It’s pretty obvious that she’s in big time trouble given the fact that Bear knows that she sold out the family. She pleads with Bear to spare him, that she can get information from K.C., but Bear is not really interested in her excuses.

Bear executing Simone in the woods

Bear gets straight to the point by saying that none of them are family anymore and if Dodd is able to survive his trip to South Dakota, there is definitely going to be a major conflict between Bear and Dodd now that Simone has been executed and Charlie is in a federal state prison. The Gerhardt’s just might be going extinct after all.

Meanwhile, back at the Pearl Hotel, things are not getting any better for Milligan who receives another phone call from whoever is in charge and he informs Mike that the Undertaker is coming. So who is this undertaker and how is Milligan going to get himself out of this situation? Well, he’s going to commit more murder, that’s how! The Undertaker arrives at the Pearl Hotel but Milligan is more than ready for his arrival. And this scene was fucking epic because Milligan literally handled the entire situation in 5 seconds.

Milligan kills the undertaker

How was that for a magic trick? Obviously this undertaker dude isn’t very good at his job. And naturally, they can just blame it on the Gerhardt’s if anyone asks! It also turns out that it’s Milligan’s lucky day because he receives a phone call from Ed Blomquist who tells him he has Dodd in the trunk of his car!

Ed on a pay phone

The Breakfast King of Loyola

With everything that’s going on, Lou sends Karl and Sonny to his place to protect his wife Betsy and their daughter Molly. Upon entering the house, Betsy notices a few extra pairs of shoes and immediately grabs a shotgun to be safe.

"I'm a bad mammer jammer."

Luckily though, it’s just Karl and Sonny making breakfast. Karl lets Betsy know that Lou sent them over for protection. I’ll take some eggs and pancakes from the breakfast king of Loyola any day!

The Breakfast King of Loyola

We can’t really blame Lou for making these arrangements since there is a war going on and he’s caught in the middle of it. The last thing he wants is for something bad to happen to his family. And even though we know Lou and Molly will survive, Betsy’s fate is still up in the air. The fact that Karl and Sonny have been assigned to protect Lou’s wife and kid has me a little worried for Betsy and I have a gut feeling that things might not turn out well for her.

Meanwhile, we also learn a bit more about what Hanzee has been up to. Hank informs Lou and Ben that an Indian shot two state troopers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Apparently he shot at a bar and was looking for a young couple, obviously being Ed and Peggy.  So what exactly happened to Ed and Peggy? They must have met up somehow after Ed ran away at the end of the last episode and it sounds like the Blomquist’s have been able to keep Hanzee off their trail…for now. Also, Ben is a shit cop!

"You're a shit cop, you know that right?"

Classic quote from Lou Solverson and he’s definitely not wrong about Ben. It’s always the shittiest people that get promoted it seems while the hardworking bunch have to suck it up and do their job like a boss! This just makes me appreciate Lou so much more.

There was also more alien references, only this time it came from Hank after Betsy goes into his office and finds this:

Hank's Office

Wait, WHAT!? What exactly is all of this? Is Hank slowly losing his mind? And how in the hell are they going to explain this? So many questions and it appears our alien mystery is becoming more and more intriguing as the story progresses. I have no idea what the end game is with all of this but Betsy’s reaction upon entering Hank’s office pretty much sums it up:

Betsy's reaction to Hank's office

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT

Mikey Likes ItDid You Do This? No, You Did It! was one of the best episodes of the season and it looks like our story is dramatically changing. I am dying to know what happened to Ed and Peggy after last week’s episode but it looks like we’re going to have wait another week before we get any answers. All we know at this point is that Ed has Dodd in the back of his trunk. So what exactly happened to Peggy and Hanzee? Answers please!

Jean Smart, Patrick Wilson and Bokeem Woodbine have really stole the show so far. Their amazing acting paired with some stellar dialogue has gotten my attention since the very first episode and every time they are on the screen, I’m always paying close attention. I absolutely loved the scene with Lou and Milligan in the hotel room, that was one epic conversation.

And how did you like Milligan handling the undertaker? He totally knows what he’s doing but it’s hard to tell what side he’s on now that his own boss tried to have him killed. Does this mean Milligan is going to redeem himself and end up helping the Blomquist’s get out of this mess? And what was with all those symbols in Hank’s office? That had to be another reference to aliens but I’m still as confused as when Rye saw that UFO in the premiere right before he was struck by Peggy’s car.

So what did you think of ‘Did You Do This? No, You Did It!’ Are you on Team Milligan or Team Gerhardt? And what do you think happened to Ed, Peggy and Hanzee? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow Fargoites. Okay then!