Shameless: ‘The F Word’ Review

Shameless 'F is for Fucked'

♫ Fuck you Fiona because now I’m fucking done ♫ -Gus

I am loving this season of Shameless and The ‘F’ Word was one of the better episodes of the sixth season for a number of reasons. Obviously I am not a woman and will never be able to understand what it is like to be pregnant or make a tough decision to keep the baby or not but I think this is something a lot of women out there have gone through and I commend you all. Watching Deb and Fiona try to navigate their pregnancies with different views has been interesting to say the least. The ‘F’ Word was a lot more serious in nature but I think this show is at its absolute best when it balances the serious issues with the comedy.

Still, I love the dialogue in this series and Yanis has had some of the best lines so far. After being paralyzed from last week’s accident, I have no idea what is in store for us with this but if Yanis doesn’t end up murdering someone I will be completely shocked. Once again, this series has done a great job of making things unpredictable and I can honestly say that I never know where they are going with these stories. Keep up the awesome work, show!

So let’s get right into the episode because it’s time for an interbortion! Enjoy the review and just like the Gallagher’s, be sure to stay shameless!

Welcome Home Naybor

Kevin and V take a trip to the hospital to visit their neighbor Yanis who isn’t doing too well after his accident. For whatever reason, this storyline has me interested, possibly due to its randomness, and I have loved the introduction of Yanis to the show. That dude be cray cray.

Kev can’t stop confessing to random people about the fact that he cut the brake line and how can you not love the guy. He actually has a conscience and you can tell the fact that he paralyzed Yanis is eating away at him. With Yanis getting out of the hospital, Kev sets up a nice welcome home banner but his spelling needs a bit of work:

Welcome Home Naybor

Of course things immediately turn ugly when Yanis sees Lisa and Other Lisa and proceeds to steer Kev’s truck towards them in a murderous rage. Luckily they miss but you just know Kevin is feeling guiltier than ever at this point:

Kev reacts to almost running over Lisa and Other Lisa

Things get even more fucking hilarious when Kev and V visit Yanis at his home. Yanis wants to catch one of the Lisa’s while the other Lisa isn’t looking and skin her alive and then wrap the other one in the first one’s skin and beat her with a bat until she dies. This is actual dialogue and I cannot stop laughing at everything coming out of Yanis’s mouth. Kev and V eventually tell Yanis that it wasn’t the two Lisa’s who were responsible for cutting his brake line because they were out of town so Yanis immediately thinks it’s the lawyer with the Audi in the neighborhood. This obviously leads to another amazing rant only this time Yanis wants to kill his kids and feed him their testicles on a shish kabob.

“The bible can suck my dick, and so can that lawyer’s kids.”

Will Sasso is a comedy god and has been the best thing on Shameless since Svetlana totally started slaying balls last season. I love this entire bat shit crazy story and it’s officially the newest thing to look forward to every week.

I have a feeling that Yanis is going to find out that Kev was the one responsible for his little accident but I’m not sure I agree with V about repressing the guilt he’s feeling and focusing on what’s good. I mean, it was an accident after all because Kev didn’t mean to cut his brake line in the first place but I don’t think he should just forget about it completely. That said, I wouldn’t tell Yanis either because the guy is clearly a psycho. But hey, at least they don’t have to deal with abortions.

Fuck You, Fiona

Fiona and Deb are still arguing about keeping Deb’s baby and I was pleasantly surprised that Fiona let her know that she is also prego’s with a little one of her own. Deb is thrilled because she seems to think they can raise the bae’s together but Fiona is definitely not up for keeping her baby. It’s a really interesting storyline and one that is certainly not without controversy. I already mentioned in my last review that both Deb and Fiona are not in any situation where they should be having children so I have to take Fiona’s side on this one. Road trip to Disneyland anyone?

“Like Disneyland... only with abortions.”

Unfortunately for all of us, Frank is also back in the mix and he’s taking Deb’s side. Clearly if Frank is taking your side it’s probably not the right choice so Fiona has definitely been on a roll in the ‘being right’ department. Debs spills the beans about her and Fiona’s pregnancy and Frank is having none of it because he’s an absolute idiot.

Thankfully for Fiona, she’s got the bestest bestie in the world and V is able to offer up some of her own advice about what Fiona is going through.

“It’s the hormones. You just start leaking down your face until the babies are born, then you start leaking out your titties.”

Fiona is such a complex character. On the one hand, I’m loving her for sticking to her guns with Debbie about the abortion but on the other hand, it’s hard to forget what she did to Gus last season. I’ve been in Gus’s shoes so I completely understand how it feels and I’ve always been a firm believer that the ones that have the most love to give always get hurt the most. Gus is one of the good ones and it is literally impossible for me not to feel bad for the guy. It was also a nice reminder of why I think Fiona’s decision-making skills need some serious fixing.

Fiona and V head to the bar to visit Gus and you just knew this wasn’t going to go well. We’re treated to a new song, called ‘The F Word’ and I knew it was going to all start going downhill which is exactly what happened when Gus starts singing, “Fuck you Fiona.”

That Moment When You Finally Get Back At Your Ex

I have to admit, this was a catchy song and everyone who has been screwed over by an ex was clearly loving every second of this moment. Honestly though, this was such a powerful part of the episode because of the realness. Fiona ends up going back to Sean who thinks she’s going to end their relationship but there’s just so much that he doesn’t even know about. I really don’t know if I should be cheering for Fiona or not but maybe she’s finally going to start redeeming herself.

Meanwhile, Deb is back at school hanging out with all the other teen moms and I can’t help but think that this was NOTHING like my high school. Sex in the bathroom, changing babies, girls peeing in the sink…

“I’m trying to wipe. Do you mind?”

I don’t even know if I’m legally allowed to be looking at the above image. This is just WAY too much information, show! And that is one fucked up high school. So Deb eventually takes off with Frank to the local welfare office and I’m quite impressed with how much knowledge Frank has when it comes to ripping off the system. This is why there needs to be greater restrictions on these types of social programs. While I do think that welfare is an important service, I simply don’t believe our government should be giving money away to people like Frank. Or Deb for that matter.

Frank and Deb decide to have what Frank has dubbed an ‘Interbortion’ to try to convince Fiona to keep the baby. It’s still a terrible idea although my heart broke a little when Liam said “don’t kill the baby, Fiona.”


I have no idea why Fiona and the rest of the family just kick Frank the fuck out for good as he’s easily the most annoying person on this show. Don’t get me wrong, William H. Macy has done a remarkable job with the character, it’s just that Frank is the worst person ever.

Thankfully Fiona stands her ground and, even though Deb is still a teenager, I applaud her decision to do this. Deb is definitely not thinking straight and if she thinks that her big sister is going to be there to clean up her mess, she’s definitely got another thing coming. This baby should not be Fiona’s responsibility and I definitely think that Deb needs to learn the hard way before it’s too late.

Black Carl

Carl’s up to his usual tricks selling guns to everyone at his school  like he’s straight outta Compton. He’s also trying very hard to pick up Dominique, his new crush, but things aren’t going so well since Carl is trying way too hard to be black:

Dark Black Soul

Can’t blame the kid for trying. I love this new gangsta Carl and it looks like he’s going to have his hands full trying to convince Dominique that he’s the right guy for her. Carl ends up getting called to the principal’s office and it’s not looking good for black Carl until it’s revealed that our principal friend needs a gun of his own.

"I need hollow tips."

Hollow tips it is! Once again, Shameless does a complete 180 and fools us all. Who knows where Carl’s story is headed this season but I simply cannot get enough of this. Later on, Carl, Nick and Liam make a stop at Dominique’s house but it doesn’t go as planned when they meet her old man who is probably a cop. He gives them the old ‘I’m going to count to 10’ threat but little Liam is having none of it.

Liam stands his ground

I fucking LOVE this kid. Liam stands his ground until Carl and Nick finally come back to retrieve him but it looks like Liam is getting funnier with age. How can you not love this kid!?

Meanwhile, back at Carl’s school, you just knew it was only a matter of time before everyone started pulling their gun out and that was exactly what happened after someone knocked over a cafeteria tray. Yup, this school is fucked up!

School of Hard Knocks

Brotherly Love

Ian starts his new job and we meet Ronny and Tod with only one ‘D’ because apparently it costs extra to get more than three letters on the uniforms. Luckily for Ian, he won’t have that problem which appears to make Tod very jealous. For now though, Ian’s going to have to suck it up and wear Dave’s old uniform or should I say ‘Dav’. This entire scene was very random but I couldn’t help but laugh at the trash patrol.

Ian and Lip are back together again and partying it up at Lip’s dorm. It’s definitely been a while since we saw these two chillin’ and I was really glad to see the two brothers hangin’ out again. For one, it’s totally cool that Lip doesn’t care about his brother’s sexuality and that they can still hang out like they’re best friends. Secondly, me and my younger bro tend to get along quite well, especially when it comes to getting our party on. Remember folks, family is everything and the Gallagher’s always have each others backs (with the exception of Frank) even if they do come to blows from time to time which was exactly what happened with Lip and Ian.

"I think I like college."

After Ian asks Lip if he can stay with him for a while and is rejected, the two brothers get in a tussle over the fact that Lip is two damn busy to finish saying words like “Prof” and “Caf”. So I guess that reunion didn’t last very long. Watching Ian is very difficult for me for so many reasons. He has a great family around him and tons of support but he also has a mental illness and that can get in the way of appreciating the good things you have in your life. Anyone who has gone through any kind of depression knows that it sucks so try to imagine what it would be like to always feel like that. It’s not going to be an easy journey for Ian but hopefully the two brothers make up before the end of the season.

And how about that ending? It looked like Ian was about to jump to his death when all of a sudden there’s a fiery car crash behind him and he ends up saving a stranger’s life just before the car goes up in a blaze of fireballs. Not only that, it looks like Ian is saved by a sexy fireman who he probably already has a crush on.

We can be heroes, just for one day

Now, I don’t think things happen like this in real life because they simply don’t (or at least they’re very rare) but I think the point here is that all it takes is one event, one circumstance to completely change your life and that is why we all have to keep our head up and never give up. I’m very curious to see how this incident will affect Ian going forward. It might just be the break he deserves.

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT

Mikey Likes ItIt was another awesome hour of Shameless and for me, it was the best episode of the season so far. Even without Svetlana, The ‘F’ Word still had lots of funny moments but it was the realness of it all that had me in tears. This is a series that we can all relate to because it’s a show about life and about how we deal with tough situations. In my opinion, the ‘F’ word should stand for family because the Gallaghers always manage to stay on their feet when so much shit is hitting the fan.

Carl’s story has been quite entertaining so far so I’m hoping we’ll be getting more from that. I’m thinking he might be getting himself into some trouble with Dominique’s father in future episodes because there is no way that guy wasn’t a cop. And what’s with that Nick guy? He literally hasn’t said a word yet but I’m sure the writers didn’t introduce him to us for no reason so something is bound to happen there.

As for Fiona, I actually have to give her props for standing up to Deb and letting her know she won’t be helping her out if she has the baby. With Fiona receiving an eviction notice at the end of the episode, the Gallagher’s are in NO position to raise another baby, let alone TWO of them. Deb needs to get her shit together and realize that having the baby will be a life changing mistake. Plus, it was nice to see Gus get back at Fiona for breaking his heart and even though I’m starting to see some redemption from Fiona, she did deserve every second of that song.

So what did everyone think of The ‘F’ Word? Did it make you want to go to Disneyland to get an abortion? Or was it as fun as playing some beer pong? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow Gallaghers!