Heroes Reborn: ‘June 13th Part 1’ Review

Back To The Future

Holy crap! The latest episode of Heroes Reborn was actually good. I am in shock at how different this entire episode felt and it completely changed the entire story, literally! Thanks to Hiro and his ability to time travel, we returned to Odessa hours before the Unity Summit terrorist attack takes place and we learned quite a bit about what in the hell has been going on. It’s about time, show!

It obviously helped that Mohinder and Angela returned and I love that they have incorporated these characters from the original series into Heroes Reborn. It also looks like the previous six episodes were rather pointless considering Hiro and Noah just stepped on a bunch of butterflies. But really, what was not to like about this episode? It explained a lot, most of which actually made sense surprisingly, and our heroes have one ultimate goal and that is to stop Erica Kravid from destroying the entire human race.

I still have one big question regarding this whole time travel business and maybe some of you readers can provide an answer to this major plothole in the comments because I have a migraine from trying to figure it out. That said, June 13th Part I was a massive improvement and was easily the best episode of the season. Enjoy the review fellow Evo’s but please make sure you don’t step on any butterflies.

Old Friends

Mohinder Suresh and Angela Petrelli finally returned and I was thrilled to see them back in the mix. Angela explains to Mohinder that they made a terrible mistake getting involved with Renautas. Angela knows about this human extinction level event that is on its way but she wants no part in Erica’s plan to destroy the world. Fans of the original series will remember that Angela has the power to see the future in her dreams and she knows about this impending extinction through one of these dreams. She also knows that Evo’s are the solution to restarting humanity.

The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side

Was that Malina saving the world after this so-called extinction level event? Maybe, but it’s still unclear why Erica Kravid wants to destroy the entire planet. At least our heroes are figuring this out and trying to stop it from happening now. Mohinder hasn’t changed too much from the original series given the fact that he immediately thinks Angela is lying to him about Erica. She warns him that his team in the Arctic has already been murdered and he will be next if he doesn’t be careful. Of course, Mohinder doesn’t believe a word she says and ends up ditching her.

"Your team...they dead."

We also catch up with Erica on the day of the Unity Summit attacks and she is a bit stressed out considering what they have planned. She pays a visit to our shadow caster friend, Phoebe, who is busy practicing her dark shadow tentacle magic in an enclosed room. Erica lets us know that she needs to produce enough darkness to cover the entire summit but it doesn’t appear that she is even close to ready. Apparently, Renautas’s training program is non-existent given the fact that we’re only hours from the attack and Phoebe can’t even get her powers working properly.

Making Shadow Babies

Was anyone else hoping Phoebe would start popping out shadow assassin’s just like Melisandre in Game of ThronesObviously she better hurry up and get her shit together considering there is not much time left before those bombs are supposed to go off.

Mohinder arrives at the Summit and meets up with Molly Walker. He’s all upset that his research team won’t answer him and he’s probably realizing that Angela was right about Renautas. This is all confirmed when he has a discussion with Erica about his upcoming speech. And just like Angela told him, Erica ends up cancelling his speech, has him tranquilized and gives orders to Harris to put him the parking garage where the explosions are supposed to go off. It’s no wonder he was the prime suspect in all of this. And who would have thought, shit is actually starting to make sense and my head is about to explode.

A Thing Of The Past

Noah and Hiro are back in the past and trying to figure out how to stop the explosion at the Unity Summit in Odessa. Obviously the easy solution would be to call in a bomb threat and have the place evacuated but Hiro thinks that would mean stepping on too many butterflies. Really Hiro? This is the human race we’re talking about here and you’re worried about the butterfly effect?

We also catch up with Past Noah and things start to get really confusing. Having gone back in time, there are now two Noah’s wandering around so thankfully they wore different suits otherwise we’d all be completely lost. Future Noah and Hiro end up going to Primatech and find Noah’s security briefing for the summit. The explosion is obviously supposed to happen in an underground garage but Noah and Hiro are interrupted by Past Noah and Erica Kravid. Past Noah is pissed off about the fact that Erica changed up the security protocol behind his back so Erica tells him to take a seat on the bench and watch from the sidelines.

After exiting from their hiding spot, Future Noah and Hiro run into Angela Petrelli who has no clue these two came from the future. She gives Noah some news about Claire being rushed to the hospital and going into surgery. As soon as they arrive at the hospital, Noah is greeted by one of the doctors who informs him that Claire is super dead after giving birth. Hmmmm….I thought Claire could heal herself so this actually makes no sense and she is likely not dead at all. Also, I’m an idiot because I didn’t even realize that the nurse at the hospital is actually Tommy’s mom, Anne Clark. Obvs she looks a whole lot different than the previous six episodes but how in the hell did I not catch this! She brings out Noah’s new grand kids and things are officially getting interesting again.

Claire Bear's Cubs

This show is 1000% better when it’s tying things in from the original series and having Claire’s grandchildren join the mix is the perfect plot twist. And obviously that wasn’t even the biggest surprise but we’ll get to that soon enough. Future Noah heads off to find Claire, who’s not really doing much except hanging out in the morgue. And this whole scene pissed me right off because Noah doesn’t even lift up the sheet to confirm that his daughter is still dead. I have a funny feeling that we might actually see Claire at some point. It’s hard to believe that she could die during childbirth given that she can regenerate.

Not Your Daughter, Bro

Something just doesn’t add up here. If Renautas is planning on destroying the entire planet and harvesting Evo’s powers, they are obviously aware of Claire’s ability to regenerate and probably have her somewhere for this purpose. What better way to survive an extinction level event than by using Claire Bear’s power of regeneration. Also, who else wanted to punch Noah in the face for not confirming that it was Claire under the sheet? You’ve only been lied to like a thousand times, Noah. Might as well just take everyone’s word for it that your daughter is dead, you big dumb idiot.

Hiro tells Noah that they aren’t going to be able to stop the terrorist attack and it’s time to go home but how is it possible that the future could be worse than MASS EXTINCTION OF THE HUMAN RACE? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Luckily, Hiro is unable to use his powers because Phoebe has set off a massive dark cloud of shadows that temporarily disables everyone’s powers.

Darkness Falls

We also find out what happened to Past Hiro and everything finally started to make some sense. Hiro and Hachiro Otomo (Miko’s father) are playing video games at Yamagato Industries and we learn why that ridiculous Evernow game was built in the first place. Apparently, this world was designed to save the human race. But they need Hiro to bring them to this world. So I’m guessing that Erica had Hachiro build Evernow so she could transfer everyone into this game world before the world ends and then have Hiro transfer them back out once the world has healed. That is one helluva plan!

Hiro refuses to help though since he would rather be treated as a partner and not an employee which leads to this happening:

"I think I've been gaming too much"

Yup, Hiro has been gaming so much that he ends up getting transferred directly into Evernow. At least we know what happened to him and why Miko needed to get him out of Evernow.

But as we all know, Miko was able to break Hiro out of video game prison and Future Hiro arrives in the parking garage just in the nick of time. He makes quick work of Clone Harris but what I cannot understand is how this guy ends up getting his limbs chopped off in every single fight he gets in. Pretty convenient for a guy that can clone himself when his limbs fall off.

Never Bring Your Fists To A Sword Fight

I’m getting sick of Harris and his dumb cloning ability, it’s getting rather annoying. Can someone please just kill Harris Prime and be done with it? Yatta! Hiro frees Mohinder just in time because a swarm of Clone Harris’s regenerate from those arms Hiro cut off so Hiro, unlike Tommy, actually uses his ability to stop time to handle the situation. First though, he needs to check what will happen first if he does stop Harris from setting off these bombs. The result: too many butterflies. Can we just see what Hiro is seeing please?

Too Many Butterflies

Fun With The Sun

We also got to see what Luke and Joanne were up to prior to the attacks that left their son Dennis super dead. I was quite surprised that Joanne and Luke knew about their son’s ability given the fact that they went on a Evo-murdering rampage after the attacks. Obviously his ability is somehow tied to the sun, much like his father Luke’s…

When You Forget To Put On Sunscreen

…only for whatever reason, this kid’s skin burns when he’s in the sunlight. Wait, WHAT?! I’m guessing he just doesn’t have a handle on his power yet. Either that or his power is the worst ever. Joanne patches up Super Dennis and sends him off to play so her and daddy can have a “discussion” about their impending divorce. But like most couples, they don’t know it’s coming yet. Apparently Luke and Joanne have decided to travel to the Unity Summit with the hope that they will find an Evo who can cure their son’s really crappy ability. They believe it’s a skin condition but we all know that Dennis is actually an Evo since his father also has abilities tied to the sun.

The Collins family heads to the Summit where they are treated to some magic tricks by this creepy Evo who enjoys showing off his balls to kids.

Check Out My Snowballs

Joanne thinks they should leave, possibly because she’s worried that the Snowball dude is going to kidnap her kid, but Luke doesn’t see any problem with hanging out. We also learn that Dennis ran off prior to the bombs going off so he might actually still be alive after all considering the fact that Luke couldn’t find him after the explosions. And if Dennis is still alive…that could be a game changer for Luke and Joanne.

Dark Clouds

Past Noah, now locked up in a holding cell, is visited by Piggy Bank (aka Casper) and he brought his briefcase full of pennies with him. More importantly, hints were dropped about their past relationship and hopefully we get to explore that further in future episodes, especially with respect to what happened in San Francisco. Piggy Bank is ready to do some memory erasing on Noah but it turns out to be all an act and he drops one of his lucky penny’s on the ground in front of the guard. Looks like Piggy Bank is on the good side.

Lucky Penny

After escaping with Piggy Bank, Phoebe’s dark cloud falls over the Summit and Past Noah grabs a gun and starts firing it into the air in an attempt to get people out but he’s too late because the entire place explodes in a ball of fire.

June 13th Explosion

Wait, WHAT THE FUCK? Wasn’t the goal here to PREVENT this attack from happening? This is the very definition of MISSION FAILED. Noah immediately wants to go back in time again but Hiro refuses and Angela agrees that there is no possible way of changing these events. It was also revealed from Angela’s visions that one of Claire’s babies, possibly both, are the only ones capable of stopping the extinction. Things get super fucking awesome though when we find out the names of Claire Bear’s cubs and literally, my mind exploded.

It looks like the writers actually DID know what they were doing because everything immediately made sense. I just wish we didn’t have to spend half the season getting to this moment. That said, all is forgiven as the writers of Under the Dome were actually an illusion all along which makes sense because no way are they getting hired again after the great Dome debacle that began in the summer of 2013.

So basically here’s a summary of what happened. After finding out about Claire’s babies, Noah hid them both from Erica and had the Haitian erase his memory so no one could get any info about their whereabouts. This was also why Molly Walker was so pissed off with Noah, she probably thinks Noah was responsible for killing the two babies, or something along those lines. A year after the explosion, Erica is still looking for Claire’s babies but she’s looking for babies, not teenagers. And Noah comes up with the greatest plan ever and has Hiro and Angela go further back to 1999 to raise them. But before they go, Noah and Angela come up with names for the babies…Nathan and Malina!


Mind. Blown. So it looks like Tommy and Malina are actually Claire’s offspring who were sent back in time so their powers could manifest and they can stop the terrorist attacks. Everything is starting to make sense…well sort of. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is the fact that Malina and Tommy were already teenagers prior to Hiro and Noah going back in time and coming up with this plan. How is this even possible and where did Past Noah hide the babies? He couldn’t have hid them in the same place as Future Noah because Hiro is locked in the eternal fortress in Evernow. Confused? I am. Noah would not have been able to hide these kids in the past until Hiro was released from Evernow and that couldn’t happen until a year after the terrorist attacks so what in the fuck, show!? Now my head is literally going to explode.

And the scene with Tommy and his mom made things even more confusing. How is it possible that Tommy was Tommy if they hadn’t brought him back to the past yet? He would have only been a year old so what the hell is going on? Obviously it makes sense that Tommy is now Nathan given that Future Noah sent the babies back in time, so I guess we have to ask ourselves where Past Noah had originally hid the babies because he certainly would not have been able to use Hiro to send them back in time. And if there wasn’t enough questions already, who is Nathan’s dad? The only possibility I can come up with here is that Past Noah also sent the babies back in time using some other Evo (maybe Peter?) which explains why Tommy is Tommy in the original timeline. I fucking hate time travel and so should you.

Future Noah and Past Noah also cross paths and it looks like Past Noah is going to stop Future Noah from shooting Erica in the back of the head on her way out of the hospital. Obviously Past Noah doesn’t realize how evil Erica is at this point so it’s understandable but I can only pray that we get some answers because the end of this episode was very confusing.

Noah tries to shoot Erica

I need answers before my brain explodes. This episode was what Heroes is all about and I am fucking stoked that they went back to their roots and got us all thinking again. The first six episodes were pretty much filler to get to this point but I am so glad we’re back on track and somehow, in only one episode, the story has become awesome once again.

That said, I still want to know how Tommy and Malina existed as teenagers if they hadn’t been sent back into the past yet…that’s my biggest complaint. Thankfully though, this episode was pure entertainment from start to finish and it was great seeing Mohinder and Angela again.

The Verdict

Mikey Likes It

We’re finally back in business. This episode was everything Heroes is supposed to be. With Noah and Hiro returning to the past to try to stop the June 13th terrorist attacks, it was open season on our brains and everything changed when it was revealed that Tommy and Malina are actually Claire’s children. And even though I’m still confused as fuck about how they could be teenagers prior to Noah and Hiro travelling back in time, I am willing to ignore this for the time being because I genuinely liked the direction they took with this episode.

I also really loved the inclusion of Mohinder and Angela from the original series. We knew it was only a matter of time before we got to see Mohinder’s side of the story and it should surprise no one that he was framed by Renautas for the June 13th attacks. And Angela will always get my attention because of her visions of the future.

Surprisingly, I have little to complain about this week and I am also thrilled that Miko is no longer a part of the story. Hell, the entire creation of Evernow now makes sense as it looks like it was created to hide people from the impending extinction level event that is going to wipe out humanity. I would, however, like to learn more about Erica and her plan because we have only been privy to bits and pieces of what her real intentions are.

So what did everyone think of June 13th Part 1? Did it make you want to party like it’s Tommy’s birthday? Or did it make you want to step on a whole bunch of butterflies? And please please please if anyone knows how Tommy and Malina were not infants in the first six episodes, please explain this as it’s driving me to the brink of insanity! Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow Evo’s. Oh, and also don’t forget to vote for your favorite Evo:

So what’s in store for Part 2 of this awesome blast to the past? It looks like we’ll be catching up with another old friend and I’m already excited for his return! Check out the promo for June 13th Part 2 below: