Heroes Reborn: ‘June 13th Part 2’ Review

Heroes Reborn 'Days Of Future Past'

Wow, literally everything makes sense now and Heroes Reborn is completely back on track. Well, almost on track. Every single question has officially been answered and it all somewhat made sense. I’m in complete shock, as if I’ve been stung by Malina’s bees repeatedly in the brain over the course of the season. June 13th Part 2 wrapped things up after last week’s blast to the past and even Parkman came along for the ride, even if he didn’t really do much of anything.

So it looks like Tommy ended up being a Petrelli after all. Not only that but this whole time travel thing is finally starting to make some sense. Although one could argue that Future Noah really fucked things up when he tried to shoot Erica in the back of the head. With Hiro and Angela going back to 1999 to hide Claire’s babies, it became evident that Noah’s actions didn’t help their cause whatsoever but it also explains why they had to hide Malina and Tommy.

It’s great that we finally got some answers but what will happen next to our heroes is completely up in the air at this point since we’re right back to where we left off prior to Noah and Hiro going back in time to “fix” things. Also, can someone please permanently kill Harris? I swear that guy is useless and it’s getting annoying to see him show up every single episode only to be unsuccessful every single time. He is the absolute worst and Erica should really start thinking of hiring some new muscle.

I really wish I had the ability to teleport and so should you so let’s do some time travelling and enjoy the review, fellow Evo’s.

Double Trouble

Our episode started off with Erica doing some major PR after none of our super heroes were able to stop the Odessa terrorist attack and we all know she’s completely full of shit. It also looks like they couldn’t change the fact that Mohinder was blamed for the entire attack. As we know, Erica would rather blow up the entire world.

Quentin is also back from the dead after Noah and Hiro went back in time and he’s at the hospital trying to locate his shadow casting sister. Everything changes though when Future Noah decides that Erica needs to have a bullet in her head and attempts to shoot her but is stopped at the last second by his past self.

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Way to go Future Noah! You just broke time by shooting Erica in the leg. This attempt on Erica’s life will end up having repercussions once Future Noah returns to the present and he may have just doomed the entire planet with his actions. Too many butterflies, Noah!

Erica manages to escape into a stairwell where Quentin is waiting for her and he demands that she tell him where his sister Phoebe is. Even when bleeding to death, Erica is still making threats and she insists that Quentin get her help or he will never see his sister again. He ends up saving her and later on, we get to see the two siblings having a chat in Phoebe’s new pad.

"Do you like my new pad?"

Meanwhile, Future Noah ends up explaining everything to his past self and this actually explains why Past Noah needed to have his memory erased. No one can know about Claire’s babies, not even Noah himself, so they have Casper the friendly Piggy Bank work his magic. Unfortunately, Past Noah decides he doesn’t want his memory wiped right away and he ends up getting kidnapped by Clone Harris. Noah was basically a mess of bad decisions this episode.

Past Noah refuses to talk to Clone Harris and he’s probably thinking that he should have had his memory wiped when he had the chance. Refusing to talk though is not going to work because Erica has hired an old friend, one who can read people’s minds.

Matt Parkman MindFreak

Matt Parkman returned to the action but he’s working for the wrong side. He’s reading Noah’s mind in order to find out where they hid Claire’s babies but Piggy Bank is somehow able to slide a penny over to Noah and erase his memory just in the nick of time. How convenient! Of course, none of this would have even happened in the first place if Past Noah would have just had his memory erased prior to getting kidnapped.

And rather than killing Past Noah, Parkman ends up letting him and Piggy Bank go, no questions asked. Seriously, there was no point in even bringing Parkman back if this was all he was going to do. It was rather disappointing but I guess it was still pretty cool to see Parkman reading minds again.

After letting them go, Past Noah somehow ends up at the site of the terrorist attack. Wait, what? This didn’t make any sense at all because the bombs had already gone off at this point. So how he ended up back here without his glasses literally made no sense whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Future Noah has Molly Walker locate Future Hiro, who is now 16 years older after going back to 1999 to raise Tommy. They head over to his pad and Future Noah tells Hiro that it was him who tried to assassinate Erica. Hiro is a little ticked off about the whole ‘stepping on too many butterflies’ thing but family comes first and Hiro introduces Tommy to his grandfather. Aww, isn’t that sweet.

But the reunion quickly comes to an end when Clone Harris shows up and tries to take out Tommy but fails miserably for the millionth time. So I guess Erica knows about Tommy now that Noah made that dumb decision to try to assassinate her. At least things are somewhat starting to make sense.

The Sims

I was really hoping we were never going to have to see Miko again but sadly she was back this episode so we could find out where she came from. Did anyone really care about any of this? Nope.

Hachiro, Miko’s father, has already kidnapped Past Hiro and sent him into the video game world of Evernow. Erica gives him a call to tell him his services will no longer be needed and she also comes to the conclusion that a future or past Hiro has come back to stir up trouble.

Hachiro is super pissed about losing his job so he decides to start playing The Sims and creates a character that looks like his daughter. And since his power gives him the ability to transfer people in and out of the video game world, he takes his Sim character and brings her into reality.

The Sims

Miko is not too happy about this and decides to kick her creator in the face upon arriving in our world.

Miko kicks her father in the face

I probably would have done the same thing if someone purposely brought me into this shitty world. He gives her the lowdown about who she is and also fills her in on her new quest in Evernow, the worst game ever.

Later, while starting her new cooking show, someone comes to the door and Hachiro knows he’s in trouble so he says his goodbyes to Katana Girl and leaves with Harris so they can trap him in Evernow or something along those lines.

Cooking With Katana Girl

Hopefully this puts an end to the Miko story. Please please please.

Cold Blooded Killer

Luke and Joanne are still in Odessa trying to locate their son and they eventually come across a body with the same protective gloves he was wearing the day of the attack. Unlike Noah, they actually lift up the sheet to reveal their child’s dead body. We still don’t know why they decided to become natural born Evo killers though, but luckily this all gets explained.

While chillin’ in their motel room, the guy with the big snow balls arrives to thank Luke for saving his life. Joanne is furious about this because she thinks Luke should have been looking for their son instead of Snow Balls. Joanne ends up going ballistic on Snow Balls so Luke comes to her rescue but is almost killed when Snow Balls tries to freeze his face off.

That Moment When You're Getting A Cold

Luckily for Luke, Joanne ends up going bat shit crazy and decides that she wants a role in American Horror Story so she grabs a pair of scissors…

"My power is murder."

…and stabs the fuck out of Snow Balls. Whoa! Joanne is clearly a psychopath. I really hope we haven’t seen the last of her though and I am willing to bet that her and Luke will cross paths again in he future.

American Horror Story: Joanne

Seriously though, she looks cray cray. Don’t fuck with this chick.


Nope. Not even talking about this. This was the most pointless thing that happened in television history. Next.

The Butterfly Effect

We’re gonna party like it’s 1999! I’m so glad they decided to follow Hiro and Angela back to the ’90s. They also explained quite a bit in one sentence from Angela. Nathan (aka Tommy Boy) has the ability to absorb other Evo’s powers and his father is also a Petrelli. BAM! Glad we got to the bottom of that super quickly. This also explains why Claire died during childbirth. Tommy was able to absorb her power while he was chillin’ in her belly and unfortunately for Claire, she was no longer able to regenerate after giving birth. So Tommy was actually the one to blame for Claire Bear’s death.

Angela is adamant that the babies need to be raised separately and things start to immediately make sense. Tommy is only able to possess one power at a time, much like Peter in his early days, and he ended up getting his teleportation ability from Hiro which explains why Hiro was stuck in 1999 and couldn’t return to the future.

"He pooped. And so did I."

After recruiting his grandson, Noah brings him to Angela Petrelli who, like Hiro, has also aged 16 years after going back to 1999. Future Noah explains that Erica is onto them after he broke time by shooting Erica and Angela is not impressed.

"We were just talking about strawberries."

They even explained those butterflies in the Arctic. Apparently animal migration patterns were effected by the shift in the magnetic poles so the butterflies decided to fly north instead of south. Angela also shares her visions with Noah and she is positive that Tommy and Malina are the only two Evo’s that can save the world. Also, Malina is apparently a beekeeper now:

Bees Bees Bees

So things are finally starting to make sense. After shooting Erica in the leg and telling his past self everything, Erica finds out about Claire’s babies and is doing everything in her power to track them down. This is why Malina was was sent on her journey to the Arctic with her spirit guide. It was all a big game of hide and seek.

We also find out how Tommy became Tommy. They all know Erica is coming after him so Tommy ends up sending Future Noah back to the future which is probably for the better because Future Noah has already stepped on, like, a thousand butterflies. In fact, Noah is the sole reason the three Harris Clones show up at Tommy and Hiro’s place.

Having a Threesome

These clones are also fucking useless. I swear they are the WORST henchmen in the history of henchmen. So Hiro tells Piggy Bank, Tommy and his mom to get lost which is exactly what they do:

Triple Time Travel

And Hiro stays behind to fight the Harris Clones which shouldn’t be too difficult considering they end up getting killed every single time they fight anyone.

Tommy wants to save Hiro by teleporting back but his mom won’t let him and this was when we finally find out how Tommy became Tommy. Piggy Bank tosses him a penny and he forgets everything that has happened to him. So this is why he was so pissed off when he found out he was adopted and this is why he didn’t know his real name! And all I’m thinking at this point is this:


I am still in shock that everything makes sense now. So Future Noah is back in present time only with one big difference. You’ll remember that Phoebe totally murdered her brother Quentin by shoving her black shadow tentacles down his throat. Well, after Future Noah shot Erica in the past, this apparently changed the entire timeline and so Quentin was never killed.

Stayin' Alive

The only problem, however, is that Quentin is now working with Phoebe and Erica and he immediately calls Erica to let her know that Claire had twins.

"I am looking much hotter now that Noah changed the past."

So basically, Future Noah really complicated things when he shot Erica in the leg. Apparently someone should have killed Noah before he could do all of this because if he hadn’t shot Erica, she wouldn’t have had a clue about Claire’s babies and everything would have been just peachy. But noooo, Noah’s gotta be the hero but instead fucks everything up.

So it looks like everything is back on track now. Tommy and Malina are still hiding and don’t really know what is going on since no one bothered to tell Malina anything and Tommy had his mind wiped clean. Quentin is now working with Erica but I’m not quite sure how she didn’t know that Claire’s babies were twins since she already had Harris tracking Malina AND Tommy prior to all of this going down.

And finally we got an explanation of how Tommy became Tommy in the first place. It looks like the writers knew what they were doing all along but let’s just hope they don’t ruin everything in the final half of the season or I’m going to have to go back in time and tell NBC that green lighting this show is a terrible idea.

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT
Mikey Likes It

It wasn’t as good as last week but it was still better than most of the season and everything has finally been explained. We now know that Tommy is a Petrelli who ultimately absorbed Claire’s ability which led to her death after giving birth. We also know that he got his teleportation ability from Hiro and had his mind wiped after Future Noah attempted to assassinate Erica.

The big question that remains is how this is all going to come together. Quentin and Phoebe are both working for Erica now so I imagine they will still be trying to locate and murder Malina and Tommy. I’m also very curious to see how Joanne and Luke will fit in to the bigger story where it sounds like we’re going to be going to Odessa for a final showdown between good and evil.

Lastly, I can only hope that Harris, Miko and Carlos are never again seen on this show because they really offer nothing of importance and are by far the worst characters in the entire series. I doubt we have seen the last of them but one can hope.

So what did you think of June 13th Part 2? Did it make you want to go back in time and punch Future Noah in the face for being an idiot? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow Evo’s.

Lastly, check out the promo for next week’s episode, titled Sundae Bloody Sundae, where I get the feeling that Tommy’s new girlfriend could be in a lot of trouble.