Scream Queens: ‘Thanksgiving’ Review

Scream Queens 'Turkey Talk'

Happy Thanksgiving, Screamers! Scream Queens treated us to Thanksgiving dinner and we were invited to spend some family time with the Swensons, the Radwells and the rest of this zany cast back at the KKT house. I love the fact that they decided to switch things up on us and introduced us to some of our character’s family members. Chanel #3 and Chad’s families featured a Thanksgiving dinner full of laughs and you just knew it was only a matter of time before everyone ended up back at the KKT house.

We also went around the table to hear some theories on who the killer might be and, as it turns out, Grace’s dad just so happens to be the father of the bathtub babies! I definitely didn’t see that coming. Even more importantly was that huge twist at the end which leaves us with only one mystery killer left to identify. With Gigi losing her head, there is now only one Red Devil left and things seem to be wrapping up nicely.

And even with no Denise Hemphill this week, I loved that the writers tried to do something different by showing us the different ways some of our characters were spending Thanksgiving. It was a unique and original way to change things up and I think focusing on individual characters and their families allowed us to learn more about what makes them tick. Plus, everything that happened was downright hilarious, especially watching the Radwell family celebrate their victory in Pictionary!

It’s time for us all to get a poo belly so let’s sit down for Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy the review, fellow Screamers!

Meet The Radwells

Thanksgiving brought us to the Radwell family home for a Thanksgiving feast for the ages and you just knew this was going to be one of the worst Thanksgivings ever for Chanel.

Dinner with the Radwells

Everyone knows how awkward it can be to meet the parents for the first time, but the Radwell family didn’t do Oberlin any favors whatsoever. We got to meet the entire Radwell clan and you just knew this was going to be hilarious from the very moment we sat down at the table. Chad’s mother gives a round of tolerant applause for their guest, Chanel Oberlin, whom Chad has never mentioned…ever! And yes, that was Alan Thicke playing Chad’s father, Tad!

A Toast To Douchiness

We also went around the table and met Bunny, Thad, Brad and Muffy. Thad’s toast was pretty much the funniest as he was grateful for the lax indecency laws in Eastern Europe that inundate our Internet with hours of hardcore porn! Cheers to that.

And Chad was grateful for the serial killer who is stalking the campus of Wallace University for having not murdered him yet. Oberlin’s reaction was priceless but Chad is fucking hilarious every time he opens his mouth. Like really Chad, you’re grateful for a serial killer? Loved it!

Chad finishes up his toast

The entire Chadwell dinner was pure jokes and it was only a matter of time before Chanel loses her shit on Chad’s mom. Even worse for Oberlin, Hester shows up uninvited and is introduced to the family as Chad’s ‘sober coach’. But how is she still alive after being thrown down a flight of stairs last week? Well, Hester explains that her neck brace saved her life and laying her down in the meat cooler curbed the swelling in her spinal column. As I predicted last week, the fall totally cured Hester of her scoliosis and she returned in a big way, much to Chanel’s disappointment. Hester also announces that she’s pregnant with Chad’s baby and the Radwell’s are not impressed with the news. This family is just awful in every way, am I right?!

Later, Chad’s dad Tad (LOL) tries to bribe Oberlin with a check for $50,000 if Chanel will leave and never come back but Oberlin is quite insulted with this proposition. We also got a sneak peak at Chad’s savory leftover dessert:

"Is that dessert?"

Totally tastes like Henry the VIII just barfed in my mouth. NOMS! That does not look very appetizing but this is not your ordinary Thanksgiving dinner. The best part was yet to come though because it’s a Radwell tradition to play Pictionary at Thanksgiving. And at this point I’m as pumped up as Chad:

The Radwell's get ready for Pictionary

The teams were divided perfectly, it was the entire Radwell family vs. Chanel and Hester, but there was nothing better than watching the Radwell’s celebrate their victory after guessing the correct answer which also happened to be ‘Neckbrace Whore’.

The Radwells celebrate victory

Best victory celebration EVER! This ultimately leads to Oberlin flipping out on the entire Radwell family, calling them the most awful family in America, and decides that she would rather spend Thanksgiving back at KKT. She also breaks up with Chad for the millionth time only this time it seems fo’ real (which it is obviously not since they totally get back together later)! Hester also leaves with Oberlin and all I can say is thank you for letting us spend some time with the Radwell family.

Thank You

Home For The Holidays

Prior to heading to the Radwells for Thanksgiving, Oberlin gets things started by letting Chad know that Hester is not actually pregnant and that she was murdered by gravity after she took a tumble down the stairs. She ended up putting Hester’s body in the meat locker and Chad thinks that’s totally hot due to his unhealthy obsession with corpses. Classic Chad! And because this is Scream Queens, Hester’s body is no where to be found when they check the freezer.

Chanel in the freezer

Meanwhile, Gigi and the Red Devil are having a Room Service Thanksgiving and having a very one-sided conversation since our Red Devil doesn’t really like to socialize. Gigi tries to console the Red Devil about Boone’s murder but it appears Gigi doesn’t really care about Boone since he was out of control and almost ruined her 20-year plan.

Arts & Crafts

Room service arrives and quail is on the menu but it’s not quite what Gigi expected. She also asks for an electric serrated carving knife since it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without the whir of a small motor cutting through flesh. I guess this is how crazy knife-wielding murderers enjoy Thanksgiving.

We also took a tour of the Swenson family home for Chanel #3’s Thanksgiving. Chanel #3 compares her family Thansgiving to a Tinder date because it looks so good at first, inviting with the possibility of a real connection, but once you arrive at Swenson Thanksgiving’s door, the whole thing is just fat, upsetting and disappointing but since you came all this way you might as well go through with it even though you’re going to hate yourself when it’s over! It really was the perfect analogy.

I was certainly not expecting to meet Chanel #3’s family but I thought it was a great idea to introduce us to some of our character’s families. I also thought it was hilarious that they were eating Swenson family dinners for their Thanksgiving meal. This is not a family I would want to be a part of either! So Chanel #3 totally loses her shit and decides that she’s not sticking around for dessert.

That Moment When Your Girlfriend Interrupts Football

So Chanel #3 heads back to the KKT house which is practically empty since everyone has headed back home to be with their families. Of course, Dean Munsch stayed behind and is busy preparing Tiburon the Turkey for her own Thanksgiving meal but Chanel #3 doesn’t know this and she creeps up on the Dean with a candlestick as if she was playing a game of Clue!

Dean Munsch is frightened while holding a cleaver

Probably not a good idea to sneak up on someone holding a meat cleaver! So Dean Munsch explains that she was disinvited to Thanksgiving dinner since her in-laws think she was responsible for murdering their son which they are definitely not wrong about.

Grace and Zayday are also at the KKT house since they decided not to go to Oakland for those world famous nachos. It was pretty obvious at this point that everyone was going to end up back at the KKT house for Thanksgiving for different reasons.

While cooking Tiburon the Turkey, Dean Munsch decides they should play a game where each person has to guess who the Red Devil killer is. And first up, Dean Munsch accuses Chanel #3, aka Manson Baby. I’m not going to go through all of the evidence here but this entire scene was hilarious given the fact that we got to hear some theories on who the killer might be from the perspectives of our characters.

Chanel #5 also shows up for the festivities after we find out her family failed to let her know they were spending the holiday in the Maldives. Keepin’ it classy, #5!


Everyone was accusing everyone of being the killer, including Wes who ends up accusing his own daughter Grace. We did learn a few things here though. First, Chanel #3 was seen by the Dean trying to sneak back to her room undetected with a sweaty face after the Red Devil chainsaw attack. Second, we learned that Dean Munsch is not actually allergic to bologna after Chanel #3 saw her eating a bologna sandwich for lunch. Third, Grace was present the night Melanie Dorkus (the former president of KKT) was horribly disfigured when someone put acid in her spray tan. And lastly, after Pete randomly shows up at KKT, it was revealed that Grace’s dad was actually the father of the bathtub babies after Pete had his friend at the Maury Show run a quicky DNA test. This should surprise no one considering Wes was a big man-slut back in the day.

Wes getting his party on

So lots of information was revealed about our suspects but we still have no idea who the Red Devil killer is at this point. Plus, not every person was subject to accusations which makes me believe this was all a rouse to throw us off the scent of the real killer. Chanel #5, Oberlin, Hester, Pete and Zayday were all given free passes here and I’m expecting that the killer is going to turn out to be someone whom we least expect!

After everyone is finally done with their accusations, it was finally time to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner and luckily Hester brought a sharp knife to cut the turkey.

"Definitely sharp enough to cut through roasted flesh."

Unfortunately, however, Tiburon the turkey seems to have made a last minute escape and instead it looks like everyone is going to be eating this instead:

Head of the Table

Wait, WHAT!?! They’re eating Gigi’s head for dinner? So it looks like the Red Devil would much prefer to work alone and Gigi ends up getting her head cut off and served for Thanksgiving. With Boone and Gigi officially out of the picure, that leaves us with only one murderer left and it’s only a matter of time before our killer’s identity is revealed.

The Verdict


Mikey Likes ItThis very special Thanksgiving episode of Scream Queens was a table full of laughs. Not only did we get to meet the Swenson’s but we were also lucky enough to spend some time with the entire Radwell family. I particularly loved seeing just how douchey their entire family was and it was a nice change of pace to leave KKT and learn more about some of our favorite character’s upbringings. The highlight for me was watching Chad’s family celebrate after correctly guessing ‘Neckbrace Whore’ during that wonderful game of Pictionary. Best reactions ever!

It was also interesting watching our characters throw around their own crazy theories about who they think the Red Devil is. Obviously the biggest surprises were finding out that Grace’s dad is actually the father of the bathtub babies (which would also make Boone and the Red Devil siblings with Grace) and Gigi having her head chopped off and served for dinner. With Gigi and Boone out of the picture, we can finally focus on one killer for the final two episodes where we will finally get to find out who is behind the Red Devil mask.

And where in the hell was Denise during all of this? Her absence has been a little suspicious but I think we can probably rule her out as being the killer considering we know the Red Devil has to be the same age as Boone. I think this means that the killer is likely one of the following people: Grace, Zayday, Hester, Oberlin, Chanel #3, Chanel #5, Pete and Chad. If the killer ends up being anyone else, the writers better have a good explanation considering the fact that Gigi was referring to Boone as the Red Devil’s brother.

So what did you think of Thanksgiving and who do you think is the killer? Are you ready to play some non-stop Pictionary with the Radwells? Or are you too stuffed after eating that savory leftover Radwell dessert? Be sure to vote for who you think the killer is below and let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments. Thanks for reading, fellow Screamers!

Lastly, it’s time for some shopping for next week’s episode of Scream Queens, appropriately titled ‘Black Friday’. With only two episodes to go, we’re one step closer to finding out who the Red Devil is but this will probably not happen until the finale. Check out the promo below: