Game of Thrones: ‘Kill The Boy’ Review

Double Dragon

Double Dragon

Jorah: “A city of a thousand years. And all that men had learned, the Doom consumed it all alike. And neither of them turned.”

After last week’s shocking ending, it appears Game of Thrones is completely changing up the stories from A Song of Ice and Fire. And if you haven’t read the books, I highly encourage you to jump on that bandwagon because there is even more going on. Some of the new stories, such as Sansa and Ramsay’s wedding, are more than welcome. But others, like Barristan’s death and Jorah filling the role of a completely different character, may hurt more than help.

Kill The Boy was one epic hour of television though and finally we got to see the ruins of old Valyria and the Stone Men that the series has been hinting at all season. Even the ending was a bit of a surprise to me although I had a feeling this is the route they were going to go with Jorah Mormont. The question now is: what does his Greyscale going to mean for Dany and the rest of her crew?

Enjoy the review!

Reign of Fire


We kick things off with Grey Worm, who is apparently still alive after last week’s epic battle with the Sons of the Harpy. I have to say, I could have lived with Grey Worm being the one to bite the dust instead of Barristan and I think the writers made a terrible choice in killing Barristan the Bold off this early. He had some amazing scenes left to come from the books whereas Grey Worm not so much, so I really don’t understand the logic behind this. Even his escape from King’s Landing was in and of itself an epic story which is recalled by Barristan in A Dance with Dragons. Honestly, if they are replacing all of Barristan’s future roles with Daario I will be greatly disappointed.

With Barristan’s death, however, comes the wrath of our Dragon Queen. And she had one hell of an epic campfire last night:

Roasted Marshmallows

I love that we get to see more of Dany’s dragons all grown up and ready to BBQ. So Dany has rounded up all of the former Masters of Meereen in hope to get some answers but it appears her plan doesn’t work so well. Hizdahr is up next to face the dragon’s flame but Dany decides that she doesn’t want to overfeed the dragons. Lucky you Hizdahr.

After having a conversation with Missandei, Dany quickly makes up her mind as to what she wants to do. And I can’t say I agree with the decision. First, she goes to Hizdahr and gives him his life back. Not only that, she decides to reopen the fighting pits since that is what the people want. I say let them fight if they want to fight! 🙂

And lastly, THIS:

Wedding Proposal

She makes Hizdahr here husband-to-be! Wait, WHAT!?!? I think the writers rushed into this because in the books, it took Dany a long while to come up with her decision to wed Hizdahr. Here, she just randomly decided to wed him with no plot development regarding that issue (and also Hizdahr bores me on the show).

Further, how is Hizdahr not involved with the Sons of the Harpy? Obviously we don’t know whether he is or isn’t at this point. That said, the decision makes sense as Dany has lost control over Meereen. Her logic here is to wed someone from a great family to unite Meereen, which can likely only be done by having a great master in some form of power. Can’t wait for the fighting pits to open back up though (for some many reasons)! Get ya popcorn ready.

The March to Winterfell


Aw, how can you not love Aemon Targaryen. His words for Jon Snow were inspiring and, even though Jon has some difficult decisions to make, Aemon’s advice should give him the confidence he will need moving forward. Winter is coming and a ton of wildlings are still north of the wall. Jon’s idea involved rounding up the Wildlings at Hardhome but he will need Tormund Giantsbane to do so. Tormund is having none of it though but somehow Jon steps up his game and is able to convince Tormund to go, but not without a hitch…he wants Jon to come with him.


Of course Jon’s decision to make peace with the Wildlings is not sitting well with the rest of the Night’s Watch. What does this mean for Jon? Well we’ve already seen a mutiny when Jeor Mormont was killed by his own men and one can only hope and pray that the same fate is not in store for Jon. You can tell though, there is a lot of animosity after Jon decides to make peace but I believe this is the right thing to do. Even Olly, the child who’s family was butchered by the Wildlings, is upset with Jon’s decision. But they need these men to defend the Wall against the White Walkers and even though these two groups have been feuding for years, it has to happen or else everyone is in big trouble. Winter is definitely coming.

Before heading to Winterfell, Stannis and Sam have an interesting conversation with a couple of things worth noting. First, before Stannis even approaches Sam, we get another mention of Old Town and the Citadel. Sam is obviously going to end up becoming a Maester at some point with Maester Aemon getting extremely old (he’s over 100 years old), so I personally believe it will only be a matter of time until Sam is on his way to Old Town and the Citadel. As of right now, Sam and Gilly are not doing much at The Wall so let’s get them doing something more meaningful!

Second, Stannis mentions Sam’s father, Randyll Tarly. He was the only one to beat Stannis’ brother Robert in battle and it says a lot about Sam’s relationship with his father. Randyll is a great leader and knight whereas Sam is the complete opposite who prefers books over brawn. I can only hope the show explores this in more detail further down the road, especially considering Randyll Tarly lives much closer to Old Town which is where I hope Sam and Gilly are headed.

Book Worm

Stannis and Melisandre, on the other hand, are finally ready to make their way to Winterfell. This is beyond exciting as this battle has yet to take place in the books but there are a couple of very  big surprises in store for us. I mean we have Stannis, Davos, Shireen, Selyse and of course Melisandre on their way and it is clearly impossible not to cheer for them as they are up against the Bolton’s and Frey’s who are the worst. Plus the red priestess is such a sexy wild card. So excited to see what happens.


The North Remembers

I officially can no longer tell if the Bolton’s and Sansa are at Winterfell or still at the Moat but with Stannis on his way to Winterfell, one can only hope that this wedding will be rudely interrupted. Apparently, speculation is calling this the Grey Wedding but what does this mean for us viewers. I absolutely love how they have included Sansa here as this makes things way more interesting than having a fake Arya getting married to Ramsay (in fact, it was Sansa’s friend Jeyne Poole who was to wed Ramsay in the books). This just makes a lot more sense.

So far we have Ramsay and the Bolton’s, Sansa and Theon Greyjoy, Brienne and Podrick and now Stannis’ army on its way which is about to set up the most crazy battle we may have ever seen on this show. Even this random old lady is joining the party:

The North Remembers

More importantly, we have our first reunion with Sansa and Theon who haven’t seen each other since Theon decided to take Winterfell for himself. I’m not quite sure where this Myranda character is going to fit into all of this but I feel like she is a bit jealous of Sansa. She sends Sansa into the kennels which is obviously Theon/Reek’s new home. Family reunions are so much fun!


Later on at dinner, a lot of news is revealed. First, Ramsay makes Theon apologize to Sansa for killing her two younger brothers which we all know didn’t actually happen. He also announces that Theon will be giving the bride away at their wedding since he is the closest thing to family she has.


Roose Bolton decides that Ramsay may be getting a bit too cocky and tells him that they are expecting a child. A non-bastard child. Which means Ramsay would no longer be the heir to anything. Clearly he was upset but the Bolton’s are getting ready for war as Stannis is on his way to Winterfell.


Only time will tell but I get the feeling that this could be the end of Roose, Ramsay and the Bolton’s. Obviously this wedding at Winterfell is going to have major implications going forward with an entire cast of characters involved. How will Myranda and Theon impact the wedding? Will Ramsay do anything bat shit crazy? Will Brienne and Pod save the day? So many questions, not enough answers.

The Doom of Valyria

Vacation in Old Valyria

Besides Maester Aemon’s speech with Jon, this was easily the greatest scene of Season 5 up to this point. First, we get a glimpse at Old Valyria, a place that once flourished. Now, though, it is Essos’ version of what we call Atlantis. On the day of the Doom, every hill for 500 miles had split asunder to fill the air with ash and smoke and fire and even dragons in the sky were engulfed and consumed by this great event. To this day, it is still uncertain what caused the Doom, but as you can see the ruins look magnificent as Tyrion and Jorah sail by:


Not only that but a couple of things happen along their voyage. First, Tyrion finally gets to see a dragon. The reaction when he sees Drogon flying over the ruins of Valyria was so well done I think we all actually believed this was Tyrion’s first glimpse of a dragon. Even Jorah was quite surprised to see lil’ Drogon all grown up.

Flight of the Dragon

I absolutely love these dragons. They are obviously going to play a vital role when Dany heads back to Westeros, if she ever does, but it’s great that we are seeing a lot more of Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal.

This is not, however, the end of Jorah and Tyrion’s problems. After the dragon is out of sight, we finally get to see the effects of Greyscale in its full form. This has been hinted at for quite some time now, especially with respect to Shireen Baratheon who survived the Greyscale. Basically, it is a dreaded and usually fatal disease that leaves the flesh stiff and dead and stone-like to touch, hence where they got the name Stone Men from. Those that do manage to survive, like Shireen, will be immune from ever contracting it again but the flesh damaged by the disease will never heal which explains the scars on Shireen’s face. You’ll also remember that anyone contracting the disease are usually sent off to the ruins of Valyria as it is extremely contagious. I mean, look at these stoners:

I'm stoned

And things are not looking to good for Tyrion either with his hands tied up and under water.


In all honesty, this entire scene was brilliant and very, very similar to what happens in the books. But I do have some beef because of the way this all ended. While Tyrion survives the attack from the Stone Men greyscale free, Jorah was not so lucky.


Now,this also happened in the books but it was NOT Jorah that this happened to. In fact, Jorah wasn’t even with Tyrion when all of this went down and I don’t quite understand why they have completely omitted 5 interesting characters, one of which would have major repercussions going forward in the story. Further, the individual who ends up contracting Greyscale in the books is headed back to Westeros and not Meereen. This is a MAJOR difference as Jorah is headed back to Dany so this could potentially change everything. Personally, I don’t see why they couldn’t introduce a couple of new characters to join Jorah and Tyrion on their sailing adventure but I am definitely curious as to how this is all going to play out in Slaver’s Bay.

Next Week

With no King’s Landing, Braavos or Dorne this week it appears those places will be taking center stage next week for the sixth episode of Season 5, titled Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. Very significant title as these are the words that represent Dorne. Referring to their history, Dorne has never been successfully conquered by outsiders which makes them a unique house among all of the great houses. And it appears that Myrcella’s story is about to get some camera time! Finally! Check out the preview below: