The Goldbergs Best Moments: ‘Dungeons and Dragons, Anyone?’

The Goldbergs Best Moments 'Dungeons and Dragons, Anyone?'

The Goldbergs brought out Dungeons & Dragons for gym class this week with Adam and the jocks squaring off against David Kim and the nerds in a showdown for the ages. Adam was somehow able to convince Coach Miller to stop having them pick teams which ultimately leads to Adam choosing all of the jocks anyways so he could finally win in basketball. This obviously did not sit well with David Kim and the rest of Adam’s nerd friends so they were forced to battle it out in gym class for supremacy. Would it be the nerds or the jocks (plus Adam)?

Plus, Erica is ready to go to college but she would rather attend Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh than stay in Philly with her parents and I absolutely do not blame her at all. Obviously Bev and Murray end up having all sorts of issues with their little girl leaving home and Pops’ obsession with the hit ’80s movie Back To School did not help one bit.

Now let’s get ready to rumble at the Ghost Tower of Inverness and enjoy all of the best moments from The Goldbergs!

5. Butt’s Up!

The beginning of the episode started off in the best way possible, with Adam having to play one of Coach Miller’s favorite games. How is this even a sport? I have no idea but thank you, Coach Miller. Ladies and gentleman…I give you BUTTS UP:

Butts Up!

4. Dungeons & Snuggles

First it was the cuddle coyote and now Bev somehow managed to turn an iconic role playing game into cuddles and cuteness. I will gladly play Dungeons & Snuggles with anyone who is willing to challenge me. Apply within. Plus, this might be one of the greatest gifs of all time:

Dungeons & Snuggles

3. F@#$ That S%^&

It didn’t take us very long to get a trademark Beverly Goldberg ‘F’ bomb and even I didn’t see this one coming. Bev clearly doesn’t want her not-so-little girl Erica to move super far away for college and she’s telling us how she feels about it in the best way possible. Keep ’em coming, Bev!

Any first thoughts?

2. Back To School

Half of our episode revolved around Erica and her school selection for college while Pops became obsessed with the cult classic Back To School. I obviously had to include the original trailer because the ’80s was F@#$ing bomb:

This gives Bev the bright idea that she will be able to go to college with her daughter. Erica’s reaction was exactly what we all expected:

"Are you high on nail polish?"

Sorry Bev, but no son or daughter EVER wants their parents to come with them to college. No exceptions, not even if your Rodney Dangerzone.

1. David Kim vs. Adam The Betrayer

After picking all of the jocks for his team and screwing his nerd friends over, Adam is forced to train his fellow classmates in the art of Dungeons & Dragons. Luckily, Barry is living proof that any non-nerd can learn the game so Adam enlists his help in teaching his new team. It all came down to the final move and Adam decides that his nerd friends are much more important than winning. Plus, I couldn’t stop laughing at how badly Coach Miller wanted this 4-hour game to end:

“You do realize you’ll die if you touch the jello?”

Ultimately Adam throws down his sword and is killed by the jello which means David Kim is going to get his wish.

"I'm gonna eat SO much pepperoni."

I’m with David Kim on that one!

This series does such a phenomenal job of telling new stories about old, nostalgic things and ‘Dungeons & Dragons, Anyone?’ continued that trend. While I never played Dungeons & Dragons when I was a kid, I did play a lot of board games (Monopoly being one of my faves) so I could completely relate to Adam’s excitement. I’m also pretty sure that I did a whole lot of play wrestling just like Barry and his friends. Maybe one day we’ll get to see a WWF-themed episode? That would be championship gold! Let us know what all of your best moments were in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow ’80s rockstars!

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