Fargo: ‘Loplop’ Review

Fargo 'Deliverance'

“Think or be. You can’t do both.”

Fargo’s second season has been absolutely perfect so far and the perfection continued with Loplop, which took us on a trek through the woods of South Dakota. Ed and Peggy decided to hit the road after Peggy subdued Dodd in the Blomquist basement with that wickedly awesome taser stick and Hanzee is hot on their trail as he tries to locate the oldest Gerhardt sibling. We knew from the previous episode that something went down at a bar in South Dakota and Loplop fully explained the events in Sioux Falls. And let me tell ya, it wasn’t what we all expected. Personally, I was expecting a confrontation with Peggy and Ed at this local bar but instead it was all about discrimination against everyone’s favorite Sioux Indian that got the ball rolling. Who would have thought?

That is the beauty of Fargo. Each story usually features a random act of coincidence and that was again the case when Hanzee arrived at his destination. And don’t even get me started on that unexpected twist at the end of the episode which is sure to be a game changer going forward. Hanzee Dent is easily one of the best, if not THE best, character this season and his fate was on the top of my mind as I watched the events unfold before my eyes. It’s almost as if the writers knew Hanzee was going to be a fan favorite because, once again, he was able to escape unfavorable odds and survive. Mind you, it was his own fault he was in this mess in the first place but who can blame the guy after the way he was treated in the bar.

And one other interesting point to make…I’m not entirely sure what the title ‘Loplop’ is supposed to mean but I did a little homework and apparently this term is the name of a birdlike character featured in prints, collages and painting by artist Max Ernst. I’ve never heard of this guy before but I’m sure there is some kind of hidden meaning to this title in some of his work. Either that or I’m wayyyyy off base and have no idea what I’m talking about.

So let’s pack the car and head out on an epic road trip of randomness, just don’t forget the playing cards. Enjoy the review!

Positive Peggy

After taking a break from the action last week, the Blomquist’s were center stage in Loplop. Peggy has slightly lost her mind and she’s having a conversation with some random guy in her basement. Obviously it’s actually Dodd, but Peggy has a clear case of post-traumatic stress disorder at this point and is still debating with herself about whether she has reached her full potential. Clearly she has not considering how the basement looks.

"This hoarding problem is out of control."

Ed arrives back home after running away from the cops and finds Dodd tied up in the basement. He immediately knows Dodd is a Gerhardt and decides he would be of more use to them if he was unconscious so Ed knocks him out cold with his fists, puts Dodd in the trunk of his car and Peggy and Ed are about to go road trippin’! Also, this line from Dodd is going to have so many uses in real life:

"You're shit on a shoe. Why don't you come here and let me wipe you off."

Our detectives, Lou and Hank, arrive back at the Blomquist residence where they literally find nothing except a giant mess in the basement. They find Dodd’s man who was shot by Dodd himself but Peggy, Ed and Dodd are nowhere to be found. Also, Peggy should really think about cleaning out that basement because it’s a fucking mess!

Meanwhile, Hanzee has been creepily hiding out in the bushes this entire time until the coast is clear. He also makes his way into the Blomquist home after the cops leave and he’s brought a massive assault rifle with him this time. He eventually finds a letter on the puke green fridge from the Southnik Hotel, confirming a room booking for the weekend.

Southnik Hotel Confirmation Letter

It should be pretty obvious at this point that that’s where Hanzee is headed. Meanwhile, Peggy and Ed are trying to devise a plan to get our of their current situation but you just know these two bumbling idiots have a mountain to climb with the entire Gerhardt clan trying to murder the F out of them. They end up at a cabin in the woods where they let Dodd out of the trunk. Of course, Dodd puts up a fight which leads to Peggy tasing the shit out of him. I seriously need to get me one of those tasers because they are shockingly awesome.

Tase One For The Team

They tie up Dodd, who bit his tongue during the electrocution therapy, and he’s not a happy camper. Little do they know though, Hanzee is surely on his way to get Dodd out of this tricky situation. It’s also revealed that Ed and Peggy are exactly where they were during the end of the previous episode when Ed made a call to Milligan letting him know he has Dodd as his prisoner. But we’re not that far into the story just yet. First, Ed makes an attempt at communicating with the Gerhardt’s but can’t seem to get the person in charge on the phone. Unfortunately cell phones did not exist in 1979.

Back at the cabin, Dodd and Peggy are having a lovely conversation about how Dodd is going to show Peggy the back of his hand when he gets free. And all of a sudden, Peggy is a total bad ass as she starts stabbing Dodd with a kitchen knife. But she’s also a sweet and kind lady who force feeds Dodd some BBQ beans. NOMS!

"Open up wide. Here comes the airplane."

There was something about Peggy feeding Dodd a spoonful of beans while he was tied up that was pure comedic genius. I really hope he doesn’t get gas while he’s stuck in all of those ropes. You know what they say: “Beans beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot!” Anyways, Ed returns home and is curious about the stab wounds on their hostage and Dodd totally thinks Peggy is crazy and I tend to believe him. How amazing are Ed and Peggy though. On the one hand, we have Ed who is trying super hard to get out of their current situation. On the other hand, Positive Peggy seems to be a sociopath. One minute she’s stabbing you in the chest and the next minute she’s feeding you some fried beans. I love the contrasting characteristics of the Blomquists and, surprisingly, I’m rooting for them to survive. They’re the underdogs in all of this after all.


Hanzee arrives at a bar in South Dakota where he finds a plaque announcing that 22 Sioux Indians were hanged at this particular location. There was also a pile of puke below it and Hanzee’s reaction was priceless:

Hanzee is not impressed

I love the subtle humor this show produces every week and Hanzee seeing this on his quest to find the Blomquists was Fargo’s trademark dark humor at its best. The humor continues when Hanzee enters the bar and orders a water only to have the bartender spit in it. Hanzee is, once again, unimpressed and orders a shot of tequila instead, to be poured in front of him. Obviously this town doesn’t take kindly to Sioux Indians and Hanzee doesn’t get very much information from the locals. It also appears that these locals are racist as fuck, throwing derogatory comments about teepees, Geronimo and bow and arrows in Hanzee’s direction. Of course, they have absolutely no idea who they are fucking with and Hanzee decides that the best solution to this problem involves bullets and proceeds to shoot two of these racist idiots.

When you're trying to walk down the street and people be moving too slow

He heads back into the bar and immediately murders the bartender, possibly due to the fact that this bartender spit in his water, and away we go.

That moment when you realize the bartender spit in your drink

Seriously, Hanzee is one of the best characters this season and, even though he doesn’t say much, he totally means business. Hustling all day, every day! It was hinted at last week that some state troopers were shot at a bar and it looks like this was the chain of events that led to this moment because the cops arrive shortly after Hanzee shoots everyone in sight. Including these state troopers:

Reverse Discrimination

So ya, I was not expecting this. When we learned about this shooting at the bar, I figured Ed and Peggy had to be involved somehow but in standard Fargo fashion, it was simply a bunch of racist dickheads getting what they deserved from the greatest Sioux Indian in America. Hanzee Dent…you are a God amongst men. Hanzee finally makes his way to the Southnik Hotel where he interrupts Peggy’s boss (her name is Constance Heck…that’s a heck of a name) who has just put some Chablis on ice. Obviously she was expecting Peggy but instead it’s Hanzee at the door and he’s not looking very happy.

Back at the cabin in the woods, Ed is trying to figure out how they are going to let Dodd take a whiz but at least he didn’t have to take a #2 because that would have been totally gross. And the hilariousness continued as Ed has to help Dodd whip it out and hold a bucket for him to piss in. Awkward to the extreme. Ed keeps trying to get in touch with the Gerhardt’s but nobody’s home and while he’s out getting supplies, Peggy decides that now would be a great time to give her friend Constance a ring. Also, anyone who grew up in the ’70s or ’80s probably remembers having to do this at some point in time:

If you remember doing this, your childhood was awesome

Fucking antennas! Thank god that is no longer a problem. Constance is obviously under duress given that Hanzee is there and she is trying to find out where Peggy is staying. Peggy slips and lets her know they are out in the woods somewhere. Constance keeps trying, she even offers to deliver some workbooks from the seminar for Peggy who refuses to give in, possibly due to the fact that they have a hostage in their cabin. So where does this leave Hanzee? All he knows is that the Blomquist’s are locked away in a cabin somewhere in the woods and considering how much forest there is in South Dakota, I’d say he hasn’t quite narrowed it down just yet.

Further, we are left wondering what in the heck happened to Ms. Heck. Did Hanzee end up killing her too? We’ll have to wait and see…but first, it’s time for a haircut.

Getting A Haircut

We return to the cabin in the woods and Dodd won’t stop looking at Peggy and Ed as they are trying to sleep so Ed decides to put a pillowcase over his head. Classic.

That moment when you do something bad and end up in timeout

But they probably should have left Dodd in timeout a little longer because while Peggy is busy watching television, Dodd is able to break free from his ropes and escape. And shit, that was a lot of rope so I’m not quite sure how he was able to get free so quickly.

Showing Peggy The Ropes

Ed is still having no luck trying to get a hold of the Gerhardt family but luckily he finds a newspaper article about K.C. and the Sunshine Band led by the awesome Mike Milligan. It’s at this point we’re all caught up from the events of last episode when Ed calls Milligan at the Pearl Hotel and lets him know that he’s got Dodd in the trunk of his car. As we all know though, Dodd has just recently escaped while Peggy was busy watching her shows. They make an arrangement whereby Ed will hand over Dodd for protection against the Gerhardt’s. I also love how Ed is pretending he’s the Butcher of Luverne even though he clearly has no idea what he’s doing.

Hanzee finally shows up at the Rushmore Grocery Store and asks the clerk where he can find a heavyset red-head. Hanzee, who has a way with words, finally gets some answers about Ed and learns that they are staying at a cabin by the lake. I guess some info is better than no info at all. I also loved that they had a hockey game playing in the background as it’s so appropriate for the Midwestern United States.

Upon returning to the cabin, Ed sees that Dodd is no longer tied up and he ends up in a noose after Dodd hangs Ed from his neck. And as luck would have it, Peggy wakes up just in the nick of time, finds the kitchen knife from earlier, sneaks up on Dodd and attempts to stab the fuck out of him, possibly because he thinks Satan is a woman.

"I think Satan is a woman."

Dodd notices Peggy before she can do any damage but he doesn’t realize she has a knife and he ends up getting stabbed right through the foot. OUCH! She knocks out Dodd with a nearby fire poker and immediately cuts down her hubby Ed who was definitely 50 shades of blue at this point. This was so intense. Once again, I had no idea what was going to happen. Hell, I didn’t even expect Dodd to get loose so easily but it appears that the Blomquists have many horseshoes lodged up their asses because once again they are able to survive these impossible odds.

Even Hanzee showing up at the cabin isn’t enough to save Dodd because all Hanzee really wants is a haircut now that there’s a state-wide man hunt out looking for him. Still though, the last thing I expected was for this to happen:

Hanzee shots and kills Dodd

Wait, WHAT?! Hanzee just walks in like a boss and shoots Dodd in the head!? I cannot believe this happened. I guess Hanzee is still reeling about all the racist idiots in the North and couldn’t handle being called a mongrel. Now Peggy…..give this man a fucking haircut because he totally deserves it.

Before Hanzee can get his haircut though, all fucking hell breaks loose when the cops arrive. I was literally screaming at the television at this point, that’s how much I love Hanzee Dent but it wasn’t looking good for him after Peggy stabbed him in the back with the pair of scissors she was using to cut his hair.

As luck would have it, however, this cabin has a backdoor and Hanzee makes like a fetus and heads out, leaving the Blomquists alone with Lou and Hank. Thank fucking god Hanzee survived this mess but so many questions after this crazy ending. Ed already made a call to Milligan about Dodd so what is going to happen with that now that Dodd is dead? And where does this leave Hanzee Dent? I mean, the guy was a loyal servant to the Gerhardt family but he just lived the American dream by shooting his boss in the head. I’m not sure what side of the fence he’s on now but he’s definitely going to be a wild card for the remaining two episodes. In Hanzee we trust.

"We didn't do it."

The Verdict


Mikey Likes ItLoplop filled us in on what happened to Ed, Peggy, Dodd and Hanzee and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Who would have expected that Hanzee would shoot up a bar full of pricks because they were being racist only to end up shooting his boss Dodd in the head. I definitely didn’t see that coming and either did you!

I still can’t believe Ed and Peggy’s luck. They are obviously praying to the right gods because somehow they have managed to escape every single situation they have gotten themselves into. I mean, Dodd escapes AND Hanzee shows up and they still somehow manage to escape with their lives fully in tact. Unbelievable.

So with only two episodes remaining in this stellar season of Fargo, what is left on the table for the Blomquists and Hanzee? Obviously Ed and Peggy are going to be taking a ride in a police car after Lou and Hank arrived at their cabin but Hanzee is now a definite wild card since it appears he no longer gives a shit about the Gerhardts. Does this mean he’s going to help Ed and Peggy? Or is he just going to disappear now that the cops are hot on his trail. I was really hoping he was going to get that haircut though!!! Maybe next time.

So what did everyone think of Loplop? Are you on Team Hanzee after he completely blew all our minds and killed Dodd? Or maybe you prefer Positive Peggy and the Blomquists, who appear to have the best luck ever? Seriously, they need to buy me a lottery ticket. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow Fargoites.