Fear The Walking Dead: ‘The Dog’ Review

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Fear The Walking Dead 'Zombies Ate My Neighbors'

After taking a non-nonsensical week off last week after only airing two episodes, Fear the Walking Dead returned this week with a brand new episode titled The Dog and it appears it was worth the wait. The first couple of episodes were dragged out but the show appears to be picking up steam. That said, I was fairly disappointed when the military showed up at the end. I would have much preferred our modern families headin’ off on the highway and figuring out what to do next rather than stay home and play board games.

That said, I did like the Monopoly reference at the beginning even if it’s probably the last thing people should be doing during a zombie outbreak. I should also mention that playing a game of Monopoly can sometimes be worse than the zombie apocalypse. This is completely based on my own personal experience and I highly discourage playing this game with lawyers and/or business majors.

Luckily though, this episode was not half bad and even though all of the major characters are still alive and well, it was nice to see the neighborhood falling apart right before our eyes. Poor Susan and Patrick.

Now grab some dice and get rollin’ with the hopes of landing on Free Parking and enjoy the review!

Barbershop Blues

Our episode begins with the Manawa’s and Salazar’s still holed up in the barber shop. Of course, things are not going well with all of the looting and rioting happening outside. Not to mention the fact that the place is on fire. So the two families head out down Pennsylvania Avenue where this guy is having an epically good time.

Thug Life

I can only wonder what that dudes back story is. Maybe this show should focus more on these looters because let’s be honest…that guy is really enjoying life. In normal times, he would be going straight to jail without passing GO…but times they are a changin’. And not for the better.

The Salazar’s and the Manawa’s head off onto the street, where all hell has broken loose, and naturally the police are firing water cannons at people and buildings which leads to Griselda, who has quite possibly the worst TV name ever, getting crushed by a huge tower.

Griselda gets crushed by a tower

And it looks like we already have an injured person to look after. Personally, I’d leave her behind because only the strong are going to survive this mess, but I guess love trumps logic. I know if that had been my ex, I would have left his ass behind fo sure!

Daniel and Ofelia immediately get her out from under the tower and they make a break for Travis’s truck. And remember, if Griselda ends up dying from her injuries, she will turn into a walker. So of course they bring her along for the ride and off they go to find a hospital which is easily the WORST possible place to go during an outbreak that causes dead people to become flesh eating zombies. But hey, did we ever question the intelligence of any characters on The Walking Dead? The answer is clearly nope.

The Worst Place To Go

Daniel’s the only voice of reason who knows all of the hospitals are gonna be like this so, instead of trying to find another hospital, they decide to head back to sweet suburbia so they can figure out where to go and what to do next. It also probably doesn’t help that the power is going out throughout the city which clearly means it’s a great time for some Monopoly.


Back at the Clark residence, it’s family night and on the agenda…a good old fashioned game of Monopoly. It’s just the zombie apocalypse so might as well enjoy the finer things in life while the world implodes outside.

Family Night

And the debate continues about which Monopoly piece is the best. Personally, I’m surprised no one chose the dog, which also happens to be my favorite piece. Kinda would have been an appropriate piece considering the name of the episode. Regardless, no one likes the thimble.

"Fuck the thimble"

Yup, no love for the thimble. Before they start playing, however, Nick decides he needs to get high, possibly to make the game more entertaining. And it appears to have worked wonders because Nick lands on the greatest property ever.

"Boardwalk, Bitches"

But the fun stops there. Their lovely game of Monopoly is interrupted by some strange noises coming from outside and it seems to have Maddie on edge. They’re also waiting for Travis to come back and with all the shit going on outside, there is no guarantee they are even going to make it back alive so I can understand why everyone is worried.

Alicia ends up losing the game so she’s on clean-up duty but not before they are interrupted by a power outage and some noises coming from the back door. Luckily it’s just the dog who’s pissed that no one chose him as their piece for Monopoly.

Good Dog

Poor dog is covered in blood but luckily it’s not his own. The problem, however, is that there are also zombies outside…including this guy who can’t seem to remember where he parked.

"Dude, where's my car?"

You would think staying inside would be the smart thing to do at this point but nope, Nick, Alicia and Maddie decide to head off into their neighbors labyrinth. I have no idea why their backyard looks like this:


What in the hell is that? Worst backyard ever. The neighbors, Susan and Patrick, are not home and possibly dead due to the whole zombie apocalypse thing but that doesn’t stop the Clark family from doing some looting of their own. They end up finding a gun and it takes the entire family to figure out how to load the damn thing. They also left the door to their house open for some dumb reason and realize that was a bad idea when someone appears to have entered the premises.

Travis and the rest finally arrive to find the family dog being eaten by their neighbor Peter who ends up immediately attacking Travis. And once again, for some idiotic reason, Travis decides to approach the zombie because he is not thinking properly like most characters on this show. Where is Tobias when you need him? Oh right, this show only follows around the dumb people and Travis is being pretty dumb here.

What Not To Do During A Zombie Apocalypse

Luckily, they brought Daniel Salazar with them and he ain’t afraid of no walking dead!

Zombie Peter gets his head blown off

Good thing the hospital was closed until further notice otherwise I don’t think they would have gotten out of this situation alive due to their own stupidity. At least they realized that they need to get the hell out of the neighborhood after this happened. Especially with Susan trying to kill everyone.


I also find it hilarious that Nick is the only one that knows what’s going on. First off, why would Travis get upset with him for saying Susan is dead? I’ll tell you why…because Travis is an idiot. Susan is clearly dead and there is no damn cure for this. When you die now, you turn into a zombie so deal with it. Also, Nick is now my favorite character because, even though he’s high on Oxycontin most of the time, he appears to be the smartest one in the bunch. And that says a lot doesn’t it.


Before they pack the car and head off to who knows where, Travis helps Chris with his bloody nose and it has become very clear that we’re all supposed to hate this teenager because he’s being a little bitch and ain’t nobody got time for little bitches during the zombie apocalypse. I can pretty much guarantee that everyone watching wants this kid to be eaten by a walker, especially me. Fingers crossed.

Travis gets to disposing Peter’s body while Liza is doing the dishes…yup, this actually happened…and it was the worst part of this episode. Apparently it’s not awkward for Travis to have his ex back…meanwhile, in my reality, I would have totally fed my ex to any zombie that happened to make an appearance so good for Travis for being the better man.


Maddie tells Liza that if she ever ends up a zombie, she wants her to “take care of it”, a dream come true for anyone who has to deal with an ex’s new spouse! And for some reason, they have left Susan, the neighbor zombie, alive which is obviously a TERRIBLE idea. These people are not sick, they are dead. Walking dead. So take care of the problem before the problem takes care of you! I get so frustrated with these idiotic decisions as you can probably tell.

Good Morning, Susan

Susan really needs a coffee. Also…who is this guy? I want his back story because that is one epic handle bar mustache:

Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

After her morning coffee, Maddie grabs a hammer and heads over to where Susan is chillin’ while wondering where her husband Patrick is. Travis is now one of the biggest idiots on this show as he basically convinces Maddie not to take out Susan in the hope that they are going to cure her…which we all know is not going to happen.

And finally they start packing up and getting ready to take off. With all this shit going down, I would have left hours ago but this is Fear the Walking Dead and everyone seems to be in denial about what is happening around them. Further, Nick is going to have to give up his Oxycontin stash to Griselda, who is still in pain from having a tower crush her leg. Nick still wants to get high, like any selfish drug addict would, but decides to part with his drugs and is about to go through a very crappy rehabilitation process at the worst possible time ever.

Also, it looks like the Salazar’s are getting a lot more airtime which is probably a good thing since Danny boy is the only one who seems to have the balls to take care of business. Besides, they have been in MUCH worse situations than the zombie apocalypse!

What could be worse?

Wait, WHAT!? These people have been in worse situations than the freakin’ ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE? Please let us see some flashbacks because I would like to know what could possibly be worse. At least they’re remaining positive during the end of days. They are also staying behind while everyone is getting the hell out of dodge. Of course, this didn’t last very long because before they can get very far, they see Patrick return home from his business trip to Park Place and he’s so ready to give his wife a great big hug.


Susan has some crazy morning hair going on but that certainly doesn’t stop Patrick from greeting her with open arms. Of course, the reunion didn’t last very long because the military shows up and blasts little old Susan in the head in front of everyone.


So the family vacation is officially cancelled now that reinforcements have arrived in the form of the military which I suppose is a good thing since they are there to protect everyone…apparently. Patrick is taken somewhere because they think he’s infected but as we know, you can’t become a zombie from simply touching zombie blood. They better figure this out eventually or I’ll be face palming myself repeatedly.

Naturally, everyone thinks that reinforcements = protection but as we all know this is not going to be a solution to the bigger problem that is zombie Armageddon. The dog days are officially over in L.A. and I get the feeling that the military’s arrival on Baltic Ave. means bad things are coming.

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT

Mikey Likes ItWhile my brain hurts from a lot of the dumb ass decisions some of these people made, I really enjoyed this episode. The Monopoly game at the beginning was actually pretty fun, especially when Nick landed on Boardwalk. I still question the decision to play Monopoly during the zombie outbreak, but at the same time these people are pretty useless so what else were they gonna do. I also like Daniel and Nick for actually being smart about the whole situation and if it wasn’t for those two, everyone would have been killed.

Clearly things are about to change significantly. While I would have much preferred to see the Clark’s and Manawa’s hit the road, it looks as though my wish is not going to come true now that the military is on the scene. Everyone is still going to be holed up in Mr. Rogers neighborhood and I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing yet.

We’re halfway through the season and still no significant deaths as of yet. So what did you guys think of The Dog? Was it good, bad or just ugly? Let us know in the comments.

And don’t forget to check out the promo for next week’s episode, titled Not Fade Away, where it looks like Nick is going to get punched in the face with a gun. Good times will be had by all. Thanks for reading fellow zombie lovers! 🙂