Heroes Reborn: ‘Brave New World / Odessa’ Series Premiere Review

Heroes Reborn - Volume One: Awakening

“When you look back at the things you’ve done, the decisions you’ve made…the last thing you want to feel is regret. Am I right?” -Noah Bennet

Yes! One of my favorite series of all time has returned and I could not be more thrilled. First, I love X-Men because who the hell doesn’t love the X-men? Second, I loved the original Heroes series even though the story fell apart half way through the second season. That said, this show has so much potential because of the stories that can be told where ordinary people must fulfill there destiny. Save the Cheerleader, Save the World, right? Well, Claire Bear is dead now so the world is doomed.

Returning from the original series is Matt Parkman, Mohinder Suresh, Angela Petrelli, Noah Bennet, the Haitian, Micah Sanders and Hiro Nakamura. No Sylar, unfortunately but maybe he’ll make a cameo at some point. Also, Mohinder better not still be a fucking lizard or else!

The premiere was full of news characters and Evo’s and some were clearly better than others. Tommy has one of the best powers ever regardless what he thinks about it but over in Tokyo, Miko’s entire story line was beyond fucked up. What in the hell was going on with that? At least they kept the same narration from the original series because the writing is absolutely brilliant when it comes to that.

So get ready for a whole new cast of characters with brand new super powers and enjoy the recap.

Noah’s Arc

I have missed you Noah Bennet. Even if you were one of my least favorite characters from the original series, possibly due to the fact that you have no cool abilities, it was actually kinda nice to see your face again. Things got off to a quick start once an explosion occurs in Odessa, killing a large number of people including Noah’s daughter, and everyone’s favorite cheerleader, Claire Bear. I should also mention that these attacks occurred on my fucking BIRTHDAY…June 13th. Birthday’s will never be the same again.


A year later, Noah, now going by the name Ted, has taken up a new career selling cars and is also dating some annoying chick. But he’s also being watched by someone. That someone ends up being Quentin Frady. His sister Phoebe is either missing or dead but she was an Evo and if you haven’t seen the ‘Dark Matters’ webisodes prior to watching the premiere, you definitely should because it gives a lot more background on Quentin and his sister (who’s power was fucking awesome).

Noah finally confronts Quentin and demands to know what the hell is going on. Quentin worked at a place called Renatus which has some kind of connection to Primatech, Noah’s former employer. He also seems to think that Noah knows something about the June 13th terrorist attack but, unfortunately, Noah’s memory has been wiped and I wouldn’t be surprised if Piggy Bank (more on him later) had something to do with it.

In his quest to regain his memory, Noah reunited with an old friend and I was THRILLED about this because his old friend was The Haitian! He didn’t say much but I don’t know anyone who didn’t like this guy. His ability enabled him to erase memories and also negate people’s powers. Awesome.

Good Memories

But then the worst fucking thing ever happens. The Haitian decided that Noah was a little bitch and started strangling him which shocked the crap out of me. But somehow Noah is able to escape and pull out his gun and proceeds to SHOOT THE HAITIAN! No way, show. You are not killing off the Haitian without him using his ability first. Guys, I just can’t deal with this, how dare they kill off one of my favorites so quickly!

Bad Memories R.I.P. Haitian

I think the rather cool point to take from this is that Noah had actually told the Haitian to kill him but then forgot so the Haitian was only doing what Noah told him to do in the first place. Maybe Noah is going to have something to do with this big event that is on its way because why else would he ask the Haitian to kill him in the first place. Something to think about.

Noah and Quentin reunite later and they head off on a journey to figure out what in the hell is going on. They want to figure out why the terrorist attack in Odessa occurred in the first place and why Renatus (the new Primatech) is framing, disappearing and killing evolved humans. I can’t wait till they find Mohinder because I’m curious to see what he is up to and he also probably has a lot of answers.

Noah decides that the best plan of action is to locate Molly Walker (more on her later), possibly so they can locate Mohinder and anyone else they need to find for that matter. We also find out that Claire Bear may, in fact, still be alive as she was listed as MIA from the Odessa Peace Summit. This makes sense since I’m pretty sure if the cheerleader dies, the world is doomed. Save the cheerleader, save the world…right?

Disappearing Act

We first meet up with Tommy at the US/Canada border where him and his moms are on the run due to the fact that Tommy is an Evo. He ends up going to some secret meeting with other Evo’s, including Coach Lewis from his high school. It’s not a good time to be an Evo after the Odessa attack. And it’s definitely not a good time to be Mohinder Suresh who claimed full responsibility for the attacks. Something is not right about this, that’s for sure.

Tommy is looking for some advice on how to control his power but he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Luckily, he gets a text from his mom and immediately leaves before shit goes down. And shit definitely went down once Joanne Collins shows up with a gun. It looks like Luke and Joanne are going to be our main villains for now. After losing their only child in Odessa, they have a hate-on for Evo’s. By the way, I’m pretty sure this was them at Odessa before the attacks:

The Calm Before The Storm

Yup, that’s totally them. All enjoying life and such. At least until everything gets blown to pieces. Now they’re attending underground meetings…and murdering Evo’s. You see, apparently they blame all Evo’s for the loss of their only child and the results were pretty fucking epic. I mean, you had an old dude with super speed…who got shot:

Super Speedster gets shot

A guy that could turn invisible…who got shot:

The Invisible Man gets shot

And Coach Lewis, who could create fireballs…who got extinguished:

Coach Lewis gets extinguished

Tommy is one lucky kid because everybody ends up dead at the hands of Luke and Joanna’s solution.

The Solution

Murder is once again the solution to the problem. So our baddies find a reward card to Moe’s Ice Cream shop and you bet your ass they are headed there next to find Tommy.

Meanwhile, Tommy returns to school only to be bullied by local douchebag Brad. If I’m Brad, I’m not messing with a kid who can make you literally disappear.

We also meet the biggest mystery of the show so far. He has no name but he does carry around a briefcase full of penny’s so let’s call him Piggy Bank for now.

Penny For Your Thoughts

Not sure what this guys deal is but it seems to me like his collection of penny’s is capable of erasing people’s memories. I love the mystery of Piggy Bank though and I hope the series explores this dude a lot more seeing as he is following Tommy around and helping him out by erasing people’s minds.

Later on, Joanna and Luke are having some ice cream at Moe’s while Tommy is having the easiest interview ever with his new love interest Emily. The interview was going great at first until Tommy confronts Luke since he recognized him from the Evo Anonymous meeting but obviously Luke is a bad ass mother fucker and wants to murder Tommy. The only problem, however, is that Tommy can make people disappear and is the real bad ass. Best. Power. Ever.

Tommy's Disappearing Act

This kid can make ANYTHING DISAPPEAR. Seriously, give me this power immediately so I can use it to fuck shit up. I can think of at least 1000 different ways of using this ability that would be pure awesomeness and if this kid doesn’t zap someone into a pit of deadly spiders then I am going to be extremely outraged. The possibilities are fucking endless. Send someone to space. Or how about the sun? I mean, you literally have the ability to send your worst enemy into a war zone if you want. So Tommy, quit your bitching because I am super jealous of your awesome ability. If you say it’s the worst power ever again I will kick your ass.

Back at school, Tommy and Emily are chillin’ in some shed and Tommy is showing off his ability by making a flower disappear. We end up finding out later that he can make things disappear to wherever he wants just by thinking about the location and, for some reason, he was thinking about ice cream when making the flower vanish.

Baskin Robbins: Flower Power

His favorite bully Brad, however, had watched him teleport the flower to Baskin Robbins and later confronts him with a small request. He really hates his douchey step dad and wants Tommy to make him literally disappear. Now we’re talking. Unfortunately though, Tommy bitches out at the last minute and runs away.


Luckily though, Piggy Bank is around the corner and ready to take care of the situation over a couple of tallboy’s with his trusty briefcase of penny’s in hand.

We also find out where Joanne and Luke went.

Maybe we're in Jurassic Park?

Tommy was thinking about a place where he was taken when he was young and it turns out it was Primatech. For anyone who watched the original series, you’ll remember that Primatech was kidnapping Evo’s in order to study their abilities…or something along those lines. Great shout out to the original! We also know that Noah and Quentin are busy searching the place and trying to locate Molly. They were not, however, expecting to find Luke and Joanna who ended up shooting the place up, including Quentin. They end up finding some documents with all the Evo’s and their locations on it so it’s definitely not a good time to be an Evo with these two attempting to murder every single one of them.

Video Game Girl

So Miko and her entire story are the absolute worst. First off, what in the hell happened? Second off, does she even have a power or is there some kind of Harry Potter magic going on with her sword. This was absolutely ridiculous and needless to say I wouldn’t even care if they killed her off.

We first meet Miko when an unexpected visitor arrives at her apartment and I am already having visions of Hiro and Ando only way worse. Ren Shimosawa, some loser with an unhealthy obsession with video games, thinks he has found some clue while playing Evernow. Ren, some advice. Video games aren’t real life, bro. But this is Heroes, so they are and as it turns out, Miko is very confused about why Ren is stalking her. At this point, I’m just scratching my head.

"Video games aren't real life, bro."

Ren thinks that Miko is Katana Girl from the video game and he is apparently not wrong. He also keeps showing up randomly at Miko’s apartment like a creepy stalker but he gives Miko a book about Evernow and it appears that her father is in fact the creator of the game.

Hachiro Otomo

This actually explains a lot if you didn’t catch this because I believe that Miko is looking for her father in the Evernow video game world and seeing as he created the game, this slightly makes sense but only slightly because for some reason, whenever Miko uses her sword, it throws her into the video game. WTF, show?

WTF is this?

Miko eventually ends up finding her father in Evernow but he ends up getting blown away for some reason which leads to virtual Miko getting clubbed in the head. She reappears in our reality where Ren finds her unconscious but still breathing. When she comes to, she realizes that she must go to Yamagota Tower which looks like the same tower from the video game world. I cannot even believe I am writing these sentences.

Finally, Miko heads back into the game world and heads for the tower but when she sheathes her sword, she goes right back to reality where she starts attacking a bunch of guards. So I guess her ability involves being able go in and out of the video game world at her discretion which makes absolutely no sense. Show, you got some explaining to do!

Honestly, this was pretty bad. Miko is easily my least favorite character up to this point and we better get an explanation because I have no idea what the hell is going on. She’s running around in this video game world trying to find her father but she’s also kicking everyone’s ass in real life and is a samurai ninja, possibly due to being in the game? That’s right, that last statement had to end with a question mark because I’m humbly asking you. Maybe she has the ability to use the powers she obtains in the video game world? If that’s the case, she has made a terrible game selection. I mean…Call of Duty, Bioshock, fucking Skyrim where you can summon dragons…and she picks this shit. Dumb. Sorry Miko, I just convinced myself that you are the worst. Next.

El Vengadouche

El Vengador

Also taking a seat in the sucking section was Carlos and the entire story featuring El Vengador. The only interesting part was when we found out that the original El Vengador’s son, Jose, has the power to put his arm through things which probably means he can also walk through walls. Pretty sure they already did this way back in Season 1 of the original Heroes but maybe this kid will end up doing rad things. Doubtful though.

Carlos has no powers but he was a war hero, now back from Afghanistan so that’s something, right?  He’s also Jose’s uncle and, as it turns out, his bro is El Vengador who is a vigilante Evo. Did this remind anyone of Mortal Kombat?

El Vengador Super Punch

He’s also a pretty crappy vigilante Evo because, even though possessing the ability of super strength, he manages to get shot and die. Wait, WHAT?! Not feeling this story whatsoever. His bro decides that Carlos is the best man to take over as El Vengador, even without possessing any powers, and he also wants him to look after his son Jose. I guess when life hands you lemons…you gotta fuck life!

We also learn that Jose has the ability of phasing which allows him to go through objects and put his hand into random things:

Phasing In

I’m pretty sure I already know what is going to happen with this. Carlos is going to become the new El Vengador, even though he doesn’t have powers (at least not that we know of yet), and Joanne and Luke are going to attempt to hunt him down since they want all Evo’s dead. This better get more interesting.

Later on, we catch up with Carlos who is having a chat with a pastor about his brother Oscar. The pastor explains that Oscar was running an underground railroad for Evo’s to help others escape to Canada. Wait…why Canada? I mean, it’s not that much different than America and I highly doubt the Canadians are going to be all tolerant towards these Evo’s, especially after the events in Odessa. It makes no sense but let’s roll with it.

The pastor explains that he is smuggling some Evo’s to Vancouver and we also find out that the pastor is, in fact, an Evo himself. And his ability is pretty fucken awesome:

Pastor Smokey

That’s right…the pastor is actually the smoke monster from LOST. Pretty cool ability to be able to turn yourself into smoke…I think. Carlos ends up helping Smokey by aiding some Evo’s, and one of them has the ability to shit gold.

Gold Mine

Why y’all running when you pretty much have an unlimited supply of gold is beyond me but apparently the grass is greener in Canada. I’m not sure where this leaves Carlos but I can only assume that he’s going to be putting on the El Vengador mask only to be attacked by Joanna and Luke. Also, Carlos better have an ability or he is likely in trouble.

Good Golly, Miss Molly

Before we discuss Miss Molly, I just wanted to bring this up because obviously this is going to be important going forward. Way up north, we have another hero named Malina who says that “it’s happening much faster than we thought.” The Haitian warned Noah that something is coming and everything will change but we have no idea what is coming. All we know is that Malina has the ability to control the elements as she only made a brief appearance in the premiere and really didn’t do anything.

Chasing Rainbows

I am definitely curious to learn more about this entire situation in the north.

Now, you might remember little adorable Molly Walker who had the ability to locate any person just by thinking about them. She also had an encounter with the Nightmare Man, who turned out being Parkman’s father. Well, she is back and I love her addition.

But first, we meet up with a sexy red head named Zoe who’s hanging out with some bro at the casino. It’s evident that he is an Evo as he is able to manipulate the dice at the craps table. Definitely not a bad power to have if you enjoy gambling, alcohol and women. Zoe knows he’s an Evo and to prove this, she throws a knife directly at his face.

The Knife Stops Here

Of course, our gambler dude has the ability of telekinesis and attempts to choke Zoe to death using his powers. Luckily for Zoe, some random knocks him out and saves the day. Of course, this wouldn’t be Heroes without some twists and this was easily the biggest one. Our gambler and the trust fund baby who saved Zoe are in cahoots and are working for someone else.

Trust Fund Baby

Oh and by the way…Zoe is actually MOLLY WALKER! Wait, WHAT!? I didn’t see this coming, mainly because I have no idea how Molly got so grownup in only five years, but I liked this surprise. So Molly is an adult now but the real question is: who are these two individuals working for? And does the trust fund baby have an ability of her own? Also, how in the hell are Noah and Quentin going to track her down?

Miss Molly

So there you have it fellow Evo’s, Heroes is back and it is awesome with a few exceptions. What did you think of the premiere? Who is your favorite Evo so far? Let us know in the comments.

The Verdict

Mikey Likes ItIt is actually impossible for me not to like this show. I absolutely loved the original series, even if some of the story lines were completely dumb. Heroes Reborn seems to have brought us some brand new idiotic heroes like Miko and Carlos, but the rest of the characters were pretty awesome and I don’t think Video Game Girl and El Vengadouche are going to be enough to make me dislike this show.

As much as I did not like seeing the Haitian die at the hands of Noah, it was necessary. I really want to find out what the bigger picture is and that is why I love this series so much. It’s entangled in mystery and we always get to see new people with new abilities. Tommy’s power is my absolute favorite so far and it should be fun watching him learn how to use his abilities to save the world. I also cannot wait until Hiro, Parkman and Mohinder make their returns.

One aspect I love about Heroes is the mystery surrounding some of our characters, especially Piggy Bank and Malina. I have no idea what role these two will play in the overall story but I am eager to find out and so should you. Also, did anyone else think there was not enough main characters with abilities? Regardless, be sure to vote for your favorite Evo and let us know which ability is your fave. Thanks for reading Evo’s!