Shameless: ‘A Yurt Of One’s Own’ Review

Shameless 'A World Of Yurt'

“Just because we were born here doesn’t mean that we end up here.” -Mandy

Shameless took us to the commune for its latest episode, titled ‘A Yurt Of One’s Own’, and brought back some of the funny and feel good moments that make Shameless such a treat to watch. This season has suffered from having too many individual stories going on at the same time, leaving little to no time to advance these plots every week. It appears, however, that this is paying off now with most of the stories finally coming together for the final three episodes. Plus, MANDY RETURNED!

For me, watching Carl literally turn his life upside down was great to watch. Who would have thought that all he had to do was obtain a shitty job and get rid of his ‘Black Carl’ persona to get the girl of his dreams. That final scene when Carl runs downstairs to ask his older brothers if they had any extra condoms was one of those things that only a brother could understand. It was an absolute feel good moment that wouldn’t have felt nearly as good if Carl hadn’t went on his journey through juvie (and the streets) to get there. Good job, show.

Plus, as bad as I feel for Gus, it was also good to see Fiona finally catch a break after all of the shit she’s put herself through over the years. It looks like her and Sean are going to be tying the knot but let’s just hope this marriage actually lasts and that Fiona isn’t rushing into another failed attempt at love.

Now, let’s get comfy in our great big vagina-sized yurt and enjoy the review, fellow Gallagher fans!

Commune Sense

Frank’s on the run after him and his muscle threw a huge cocaine sampling party and he’s being chased down by management. It should be noted that management carries around fully automatic weapons.

Meanwhile, Deb has teamed up with Queenie for her pregnancy and she’s heading down to a supportive environment that is the local commune. She’s also decided to take up ‘unschooling’, the process of which we learn through life instead of books which clearly Deb is NOT doing. She’s making a huge mistake by going through with this pregnancy and obviously hangin’ out with Queenie at the commune is not going to help the situation.

Teen Pregnancy: Unschool Your Way Through Life

Frank also comes along for the ride since he’s on the run and trying to hide from those drug dealers. They reach the commune which is basically just a camp out in the woods and we’re introduced to Jupiter who is clearly bat shit crazy given he has named himself after a planet. Debs is definitely in for the time of her life now that she’s moving into a yurt, a fancy word for a portable, round tent. Debs is officially Yurtle the Turtle.

Debbie is granted access to the Maternity Tent and it’s pretty luxurious considering it’s a fucking tent. I mean, wouldn’t you not want to call this your bedroom?

Pitchin' a tent

Okay, maybe not but I’m still impressed. It’s clearly a lot better than this literal pile of shit:

King of the Shit Hill

The locals may refer to this as black gold but I’m definitely going to be skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner during my time at the commune. Also, I have totally lost my appetite. Poor Chuckie.

Later, Frank’s literally out in the cold and wants to bunk up with Debs but this is totally not happening since no male energy is allowed in the big maternal vagina tent and Deb is easily able to defend her new castle with a fertility idol. Yup, this could only happen on Shameless.

Things get even more pervy when Frank finds his way to an exercise bike that is used to regenerate battery power at the ole Yurtle hole. I loved how this entire scene was shot as a metaphor for getting it on but I’m going to refrain from even discussing this because 15-year old and vibrator are two words I am not using outside of this sentence. Nope, not going there.

Frank eventually reaches his breaking point at the commune. He’s fiending hardcore for some weed but there is none in sight which is hard to believe since they’re in a place that looks like it came from Woodstock ’69. So Queenie ends up taking him to the communal stash but it’s not quite what you think…

Opium For Business

…because instead of weed, it’s a greenhouse full of poppies which can only mean that Frank is about to get super high on opium. I’ll drink to that and so should you, especially considering we have a messy divorce to deal with.

Ocos Pocos

Fiona’s relationship with Sean has hit a roadblock in the form of Carl’s gun. Sean is giving Fiona the cold shoulder, a move that I fucking hate, and in this case I’m not so sure Fiona deserves it since this wasn’t completely her fault. I also understand why Sean is royally pissed seeing as he may lose custody of his only son. To complicate matters, Fiona’s husband Gus shows up bearing gifts and all I can say is that bourbon is also the key to my heart.

Bourbon is the way to my heart

Fiona should have clearly stayed with Gus since he’s obviously a phenomenal guy with a fine taste in liquor but it looks like Divorce City for these two. At least they are finally being civil with one another, as hard as that can be when one person decides to be a selfish asshole (I’m looking at you Fiona). Honestly, Gus has absolutely fuck all to apologize about but I admire the guy for being the better person here.

Fiona is clearly not that person though since she pawned off Gus’s ring and is now trying to buy it back since it has sentimental value. And if you guessed that Gus’s grandma smuggled it out of Nazi Germany in her vagina than you are one sick fuck because that would not have been my first guess. Unfortunately for Fiona, the price also went way up and it’s going to cost her $6000 to buy the ring back (up from the $1900 she sold it for).

Ocos Pocos

Hocus Pocus in your best Eastern European accent, indeed shopkeep! Fiona obviously can’t afford this new price but what she can afford is a divorce lawyer since Rick Encarnacion advertises his low rates all over Chi-Town. This is a terrible idea all-around though and it’s pretty obvious that Fiona’s lawyer is the worst because he is ignoring everything his client is telling him. Good luck, Fiona.

Gus is understandably pissed over the fact that Fiona’s lawyer is asking for a list of his assets and naturally, he assumes the worst. I can’t say I blame him either since Fiona has already treated him the worst. Speaking of the worst, Fiona’s life is exactly that and she’s pretty much forced to break up with Sean after he continuously refuses to talk to her about the whole gun incident. I was quite surprised to see Fiona make such an important decision but I also think it might be the right idea considering these two are currently a mess right now.

Back to the matter of divorce, Fiona has a brief discussion with her shitty ass lawyer and it becomes very clear that this is jackpot city for the lawyer. He wants to go after Gus for everything and the kitchen sink and he thinks they have a great case, especially after the release of Gus’s hit single, ‘Fuck You Fiona‘. Thankfully for everyone, Fiona is not having any of this and is trying to do the right thing for once.

Of course, this totally backfires since Fiona couldn’t get the ring back and Gus decides to go after the Gallagher home until Fiona gives him the money for the ring, which is now valued at $15,000. Naturally, this pisses Fiona right off and it’s time for her lawyer’s wish to come true.

Blood in the water and i am a shark

As it turns out, this was one of those times when a lawyer acting in his own self interest totally paid off. Time to hit the bank, baby…we just won the jackpot! Hold up…nope. Instead, Sean shows up with Gus’s ring and makes the most bizarre proposal ever, using the same ring to ask Fiona to take his hand in marriage while IN FRONT OF GUS! Fiona obvs says yes but I can’t help but feel like this marriage is destined for failure just like the last one. I shall remain optimistic, however, so please pass the opium and let’s celebrate!

Fine And Mandy

Things are pretty status quo at the Alibi ever since Yanis’s death, that is until Kev opens his big mouth and tells an undercover immigration officer about Svetlana’s illegal entry into the U.S. of A. Svetlana can’t get a work visa while her husband is in prison so it’s time to get creative with the loopholes. As it turns out, gay marriage is totally legal in Illinois so Svetland and Vee might be getting hitched. This is also the greatest marriage in Shameless history.

Svetlana starts taking notes on her soon-to-be wifey and Kevin decides he wants to read up on his girl but he’s quite surprised when he comes to the realization that Vee totally hates his nachos.

The Notebook

This causes Kev to freak right out as Kev always does and he forbids either of them from getting married to anyone else. Probably a good idea considering Kev and Vee are still together. Also, I’m pretty sure if Kev can get over Yanis burning himself to death, he can get over this too.

We also went around Chicago to check in with each Gallagher brother. Carl has lost interest in pretty much everything now that he’s out of the game, including his crush Dominique. He totally turns down a great opportunity to make some moves and I can totally understand where White Chocolate is coming from. He’s feeling a little lost after quitting his most recent career and, even though it’s clearly the right choice, he’s struggling to figure out what he wants to do next. We’ve all been there but I definitely think that, at the very least, Carl should get a haircut. Instead, he gets a legit job at Sean’s diner but he’s not exactly raking in the dough.

Minimum Rage

Dominique pays Carl a visit at the diner because she wants to know what’s up with Carl and it’s obvious that Carl has life all wrong since he thinks having tons of cash money and bling is going to win over the ladies. Money don’t buy shit, I can promise you that little one. This point is proven by Dominique’s preference for hairnets over a wad of cash and it looks like little Carl is finally making some progress with the ladies and in life. This was a super feel good moment 🙂

The Kiss of Life

And things got even better for Carl after Dominique swings by for a jam session on her violin. She totally had other intentions though, officially ensuring that Carl was going to have the best day of his life.

The best day of your life

Ian and Lip were also hangin’ out again, this time at a crazy college party where some of the guys are dressed like ladies and vice versa when all of a sudden we’re hit with a massive surprise when Ian gets a phone call from the one and only MANDY MILKOVICH! I definitely did not see this coming and either did you.

Before we get to that, Lip continues to party on in epic fashion. He’s lost track of which girls he’s been with and everything appears to be one big, alcohol-induced blur. To this I say:

That moment when you realize you’re immune to alcohol

Of course, this ends up putting Lip in the hospital with alcohol poisoning and Lip may never drink Jack Daniels ever again but at least he survived.

We also find out that Mandy has been running her own escort service and doing a whole lot of drugs and, unfortunately, one of her Asian clients has OD’ed on the crank which totally explains Mandy’s full panic mode. She obviously doesn’t want to land herself in jail so calling the cops is not an option. Instead, her and Ian roll up the body in the shower curtain and come up with an amazing plan to dump the body out the window. Unfortunately, we never got to witness this because Ian has a better plan that involves doing the right thing. Wait, WHAT?! Since when does a Gallagher do the right thing?

"His heart exploded while we were doin' it."

Luckily, they end up doing the right thing and everything works out for Mandy. This entire reunion brought forth all sorts of memories of my own friends, past and present, and was an awesome reminder that even though time might be slowly passing by, we will always have our friends in a time of need. And having grown up in a shitty small town myself, I completely understand when Mandy says that just because we were born here, doesn’t mean we end up here. So here’s hoping that ALL of the Gallaghers (and Mandy because I love her) get the ending they so badly deserve.

Cheers To Brothers

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT

Mikey Likes ItShameless stepped it up big time with ‘A Yurt Of One’s Own’ and hopefully got this season back on track for the final three episodes. The biggest problem this season has had is with respect to maintaining an interesting story. We’ve jumped all over the place, checking in repeatedly with multiple characters and it’s been a bit too much at times. Luckily, it all appears to be coming together now. Deb’s pregnancy is looming and she is going to have to make a big decision about whether to keep the baby or put it up for adoption. Fiona is finally getting that divorce but it’s also time for her to plan another wedding. And Carl got laid and lost his virgin status for good! Go Carl!

After the last few episodes, I started losing my faith in this series but I think it’ safe to say we’re fully back on track with A Yurt Of One’s Own, which for me was one of the best feel good episodes of the season. Even Frank had a happy ending (not the kind you’re thinking of you pervs) by landing in a greenhouse full of opium. It was definitely a good time to be a Gallagher.

With so much happy going on I have no idea what is next for everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family but I think Deb is going to finally realize that having this baby is the worst idea of all time. Everything that has happened to her points to ADOPTION but she’s stubborn as hell having grown up a Gallagher. I have faith that she’ll come around and so should you.

So what did everyone think of ‘A Yurt Of One’s Own’? Did it make you want to rent out a maternal yurt of your own so you can smoke all the opium in the world? Or are you ready to perform a magic trick and make Shameless disappear (all you have to do is say the magic words: Ocos Pocos)? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow Shameless fans!

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