Game of Thrones: ‘Home’ Review

Game Of Thrones 'Raising The Dead'

“The Gods won’t mind. They spill more blood than the rest of us combined.” -Jaime Lannister

Game of Thrones continued its trend of killing characters off left and right with ‘Home’ but I think it’s safe to say that the ending of the episode is really what we all wanted to see. While death seems to be chasing every single one of our characters, this episode produced one of the most satisfyingly tense scenes yet with Melisandre working her magic in order to change fate. Things are setting up nicely for a showdown at Castle Black between the Night’s Watch, the Wildlings and the Boltons but a certain Lord Commander will likely have the final say with respect to the outcome of this impending battle.

Oh, and did I also mention that there were giants and 8-feet tall zombie knights? Yup, this was an all-around epic hour of television and Game of Thrones is continuing to prove that it’s the best show out there. Many old characters made triumphant and tragic returns. First, we caught up with Bran who returned to the action after taking last season off to learn some tree magic and it looks like it will open up a major new element to the show. Bran can now travel through time and I think we’re going to see a lot more flashbacks now that he’s unlocked his new super power. I also was ecstatic to see the Greyjoys and Pyke, even if things didn’t go as planned for old Balon. That scene was just another awesome moment to add to the list of iconic scenes. Plus, we were finally introduced to Euron Greyjoy, a mysterious character from the books who has already made a “splash” at Pyke.

Melisandre appears to be a lot more powerful than we ever could have imagined. I was hoping we would start to learn more about her history considering she’s been around for a really long time, but watching her perform that ritual makes me believe that she will be a major player once the white walkers start travelling to the Wall! Once again, so much happened during ‘Home’ and Dany, Jorah and Daario didn’t even show up for the festivities.

It’s time to raise the dead…but please, whatever you do, don’t shoot a giant with an arrow. Enjoy the review, fellow Westerosi!

Tree Hugger

Bran is finally back and it doesn’t look like we missed out on anything important. Bran has been testing out his new power while chillin’ under the umbrella tree way north of the wall and he heads back to a time when Ned was just a child. We also finally got to meet Lyanna Stark, and for those that are living under a rock, she’s an extremely important character when it comes to Jon Snow. We don’t know who Jon’s real parents are just yet but the biggest theory out there suggests that Lyanna Stark + Rhaegar Targaryen = Jon Snow.

We also meet up with a young Hodor, who then went by the name Willis. It appears we might get to learn about Hodor’s backstory and how he became everyone’s favorite gentle giant. Obviously something happened to Hodor considering he can only say one word but it is going to be very interesting to see how this blast to the past plays out.

Hodor, said Hodor

We know that Hodor was a stableboy and was never allowed to do any fighting with the other boys. We also learn that he could talk quite fluently, so let the theories begin as to what happened to Hodor and why. Personally, I think Hodor may have seen something that needed to be kept a secret. Maybe Hodor has been cursed with magic to ensure he won’t spill the beans or maybe something super traumatic happened to him along the way. Either way, I’m totally curious to learn more about Hodor’s past and so should you.

Bran returns to the tree and has a conversation with Meera Reed and he fills her in on his time travelling adventures. Meera is not feeling that great and who can blame her. Her brother Jojen is super dead after being blown to bits way back in season four but one of the Children of the Forest tells Meera to stay patient.

Got any acorns?

Bran is not going to be staying in the tree forever so she needs to suck it up through this downtime so she can be there when he needs her help. Obviously not too much happened with old Brynden Rivers (the three-eyed Raven) and Bran but it’s definitely setting us up for lots more trips to the past. I am so ready for the Tower of Joy!

Flipping The Bird

Back in King’s Landing, some idiot is bragging about the size of his penis and how he can please Queen Cersei without even trying. Unfortunately for this guy, Robert Strong was eavesdropping the entire time. This zombified version of The Mountain reminds me of the Dark Souls games, especially after he does this:

You Died

Cersei is one lucky bitch to have this guy on her side because clearly he’s not fucking around when it comes to the Queen Regent.

Cersei heads off to attend Myrcella’s funeral but King Tommen has given orders that Cersei is not to attend for her own safety. Obvs Cersei is not too happy about this and it definitely feels as though she has given in to Maggie the Frog’s prophecy about her children, especially since Myrcella is now super dead.

Westerosi Contact Lenses

Tommen and Jaime have a heart to heart and, to me, this just feels like the beginning of the end for young Tommen. He’s upset because he doesn’t seem to have any control over anything, given that the Sparrows were easily able to lock up Margaery and Cersei. I think Tommen is going to let these weaknesses get the best of him and he’s going to attempt something really stupid and out of character, which will ultimately lead to his death.

The High Sparrow has grown on me though and I’m starting to think there might be more going on here than we think. Jaime makes a good point when he asks the High Sparrow why he doesn’t have to atone for his sins, considering the fact that he’s a Kingslayer. Jaime doesn’t give a shit where he’s spilling blood either and it looks like he might be taking out the High Sparrow but, unfortunately, the Sparrow has a flock of his own to protect him. Yup, these sparrows are not to be fucked with considering that every one of them is poor and powerless and yet together, they can overthrow an empire. This might be the biggest threat to King’s Landing yet.

"I really just want a shower."

The sparrows are definitely taking King’s Landing by storm and I think Tommen is going to eventually try to fight back, which could end up being a terrible idea. Little Tommen later meets with his mama so he can apologize to her for not letting her attend her daughter’s funeral. Cersei clearly doesn’t have the power she used to have but I’m not really sure how Cersei is a free woman after playing Shame of Thrones at the end of last season. Is she not supposed to be on trial still? Cersei didn’t confess to all of the crimes she was accused of and it’s still pretty obvious that her and Jaime still believe that incest is best. Hopefully this is addressed soon and ends with Cersei going to trial by combat with Zombie Mountain as her champion. I’ll be most definitely getting the popcorn ready for that!

The Only Child

At Winterfell, Roose and Ramsay are visited by Arnolf Karstark who informs them about Sansa and Theon’s butchering of Bolton men. Ramsay immediately wants to ride to Castle Black to get back Sansa and murder Jon Snow but Roose thinks this is a really dumb idea and he’s not wrong. By murdering the Lord Commander, they would essentially be uniting every house in the North against them. Also, I am fucking THRILLED about this because, if this story remains true to the books, we’re going to be in for a treat!

Ramsay suggests that they don’t need the North because they already have the three biggest houses on their side, those being the Karstarks, the Umbers and the Manderlys. If Wyman Manderly shows up this season, I will literally lose my mind because he was one of my favorite characters from the fifth book. I won’t spoil anything but this could be a big hint that we’re going to be meeting with some of these Northern lords soon and I’m all for a trip to White Harbor!

Of course, things take a turn for the worst when Ramsay decides it’s time to completely lose his mind and proceeds to STAB his father in the gut.

A Gut Feeling

This is not a good thing, folks! As much as we dislike Roose, he was the voice of reason for House Bolton and the only man who could keep Ramsay in line. Without him around, Ramsay is certainly going to do whatever he wants and the North better get ready for war. For the second straight episode, Game of Thrones has killed off yet another character who is still alive and well in the books and, once again, I was in complete shock at these turn of events. I never expected Ramsay to be the one responsible for Roose’s death but I guess this makes sense since Roose was planning on replacing Ramsay with his new heir.

Ramsay, however, is still super jealous of his new baby brother and decides that the only way to fix this problem is by having his baby brother get acquainted with his pet hounds. Yup, that’s right…Ramsay is completely bat shit crazy and releases his hounds for dinner. On the menu…big Walda Frey and her new baby boy.

The Main Course

Wait, WHAT?! Ramsay just fed his new mom and baby brother to the hounds?! And we thought Joffrey was bad! This guy is a stone cold killer and his methods are absolutely brutal in every way. I can’t imagine being eaten alive by a pack of hungry hounds is a fun way to go. I’d rather be blind!

Leading The Blind

Arya is still in way over her head with this whole ‘can’t see shit’ thing and the Waif continues with her beating on the young Stark girl. Arya is getting royally pissed off at these beatings and she completely loses it. The only problem is that she’s blind and doesn’t realize that she’s playing with herself.

The Wrong End Of The Stick

She’s eventually interrupted by Jaqen H’ghar who offers her shelter, food and, most importanly, her sight back. All she has to do is tell him her name but it’s obviously a trick since that’s how these Faceless Men roll. Arya doesn’t fall for it and simply tells Jaqen that a girl has no name. Ultimately, this means she will no longer have to beg in the streets which is a total bonus and also super random.

Arya with Jaqen and a stick

To be honest, this stuff with Arya is getting a bit boring and there was really not much to report from Braavos. She’s just been begging in the streets and playing with sticks to pass the time. Hopefully things start speeding up in Braavos so we can learn more about what these Faceless Men are all about. And is anyone else wondering how Arya is going to get back to Westeros because at this point, I honestly have no clue what role she is going to play in the bigger story.

The Dragon Tamer

In Meereen, Tyrion is still making Eunuch jokes left and right which is a total win for all of us:

If I lost my cock, id drink all the time

Tyrion is easily one of the funniest characters on the series and it’s always nice to have some comedic relief from time to time especially since there is so much dying. Of course, now is probably not the time for jokes considering all of Dany’s ships have been burned to a crisp. You would think this is supposed to prevent her from travelling to Westeros but the last time I checked, she can RIDE A FUCKING DRAGON so I’m thinking she doesn’t exactly need these ships.

And Tyrion knows this so he decides it’s time to check up on little Viserion and Rhaegal. This is probably a huge clue as to Tyrion’s true bloodline and I’m really starting to believe that he’s not a Lannister after all. It was just a little to easy for him to approach the two dragons although I’m also quite surprised that he didn’t crap his pants during his trip.

"Be a good little dragon for uncle Tyrion."

Ya, I don’t think I’d be going anywhere near these creatures given the fact that they could literally eat me in one bite. Tyrion is able to remove their shackles though and I can’t help but think he is eventually going to ride one of the dragons back to Westeros. Please make this happen, show!

Bridge to Nowhere

Finally, Melisandre’s prophecy has been completed. I have been waiting for a return to Pyke and the Iron Islands ever since Melisandre threw those leeches on the fire and that was exactly where Game of Thrones went. If you don’t remember Balon Greyjoy, that is perfectly okay since he hasn’t been on the show in quite some time, and his return didn’t last very long. Plus, Theon is on his way back to Pyke after his transformation into Reek and, obviously, this is what the episode title was referring to.

Deepwood Motte, the last Greyjoy stronghold on the mainland, was retaken by the Glovers and it’s time for Balon to start rethinking his strategy. While the Greyjoys can defeat anyone at sea, they aren’t quite as strong when it comes to fighting on land so this is a pretty major problem for the Krakens.

Balon takes off and decides that now is the perfect time to cross the sketchiest looking bridge I have ever seen and I think we all immediately knew that something bad was going to happen. This was one moment that I have been waiting for and it was pretty fucking cool to see Euron Greyjoy finally make his way into our story.

"We'll Cross that bridge when we come to it."

Still, I’m not sure what in the hell Balon was thinking because that bridge is the last place I’d be with weather like that. Euron Greyjoy is an interesting character in the books and there is a ton of mystery surrounding his return to the Iron Islands. He’s been off sailing throughout the known world and also cut out the tongues of his entire crew which is appropriate given that the name of his ship is The Silence.

Of course, things don’t end well for Balon when he tries to pull a dagger on his younger bro.

Have a nice trip, see you next fall!

Yup, this is the Westerosi version of skydiving without a parachute and the death count is really adding up fast this season. We’re only two episodes in and six somewhat important characters have died already. But hey, that’s why I love this show so much…it’s simply impossible to predict who is going to end up dead and this unpredictability makes every single death scene that much more shocking.

After Balon’s death, it’s time for the Krakens to crown a new king but they have a very different way of choosing the next heir to the throne. Yara is super pissed about her father’s death and swears revenge but the only way she will be allowed to rule is if she wins the Kingsmoot, an ancient tradition that the Iron Islands uses to name their new king. Obviously, Euron is going to be in the running for this and, given that he’s on his way back to Pyke, Theon may also be involved. So who is going to take over for Balon? And what role will the Iron Islands play with respect to the Iron Throne? We’re going to have to stay tuned to find out but hey, at least this is much more interesting than Dorne.

A Way Of Life

Back at Castle Black, tensions were high as Alliser and his merry band of douchebags are ready to storm the room in which Davos and the rest of Jon Snow’s supporters are hiding. I thought for sure things were not going to end well once they started chopping the door down but never in my wildest dreams did I expect the Wildlings to show up with their pet giant, Wun Wun, who is in a fairly grumpy mood, possibly because winter is coming.

Alliser commands his troops to fight the wildlings but this is obviously a terrible fucking idea, especially if you’re the ranger who decided to let an arrow fly directly at the giant.

Hitting the Wall

Watching Wun Wun slam one of Alliser’s men into a wall was satisfying in every way possible. As it turns out, it was a super smart move for Jon Snow to befriend the Wildlings, especially now that they have a massive giant on their side. Go Team Castle Black!

To be perfectly honest, I was quite surprised to see karma smack Alliser Thorne right in the face so quickly but Davos, Dolorous Edd and Tormund appear to be in control now and Alliser is going to be spending long nights in prison after murdering their Lord Commander. Of course, I don’t think the Night’s Watch is out of the woods just yet given that Ramsay Bolton has completely lost his mind.

Meanwhile, Sansa and Theon are now in protective hands and Brienne informs Sansa that her little sister Arya is alive somewhere. It’s good to see that Sansa is learning about her siblings but heading to Castle Black is an all-around terrible idea and will put Sansa right back in harm’s way. With Roose out of the picture, we know that Ramsay is going to start planning an attack on Castle Black so he can win back Sansa. As I see it, Sansa, Brienne and Podrick will make their way to the castle and reunite with Jon Snow. This will ultimately lead to a huge battle at Castle Black between the Boltons and the Night’s Watch (plus the Wildlings). And it is going to be EPIC!

Before any of this is going to go down though, there is a much bigger matter that needs to be resolved, that being Jon Snow’s death. Interestingly, Melisandre was already exposed to a resurrection of sorts when Thoros of Myr brought Beric back to life in season three. Melisandre doesn’t quite understand how Thoros was able to make this happen and she’s rather skeptical that she’ll be able to do the same. It’s kind of strange watching Melisandre question everything she has ever known considering the fact that she’s drank lethal poison and given birth to a shadow assassin.

Do you believe in magic?

Melisandre ends up having a go at it because why the hell not. She performs some sort of weird ritual and, I can honestly say, I didn’t think it was going to work especially when everyone was just sitting around, waiting for something to happen. Boy, was this scene ever tense though. It got to the point when I literally thought nothing was going to happen but then…

Kill the boy and let the man be born

…IT LIVES! Jon Snow is fucking back and this may have been one of the BEST scenes this show has put together. With so much bad stuff happening all over Westeros, the likelihood of Jon returning to the world of the living seemed like a long shot but Melisandre’s ritual worked like a charm and Jon has been reborn! Now things are about to get really interesting with the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch returning from the dead. This also opens up a million questions….like is Jon going to stay with his fellow boys in black? Or he is going to become Jon Stark and ride for Winterfell? Either way, I’m almost positive that things are setting up for a Ramsay vs. Jon showdown. Let the games begin!

Also, I just want to make a note about Stannis. I find it very strange that we didn’t actually see Brienne kill him, considering he was a main character on the show. Further, I find it hard to believe that the entire Baratheon family has already been wiped out of existence. For me, something isn’t adding up here and we haven’t even heard Stannis’s name mentioned. I have a funny feeling that we haven’t seen the last of Stannis Baratheon. Or maybe I’m just completely wrong!

The Verdict


Mikey Likes ItThe latest episode of Game of Thrones had so much going on and every episode seems to be getting crazier and crazier. With Roose Bolton out of the picture and Jon Snow returning from the dead, a showdown between Ramsay and Jon (Stark?) is all but inevitable with Ramsay making plans to attack the Lord Commander. Of course, what he doesn’t realize is that Jon has died and come back to life and has an army of Wildlings ready to fight…including a giant! Roose was obviously the only thing holding Ramsay back from going completely bat shit crazy and I have a gut feeling that Ramsay is about to make a stand for the North and fail miserably.

The final scene with Jon and Melisandre was packed full of tension too. Given the fact that absolutely anything can happen on this show, I was starting to believe that the Red Woman was not going to be able to bring Jon back to life, especially when everyone started exiting the room. Thankfully, I was completely wrong and Jon is breathing once again but what is next for our Lord Commander? I definitely think that Jon is going to lead the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings into battle with the Boltons but we also can’t forget about those White Walkers who could show up at any moment.

While Roose’s death was a huge surprise for me, Balon’s was not but it was still extremely awesome watching the scene on the bridge. In the books, Balon’s death is never fully explained and we don’t ever find out how he fell off the bridge to his death. Thankfully, Game of Thrones is past the books now and we have confirmation that Euron Greyjoy was the one responsible for Balon’s death. Now it looks like a new king of the Iron Islands will need to be crowned and I suspect that this will be a big part of season six as our story progresses. Plus, this also illustrates just how powerful Melisandre is. She not only resurrected Jon Snow, but her prophecy came true now that Joffrey, Robb and Balon are all super dead.

So what did everyone think of ‘Home’? Were you completely shocked about Jon Snow’s return to the land of the living? Or are you just feeling like that dude who tried to shoot Wun Wun the Giant with an arrow? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow Kings and Queens.

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