Heroes Reborn: ‘Sundae, Bloody Sundae’ Review

Heroes Reborn 'Time Out'

“Time was designed to move in one direction, ever forward, allowing our lives to be a series of choices, threaded one after another. These choices define who we are.” -Mohinder

Heroes fans can start breathing a big sigh of relief! Heroes Reborn is definitely back on track after Noah and Hiro traveled back in time and fixed everything. Sundae, Bloody Sundae might be one the worst titles ever but the episode itself was surprisingly chock full of awesome Evo moments. Why did they use the name of a U2 song for the title with an ice cream twist? Some would say it’s because Emily works at an ice cream parlor. Others might say the writers are actually U2 fans. Either way, there was blood. There was sundaes. Makes sense to me.

There were two moments that really stood out. First, the fact that Tommy is actually using his powers paid off big time. The entire scene in the ice cream parlor was exactly what this show is supposed to be and I was thoroughly entertained by everything that went down. Second, the ending literally blew my mind. As much as I can’t stand Miko, it appears that her story just got a whole lot more intriguing and I can’t wait to see what awaits us 7,957 years in the future.

And surprisingly, even Carlos and Taylor’s stories are starting to make a bit more sense. It also looks like they will eventually cross over with the new movement of Hero Truthers (which is the dumbest name ever) heading to Sunstone Manor to break out their leader, Micah Sanders! Now if only we could get Ali Larter back on this series to reprise her role as Nikki Sanders!

Now grab yourself a badly burned grilled cheese sandwich and an ice cream cone and enjoy the review, fellow Evo’s.


Erica seems pretty calm considering the fact that they still haven’t been able to locate Tommy and Malina so she decides to go hunting in her backyard since, apparently, she’s got deer coming up to her house and it’s totally cool to shoot them. Food to table, right?

"I'm hunting Evos."

Later, while butchering up her latest deer kill, Harris returns and obviously it’s another mission failed for the super clone. Erica is totally cool with it though, it seems as though she has gotten used to Harris’s ability to fail every single mission she sends him on. It’s also revealed that Micah Sanders is the leader of the Hero Truthers and I can’t wait for his return to the action. For those that don’t remember Micah, he was the little kid who could manipulate all things digital.

Erica’s daughter Taylor returned to the action as well after uploading that YouTube video that exposed her mom for the female Hitler that she is. She ends up receiving a message on her Macbook Air to meet some strangers and since the Internet is totally a safe place, she decides to check it out. And obviously meeting up with random strangers you just met online can only lead to one thing: abduction.

If you meet random strangers on the Internet you're going to have a bad time

Of course, this is not actually true but in the case of an unidentified transmission that locks up your computer into forcing you to read the message, you might want to ignore it completely, just saying.

So after totally being kidnapped, Taylor is greeted by her mom who is super pissed about her daughter’s betrayal. Luckily for Taylor, however, this is not actually her mom and is, in fact, a shapeshifting motherfucking Evo! Yatta, bitches!

Getting The Spins

So that was pretty awesome. What was even more awesome though was the fact that the Haitian is still alive and well!

Alive and Kicking

WHATTTT? The Haitian is back?! Have I lost my mind? This is awesome. I’m not sure how this is possible but if I had to guess, when Noah tried to murder Erica, this also somehow changed the events that led to the Haitian’s death, similar to what happened with Quentin. Honestly, who really cares how he’s alive, I’m just glad he’s back.

The Haitian explains that he’s part of some movement, the Hero Truthers, which is also the worst fucking name ever for a movement, and he explains that they are looking for the founder of their movement. Likewise, Taylor is trying to get her old boy toy Francis back so it looks like everyone is on the same page here.

The Haitian explains that there are a whole lot of missing Evos, one of them being Micah Sanders, who is the former leader of the Hero Truthers. One of the Evos uses her power of projection to show Taylor some images so the Hero Truthers can find Micah. And I have to admit, this power totally fucking sucks.

Circle Beating

It must suck being an Evo and knowing that your only power is to project PowerPoint presentations from your eyes. Taylor is able to identify one of the locations from the PowerPoint presentation and it also happens to be the same place where Carlos and Captain Dearing are headed to break out Jose and Pastor Smokey. Finally, the stories are all coming together piece by piece so let’s check in on Iron Man and see what he’s up to.

Drinking The Evo Kool-Aid

After last week’s most pointless scene ever, Carlos and Dearing are back in the mix and they finally arrive at Sunstone Manor so Carlos can get his nephew Jose and Pastor Smokey back. After drinking that random vial that Dearing gave him, Carlos is able to avoid detection and is confirmed as an Evo. Dearing, meanwhile, is forced to wait for the paperwork before he can get paid. Fucking paperwork.

Carlos gets inside Sunstone Manor, finally, and after being asked what his power is by one of the guards, he immediately proceeds to punch the guy in the face. Yup, Carlos’ power is regular punching.

"My power is a regular punch."

We learned a lot more about Sunstone Manor as Carlos sneaks his way through the mansion. It appears that Evo’s are brought here so they can be brainwashed into joining a cult. Looks more like a prison to me.

Cult Classic

Whatever those Evos are doing, it certainly doesn’t look very fun. Carlos is somehow able to run around the yard undetected while trying to locate Jose and Pastor Smokey and you just knew it was only a matter of time before he was busted. Also, things didn’t get any better for Captain Dearing. Apparently, there was a change of protocol and they need to check and ensure that Dearing isn’t an Evo himself. Fucking bureaucracies!

“Your muscles won’t be able to save you from my syringe, dear.”

Also, this random guy went for a ride and it looked like a pretty good time:

Dearing throws random dude across room

Dearing is sent to the Director of Sunstone Manor and, big surprise, it turned out to be Matt Parkman! Now, I’m not really sure what was going on here but Dearing is mindfucked into thinking he needs to commit suicide and that is exactly what he does. Yikes!

Meanwhile, little Jose has a new imaginary friend now that he’s been brainwashed and when Carlos finally locates him, Jose wants nothing to do with his uncle. He attempts to kidnap Jose while everyone watches and clearly this was an all-around terrible decision. Of course, no one suggested Carlos has any brains in that head of his and Pastor Smokey lets him know that they are not interested in leaving their new family. No way, Jose!

Carlos attempts to fight off the guards but he’s eventually surrounded for a good old-fashioned circle jerk.


This ultimately leads to Carlos being tasered by all six guards simultaneously and all I’m thinking at this point is how did Carlos not die from this. I mean, we’ve all heard stories about people dying from ONE taser, let alone SIX!

Carlos gets tasered by everyone

Carlos is taken to Parkman so he can read his mind and, unfortunately, he doesn’t get very far so Parkman sends him into his own mind to relive his worst memories. At least I think that was what happened. I’m not quite sure what the point of this was but it looks like Carlos is going to be staying at Sunstone Manor for the next little while, at least until Taylor and the Hero Truthers show up to save the day.

We All Scream For Ice Cream

Tommy’s all making out with his new girlfriend Emily and it’s revealed that he stole her a bracelet from their romantic trip to Paris. Piggy Bank is still following him around because has to tie up some loose ends but this might be a bad idea for our penny hoarder.

Tommy’s mom finally fills him in on his family history and I’m not even sure why she was all worried about this because Tommy thinks it’s totally awesome that his dad is from one of his favorite comic books. She also tells him that he can time travel just like Hiro and Tommy’s mind is blown upon hearing the news. Also, Noah conveniently showed up.

"I may have stepped on a bunch of butterflies."

Meanwhile, Malina and Luke are having a nice lunch at a local diner and talking about destiny. Luke doesn’t seem to believe in this kind of thing but Malina really wants to know what he means by losing his purpose. It seems pretty obvious to me, hun. The guy has lost every single thing in his life that made him happy. His kid is dead, his wife has turned into a evo-murdering psycho with a terrible haircut, he is still coping with the fact that he can turn his body into the fucking sun, and he’s really pissed off that there are tomatoes on his sandwich.

"Fuck you, tomatoes."

In fact, he hates tomatoes so much that Luke ends up completely ruining lunch because of it.

Extra Burnt, please

I’m gonna pass on that sandwich now that you fucking RUINED it, Luke. Meanwhile, Piggy Bank and Joanne have both decided that they really want some ice cream and head over to Emily’s shop for some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. They are both looking for Tommy boy but he’s no where to be found, at least not yet anyways. Joanne obviously brought her gun too.

Natural Born Killers

She might not have any powers but I really like Joanne in the villain role. It also helps that she has the craziest hair ever. Joanne and Luke have an interesting relationship and now that they have split up, it’s getting even more intriguing. She takes Emily and Piggy Bank hostage and shit is about to hit the fan…in the best way imaginable.

Joanne gives Tommy a call and tells him to join the party and that was exactly what he does. And then all hell breaks loose. Piggy Bank throws his briefcase of pennies into the air, possibly to cause a distraction, but Joanne doesn’t fall for it and proceeds to shoot and kill Piggy Bank.

The Penny has been officially phased out

Luckily, Luke conveniently shows up in the nick of time before Joanne can shoot Emily in the face. Joanne hesitates because she probably still has feelings for Luke considering they only split up a week ago but Luke is still kinda ticked off about the murdering evo’s thing and decides that now would be the best time to start using his powers for good.

Getting Fired Up

Of course, he doesn’t actually burn Joanne, he just lights a fire nearby to scare everyone. But not even this can stop Joanne and as Luke begins trying to fry his ex, Joanne decides to shoot Emily just for the hell of it. What they weren’t expecting, however, was for Tommy to freeze time and save the day and that was exactly what he did. And I loved every freakin’ moment.

Killing Time Before Time Kills Everyone

This was easily the greatest scene from the entire series up to this point. With Luke sending flames towards Joanne and Joanne firing a bullet at Emily’s face, Tommy saves the day by channeling his inner Hiro. It was hands down one of the coolest fucking things I have seen this show do and it’s about time. This is what it’s all about.

So Tommy does his thing to save everyone and teleports him and his girlfriend the hell out of there while Luke and Joanne run away. Interestingly, Joanne is picked up by one of Harris’s clones and it looks like she is about to join Team Erica for the big end of the world party. Let’s be honest, Joanne was pretty useless as a lone ranger so hopefully Erica can turn her into the bad ass mofo she was meant to be. Plus, with Harris failing every single mission, it was only a matter of time before Erica found his replacement.

Tommy and Emily are back with Noah and they try to teleport back to the ice cream shop to save Malina but his powers aren’t working because Phoebe is in the house. Tommy attempts to run away but Quentin finally reveals that he’s on Team Erica now. Noah immediately realizes that Quentin is the butterfly he stepped on and it’s becoming evident that Noah should NOT have tried to murder Erica when he went back to the past. Way to go, Noah…always unnecessarily complicating things.

It looks like Erica has finally found one of Claire’s babies so I’m not sure why she doesn’t immediately murder him. Isn’t that the plan? Apparently not because Erica and Tommy are having a nice outdoor dinner instead. Obviously the deer she shot in her own backyard is on the menu.


What the fuck? I’m a little confused about this unless her plan involves using Tommy and Malina to end the world. This, however, doesn’t seem all that likely so I don’t really understand why Erica is wining and dining Tommy. Worst villain ever.

At least Tommy is finally using his powers in amazing ways! The entire scene in the ice cream parlor was everything I want from this show and, as our story winds down, here’s hoping that our Evos start using their powers in bad ass ways just like Tommy did.

The Future

Ummm….did Miko just come back to all of a sudden have the most insane story line ever? We actually time travelled 7,957 years into the future, I kid you fucking not. And it looks like the same place they filmed Mad Max!

7957 Years In The Future

So first we took a trip to the past and now Miko gets to show us how fucked up the world is almost 8000 years later. Never ever ever would I have ever ever expected to be this excited for anything involving Miko until this happened and my brain exploded. This is actually going to be epic as we will hopefully get to see how our current story has effected the future. And I gotta say, it doesn’t look like human civilization has advanced very far considering 8000 years have passed!!!

"I'm back...to the future."

I have so many questions about this. How did Miko end up 7,957 years in the future? The last time we checked she wasn’t even a real person! And what awaits her in that settlement? I’m in so much shock that it feels like 6 dudes are tasering me at the same time!

Now that Noah broke time, it appears he did us all a favor. Clearly Heroes Reborn was not so good prior to Noah and Hiro returning to Odessa to try to stop the terrorist attack. But now that Noah stepped on a shitload of butterflies while he was there, I’m loving the direction they are taking the story. I have to admit, I hated every single thing about Miko and her stupid video game bullshit but now that she’s in the future, I have completely changed my mind and cannot wait to explore the desert wasteland that is Planet Earth!

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT
Mikey Likes ItWe got off to a slow start but Sundae, Bloody Sundae was everything Heroes should be. Tommy finally discovered his power to stop time and the entire scene in the ice cream parlor was straight up dope! And I never thought I’d ever be excited for a story involving Miko but now that she’s 7,957 years in the future, I find myself wanting to know more about what happened to our planet and who she is going to find at that random settlement in the desert.

Even Carlos and Taylor were involved in new and interesting stories. Sunstone Manor is obviously going to play an important role going forward considering that Parkman is the new Charles Manson and that the Hero Truthers are on their way to bust Micah Sanders out. And it also looks like Joanne is going to be teaming up with Erica after Harris randomly picked her up after the events in the ice cream parlor.

As a long-time fan of the original Heroes, I was very disappointed with the direction the story was headed but all it took was a trip back to the day I was born (June 13th) to get things back on track. Now, I’m super stoked to find out what is going to happen to our Evos and I’m definitely curious to see how everyone’s story is going to come together. Whoever finally rid us of those evil writers from Under the Dome, I can’t thank you enough.

So what did everyone think of Sundae, Bloody Sundae? Did it give you a craving more some ice cream? Or do you prefer the severely burnt grilled cheese? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow Evos. Also, be sure to vote for your favorite hero below:

Lastly, NBC appears to be making some really dumb ass decisions and the next episode is being promoted as the ‘Fall Finale’? Wait, WHAT?! Why? There are literally only four episodes left in the story so why in the bloody sundae do we have to take a break before we get to watch the final three episodes. I hate executives.

Still, it looks like Miko is not going to be the only one going to the future although I’m not sure how Tommy is going to know which year to time travel to considering there are a lot of numbers between 1 and 7,957. Check out the promo for the fall finale, titled To Odessa, below: