Shameless: ‘Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia’ Review

Shameless 'One Last Kiss'

“Holy shit. You look fantastic.” -Kev

Shameless wrapped things up with the season six finale, titled ‘Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia’, where Fiona and Sean’s wedding took center stage. Unfortunately, Frank invited himself to the wedding and fucked everything up as usual. It was an odd ending to a bizarre season of Shameless but at least we can put an end to some of these terrible stories and move on. Lip finally acknowledged the fact that he may have a drinking problem although he looks more like your typical college student to me. Ian was able to get his job back as an EMT. Carl completed his transition from Black Carl to White Chocolate and Deb finally started getting the hang of being a moms. Yay for Team Gallagher!

Yup, it was all rather routine but at least Kev, Vee and Svetlana were around to make us laugh our asses off all season long. To be honest, they weren’t around much in the finale and maybe that was why I wasn’t laughing as much as I normally do. Seriously though, Kev and Vee provided a lot of the humor this season and I think I would definitely like to see a lot more of them next year. I’m still laughing about the whole ‘fuck schedule’ thing.

The season as a whole was a little off this time around and because of the fairly weak stories, the finale was probably one of the least interesting we have seen from this series. At least things are finally moving in new directions now that Fiona and Sean have split. While I have no fucking clue where this show is headed next season, we do know that at least most of these ridiculous stories have been wrapped up for good.

Now let’s all do some shots of vodka and get shitfaced for Fiona’s wedding. Enjoy the review, fellow Gallagher fans!

Lillian and Clyde

Frank is clearly up to no good as our finale begins. He’s got some final plans for Sean but first Frank does what Frank does best and that is act like a disgusting animal. After literally pissing in Sean’s boots, Frank decides that it’s time to give his ass a good cleaning…

Brushing your underneath

…with Sean’s toothbrush. BARF! I seriously hope he never uses that again because ya, totally gross. Unfortunately, I would not get my wish:


So that happened and I’m pretty sure Sean just brushed his teeth with Frank’s ass, pubic hair included. I can’t even! No one should ever have to go through this…ever! Obviously it was only a matter of time before Sean put on his piss boots and he immediately flips out. This causes Deb’s newborn to awake in a screaming, ear-piercing screech and everyone’s reaction was priceless:

That moment when the baby wakes up

I hate to say it but I told ya so Debs. You definitely should have never had that baby. Since there really isn’t any mystery regarding Sean’s piss boots, Fiona and Sean immediately start trying to figure out how Frank got inside in the first place. As it turns out, Frank tunneled his way in somehow and clearly has way too much fucking time on his hands. Get a life, Frank!

Of course, Frank absolutely does not take my advice and instead seeks out the redneck, forklift-driving hitman he hired last week who luckily wants nothing to do with him. Surprisingly, it was completely satisfying watching Frank lose at his own game. It looks like Sean is safe for now so let’s all take a minute to point and laugh at Frank:


Frank, however, doesn’t think this is funny so he goes out and purchases a big gun. Yup, Sean is no longer safe.

Fiona and Sean end up purchasing wedding rings from this woman, who looks like she is about to drop dead from old age and is also possibly a gypsy:

“I curse you.”

I’m frightened and you should be too. The rings they end up picking out have the names Clyde and Lillian on them and they’re keepers since Fiona thinks it’s totally romantic stuff. I say whatever floats your boat. Also, I’m pretty sure that old lady was, in fact, a gypsy because Fiona’s wedding ends up totally cursed.

Back On Track

Meanwhile, the Gallagher boys were also busy getting back on the right track. First, Lip wakes up in a cozy spot in a jail cell right next to a guy that puked all over himself and the floor. He’s clearly hungover as shit and now has to face the reality of his situation but it’s not going to be as easy as 1-2-3 considering Fiona’s wedding is right around the corner and he needs some bail money. Luckily for Lip, Professor Youens comes to the rescue even after Lip smashed up his car. It was kinda nice to see the Professor help Lip and try to get him some help for his drinking problem but does Lip really have a drinking problem? I’m not so sure.

Bail out

Lip’s not so sure either and he heads straight to the Alibi for some delicious beers. He’s trying to get shitfaced but in order for that to work, he should probably take Svetlana’s advice and switch to the hard stuff.

“You want to get shitfaced in middle of the day, vodka is best. believe me, I’m Russian, I know.”

I love you, Lana! In the end, Lip finally does acknowledge that he might have an addictive personality and checks into rehab but we’re going to have to wait until next season to see if he was able to get off the booze, unlike his professor friend who has been in and out of rehab five times.

Meanwhile, Ian’s upset over losing his EMT job and he’s feeling pretty down on himself because of his mental illness. Caleb’s reaction was pretty much what I expected and it looks like he doesn’t quite seem to understand how these things work. Please god Ian, get rid of Caleb immediately.

So Ian makes his way back to the University so he can take over his old job as a janitor. The only problem is that they don’t exactly want him back and basically tell him to go fuck himself. He looks all over town for a new job but his having absolutely no luck. The job market totally sucks and I think we can all relate to Ian’s situation. Ian almost goes back to his stripping days but luckily he has a change of heart and goes right back to EMT headquarters to demand his job back. And I absolutely loved every second of this scene. Ian is totally right about how unfair the entire process is and it was empowering to see him stick up for himself and others who are afflicted by mental illness.

"Don't tell me I can't do this job."

Ian is not wrong when he says he would have never been hired had he told the truth on his application and his EMT buddies have his back in the end which ultimately leads to his rehiring. It was a great ending for Ian who might actually be back on track as he continues to fight through his illness. Smiles all around.

Carl is hustlin’ for the good guys now too and he even gets to spend some quality time with his girlfriend’s dad. Who would have thought that Carl could have turned it around after his stint in juvie and his previous job as an arms dealer. Now he’s dating the girl of his dreams and is attempting to bond with her father so he can learn the ins and outs of being a cop. From hood to good!

Bad boys gone good

Of course, Dominique’s daddy is not too fond of Carl and still thinks he’s up to no good which was hilarious to watch. This was pretty much all that happened with Carl though and it should be interesting to see if he can continue this trend on the good side as we roll into the seventh season. Now let’s have a wedding!

Wedding Day

It’s wedding time! Fiona is ready for her big day with Sean and man, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that this got me a little emotional. Most of the time we have spent with the Gallaghers has involved watching them try to get out of tough situations in unique ways but when a happy moment such as Fiona’s wedding takes place, you can’t help but put on a smile. This family has been through so fucking much already and ultimately I think we all want them to have a happy ending. The scene that summed this up beautifully involved Kev of all people when he compliments Fiona who’s looking fantastic in her wedding dress.

Unfortunately for everyone, Frank shows up to ruin the good time and I guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised. Fiona, and the rest of her family, want Frank to get the fuck out and obviously no one blames them since he’s also super high. But so is Sean who apparently has a heroine stash of his own and Frank decides to completely ruin the wedding by giving away his big secret. Yup, the wedding was over before it got started and Lip pretty much summed it up perfectly.

“Life’s kinda fucked up right now.”

Isn’t life always kinda fucked up right now? Someone just please tell me that at some point, life will no longer be fucked up. Anyone? Please? Okay, I guess I will have to accept this just like the Gallaghers. With the wedding officially cancelled, Fiona and Sean split up so Sean can take care of his son and focus on getting clean so he doesn’t lose custody. This pretty much leaves Fiona out in the cold yet again.

Left in the cold

If you were expecting a happy ending, well…ain’t gonna happen. At least not for Fiona. Even though Fiona’s relationship is over however, there was also a lot of good coming the Gallagher’s way. Lip finally gives in to the pressure and checks himself into rehab, Ian ended up getting his EMT job back, Carl is slowly becoming a good kid (and I still can’t believe I’m typing that) and Debs is well on her way to becoming a great mom! Oh, and this:

Frank gets tossed off a bridge

Watching Frank gets thrown off of a bridge by his family and friends was deeply satisfying and the perfect way to finish up a somewhat mediocre season of Shameless.

The Verdict

Mikey Dislikes It

Shameless’s sixth season finale was a bit of a dud but hopefully the Gallaghers will be moving on to bigger and better things for season seven. I’ve had mixed feelings about this season and this finale probably confirms that it was mediocre at best. I really had a hard time getting into Lip and Ian’s stories and even Fiona, Debbie and Carl turned it down a notch as the season winded down.

Personally, something just felt off about this entire season. I have been a die hard Shameless fan since the very first episode and I couldn’t help but notice that the stories we explored this season were not nearly as entertaining as season’s past. Did anyone really get involved with Lip and his professors? Or how about Ian’s new boyfriend? Or Carl’s new girlfriend? I don’t know, I just felt these new characters lacked the fun and personality that makes this show so funny. See Svetlana, Sheila or Mickey if you don’t believe me.

Hopefully the show leaves all of these stories behind and starts over fresh next year. I’d like to see more scenes with the entire Gallagher family together, those always make me laugh and cry. And here is also hoping that Fiona takes a break from relationships for a while. That is now two failed marriages over the span of a season so I think it’s time she starts focusing on other aspects of her life. And don’t even get me started on Vee, Kev and Svetlana who are enjoying their new three-way marriage. It looks as though they are having so much sex that Kev is getting mad blue balls. This is not a bad problem to have.

So what did everyone think of season finale of Shameless? Did it make you want to get shitfaced on vodka in celebration? Or would you rather be thrown off a bridge like Frank? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow Gallagher fans!