Fear The Walking Dead: ‘Ouroboros’ Review

Fear The Walking Dead 'Get Wrecked'

Fear The Walking Dead did something pretty fucking cool with ‘Ouroboros’ and in case you’re wondering what in the hell that episode title means, it’s an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. This is probably symbolic of doing whatever it takes to survive and, even though no one ate one of their own, human nature was at its best throughout the episode. We were also treated to a three hour tour to Gilligan’s Island to check out some plane wreckage and to gather supplies which almost ended in disaster after the entire group decided to split up and wander around aimlessly.

Once again our characters did some amazingly dumb things which made it extremely easy for me to compile a list of what not to do during the zombie apocalypse. Heck, even Carol’s rosary showed up for the fun (okay, so it wasn’t Carols but that scene with Daniel and Nick finding a rosary and holding it up couldn’t have been mere coincidence). Plus we were introduced to a new character, Alex, who somehow survived Flight 462 without breaking her spine and made her way on board Abigail…which only lasted about a minute.

Strand is suspicious of everyone and clearly hates people in general and who can really blame the guy? It’s his boat, no one seems to want to listen to him and all they want to do is pick more people up. Sorry Clark family, this isn’t a party boat and this isn’t summer vacation. While Alex and Jake probably don’t pose much of a threat, Strand is not even remotely interested in taking on more people but I have a feeling this isn’t the last we have seen of Alex.

Now let’s put on some scuba gear and dive right in while we go over some of the things you probably shouldn’t attempt during a zombie apocalypse. Enjoy, fellow swimmers!

1. Don’t Try To Murder Someone In Their Sleep While On A Lifeboat 

Surviving a plane crash obviously requires some incredible luck but it would be so much worse if it happened during the zombie apocalypse and that was exactly what happened to Flight 462. They started off on the right foot by dealing with some random who was clearly on his way to the zombie zone.

That's a paddlin'

That’s definitely a paddlin’! In all honesty, this was probably the right thing to do considering the missing chunk of leg that guy brought on board. But alas, they still have Jake on board and he has some serious burns covering half of his face. Sitting outside in the hot sun is clearly not the ideal situation to take care of these burns and our paddling friend decides that he should probably take Jake out too. Unfortunately, his plan completely backfires.

Raft Punk

Yup, don’t fuck with Alex, especially if you have plans of attempting to murder someone while she’s nearby. Now, I’ll admit that I only saw bits and pieces of Flight 462 but I do know that Alex and Jake were on that plane. I have no idea why Alex is so intent on protecting Jake though since he is more than likely going to die and turn into a walker (I assume something happened on the plane that I don’t know about). I’m also not sure if these people are brave for trying to help or just plain stupid, knowing full well that these injured individuals could turn into a walker (or swimmer) at any second.

Regardless, if you do find yourself stuck on a raft in the middle of the ocean during the zombie apocalypse, it’s probably a better idea to wait it out instead of attempting murder on people who are still alive. It could blow up in your face, just like paddle dude!

2. Don’t Send Travis To Do Anything Important

If you find yourself stuck in the zombie apocalypse and you’re stuck with someone like Travis, please do not send him to do anything important. Our characters did the exact opposite of this since Travis is the only engineer on board the Abigail but what I find fascinating about Travis is that he never appears to learn from his mistakes. Ever. Two-year old me thought it was a fun idea to stick a screwdriver into an electrical socket. Needless to say, 2-year old me never did that again for the rest of his life. Travis, on the other hand, loves approaching random strangers, even if they’re in the middle of the fucking ocean, and never seems to learn that this is never a good idea during zombie Armageddon.

Travis hanging out with a swimmer

Bitch, seriously…you’re just gonna swim right up to the thing? How is this guy still alive? Hell, he even spit out his breathing apparatus while this went down. I’ve already mentioned in a previous list that swimming is a terrible idea so Travis decides to not only jump right in, but also tap a swimmer on the shoulder, knowing full well it’s a zombie who has its hand stuck in the yacht. Dumb to the extreme. Travis is one of those characters that I love to hate. He’s always making dumb decisions but at least we can totally make fun of him while he does it which is why I’m kinda glad he’s still around.

The Look of Confusion

Even more surprising is the fact that Travis was able to remove the swimmer from the yacht. Yup, Travis actually did something useful. Still though, I highly recommend airing on the side of caution when sending Travis to do anything important.

3. Don’t Run On The Deck

Strand’s rule, not mine…but after watching Nick slip off a cliff, this might not be a bad rule after all.

"I know you not runnin' on my deck."

4. Don’t Split Up

Is it just me or does investigating plane wreckage during the zombie apocalypse sound like a terrible idea? I mean, I’m pretty sure most of the passengers would have died which means they are all probably zombified and looking for human flesh to chomp on. So hey, let’s head directly into the middle of that! Sounds like a fantastic plan to me. Let’s also split up so we can increase our odds of dying! I’m so in and I hope you are too.

Chris is the sole reason this happens because of his obsession with the TV series LOST and immediately wanders off to explore the wreckage. He finds a bunch of zombies on the plane and proceeds to provoke one of them because being alive is totally overrated.

"Cat got your tongue?"

This is clearly another thing you probably shouldn’t do during the zombie apocalypse but since Chris is Travis’s offspring, no one should be surprised. Chris also should have never wandered off on his own because he ends up having to murder some guy who survived the plane crash in the worst possible way.

Spinal Tap

My spine hurts just from looking at that. Obviously this guy wanted to die. He knew full well that he wasn’t going anywhere with a broken back so thankfully Chris had the balls to put him out of his misery. Still, splitting up was a terrible idea because Alex appears out of no where and she is being chased down by an extremely slow pack of walkers. Then, somehow, the walkers manage to corner everyone except Nick and with all that open space, I have no fucking clue how this happened. Apparently, either do our characters:

"How did this happen?"

Last time I checked, there was a shit ton of open desert/beach to run about and yet somehow our characters get themselves cornered on a cliff. It’s the kind of thing that makes me want to punch myself in the face repeatedly but at least they were able to escape thanks to the artist formerly known as ‘Drug Addict Nick’. Yup, the recovering drug addict is the smartest person on this series so be sure to take one with you if you’re ever caught in the middle of zombie Armageddon.

Evidently, splitting up is a terrible idea all around, especially when exploring a strange land. The only time you should split up during the zombie apocalypse is when you’re with a crew of idiots who continuously want to bring people on board YOUR boat.

Cutting Ties

Strand totally did the right thing here, am I right?

5. Don’t Fall Off A Cliff

I would have been just as intrigued as Nick was when he came across this zombie, who may have the new record for being the most fucked up walker ever:

"I have crabs."

Not sure if he’s ever going to find a cure for those crabs. Nick was so enthralled with crab zombie that he eventually slipped and fell off the cliff directly into the crab people’s newest member.

Nick slips off of a cliff

Yup, this actually happened…Nick definitely slipped off of a cliff directly into the arms of a walker. This is clearly something I do not recommend doing during the zombie apocalypse. Luckily for Nick, everything turned out just peachy and he was able to discover that covering yourself in walker guts is the perfect hiding spot from these zombies but he should definitely watch his step next time.

The Verdict


Mikey Likes ItFear The Walking Dead connected Flight 462 with the series by adding Alex into the mix. I’m not quite sure when we will see her again given the fact that she’s trapped on a raft in the middle of the ocean but I definitely have a gut feeling that this is not the last we have seen of her. Strand may have cut the rope but it’s probably only a minor setback for Alex.

Our crew of pirates is now headed for Strand’s magic house in Baja where they hope to settle down and wait out Zombie Armageddon which is clearly never going to happen. This is a brand new world and it’s not going anywhere. Strand is still reluctant to bring the Clarks and Salazars with him to Mexico and everyone is having trust issues. We’re now in our third straight episode where Maddie and Travis want to bring more people with them while Strand is doing everything in his power to prevent that from happening. Obviously this continuous conflict is going to end badly for somebody.

And let’s not forget about Jack. We know he’s still out at sea somewhere and I can’t imagine the writers would have showed us those scenes with him and Alicia chatting on the radio if we weren’t going to eventually meet Captain Jack. I think this is an inevitability and I’m super curious to find out what’s in store for our characters once they face this new threat.

The second season of Fear The Walking Dead has been a pleasant surprise so far. Let’s just all hope that the writers don’t fuck us all over like a certain finale of that other popular show we love so much (ya, I’m looking at you Negan)!

So what did everyone think of ‘Ouroboros’? Are you ready for to sip some margarita’s in Mexico? Or are you too busy slipping off of a cliff and getting crabs because of this show? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow swimmers!

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