Shameless: ‘Pimp’s Palace’ Review

Shameless 'Let It Slide'

“That’s the thuge life, right?” -Carl

Warning: Shameless may have officially jumped the shark. This season seems to have lacked a certain spark that has made this series both serious in nature and hilarious at the same time in the past. It’s an unfortunate decline for such an awesome show with a crazy cast of characters but maybe it’s time to admit that there is only so much the writers can come up with for the Gallaghers. Is it possible that we’ve already seen the best from Ian, Lip, Fiona, Deb and Carl? Or can the writers turn it around and get things rolling again?

There is so much going wrong this season that it’s hard not to notice. I think the best thing for Shameless to do will be to quickly drop some of these pointless stories, like Lip banging his professor and Ian hooking up with a firefighter, and have them come together to start on a new adventure. Plus, Kev and V now have absolutely nothing to do now that Yanis is super dead and the Myanmar kids have been sent back to wherever they came from. Seriously though, Pimp’s Palace was not at all pimped out and unforutnately it was more of the same from a series that is getting staler with every episode.

Now let’s all poor a 40 ouncer for our homies and enjoy the review, fellow Gallagher fans!


While Carl is busy pouring a 40 for his homies…

For My Homies

…Frank is getting it on with one of his ex flings, Queenie, and they’re doing it rather noisily to the point where little Liam is getting the earmuff treatment. It also looks like the Gallghers have moved back into their old house. It sure didn’t take Fiona long to get all that sorted out and hopefully we can finally move on to bigger and better things which is exactly what happens when Carl starts making all sorts of renovations to the Gallagher home, including this awesome slide:

Exit Slide Left

Best idea ever! Fiona learns that it’s surprisingly not Frank who is responsible for all of these improvements so she decides to be a buzzkill about the whole situation but she doesn’t get very far and ends up feeling exiled from her former home. And shit keeps piling up like a stack of dirty dishes when Liam catches head lice.

Meanwhile, Carl has a lot on his mind now that his BFF Nick is going to be spending the rest of his life in prison for committing first degree murder. Dominique notices how quiet Carl is being and confronts him about it and maybe this was just what White Chocolate needed to finally make some progress with his crush. We find out later that poor Carl hasn’t been coping all that well over the fact that Nick murdered a random kid for stealing his bike. He tries to make amends by dropping off some money, and drugs, for the family but they reject his kind offer and send him on his way.

Fiona is still getting up in Carl’s business, this time for smoking a joint in the living room, so Carl storms out of the house where Sean has a heart-to-heart with the kid. If only his older brothers weren’t so busy being involved with boring story lines and lame love interests so they could help Carl out in his time of need.

Pimpin' ain't easy

Obviously Carl is going through some shit after what happened to Nick but at least Sean was around to offer a helping hand. Carl shouldn’t have to go through this nightmare called life all alone so it was a good moment seeing Sean make a connection with one of the Gallagher boys.

I’ll also mention that Frank and Queenie are back dealing with Chuckie’s suspension from school which was probably inevitable considering the kid has an unhealthy obsession with nazis. Chuckie is also probably mentally challenged so it should surprise no one that he has found himself in this situation. Luckily, Frank and Queenie come to his rescue and defend his actions. Unluckily, Chuckie does this:

"And that is why Hitler is a great American leader."

I’m not so sure reading your paper on why Hitler is a great American leader is a highly intelligent idea. The classes reaction was priceless though:

Classroom reacts to Chuckie

Poor Chuckie. Now I’m not really sure who this Queenie character is, other then the fact that she’s Sammy’s mom, but it looks like she plans on sticking around for a while. I’m not too sure how I feel about this one either. She doesn’t appear to offer much of anything to the story and if she’s just looking to take Chuckie, why is she still sticking around? Frank has been a complete waste this season and maybe it would have been smarter to kill him off when he needed that new liver. Just sayin’!

Different Area Codes

Meanwhile, Kev is taking V on vacation so they can finally get a break from the twins and the whole murdering Yanis thing. It was nice to see Kev and V finally catch a break even if only temporarily.

“how do you always know everything?”

Kev left Svetlana in charge of the babysitting while they were away which obviously led to hilariousness. Apparently, Svetlana makes some side income from being an unlicensed dentist. That said, I am never letting this woman near me with dental equipment.

In mother Russia, we pull own teeth

Svetlana is truly a jack of all trades and she should have her own Quiznos submarine shop (and spin-off) before she knows it. As it turns out, the whole reason Kev wanted to take V on vacation was because he was worrying that he was wearing her out with all of his fuck-ups. Of course, V assures him that this is all part of the deal and he has nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, this was pretty much all that is going on with Kev and V nowadays. It’s really too bad they killed off Yanis so early in the season because I think having Kev trying to avoid being murdered by Yanis would have made for a much funnier plot. Now it looks like Kev and V are going to be struggling just to find something interesting to do 🙁

Also, there was a wicked track playing during a montage that featured Fiona cleaning up the house. I definitely recommend checking out Vibrolux’s My Thing which is especially perfect for when you’re doing house chores.

Time To Move On

It is officially time to change direction and get all of the Gallagher siblings involved with much more interesting stories. I feel as though Pimp’s Palace finally got the ball rolling with Deb and Lip hopefully moving onto new things after wasting a ton of their time, and ours, by pursuing dead end relationships.

First up, Debs is definitely getting fired from her nanny job now that Erika is in remission but apparently she has a sick plan to stick around which, disturbingly, involves becoming a lesbian. Of course, Deb has no idea how to be a lesbian since, ya know, she isn’t one so she does some practicing on a big stuffed bear:

How Lesbians Practice?

Obviously taking advice from Frank is the dumbest idea of all time but Deb appears to be blind to all things that are logical and rational. So she calls Carl to ask him if he knows anything about gay sex from when he was spending time in juvie. And it becomes apparent that Debs should also not be taking any advice from her younger brother:

The Shocker

Unbelievably, Debs makes a move on Erika before she has to leave her nanny job for good. And things were about to get super fucking weird with Deb trying to get her hand into the shocker position. Thankfully, Frank sends her a text to let her know they got the house back so Debs completely backtracks, admits that she’s only 15 and likes boys, and heads home. Thank god! It looks like this finally puts an end to this entirely ridiculous story about how Debbie Gallagher became Debbie Poppins in order to seduce one of the parents so she could take over the house and raise her baby. Yup, this needed to end and thankfully it did.

Meanwhile, Lip is in hot water after he gets evicted from his dorm room for vandalism for that painting of the naked woman on his wall. So what does he do? Well obviously he gets a job as a house boy for the local sorority which comes with its own accommodations at the sorority house. Talk about best luck ever for Lip who now has an entire sorority of girls to flirt with. Even with all of his options, he still ends up outside of Helene’s house, pleading with her to talk to him. It was all rather pathetic and I don’t understand why Lip can’t just move on as this relationship was obviously never going to end well in the first place.


Relationships totally blow and it’s definitely not going to help that Lip decided to throw a bottle at Helene’s house. Hopefully, this will put an end to this relationship once and for all and something more interesting can finally happen to Lip for the final half of the season. Fingers crossed.

Still, the worst thing this show has ever come up with has to be with Ian and Caleb. This Caleb guy has no personality whatsoever and Ian appears to be trapped for the time being because Caleb obviously has no idea what he’s getting himself into when he invites Ian to a family wedding. We got to meet Caleb’s boring ass family and this entire plot is going absolutely no where fast. It was only a matter of time before Ian was going to throw another one of his trademark hissy fits. This time he’s upset over the fact that Caleb is using him as a gay prop to freak out his family but this all gets extinguished two seconds later when Ian decides to stick around. And obviously, Caleb’s father is a homophobic pastor since the writers are obviously completely stumped as to how to make this even remotely interesting.

“Or you could just put your hand on my crotch.”

Unfortunately, season six of Shameless has not lived up to my expectations. The entire Gallagher family has not had much to deal with and the stories involving Lip, Debbie and Ian have been the opposite of funny. I think the writers are trying a little to hard to make something happen here but I think it’s time to put an end to these mini-stories and start something fresh and new for the Gallagher clan.

The Verdict

Mikey Dislikes ItIs it just me or is it taking way too long to transition our characters into new stories? Lip is STILL trying to chase down Helene even though she wants nothing to do with him, Deb is finally done with her nanny job, Ian and his new crush are dancin’ it up at a family wedding and Fiona is now trying to get rid of Liam’s head lice. I’m sorry to say but this season of Shameless has done a terrible job coming up with interesting stories and it’s time to shake things up somehow.

When I think of this series, I think of a show that knows how to balance serious issues with comedy in a way that feels real. This season, however, has suffered from a lack of interesting stories which has led to a decrease in funny and an increase in yawning. I mean, Fiona still hasn’t had her abortion yet, right? Isn’t she totally running out of time? I swear if she FORGETS to have the abortion I will lose my mind, so let’s all hope that doesn’t even come close to happening. And is Deb really going to have this baby? Like, really?!

I think it’s safe to say that it’s time for Lip, Deb and Carl to find something new to do and, even though it’s just getting started, Ian should totally ditch Caleb as well. I know this series is capable of getting our attention in the craziest ways so it’s time to get the Gallagher family back together for a more team-oriented story. Also, Kev and V are officially doing nothing at this point. I really think killing Yanis off was the absolute worst idea. He offered a fresh, new twist on the whole gentrification concept and I already miss him yelling at the two Lisa’s.

So what did everyone thing of Pimp’s Palace? Are you ready to head down the new Gallagher slide in excitement? Or do you think this was as bad as giving yourself the shocker? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow Gallagher fans!

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