The Goldbergs Best Moments: ’12 Tapes For A Penny’

The Goldbergs Best Moments '12 Tapes For A Penny'

The Goldbergs pulled out the cassette deck in ’12 Tapes For A Penny’ and I was immediately brought back to my childhood when I was doing the exact same thing as Adam and trying to record music from the radio. This was the modern day version of pirating music. Everyone did it and nobody cared! Take me back, damnit!

If you haven’t guessed from the title, this episode was allll about Columbia House where people everywhere would purchase tapes or CD’s for a penny and then find themselves trapped in a legal contract where they were required to pay full price for the rest. Not only that, we had to WAIT for them to come in the mail. Yup, life was a lot simpler back then. Still, there was a ton of excitement the day the package arrived after your first order and I remember binge listening to all of my CD’s the moment they arrived. This episode definitely has a special place in my heart for allowing me to relive some great childhood moments.

Now grab yourself a banana split and enjoy all of the best moments from The Goldbergs, fellow ’80s rockstars!

5. Operation

The board games of the ’80s were completely awesome in every way. I have so many fond memories of laying back in my pajamas and playing all sorts of ridiculous games like Mouse Trap, Sorry!, Pizza Party, Hungry Hungry Hippos and, ofcourse, Operation. Barry was just as frustrated as I was with the game and god damn that bright red nose!

“Not cool funny bone, not cool!”

If that’s not enough nostalgia for you, I also dug up this ’80s commercial for the board game and I must say, you’d be surprised how quickly you remember these things. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I still remember some of the song from the ad. Check it out:

4. Adam’s Pac-Man T-Shirt

Can someone please just send me Adam Goldberg’s entire wardrobe? I have no idea where they are getting these T-Shirts but I think it’s about time I start my own online clothing store so I can fill up my closet with every single shirt worn by Adam. Pac-Man totally rules! I would wear this tee day and night, and so should you!

And check it out, I totally got a screencap of Adam doing his best Pac-Man impression while wearing the shirt. That’s a #WIN where I come from.

Pac-Man T-Shirt

3. Columbia House

Oh my God! I had totally forgotten all about Columbia House but thanks to The Goldbergs, memories of signing up for free CD’s came rushing back. Everyone knew 12 tapes for a penny was too good to be true and yet we all ended up falling for it every time. In fact, I even remember one of the CD’s I received when I first signed up, that being Weezer’s blue album. Obviously there’s a bit of a crossover from the ’80s and ’90s but I was absolutely thrilled about this reminder and will probably attempt to dig up all of my old CD’s now. Way to go, show!

To make things even funnier, David Kim was totally showing off his tape collection to the ladies!

Sweet Tapes

Thankfully we no longer have to wait for our music in the mail, right Dave Kim?


2. Adam Gets A Banana Split For Committing Mail Fraud

The previous three best moments all happened in the FIRST TWO MINUTES of the episode, that’s how good it was! Still, there were more laughs and one of my favorite moments happened when Erica gets blamed for the whole thing even though all of the evidence points to Adam (i.e. 101 Farts Volume 2…instant classic)! Heck, even after Adam confesses that he was responsible, Bev doesn’t buy it and thinks he’s lying for his big sis leading to her offering up a banana split! If only my mom had been this easy to con. And poor Erica…she’s left with nothing but smooth hair:

"You get nothing."

1. Bill Drops An ‘F’Bomb

Barry is trying to win over Lainey’s dad Bill with the help of Murray but obviously he is having all sorts of trouble relating to the guy. I wasn’t even expecting this, but it looks like Bev was on the bench this week to give Bill the honor of dropping a traditional Goldberg ‘F’ bomb and I loved every second of it.

"What the f@#$, man"

I also had to include this amazing gif of Barry trying to do his best Happy Gilmore impression even though Happy Gilmore didn’t exist yet (he’s even wearing a hockey jersey).

Happy Gilmore

Honorable mentions are definitely needed this week, specifically the Gilligan’s Island references, the band Chicago and Lunchables! I think this might go down as one of my favorite episodes of the season, especially the entire Columbia House story. For me, this episode conjured up memories of waiting for my CD’s to arrive and the excitement that came with their arrival, just like Adam. It’s these moments that really make The Goldbergs gold! Let us know what your favorite moment was in the comments and, as always, thanks for reading, fellow Goldnerds!

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