Shameless: ‘Going Once, Going Twice’ Review

Shameless 'Piece of the Auction'

“Strange little bald man…sit down, get a drink.” -Svetlana

Shameless will always be a series that makes me laugh and Going Once, Going Twice had some very random, and funny, moments but I think it’s safe to say that this was one of the weaker episodes of the season so far. Obviously this episode was setting things up for the rest of the season but I have been a little disappointed with how slowly things have been moving along so far.

Going Once, Going Twice was really all about Fiona trying to prevent the Gallaghers from losing their home but it was the side stories involving Kev, Yanis and Svetlana that had me laughing the most. Unfortunately, besides the shocking ending, there wasn’t much happening this week and some of the stories being presented (like Lip and his professor) have not been all that interesting.

So grab some Molotov cocktails, head over to your local public restroom and enjoy the review, fellow Gallagher fans!

Relatonship Status: It’s Complicated

A majority of our episode focused on Carl, Ian and Lip’s relationships and I can honestly say I have no idea where this is all going. Carl and his new BFF Nick, who can now speak finally, are still wheelin’ and dealin’ in an attempt to win over Dominique. Is there anything better than Carl dreaming that he’s living in a gangsta’s paradise:

Gangsta's Paradise

Big pimpin’! Unfortunately, Carl’s not quite there yet but a gangsta can dream, right? He ends up buying Dominique a new bike and progess is being made, slowly but surely. I can’t help but think this is leading up to something much bigger but it seems like more of the same every week when it comes to Black Carl.

We also caught up with Lip and his entire story with Helene has been the absolute worst. I find myself having little to no interest in this relationship and I can’t stand Helene because she is clearly a dirty whore. I couldn’t even feel bad for her when that douchebag kept interrupting her during her lecture. I understand that the writers had to come up with something for Lip to do but I think it’s time to put this relationship to rest.

Time to Flush this Story

Sorry Helene, but you are definitely a cliche and the sooner Lip realizes this, the better! I just cannot feel bad for this woman because of the way she thinks. I mean, she’s married and swinging on the side and just can’t seem to get her shit together even though it should be easy for anyone in her position. She’s a university professor, for fuck’s sake!

We also caught up with Ian albeit only briefly. He is busy baking cookies for the fire department after his heroic actions from last week. Apparently all of the gay firemen on the force work on the same shift. Wait, what? Is this really a thing? If you’re totally into dudes, then this is the perfect spot to hang out on Tuesdays which probably explains why Ian returns to meet his saving grace.

I couldn’t help but laugh at Ian walking into the fire department and watching all of the firemen doing their thang. His reaction was absolutely priceless:

Ian's reaction to hot firemen

Ian eventually finds the dude who saved his life but, unfortunately for Ian, the guy is married and has kids, not that this hasn’t stopped Ian in the past. So as you can see, not too much happened with the Gallagher brothers and I really think this needs to change in a hurry…you know, before they are all homeless.

Eviction Notice

After receiving an eviction notice from her slumlord, Fiona is reeling to get out of this mess. Life never seems to get easy for the Gallaghers and the former owner of the Gallagher residence would rather buy a jet ski and season tickets to the Blackhawks. This obviously leads to the house going up for sale which can only mean one thing: It’s time for a good old-fashioned auction.

Luckily for Fiona, her credit score is literally zero which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Yup, that’s right…she’s going to have to borrow money in order to borrow more money. And yes, this is exactly how our idiotic society works. Basically, Fiona needs to come up with a down payment of $3,500 so she can participate in the auction and get their house back, only this time with full ownership. But where are they going to get the cash? Well, Carl can clearly help with that since he’s the new family provider:

Little man, lots of money

This immediately brought back some childhood memories of my younger brother who used to walk around the house saying “little man, lots of money” and pretending he was king shit. Fiona, however, rejects Carl’s generous donation since she wants to keep things legit.

Oh, and it’s also worth mentioning that Chuckie is fresh out of juvie as well and has no where to go now that Sam is spending her days in a local prison. Fiona does some improvising and is able to turn the swastika on Chuckie’s forehead into a Tetris block:

Tetris Tat

How’s that for creativity! Fiona also sets some rules for Carl…no shiv’s in Chuckie’s neck and no race wars in the house. Definitely not your ordinary house rules but these are the Gallaghers after all!

In order to get the house back, Fiona’s plan is to pawn off the ring that Gus gave her and I’m not sure how I feel about this. In my opinion, she probably should have taken Carl’s money because this is not something a good person would do, especially considering that Gus was actually a decent guy who treated her well. I wish Fiona would just do the right thing for once but clearly she doesn’t get it and that is probably why karma continues to bite her in the ass.

To make matters worse, Fiona is outbid by a solid $30,000 at the auction and the ending of the episode actually made my heart melt a little. This has been the Gallagher’s home since it all began back in season one and I can’t even picture them living anywhere else. It was a devastating result for Fiona who now must figure out where her and the rest of the Gallagher clan are going to live. Still though, this was a much better outcome compared to what happened to Yanis.

Debbie Poppins

So Frank is clearly still the worst. At least if there is anything that is going to snap Deb out of her obsession with having this baby, it’ll be her father because every single piece of advice Frank has offered up has been a double decker bus full of dumb.

Frank’s latest idea involves setting up a clearly underage Deb with an 80-year old dying robot.

“My second wife was a redhead.”

Luckily Deb is not an idiot and doesn’t fall for Frank’s scheme. Instead, she has decided to become a professional dog walker. Oh Debbie, would you please start using some common sense and get an abortion? I mean, come on…you’re 15 years old and this decision will literally change your life forever.

Frank appears to have a potential lead on employment for Deb to become a nanny but it’s clearly not as peachy as it sounds. They go for the interview and the woman who needs help is clearly sick but Frank has his own ideas. He’s trying to set Deb up with a dying woman’s husband so they can move in and raise Deb’s kid. The house even has a playground equipped with a swing set and trampoline…and no pedophile’s in sight.

This is an all-around terrible idea. Frank has the WORST ideas and Deb is not doing herself any favors by going along with them. At least Frank has finally gotten over Bianca and is becoming a bigger part of the story this season but hopefully Deb wakes up and realizes that she is slowly turning into her old man.

Great Balls of Fire

Yanis pays Kev a visit and he still seems to think that it was that yuppy lawyer scumbag that paralyzed him so naturally, Yanis wants Kev’s help to murder the lawyer and his family by setting his house on fire. I love Yanis, especially when he was describing how this lawyer and his kids would react to being set on fire. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Will Sasso has been the most hilarious addition to Shameless this season. Of course, Kev declines Yanis’s offer to come over and watch The Voice, leaving poor Yanis all alone.

You See Me Rollin'

I didn’t even think it was possible but I actually feel sorry for our hot-headed Greek friend.

Kev seems to think that Yanis is actually gonna murder some people in the neighborhood but V is having none of it and reassures him that Yanis is not going to follow through with his threats. I have a feeling that Yanis is about to do something very, very crazy and I can’t wait until shit hits the fan because that guy is a total lunatic. Luckily, we did not have to wait very long.

Meanwhile, the best shittiest bar on the south side is having a rough time with all of the hipster’s disappearing out of sight. Luckily, Svetlana is around to make us all some octopus tapas. Svetlana has also taken on a new job at a public restroom which is apparently code for speakeasy. She offers to take Kev and V to meet the owner, Georgia, and since the best shittiest bar on the south side is totally empty, they are up for the task. Plus, I couldn’t stop laughing when Svetlana pulled out her boobs in order to convince Kermit to get a drink!

"Sit down, get a drink."

Svetlana is hands down one of my favorite characters on Shameless and this moment literally took the urinal cake for me. Surprisingly, I’ve been laughing a lot more at Kev’s story this season and I’m hoping we get more of Svetlana, Yanis and the rest because they have easily produced some of the best moments of the season.

Svetlana takes V to this so-called speakeasy and we immediately find out why they’re calling it the Public Restroom as the only way to get in is through a secret entrance attached to one of the urinals. And the place is booming with customers and charging $15 for a drink. V is introduced to Georgia who explains her little scheme of attracting people to her bar and it’s all about keeping things secret, something the Alibi Room couldn’t do after hanging a banner to announce they are the best shittiest bar on the south side.

Meanwhile, Yanis is on his way to murder the shit out of that yuppy lawyer and he’s got a box full of Molotov cocktails. Kev catches up with him and finally comes clean about his mistake but this definitely does not make the situation any better because Yanis proceeds to start lighting his Molotov’s and throwing them in Kevin’s direction. That is until he accidentally drops one of them into the box and proceeds to light himself on fire. I cannot make this stuff up:

Burning Man Festival

And Kev’s reaction is everything I love about this show wrapped up into one awesome, and hilarious, facial expression:

Kev's reaction to Yanis lighting himself on fire

Plus, Kev’s attempt at blowing the flames out was beyond appropriate. Yanis should definitely be super dead after this incident but I get the feeling that he’ll be back next week with 3rd degree burns and an even bigger hate on for Kev although I have no idea how he’s going to survive this. If there is one good thing going for Shameless right now, it’s this story because it has been absolutely fucking hilarious so it definitely would be a shame if this is the end of poor Yanis. I’ll be praying for him…and so should you.

The Verdict

Mikey Dislikes ItGoing Once, Going Twice was a solid episode of Shameless but it just didn’t live up to my expectations. This season started off with some interesting stories but when it comes to Frank, Lip and Ian there hasn’t been much going on. I really love what the writers have done with Carl, Fiona, Kev and Deb this season but I’m hoping these stories come together a bit more because my interest level is starting to decline, especially when it comes to Lip and his slutty professor.

I was really disappointed with how the entire Yanis situation played out. I can only hope that Yanis survives his most recent accident but I also have no idea how anyone could survive lighting themselves on fire with a box of Molotov cocktails.

I think there might be a little too much going on with our characters and the writers need to find a way to start connecting the stories in a much better way. For example, after Ian saved that woman from the burning car, there was little focus on this and I’m not even sure if there is anything bigger in store for him. It just seems like more of the same every week and I’m hoping the stories start moving along a bit faster because that was what made this show so great in the past.

So what did everyone think of Going Once, Going Twice? Did it make you want to go for drinks at the Public Restroom? Or are you ready to light yourself on fire with a box of Molotovs? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow Gallaghers!

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