Fear The Walking Dead: ‘We All Fall Down’ Review

Fear The Walking Dead 'Anchors Aweigh'

Fear The Walking Dead may have just given us the best episode of the series to date with ‘We All Fall Down’ which not only took our pirates on a brief stopover but also contrasted this zombie outbreak with the bubonic plague that killed millions of people centuries ago. And while everyone didn’t fall down, possibly due to having a pocket full of poseys, others did in the worst possible way.

So far, this season is exceeding my expectations big time and I was thrilled from start to finish with this expedition to Catrina Island. The one thing that annoyed me from last season is that most of our characters were stuck in their homes and there was no time for exploration or meeting new people. Only two episodes in and we’ve already met an entirely new family and, while it obviously didn’t end on a good note for these newbies, it was still a pleasant surprise to see the Clark family meet some new characters.

Once again, there was a lot of ridiculous decision making that always has a way of making me laugh, especially Travis who appears to be an entirely new kind of dumb. Just like in the premiere, there was a lot to be learned so let’s count down exactly what you should never do during a zombie apocalypse. Grab yourself a glass of wine, head towards the flashing light and enjoy the review, fellow swimmers!

1. Don’t Check Out Random Flashing Lights

Due to Alicia deciding to break the ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers’ rule last week, there’s something in the water and it’s hot on Abigail’s trail which means our survivors are going to have to find a hiding spot.

“This is why we don’t talk to strangers.”

Thankfully, Strand completely agrees with me when it comes to the Clark family and talking to strangers is definitely a dumb ass idea. Strand simply wants to hide out at a nearby cove and wait for the danger in the water to pass and I’m thinking this is probably the way to go. Travis, however, would rather check out a nearby ranger station which is obviously a terrible idea. Also, the original plan to sail to San Diego is no longer an option according to the log book Nick found in the water so it’s time for Plan B. Yup, San Diego is fucked because of zombies.

And if you guessed that Plan B would be to head towards the ominous flashing light coming from a house in the distance then you would be absolutely correct because that is what our merry band of pirates did.

"Let's go towards the light."

Luckily for everyone who left the yacht, the inhabitants on land are pretty friendly creatures and welcome the Clarks into their home for a visit. This, however, could have been a disaster waiting to happen. Travis and his family should consider themselves lucky because they obviously learned absolutely nothing from Strand who has now repeatedly told them not to talk to strangers. At least these strangers have alcohol though.

"Wine, please!"

Ah yes, one of the most important rules of the zombie apocalypse: Always go where the booze flows. I’ll take some of that wine, please!

2. Don’t Yell ‘Hello’ And Immediately Blow Your Cover

Is it just me or was Travis beat with the stupid stick when he was a child? Last week he’s almost getting killed in order to save a dead body and this week…well, I can’t even understand how this was a smart thing to do.

"Is anybody home?" "Why are you so dumb?"

Maddie doesn’t either and she’s quick in telling Travis to shut the F up. Why would you even bother waiting for nightfall if you were going to immediately blow your cover anyways by announcing your arrival? I don’t think I’d want to be anywhere near Travis during a zombie apocalypse since it would make surviving that much difficult. Strand is probably already shaking his head in regret for bringing these clowns on his yacht and it’s no wonder he decided to stay back on the yacht.

3. Adopting Children Is A Bad Idea

The episode started off by introducing us to two children, Willa and Harry, who were having an awesome play date on the beach. They even had an audience with some swimmers making their way onto the shore. Luckily, the Geary family actually did something incredibly smart by setting up a chain link fence around their private beach so it could act as a net and catch any swimmers that wash up on shore. Admit it, you thought those kids were in danger of being eaten.

Dinner Is Served

Adorableness usually doesn’t last long on The Walking Dead so I had a bad feeling about this but clearly the big tragedy wouldn’t occur until the end of the episode which left me speechless. I suppose we probably should have seen this coming though since George believes that this outbreak is mother nature’s way of course correcting. And who knows, maybe he’s right about this but he does come across as cray cray for wanting his family to stay whereas his wife would rather send their kids on an adventure on the high seas.

Clearly, adopting two children during the outset of the zombie apocalypse is a terrible fucking idea so naturally, Maddie and Travis decide that’s exactly what they want to do and start begging Strand to let them bring aboard the two kiddies. I get that kids are cute and all but this is just not a good idea. There is already too many of you on the yacht as it is and taking care of two small children would only complicate things tremendously. Luckily, this is Strand’s boat and his reaction to this idea was perfect.

“Put him back where you found him.”

I’m going to have to agree with Strand on this one and just say no to adopting children during Zombie Armageddon. Regradless, the ultimate decision ends up being made by Harry’s older brother as he storms the yacht and takes his lil’ bro back to land. Problem solved, right?

4. Don’t Leave Lethal Drugs Within A Child’s Reach

Maddie was suspicious that something was up with the Geary family from the moment they anchored and she was definitely correct in her suspicions. George, the father, is a survivalist to the max and it looks like being prepared came in handy. It also looks like killing his entire family might be in his plans as well after Nick finds George’s drug stash. Of course, this isn’t your ordinary drug stash because these pills are meant to kill so obviously either George is saving them in case it comes to that or he doesn’t want his children growing up in this new world.

Harry referred to his father’s “power pills” earlier, a pill that would make his family stay together forever, which is obviously a huge hint at what George is hiding from the rest of us. Of course, he is hiding nothing from Nick who is on the prowl for any kind of drugs he can get his hands on…

"I bet there's drugs in here."

…and is able to find George’s stash rather quickly. It definitely helps that Nick is a recovering drug addict and has been in these types of situations before because he’s also able to identify that these drugs are actually suicide pills. Yikes! See folks, drug addicts do have lots of usefulness in these types of situations so try to keep one around if this ever happens.

In this case, however, it wasn’t enough to save little Willa who decides to have a pill party with all of her stuffed animals. It didn’t end well.

“But nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple pills.”

This is clearly a perfect example of why you should not keep a baggie full of poison pills anywhere near children, especially given the fact that they will automatically turn into a zombie child as soon as they die which leads us to our next tip, one which Melissa decided to completely ignore.

5. Never Hesitate 

No matter where you are situated during a global zombie outbreak, I think building a fence is one of the most important things to do in order to keep the walkers and swimmers out. George did exactly that and their oldest boy, Seth, takes Chris out to get his hands dirty with some swimmers who have gotten stuck on the fence. It pretty much acts like a giant net and any walkers who managed to die out at sea will float in and get stuck, allowing Seth to take care of the problem with his trusty pickax.

Swing Batta Batta

Now, it obviously shouldn’t be too difficult to kill random walkers who have washed up on shore but let’s just imagine for a minute that one of these walkers was a loved one. That might make things significantly more difficult and is one of the hardest lessons to learn during Zombie Armageddon. Still, it might not be a good idea to hesitate when your daughter starts doing this after eating a bag of poison.

Got Brains?

If I’m Melissa, I’m immediately running away but it’s too late because little zombie Willa is super hungry for a snack.

Kids These Days

Willa and Melissa transform into walkers in a matter of seconds and that’s all she wrote for this little adventure. It kinda makes you wonder if Willa would have ever found those drugs in the first place if the Clarks had never invited themselves in.

It’s also worth mentioning that Strand is up to something and Daniel is onto him after he finds a machine gun and some maps of Mexico.

"I found treasure."

I’m not quite sure where they are going with this but Strand is got plans of his own and it might not involve keeping these families around for the whole cruise. With Abigail sailing away at the end of the episode, I’m not quite sure what is next for our pirates but here’s hoping for more adventures like this one.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with the song that Alicia was jammin’ to during the episode. For anyone who is curious, hit play below to hear Coxcomb Red by Songs: Ohia:

The Verdict


Mikey Likes ItFear The Walking Dead followed up on the premiere with a stellar tale on the high seas that saw our survivors coming to a beach house of survivalists that ended in complete tragedy. It was completely unpredictable and I loved every minute of it. I think last season was too predictable given the fact that everyone was on house arrest and didn’t really know what was going on. Now that we’ve hit the water though, anything is possible and I have thoroughly enjoyed wondering what awaits Travis, Maddie and the rest with each passing wave.

This episode definitely exceeded my expectations and is probably the best episode of Fear The Walking Dead yet. Of course, this isn’t saying much since there has only been a total of eight episodes but it gets my hopes up that the writers are taking us in the right direction.

Travis, however, is a train wreck whom I should probably start referring to as The Titanic because he’s sinking fast. Every decision he has made so far has been the wrong one. I couldn’t believe he started yelling as they approached the Geary home and hell, even his own wife didn’t understand this moronic behavior. To be fair, it’s kinda fun having someone like Travis around because otherwise lists like these would never be possible. Keep up the stupid work, Travis!

So what did everyone think of ‘We All Fall Down’? Are you immediately setting sail for the flashing lights in hope of more crazy adventures? Or are you looking for those pills so you can escape this show? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow swimmers!

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