Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Not Fade Away’ Review

Just A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

These people are the worst. With the zombie outbreak in full effect, our family decides to go for a jog, chill in the pool and of course paint some rooms. Also, golfing is totally a thing for the military now. As I mentioned last week, I was wishing these idiots would have left town and started on an adventure but no, instead they are trapped inside sweet suburbia on a sunny day with no where to go because the military has taken complete control of the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, there really wasn’t much to this episode of Fear The Walking Dead. We spent a lot of time with our main characters just doing normal things which makes for a terrible story. This is the fucking zombie apocalypse and I want to see shit hit the fan…not Nick lounging in a pool. It took the entire episode to finally move the story forward, and with only two episodes remaining, the writers are running out of time to really wow us.

I did, however, thoroughly enjoy the opening and final scenes of Not Fade Away. With Lou Reed’s Perfect Day playing in the background, we get a number of shots of our main characters having a pretty damn good time. I highly encourage you to check out the track below, it’s quite chilling. So what are you waiting for? It’s a beautiful day outside so sit back and relax, hit the play button and enjoy this perfectly perfect day.

Little Green Friends

Our episode begins with the perfect day. The sun is shining, Nick is rehabbing in the pool and Chris, local douchebag teenager, is making YouTube videos.

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Chris lets us know what is going on in the suburbs with his opening monologue and it was very well done. Everyone has been herded in like cattle and it appears their safe inside the fence that has been built by the neighborhoods little green friends aka the military. Chris says it best, “There is nothing you overtake that nature won’t take back and it all belongs to her again”. Go get ’em Mother Nature. And maybe that is exactly what is happening. This whole zombie apocalypse is nature’s way of purging the planet. Wouldn’t that be amazeballs?

The big reveal happens when Chris sees some flashing light coming from a building way off in the distance.

A Flash of Hope

And this flashing light ends up being the entire basis for the episode. Meanwhile, Maddie wants Alicia to paint some rooms but Alicia is all like “fuck chores” since there is absolutely no point due to the zombie apocalypse happening. Oh, and the power is back on. Big whoop.

Maddie is also still clearly upset that Liza the ex is running around. Really though, the zombie apocalypse is probably the best time to have your new hubby’s ex around. Accidents do happen, right? 😉

Chris ends up showing his dad the flashing light from his new YouTube vid but Travis is obviously in denial about everything that is going on. He seems to think it’s clearly the sun catching some reflection and as douchey as Chris has been up to this point, he’s actually right that this is not just the sun’s reflection. Travis is officially annoying as fuck.

Nick has also appeared to kick his drug habit to the curb. Maddie heads pool side to offer Nick some yummy Oxycontin but Nick rejects the drugs. After all, he has a new drug and that is swimming.

"Ohhhh, drugs!"

By now, the military has taken complete control over the suburbs. They seems to think that the tides have turned on zombie nation but we all know better than that.

"The tide has most definitely turned...against us."

The military announces that they are ‘infect free’ within the safe zone. They are just one of twelve”safe zones” south of the San Gabriel border and our military commander, whom I already hate, tells them all to relax. I’m sorry, but these people are really going to just relax during this outbreak? Really, show? If I’m a member of this community, the last thing I’m doing is relaxing. I’m also not freaking out like this dude:

"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most."

Yup, new random character Dougie has officially gone bat shit crazy. He’s locked himself in the upstairs bathroom and refuses to speak with our little green friends. He also has his family wearing masks and shit because that’s not going to scare the living shit out of them.

"Got my raincoat on!"

Either that kid is terrified or he’s going outside to jump in puddles. Either way, Doug is the worst.

Sex, Drugs and Golf

Liza is apparently some kind of nurse and she’s helping people all over the neighborhood. As it turns out later, Liza is not actually a nurse but rather just helping people out. At least she’s not relaxing like the rest of these idiots. Regardless, Nick ends up spying on the neighbors and it looks like Hector (whoever Hector is) is being left alone for the time being. This gives Nick the perfect opportunity to get high as fuck off of Hector’s IV even though he already turned down FREE DRUGS from his mom. Dumb.

Because I Got High

Afroman would be proud. I think the only explanation for this is that Nick can now get even higher using this method. Crushing up Oxycontin just doesn’t seem to be enough these days so he’d rather hit up the morphine drip!

We also catch up with Ofelia who is making out with one of the new military guys. This has death sentence written all over it.

End of the World Make-out Session

It becomes fairly evident that Ofelia is just being a dirty slut in order to get medicine for her moms, Griselda. I really don’t think she’s making out with this guy because she likes him and that’s unfortunate since this dude appears to be genuine. Either that or he’s just trying to get laid before the world ends.

Travis and Maddie are also busy having ‘end of the world’ make-up sex in the garage and Travis is finally coming to his senses with a big bottle of liquor.

Zombie Apocalypse Cocktails

After exchanging parenting advice, Maddie talks to Travis about the video of the flashing light from Chris’s new YouTube video but Travis is still in complete denial about everything that is going on due to the fact that he’s in love with the military dudes. Of course, we all know that the flashing light is definitely something as we find out later but these people are not the brightest. Giving up the comforts of home is something I am willing to bet a lot of people would have trouble doing and those people should always be the first people to die in a zombie outbreak. Yet they’re all still alive. Ugh.

They’re interrupted by Maria who informs Travis that Doug took off. She immediately blames Travis but Doug has taken the car out for a cruise, possibly to get the fuck out of there. Doug is smart. But really, Doug is actually an idiot because he ended up crying in his car by the fence. Total headcase that one.

Lt. Moyers is practicing his golf skills when he tells Travis that they found Doug and took him to ‘headquarters’ in order to give him the help he needs. And Dougie definitely needs help.

PGA Tour: Practice Makes Perfect

We also got to meet up with another new, and sketchy, character. Dr. Bethany Exner has arrived from the government and she is confiscating injured people.

Dr. Exner: H.D.I.C. Head Doctor In Charge

Hector is the first one who has been taken away to a ‘facility’ but she also ends up removing Griselda due to her grossly infected foot after she was crushed by a falling tower last week. The doc also pays Nick a visit because he’s the neighborhood dope fiend.

Meanwhile, after trying to get to the bottom of the flashing light from Chris’s YouTube video, Maddie heads for the fence and breaks through very easily using wire cutters. She’s spying on the military and seeing what’s up. This is what the episode SHOULD have been about but as we all know, we’re forced to watch everyone do chores instead. Luckily though, Maddie gives us a glimpse of what the outside world is looking like and…it’s not good.

"Whoa, no traffic!"

Or is it? Because it looks like for the first time ever, there is literally no traffic in sunny L.A. That’s a first and gives Maddie the ability to play in the street. She ends up coming across a bunch of dead bodies but is forced to hide when the military makes its way to the scene. This scene didn’t reveal much since we already knew what was going on outside the fence. The military seems to be doing their job, unlike Kim Davis, and it looks like they have a handle on the situation. For now.

Lights Out

The new doctor is clearly super shady. I mean, where are they taking these injured people? I really can’t blame them here as it’s actually a pretty smart plan because we all know what happens if someone dies. That’s right…zombie time. So it definitely makes sense to remove anyone to might fall victim to their wounds.

Maddie and Daniel have a conversation about old times. Daniel tells her a story about how the last time this happened to him, everyone was murdered for no reason. Yikes. So it’s probably good that they have Daniel around because this guy is not going to be putting up with shit from our military. Daniel makes the decision to go with his wife Griselda and he has learned from his past mistakes. He certainly wasn’t kidding last week when he said they had been through worse times.

Nick, meanwhile, is tearing the house apart looking for more drugs. He is also in desperate need of a haircut and him mom is super pissed about it.

Maddie slaps the shit out of Nick

Now that was awesome. Did you notice how Maddie totally fakes out Nick by looking to her right before slapping the shit out of him. All she needs now is a wooden spoon because Nick needs a good spanking for all his druggy-related behavior. If you didn’t get beat with a wooden spoon as a child then your childhood totally sucked. Or wait, maybe it was actually better because getting beat with a wooden spoon totally sucks.

Maddie is easily the greatest character on this show and if anything happens to her, well, I don’t know if I’d still be capable of watching since she’s the only one that is of any interest to me so far.

The military returns and takes Griselda off to this ‘facility’ we keep hearing about. She will likely be having some surgery or the military is just going to immediately murder her. Probably the latter since they have come across as super sketchy up to this point. And while Daniel thinks he is going to be going with his wife, he is absolutely incorrect. Instead, they are taking Nick with them but not before they smoke him in the face with a gun.

Nick gets smoked in face with gun

Poor Nick. If you do drugs during the zombie outbreak…you’re going to have a bad time. Especially when you steal morphine from your sick neighbor. So now Hector, Griselda and Nick are headed to this ‘facility’ and I swear if we don’t see what is going on there next week, I will be uber pissed. And so should you.

Of course, what does this all mean? Well, with Maddie seeing her favorite person ever Liza in the back of the truck with Nick, she obviously thinks this was all her fault which it clearly was not.

"Peace out"

"Your ex is a bitch."

So naturally, this is going to start some kind of conflict with Maddie and Liza and I can pretty much guarantee that one of them is going to die a horrible death. It better be Liza although Maddie’s irrational logic here is upsetting. Personally, however, I firmly believe that ex’s have no business remaining alive in a post-apocalyptic world so Liza’s gotta go.

Lastly, Travis heads up to the roof because apparently half of his family enjoys chillin’ on the roof and he sees that flashing light again. Only this time, it stops…permanently. We hear some gunshots in the background and it’s pretty obvious that the military has taken care of the survivors that were hanging out at the house on the hill. Maybe this will finally bring Travis to his senses.

It was also pretty cool how Alicia was reading Susan’s suicide note while all this was happening. So it looks like Susan took her own life and became a zombie last week. So ya, this episode had two great scenes…the very opening scene and the ending. Nick and Griselda are on the way to some health facility and I think the Clark’s are finally realizing that shit ain’t ever going to be the same again. With only two more episodes left and not one of our main characters getting eaten by a zombie, I can only wonder what is in store for us. Someone’s gotta die, right? I mean, the entire cast can’t make it through the first season alive so let’s take some bets. Who do you think will be the first main character to become zombified? And what did you think of Not Fade Away? Let us know in the comments.

The Verdict


Mikey Dislikes ItWith the exception of the opening scene, this episode was epically boring. I don’t want to watch our main characters performing chores and going swimming for an entire episode and unfortunately that was exactly what happened. The plot slowly moved along with Nick and Griselda being carted off to some facility but other than that, not much really happened.

The flashing light in the distance was, metaphorically speaking, a sign of things to come. Obviously the military presence is not going to be a good thing for this neighborhood and I am hoping our characters start to revolt. Also, whatever happened to all of those looters? This show definitely needs more of that.

Lastly, be sure to check out the promo for next week’s episode, titled Cobalt, where I’m almost positive that our main characters will be doing a lot more stupid things. It also looks like we’re going to get more info on where the hell everyone is being taken so I suppose that’s a good thing. Check out the promo below and thanks for reading on this perfect day.