Heroes Reborn: ‘Game Over’ Review

Heroes Reborn 'Water Wings'

Evernow is officially the worst video game ever created and Heroes Reborn is at it again with one of the most completely ridiculous stories I have ever seen. Not even fucking Hiro Nakamura can beat this game and he’s playing with the game genie. Still though, while this series might be drowning, at least it’s got some water wings on because the end of the episode could actually be a step in the right direction.

It only took us half the season to get here but finally our Evo’s are coming together. Malina and Luke crossed paths for the first time and look to be teaming up to find Tommy and Hiro made his much anticipated return, zapping himself and Noah into the past. And this is what Heroes should be all about. The story should be moving a lot faster and Game Over finally took a step in the right direction.

Still though, this wasn’t a great episode but at least we are finally setting things up. And is it possible that Evernow is finally dead? And Miko too? Let’s hope so because her and Ren are the absolute worst.

Now grab a surf board and get in the water because it’s time to go air surfing with Malina and Luke. Enjoy the review, fellow Evo’s.

Surfin’ USA

After getting a divorce, Luke sells his practice and burns his house down so he decides to buy a boat like any rational human being would do. We also find out that Malina has somehow travelled to this exact same marina because this is Heroes…where random things are always happening.

I also find it fascinating how quickly Malina was able to travel from the Arctic, even if she ended up hitching a ride in the back of the truck from Final Destination 2. Malina and Luke eventually cross paths while Malina is using her powers to steal some candy and I think they both realize that they’re both Evo’s. Plus, Malina is a lot more attractive than Joanne so Luke should totally hit that up.

Like Taking Candy From A Baby

Luke’s chillin’ on his new sail boat but doesn’t go very far from shore for no good reason whatsoever and decides that life just ain’t worth living anymore so he fills a backpack full of bricks, puts it on and decides to go for a swim…to the bottom of the lake. Malina ends up seeing this go down and refuses to sit idly and let him die so she uses her powers to create some sort of wind tunnel under the water and Luke ends up literally walking on water.

Surfin' USA

Seriously though, that actually looks like it would be a kick ass time and is exactly how these idiots should be using their powers. Fuck saving the world when you can literally do some air surfing.

At least this is starting to make some sense. Malina explains to Luke that she is looking for somebody and shows him a picture of Tommy. And it’s a small world after all because Luke knows that Tommy is chillin’ in Carbondale, Illinois after he tried murdering him with his wife back in the premiere. It only took 6 fucking episodes but finally the story is starting to come together!

Tour De France

Tommy, who is still in serious need of a punch in the face, is still bitching about the fact that he’s adopted. He also says he would trade his power for a big zit on his forehead. Wait, WHAT!? No you fucking wouldn’t dip shit unless you are completely fucking dumb which I am starting to think you are. YOU CAN FUCKING TELEPORT ANYWHERE. Seriously, someone please punch this idiot in the face for me.

After making this idiotic statement, Tommy realizes that his power is actually bad ass and he ends up teleporting himself and Emily to the Eiffel Tower in France, right in front of the Tour de France.

Tommy and Emily teleport to the Eiffel Tower

After causing this minor accident, Tommy and Emily try to go through a checkpoint where they are checking for Evo’s and obviously Tommy is an Evo so the guards are having none of this. Finally, Tommy grows some balls and tell the guards that he could zap them into outer space if he wanted to so the guards flip out and Tommy is forced to teleport out of there. Emily is pissed off about this whole incident for no apparent reason and thinks it was “risky” which it clearly wasn’t since TOMMY CAN TELEPORT! Is anyone else super annoyed with these two clowns?

At least something totally cool happened after Tommy and Emily are looking to buy a comic book. And it was an absolutely awesome reference to the original Heroes because, as you may or may not remember, Isaac Mendez was the creator of the 9th Wonders comics and he was also an Evo who could tell the future through his drawings. Once again, this probably just served as a reminder of how much better the original series was but I loved the throwback.

9th Wonders

Tommy finally realizes that it’s his destiny to play superhero and they teleport back home where I can only hope Tommy is going to start using his powers in the most bad ass way possible. Channel your inner Nightcrawler, Tommy! I know you can do it…and if you don’t, I’m going to punch you in the face.

No Way, Jose

Carlos is still on the prowl for his nephew Jose but Captain Dearing is keeping his lips sealed about his whereabouts because he really wants to keep the money he made for bringing those Evo’s in. Ten grand a head for Evo’s? Count me in, I could use the money. But I’m not as dumb as Carlos and I am aware that I will never be able to fight these Evo’s without powers of my own so scratch that plan. Dearing finally reveals that the Evo’s are being kept at a place called Sunstone Manor which sounds pretty damn nice if you ask me.

Dearing tells Carlos that the only way to get into Sunstone is if you have powers which Carlos obviously does not. Once again, we’re spending way too much time arriving at our destination so Carlos better hurry the fuck up and get to Sunstone before we all collectively lose our shit.

They finally arrive but because Carlos has no powers, he’ll never be able to get in. Unless, of course, he drinks a vial of some strange liquid that supposedly will allow him to get through the front gate. And Carlos, you are a stupid fucking idiot for trusting Captain Dearing because it looks like he just poisoned the shit out of you.

"I can't believe you trusted me."

Once again, that was all that happened with Carlos. Hopefully we learn more about Sunstone Manor, if only for the fact that there are more Evo’s waiting for us inside but man is this moving along way too slowly for my liking. Also, what happened to the Iron Man suit?

Press Start To Play

Miko is back in the world of Evernow, the worst video game ever created. Is it just me or does everyone else think this was the worst story ever told in Heroes history? And I seriously cannot stand Ren, he’s the biggest loser. I mean, all the guy does is play video games 24/7. If I had to guess, this guy is definitely a virgin and is in serious need of getting laid but this might not be possible considering he’s in love with a video game character.

We learn that Miko must break into some shitty looking fortress to break out the Master of Time and Space, apparently Hiro’s new nickname. We also find out from Erica Kravid’s new computer nerd hire that Miko isn’t actually a real person or something like that. He’s programmed a new guard into Evernow and decides that cloaking the fortress is the answer which it is clearly not.

"I didn't choose the virgin life, the virgin life chose me."

Miko can’t find the fortress because of that super awesome cloaking device (note sarcasm) and returns to reality where her and Ren decide that if they can find the fortress in the real world, they will then be able to access it in Evernow. So Ren puts his super nerdy virgin skills to work and ends up finding the location of said fortress which is where they immediately go. Can this show get any more ridiculous? The answer is a definite yes.

Miko heads back into Evernow only to find the fortress is heavily guarded by a massive “bandit” so Ren decides to do what he does best and proceeds to start playing video games on his laptop…with low battery. They end up taking out the guard but not before Ren’s battery dies because apparently he was only at 4% battery life when he started to play.

Level Up

Is it just me or do the graphics for this game totally suck? Thank god this isn’t a real game because I can guarantee you no one would be playing this shit.

Hiro Reborn

Noah and Quentin are busy trying to get info from Harris so they can find Hiro and so far they have spent the entire first six episodes trying to find someone. They restrain Harris using some weird device that is inserted into his nose and, I assume, connects into your brain somehow.

Nosing Around

Harris ends up leading Noah and Quentin to the same fortress Miko and Ren end up at. We also find out that all of the Evo’s have been moved from their original location by Renautas and Taylor is pretty upset that her boy toy Francis is no where to be found.

Miko and Ren finally cross paths with Noah and Quentin and she attacks all of them because hey, why not attack people first and ask questions later, right? Also, apparently Noah is a fucking GIANT now, especially compared to Quentin who looks like a hobbit when he’s standing next to him.

Gandalf and the Hobbit

Seriously, either Noah is really fucking tall or Quentin is super short. Back to the quest at hand though, Miko ends up going back into Evernow so she can break them all into the fortress and get Hiro back.

Noah and Quentin end up in the transporter room with the computer nerd and Noah immediately shoots the guy in the foot. We find out that Erica was using Hiro so she could build a time machine and send a select few back in time before the world ends. We also find out that Hiro is trapped in Evernow and that must totally suck because who in the fuck would want to be stuck in that game.

Miko, however, is still in Evernow and must fight some black and white version of herself which is clearly the end boss.

Boss Fight

We also find out that Ren is actually in love with a video game character because the real Miko was killed in a car crash years ago. What. A. Loser. And when in the fuck did he all of a sudden learn English? So it looks like in order to get Hiro back, Miko is going to have to fight herself in Evernow, a sentence that just made my brain explode.

Regardless, they are all interrupted by the Harris clone squad and they brought a secret weapon with them although I’m still not sure how they can travel so quickly since they were just in Quebec an hour ago. It’s finally revealed that the shadow caster is Quentin’s sister Phoebe and I’m glad we finally got to learn a bit more about her this episode.

With Phoebe’s arrival, Miko can no longer use her sword to enter Evernow but luckily this is not a very big problem since Quentin can just tackle his sister to stop her from blocking people’s powers.

Quentin tackles Phoebe NFL style

That was a little too easy if you ask me. Sadly, though, Quentin is murdered by his sister after she proceeds to shove some shadow tentacle down his throat:

Eat Your Veggies

And the only character that I actually liked due to his hilarious and to-the-point comments is now dead. Here was my reaction:

What In The Fuck

I have no idea why they would kill Quentin off since he was funniest character on the show but I guess we’re going to have to roll with it. More importantly, however, before killing her brother Phoebe says that releasing Hiro basically means everyone will die. Could Hiro be a villain now? That would be a twist for the ages and would actually be pretty fucking cool but, as you’ll remember, the writers of Under the Dome have taken over this show so it’s doubtful they would actually come up with something that good.

Miko ends up defeating herself in the video game world and releases Hiro from Evernow. And it was just in the nick of name too because Harris is trigger happy and decides he wants to shoot Noah in the head. Luckily though, Hiro is able to stop time just before that happens.

Dodging a Bullet

And look who finally decides to show the fuck up! It’s our good friend Hiro who was mostly known for shouting YATTA every chance he got.

Hiro Reborn

Even though Hiro was only in this episode for like 30 seconds, it still changed the game up completely because he ends up using his powers to zap Noah back in time to Odessa on June 13th, which also happens to be the same day as my birthday! I am thrilled about this because it looks like we’ll finally get to see what happened in Odessa during the terrorist attack. It’s also a complete new direction for the story which was absolutely needed at this point so it will be good to see what happens in Odessa with Hiro and Noah returning to the scene of the crime.

It's good to be back

Oh, and can’t forget about Erica who is super pissed off about the fact that her daughter Taylor blew the whistle on her entire operation and that Hiro has been freed from Evernow. She was so pissed off that she decided to throw a tablet across the room.

Erica throws a tablet

It took six fucking episodes to get here but FINALLY it appears the story is moving forward. I can only hope that we will never have to see another scene in Evernow and hopefully Miko is no longer alive since she wasn’t even a real person to begin with. Pleassssse tell me it’s game over for Miko because her and Ren were the absolute worst.

And with Hiro returning, I think it’s only a matter of time before the rest of our Heroes come back. I am super interested in seeing Mohinder show up seeing as they are blaming him for the Odessa attacks and I’ve also heard a rumor that Tommy might actually be a Petrelli which would be a super awesome reference to the original series.

So what did everyone think of Game Over? Did it make you want to throw a tablet across the room? Or did it make you want to go air surfing? All I know is that I’m just happy Hiro came back to fix this hot mess.

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY DISLIKES IT (but totally wants to try air surfing)
Mikey Dislikes It

This episode was actually not that bad but it still gets a dislike because Tommy wanted to trade his power for a zit on his forehead and Ren is in love with a video game character. I can’t even. Still though, this was a huge improvement from the last three episodes and I am excited for next week where we get to go back in time to my fucking birthday which also happens to be the same day the Odessa terrorist attack took place.

Even though Hiro was only in this episode briefly, he’s the sole reason the story just got 1,000,000% more interesting and I’m excited to see what happens with Noah now that he’s back in the past. I also found it interesting that Phoebe seems to think that by releasing Hiro, they have doomed the planet. I think it would be an absolutely epic twist if Hiro turns out to be the villain in the end.

I feel like this was the episode that will finally allow us to move on. Noah and Hiro going back in time was the perfect recipe to fix things and I am actually feeling hopeful for the first time since the premiere. And so should you. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Evo below as well:

I find it super cool that they named an episode after my birthday…in fact, they named two episodes because this is apparently a two-parter! I am super stoked about the fact that Noah went back in time and I can’t wait to finally see what actually happened in Odessa a year ago. Obviously, if I was part of this universe, I would have been partying like it’s my birthday (hopefully with the Olsen Twins since they also have a birthday on June 13th), but I’m super pumped to find out what happened in Odessa so be sure to check out the promo for June 13th Part I below and thanks for reading, fellow Evo’s: