Scream Queens: ‘Mommie Dearest’ Review

Scream Queens 'Mommie Issues'

Scream Queens decided to explore mother-daughter relationships for Mommie Dearest, but it was not nearly as humorous as any of the previous episodes. In fact, I’d rank this one at the very bottom on a season that has been fairly inconsistent so far. We had yet another death at the KKT house and I can’t say that I was all that surprised. I am, however, disappointed that one of my favorite hilarious characters finally had her flame put out. I also would really like to know what a ‘Strawberry Daiquiri Hangover’ candle smells like.

There were some funny moments, as there always are, but I find myself laughing less and less as the season moves forward. And the story is not something to write home about. I don’t have much interest in who the killer is or even why they are committing these murders. With all of the jokes and sarcasm surrounding the inherent mystery, it has become very difficult to take anything seriously now and I think that has been one of Scream Queens biggest problems.

At least Denise was back in the fold. I could easily watch her for the entire hour and it was good to see her not only return to action but move directly into the KKT house with all of those dumb hoes! Classic Denise.

So let’s grab some White Mammie Mozza Sticks, light a candle in memory of our favorite candle vlogger and enjoy the review, fellow Screamers.

Candle In The Wind

I love it when Scream Queens puts a twist on old horror movies and that was exactly what they did in the opening scene of Mommie Dearest with Dean Munsch reliving the shower scene from the movie Psycho. It was also a good thing she’s seen the movie like 50 times!

Dean Munsch taking a shower

Dean Munsch should really consider changing her name to Dean Norris. As in Chuck Norris because she absolutely destroyed the two Red Devil’s and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Ya, there’s three killers now apparently. I guess this means that Dean Munsch isn’t on Team Murder after all even if she did decapitate her ex husband and fed his head to his goldfish.

Dean Munsch: Kicking Ass and Taking Names

I actually thought the Dean was as good as dead considering the fact that it was her against three murderers but luckily she had learned the art of illegal Hong Kong pit fighting from her Eurasian ex and was able to take care of the competition.

Denise is back too, having moved directly into the KKT house with the dumb hoes that live there. Her words, not mine! It’s good to have you back, Denise! She’s busy deepfrying some nutritious and delicious mozzarella sticks but I think it’s safe to say that no one has cleaned out the fryer since White Mammie got her face burned off. And Mammie Mozza Sticks are officially a thing now.

White Mammie Mozza Sticks

Chanel #3 decides to make a deal with Denise and she offers her $3 million if she can pin the murders on Zayday. Once again, Denise is up to her old hilarious tricks when she can’t seem to think of a number higher than 3 million but I loved her fantasy about buying a Sandals resort where she can live out her days working as a security guard on the beach and making Winston fetch her pineapple.

During her investigation, Denise runs into Jennifer who’s a little upset over the big 22 for $20 candle sale at the Candle Junction. Denise asks for any info that might point to Zayday being the killer but Jennifer basically says that there is no possible way that Zayday could be the killer. Except for that time Zayday said she wanted to get real revenge on a bunch of rich white girls.

Jennifer starts blogging about her new candles from Candle Junction but it’s not looking good for our candle loving sister and she ends up getting stabbed directly in the head.

Jennifer vlogs her own murder

Noooooo. I guess her candle has finally burned out. The sorority girls find Jennifer later and it appears that the Red Devil decided to turn her into a birthday cake.

Happy Birthday?

But hey, at least she died doing what she loved the most. I will admit that having Jennifer on the show was scented candle-smelling goodness and the entire idea of someone vlogging about candles is bat shit hilarious. You will be missed, Jennifer.

The Chanel’s are up to their old tricks again, this time attempting to solve the murder mystery by making up clues to connect Zayday and Grace to the killings. You pill together, you kill together! And Chanel #3’s attempt to rearrange the letters in Zayday’s name was pure stupidity at its best.

I May Slay Liz Da

Who in the fuck is Liz Da? Oh Chanel #5, you really are an idiot and Hester’s reaction summed this up perfectly:

Hester making a face

Is there anything better than Chanel #6’s facial expressions? The answer is a definite nope! Oberlin was not too impressed with these theories either and so she decides to hire some real detectives. You know, of the Scottish variety.

But before that happens, Oberlin and Chad have their annual Compliment Night and can we please have more Chad Radwell! Please!?!? The more Denise and Chad are around, the better Scream Queens is. Ain’t that the truth!

The House of 1000 Compliments

Your Mama Is So…

The Dean and Grace meet up for a second time and we have to listen to the Dean explain her hypothetical story that was hypothetically insane. Luckily though, she happens to have the name of the baby mama from that fateful night in 1995. Sophia Doyle! That’s right, all has been revealed and Sophia is likely one of the killers! Wait, WHAT!? Who the fuck is Sophia Doyle? Not fair, show, not fair!

Grace has convinced herself that she is that baby from 1995 and I’m not really sure I understand why. Her and Pete decide to head back to the insane asylum where Dean Munsch was being held. Apparently the crazy painter lady painted the hag on Shady Lane and she reveals to Grace and Pete that it was Gigi all along.

The Gigi Lisa

We also find out that Gigi was taking care of not one but TWO babies and I think it’s safe to say that these two infants grew up to become our Red Devil’s. We already know that Gigi was the one behind the Justice Scalia mask and Boone is obviously one of the Red Devil’s, so it looks like there is only one Red Devil left to identify. I also think this individual is going to turn out to be female since the painting with Mama Gigi had two babies, one wearing blue and the other wearing pink.

Grace immediately confronts Gigi with the painting but the evidence is pretty flimsy. Gigi was a lot funnier when she was being that girl whose psyche is trapped in the ’90s and I’m not really laughing nearly as much now that she has taken up her new role as head villain in charge. Gigi thinks Grace is high on a lot of drugs and asks her to pass the dutchy on the left hand side, sister! Obviously we know that Gigi is full of shit but there is not much Grace can do with her lack of evidence and Gigi’s new engagement ring. Uh oh!

Grace confronts her father about this whole engagement thing and Wes explains that he just rolled with it because he didn’t want to break Gigi’s heart. Also, the new lamp set Gigi bought was totally firenza! But Grace eventually comes to the conclusion that her father must have known Gigi since her moms knew her too. I don’t know about you guys, but this whole Grace and her dad story is beyond boring and not funny whatsoever. Can we just be done with it?

Jennifer’s death is the last straw for the Dean and she announces that the University is officially closed until further notice which sends Oberlin into a hissy fit. Jennifer’s vigil was extremely appropriate given the amount of candles that surrounded the memorial. She definitely died happy.

Candle In The Wind

As I mentioned earlier, Oberlin hires up some detectives directly from Scotland Yard and there is definitely no truth to the saying “money can’t buy happiness”…

Money Buys Everything

…because money can literally buy you anything including a couple of fully trained Scottish detectives. Our Scotland Yard detectives can’t find any evidence that suggests that Zayday and Grace are the killers but instead inform Oberlin that Libby Putney (aka Chanel #5) is trying to kill her. The detectives also discover who Grace’s mom was and apparently the bitch apple doesn’t fall far from the bitch tree. Oberlin immediately concludes that Grace must be the killer because, you know, dumb white girl logic at its best.

Chanel Stare Down

Oberlin goes straight to Grace to confront her about her mom and, as it turns out, Grace’s mom was the ‘Waterfalls is my jam’ girl from the premiere. Loving Grace’s dad in his ’90s pose!

'90s Love

Obviously Grace was not going to be the baby from the bathtub and this finally confirms it. Apparently Grace’s mom was a pretty shitty mom having been charged with driving with a baby in her lap and driving with a baby on top of her car until she died in a fiery car crash. Oberlin calls Grace out on all of this and she ends up getting bitch slapped for her troubles. Later, Mama Denise gives Oberlin a lecture on “Your Mama” jokes and tells Oberlin to go apologize to Chanel for being a super bitch. Surprisingly, they didn’t complain about the lack of snowflakes on their coffee cups.

"OMFG, there are no snowflakes on this cup."

Chanel apologizes for her mean girls tantrum about Grace’s mom and we find out that Oberlin’s family consists of Happy Oberlin, Harvard Oberlin and Muffet Oberlin…easily the greatest names ever. Plus, little Chanel be pimpin!

Young Version of Chanel

Having a younger version of Chanel do her thing was epic in every way! Apparently she was really good at firing nanny’s, destroying people’s self confidence and giving zero fucks. Gotta start ’em young I guess. So Chanel apologizes to Grace having had mommy issues of her own but I’m not so sure Grace was feelin’ it. What a bitch!

And lastly, Joaquin Phoenix Boone finally showed back up at the gym in full disguise and him and his fellow Red Devil decide that Gigi needs to go. Maybe our Red Devil’s will finally take out their leader and become the Red Devil’s they always knew they could be!

Overall, this episode lacked a lot of the quality humor that makes this series so fun to watch. Even with Denise returning to the mix, the focus was more about the story and I honestly couldn’t care less who the two bathtub babies are. We did, however, get some amazingly hilarious outfits from Chanel, Denise and Boone. Like when Denise got all dressed up in Chanel #5’s clothes:

"You can bet your creamy white ass."

Boone was totally owning his “Everyday I’m Mustling” tee:

Everyday I'm Mustling

And can’t forget about Oberlin and her pink snake top:

Medusa's Shirt?

Anyone else feel like shopping?

The Verdict

Mikey Dislikes It

This episode was the low point of the season for Scream Queens. Worst of all, Jennifer is dead and I have no idea which scented candles to buy now. But seriously, not even Denise Hemphill moving into the KTT house was enough to save this one. I can’t seem to take the main plot seriously and I think this has a lot to do with the over the top humor they keep throwing at us. Unfortunately, it makes it very difficult to actually care who the killers are and why they are doing what they’re doing. We know Boone and Gigi make up two of the three villains but we are not much closer to finding out who the other Red Devil is. Not that it matters when Dean Munsch is around since she can just call upon her inner Chuck Norris to take care of business.

The entire story about the two babies from 1995 has gotten stale and I find myself yawning a lot when Grace is around. It was so obvious that Grace wasn’t going to be the 1995 baby although it was kinda funny when her mom turned out to be none other than the Waterfalls loving drunk chick from the premiere. Maybe Grace would have more personality if her mom was still around.

At this point, I’m not sure if this series is going to get any better or if the best is behind us now. Maybe the writers have run out of jokes but the story has become less and less appealing so hopefully we can go back to the root of what made this show funny in the first place. Oddly enough, there should be a lot more focus on the funny and less on the mystery. And please, more Denise and Chad!

So what did everyone think of Mommie Dearest? Did it make you want to change your name to Libby? Or would you rather snack on some White Mammie Mozza Sticks? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to vote for who you think the remaining Red Devil is and thanks for reading, fellow Screamers.

With only four episodes remaining, we’re still not even close to finding out who the killer is so we better get some answers very soon. Sure, Boone and Gigi are obviously involved for some reason but they better start explaining things or else. Be sure to check out the promo for next week’s all-new Scream Queens, titled Ghost Stories. BOO!