More Content Ideas for The Simspons: Tapped Out

Mikey Likes It! So far, the recent updates for Tapped Out have been pretty good if you ask me….. sadly, nothing from my last post on TSTO has been put into the game as of yet, but at least there is some hope with the addition of a character from one of my favorite episodes (Rex Banner)! And with the addition of Abe Lincoln, I have to think that no character is off limits to enter our Springfield’s! So with that said, I have some additional ideas for the game below as well as my quick thoughts on the recent updates!

Quick Comments on July 4th Update / Rex Banner / Squidport

I absolutely love the Squid Port Expansion…. having the beach and the boardwalk just adds to the town overall, and even if it does take forever to build the thing, I have to think that if EA had not done it this way, a lot of us Level 30’ers might not have anything to do!

The July 4th Update was also AWESOME! I wasn’t expecting it and having All-American Apu and Rex Banner in the game is an absolute must-have for any die hard Simpsons fan! Plus with Rex Banner and Abe Lincoln making their way into our towns, I believe this opens up the door for lots for fun additions to the game!

My only complaint so far is that the updates are too spread out, I like the idea of getting a content update once a week, even if some of them are not that big! For example, just adding a couple of decorations every week would greatly add to our towns! And also, the parking spaces are driving me nuts, it is IMPOSSIBLE to create a proper looking parking lot in my town without being able to rotate the parking spaces 360 degrees, so please PLEASE fix this EA! Now onto my ideas:

Restaurants / Shops / Burlesque Houses


Of course this is a fan favorite so it must be included (from Season 8 Episode 5 titled, ‘Bart After Dark’)! Belle and La Maison Derriere would be welcome additions to Springfield! I can think of numerous quest lines and tasks…. and the episode even featured numerous characters visiting the Maison Derriere such as Abe Simpson, Principal Skinner, Chief Wiggum, etc (and of course Bart worked there for a short time)!

Plus with the three mansions already included in the game (Burns Manor, Fat Tony’s pad…. and rumor has it that Wolfcastle Mansion its on its way next), it would allow players to develop a wealthy area of town with all of the mansions and fancy restaurants!

Also for those that don’t know, Milhouse’s 4-hour task to fly his model plane is directly from the episode with Belle and Maison Derriere! If EA keeps up their current pattern, I would expect Belle to come during one of the minor special events (it looks like mostly major characters are becoming part of the new Levels and are permanent, whereas minor one-off characters seem to be part of small events such as St. Patrick’s Day and July 4th)! Check out below for a picture of the Maison Derriere!

I also think another FINE restaurant addition to the game would be The Happy Sumo (see picture below):

I like the looks of the building, its not too big and of course it could come with:


AKIRA! He is a minor recurring character and would make an awesome addition into the game! Some of his tasks could include working at the Happy Sumo, practicing karate lessons, typing out fortune cookie messages or making poisoned pastries (from the episode where Homer becomes a food critic and all the chefs in town try to poison him)! Another potential option (and if Akira was part of a new Level), it could also come with:

The Springfield Martial Arts Academy! Apparently Akira works there as a Sensai although I don’t quite remember this. My research tells me that it first appeared in Season 3, Episode 3 (“When Flanders Failed). That said, I think it would be a really awesome addition to TSTO! In my opinion, they should have Akira come as a new level, have him come with the Happy Sumo, and then have the Martial Arts Academy as an additional building or a premium item!!

And my last restaurant choice is my personal favorite and would be an absolute delight to have in TSTO:

Up, Up and Buffet! Plain and simple, ITS A FREAKING RESTAURANT IN AN AIRPLANE! I think it would make for an excellent addition into the game– especially since we don’t have any airplane shaped buidlings yet. For those wondering, this iconic restaurant showed up in Season 9 Episode 25 (titled “Natural Born Kissers”)! It is also located near the Gilded Truffle! And to me, is a MUST MUST HAVE in Tapped Out!

Future Events

With Whacking Day behind us and Krustyland apparently on its way (I am going to take a closer look at Krustyland in the future to see what types of rides and parks have appeared in the show and what kinds of additions/rides we want in the game– I know the Tooth Chipper is already going to be making an appearance in the future, and its absolutely hilarious! Can’t wait for that, but based on what I’ve heard about the next event, I feel like so much is missing still!) As for future events, I’m really hoping for….

Springfield Chili Cook-Off

CHILI COOK-OFF! The Springfield Chili Cook-Off would be an amazing and awesome way to go– especially in the summertime! Now I’m not quite sure how this would all work…. but definitely being able to buy chili or ingredients from other people’s towns would be a good way to get the social aspect of the game going! And if I remember correctly, a lot of the resident’s had their own Chili stand— I remember Flanders and Chief Wiggum specifically….. and of course as a prize, they would HAVE to give away:

THE SPACE COYOTE!!!! And the lighthouse from the episode could also come as a prize as well! There was a lot that happened in that episode though, which would make it fairly easy for EA to put together an Event based around it! Other ideas for quests and tasks include: Chief Wiggum could “wear short shorts”; Homer could “eat the merciless peppers of Quetzlzacatenango” and the Space Coyote could “Guide Homer on his soul search”! Plus we could have access to all the different chili stands in town from this episode!

Squidport Additions

Lastly, now that Squid Port has arrived…. I’ve come up with a quick list of future shops I’d like to see on my boardwalk! I have also included the actual order (from left to right) of the Boardwalk buildings from the actual episode they appeared in (Season 8, Epi 17 titled “My Sister, My Sitter”) at the bottom, so check it out if you are trying to design your town as accurate as possible!!

So just a couple of cool shops that I found that I think should eventually make their way to TSTO:

Bloaters at the Squid Port

I think a lot of people were disappointed that It’s A Wonderful Knife did’t make it into the game:

And of course, The London Broil:

The London Broil

WooHoo! Somewhere for Karl to eat!!! What They Eat In Iceland:

What They Eat In Iceland

And finally, The Clamphitheatre, although my only issue with this one is that it should not be required to be placed on the Boardwalk (it looks like it would be too big), so I’d say this one should be a regular building (but maybe allow us to place it on the beach)! Plus it looks wicked awesome:

So those are some additional ideas for what I’d like to see in TSTO in the future!

As promised, with respect to the ACTUAL order of the buildings on the Squid Port, from Left to Right:

Turban Outfitters, Just Rainsticks, My First Tattoo, Much Ado About Muffins, CryptoBarn, Itchy and Scratchy Store, Malaria Zone… and across from Malaria Zone is wear Planet Hype should be with the fountain that Homer gets stuck in up front!

No idea where The Frying Dutchman goes as it was not in this episode! Hope this helps those trying to build an accurate Springfield! I’ll have more to come in the future…. including a post on Helen Lovejoy and Rod and Todd Flanders! Comments always encouraged, would love to see what ideas others have come up with! Happy TAPA TAPA TAPPING! 🙂