Shameless: ‘Refugees’ Review

Shameless 'Empty Nest'

“Soon, when I open my own Quiznos submarine store, I will be here.” -Svetlana

First, let us all take a minute of silence for poor Yanis who burned to death in an unfortunate mishap involving molotov cocktails and pure stupidity last week. This week, Shameless brought in some refugees, did some casket shopping and potentially destroyed a professor’s career. It’s been a bit of a weird start for the Gallagher family this season and I’ve noticed a lot of inconsistencies with the humor and the stories in comparison to the past. I’d rank Refugees as one of the weaker episodes of season six but at least it did have some funny moments.

The plot appears to be going in slow motion so far and with the entire Gallagher clan out on the street after losing their home, it’s only a matter of time before something crazy happens, right? Well, not quite yet. At the very least, I was happy to see Lip and Helene’s relationship finally hit a major roadblock with the return of Amanda. Admit it, you totally wish you could get sweet revenge on your ex just like she did! Count me in.

It’s too bad that Yanis won’t be returning after his Burning Man imitation last week but I do have one request, that being MORE SVETLANA. I never ever thought I’d actually want to see more of a Russian prostitute who will do anything for cash money but here we are. Enjoy the review, fellow Gallaghers!

The MyanMarlboro Kids

The Gallaghers are officially booted from the only home they have ever known. It was a sad moment as we have all grown accustomed to seeing the Gallagher home each and every week. I will be quite surprised if this is the last we see of the Gallagher home but maybe this change of scenery is exactly what Fiona and the rest of the clan needs.

After officially being evicted, Ian ends up in Lip’s dorm, Carl is staying in a hotel and Deb’s staying at her new place of employment. This leaves Fiona and Liam living with Sean but first it was a super emotional goodbye to the Gallagher house with Damien Jurado’s All for You making us all weep in the background:

I have to admit, this was an emotional moment for me. It really makes you think about the past, back when you were in the good old days before you actually left them. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had a moment like this whether it be saying goodbye to an old friend, an old lover or an old home. Watching Fiona have a moment alone in the place where she grew up was heartbreaking in every way. So much happened in this one little place and Emmy Rossum did a fantastic job with this scene because you couldn’t help but feel her loss. We’ve all been there after all.

Childhood Memories

While it remains to be seen what this means for the entire Gallagher family, I’m still in shock that they actually had to move out. Still, change isn’t necessarily a bad thing and I’ll be curious to see what happens to the Gallagher family now that they’re refugees themselves.

Speaking of refugees, Kev and V are busy hanging out with V’s mom and it is officially confirmed that Yanis is super dead after he decided to accidentally light himself on fire and turn into barbecue Greek. I realize that Yanis was one of those over-the-top characters but he added an element to the season with his rage-induced murder rants. I guess it’s probably a good thing for everyone else in the neighborhood that he’s long gone but I will definitely miss the insanity.

Luckily, this opened the door to one ridiculous, and hilarious, plot that no one could have possibly seen coming. I love it when Shameless takes random to the next level and this was one of those moments after Kev volunteers to take care of a refugee from Myanmar. Of course, one refugee turned into six and Kev and V are left with a group of underage smoking kids:

The MyanMarlboro Kids

Kev’s got it right as he immediately lights up a smoke after realizing they are getting a lot more then what they bargained for. All I could think about was that two-year old chain smoking baby from Indonesia that went viral a while back.

I do agree with Kevin though, there are too many countries in Asia and they should totally just make it one country. Naturally, this whole situation turns into a great idea for Kev who seems to think he’ll be able to reverse his karmic situation after Yanis’s death. Once again, Shameless totally went all random on us with this story and watching V give the kids a bath and finding out one of them was, in fact, a girl was classic in every way! Plus, who wants to give that kid who fixed Carl’s gun a high five? That kid knows his shit! And besides, it could be worse…they could be in Chuckie’s situation:

Home Alone

Yup, apparently no one bothered to tell Chuckie they were evicted so once again, Sam’s only child is left to figure shit out on his own while Fiona and Liam have a pillow fight at Sean’s place:

Gallagher Pillow Fight

It totally sucks to be Chuckie but I absolutely love moments like this one. Last season, the Gallagher’s came together for a pool party and this time it was a pillow fight. And while this might seem like such a simple scene, it is totally a reminder that we all need to appreciate the little things in life because before you know it, you’ll be shopping for caskets.

Shop Before You Drop

The Great Abortion Debate continued and Deb is sticking to her guns. She totally wants to be a teen mom and I totally want to facepalm myself as I watch her continue to make the wrong choice. It definitely doesn’t help that Deb is still doing her best Mary Poppins impersonation but things are getting super fucked up with this whole plan to seduce the man of the house. Deb…you’re FIFTEEN! You should be hanging out with your friends, not strutting your stuff for middle-aged, married men.

Meanwhile, Frank is still up to his old tricks. I understand that Frank befriending the dying mother whom Deb is nannying it up for makes sense given Frank’s experiences with Bianca last season, but can we just be done with this already? Frank really serves no purpose any more and dare I say it, this show might be better if they have him finally bite the big one.

And just like last season, Frank decides to help out this dying woman and obviously takes her out for some casket shopping:

“Wanna take it for a spin?”

Wait, what?! I seriously have NO idea how people make the decision to trust Frank but I suppose he has a way with words. Still, I am pretty much done with Frank becoming BFF’s with dying women. It’s sooooo last season and ain’t that the truth. I suppose there is only one difference here in that Frank, and probably the rest of us, misjudged this dying woman because she has already experienced every drug imaginable, giving a whole new meaning to the song Because I Got High.

Experienced Drug User

So with Frank and his new dying lady friend getting stoned out of their minds, Deb is ready to take her plan to the next level by waiting in bed for the dying ladies husband. The only problem, however, is that the dying lady got home early. Deb’s reaction says it all:

Deb's plan backfires

This is what happens when you make really stupid ass decisions in life so I couldn’t help but laugh at Deb when this all went down. Needless to say, it’s time for Deb and Fiona to get abortions and be done with it. But hey, at least these pregnant women don’t have a craving for white chocolate yet.

White Chocolate

I guess it’s worth mentioning Carl, who is now on the case with Nancy Drew to try and solve the mystery of the missing bike. And what the fuck was with those gangsta pajamas Carl was wearing? Straight outta COTTON:

Straight Outta Cotton

Gotta love V putting Carl in his place though, especially when she says, “I changed your diaper so I know your little pudding pop ain’t ever been chocolate.” Plus, this gif:

“i’m gonna reverse george zimmerman yo’ ass.”

Seriously, V totally slayed it this episode and once again, her and Kev are completely taking over this show. Add Carl to that list too with his new rapper name:

White Chocolate

Carl’s been awesome this season but my only complaint is that his story is going no where fast. And now it looks like we’re going to have to deal with Nick trying to get his stolen bike back. I think I would rather see Carl start getting more involved in the main story rather then having to watch him and Nick go apartment hunting. Sure, it was funny stuff but this story is getting old fast so let’s hope something big happens soon, which is exactly what FINALLY happened to Carl’s older brother Lip.

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served On Twitter

Finally things are happening with Lip and Helene and it only took a return visit from Lip’s super hot ex Amanda to shake things up. I have to say, Helene should have probably seen this coming. I’m not one to follow the rules but when you’re a professor, sleeping with any student is clearly a terrible idea, especially considering Twitter and Instagram exist.

I certainly wasn’t expecting Amanda to show up but her return was perfect timing because I am so over the entire Lip and Helene story. And luckily for us, Amanda decides to take some revenge on Lip for fucking her over last season. Seriously though, who wouldn’t have done the same thing? When you go around breaking people’s hearts, it’s only a matter of time before karma comes back to bite ya in the penis or vagina and that was exactly what happened to Lip when Amanda tweeted out a pic of a naked Helene in Lip’s bed. Bitch had it coming, yo!


Finally, something is actually happening with Lip and his lady professor friend! Thank you very much, Amanda! Also, I don’t feel sorry for either Lip or Helene because these two idiots had it coming. Mind you, I wouldn’t necessarily consider this getting revenge on Lip since it’s not his ass on the line here. But maybe he was falling in love with Helene, in which case I hope he feels every bit of the hurt he dished out. I fucking love this chick:

“Tits are hard to draw.”

So I pretty much loved every second of this scene because I totally fucking hate my ex. Let’s face it, ex’s are assholes and Lip totally got what he deserved. Amanda is totally right when she says her therapist is an idiot because revenge does feel really, really good especially when you extract it on someone who totally deserves it. I don’t even know why Lip would bother confronting her after this but I guess that is the problem with A LOT of people out there, they seem to be in denial that their actions can have a tremendous impact on the people they hurt. So fuck you Lip, I’m glad this happened to you 🙂

Things don’t get any better either because Helene has been summoned for her behavior since it’s obviously frowned upon to have sex with students and her husband won’t let Lip explain himself. You know what they say…too bad, so sad! Finally things are getting interesting with this story and here’s hoping that this relationship makes like Yanis and lights itself on fire.

Overall, the episode had some good moments like the Myanmar refugees and Fiona saying goodbye to the only home she has ever known but I think story wise, we’re going to need something completely bat shit crazy to happen in order to shake things up because a lot of the other characters are just killing time. Please show…more Svetlana. Lots and lots of Svetlana:

"You don't realize god gave you ATM machine between your legs."

The Verdict

Mikey Dislikes ItNot even underage smoking Myanmar children who know how to handle a revolver could save this episode from a dislike. I did thoroughly enjoy the first three episodes of the season but now that things are settling down, I’m not sure the story is setting us up for laughs in quite the same way. Unfortunately, Yanis is super dead and I think that killing him off this early may have been a mistake. Despite his rage-filled rants, he could have been used as a plot device and I think the writers fell short with this potential opportunity.

I didn’t even bother talking about Ian’s story this week because, well, who cares? First of all, there is no such thing as a group of gay firemen playing sports together and second, I don’t want Ian hooking up with anyone else because you simply cannot replace Gallovich. It’s times like these that I miss Mickey’s presence more than ever. Those two were awesome together and I just don’t feel much for the new guy that Ian has his sights on.

So far, I think Kev, V and Carl have been the most fun to watch (even if Carl’s story is going in circles). That said, this is supposed to be a show about the Gallagher family and so far, I’m unimpressed with most of the stories involving the family. Deb, Lip, Frank, Ian and even Fiona to an extent seem to be stuck in the same old cycle that they’ve always been in. For once, I’d love to see this family have some success and prove that people can overcome anything, no matter how stacked the deck is. For now, I’d rather see more of Kev, V and the best shittiest bar on the south side!

So what did everyone think of Refugees? Are you all ready to adopt a set of homeless Myanmar children? Or are you too busy planning your revenge on your asshole ex? Let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments. As always, thanks for reading fellow Gallagher fans and please please please feel free to share pics of your naked professors via social media by following Mikey on Twitter and/or Facebook. Titty out!