Shameless: ‘Sleep No More’ Review

Shameless 'Wake Up Call'

“You don’t just decide when you get to be a father.” -Lip

Shameless woke us all up with Sleep No More and might just be my favorite episode of the season so far. Kev, Vee and Svetlana completely stole the show and I couldn’t stop laughing at every moment of their fake lesbo marriage. Plus, having the entire Gallagher clan back together under the same roof has immediately helped revive a lot of the humor that made this series so awesome to begin with so hopefully that trend will continue as we roll into season seven.

The biggest breakthrough came between Frank and Sean as they literally butted heads. Frank is clearly the worst parent in existence so it was refreshing to see someone stand up to him. Sean, however, is going to have much bigger problems with Frank ultimately making a random decision to have Sean killed. I think it’s definitely safe to say that he’s officially taking it way too far and this might just be the beginning of the end for Frank. In this case, I’m definitely rooting for Sean here since it appears as though he has Fiona’s best interests at heart.

We also caught up with Lip and Ian who are now looking for new jobs after they both were fired for very different reasons. Oddly enough, it looks like Carl might be the only one heading in the right direction as he pursues a career in law enforcement. Who would have thought?!

Now let’s all get out of bed for ‘infant fucked us’ o’clock and enjoy the review, fellow Gallagher fans!

The Band Is Back Together

The Gallaghers are rallying around baby Francis and doing everything they can to help Deb out but the damn baby is keeping everyone up at night with his super annoying crying that makes me want to feed baby Francis to a zombie. Fiona’s reaction is pretty much exactly what every new parent must go through:

That moment when you have a big day tomorrow and can't sleep

Frank has made his way back into the fold by offering to pay for Fiona’s wedding and if you guessed that Frank was going to obtain this money legitimately then you would be absolutely wrong because that is not how Frank rolls. Instead, he takes little Liam out to advertise for their Kickstarter campaign.

The original Kickstarter

Yup, Frank went old school with his crowdfunding strategy. Frank and Liam are able to raise some funds for Fiona’s wedding but it’s not going to be enough so naturally, Frank is going to have to do something super illegal in order to ensure he’ll have enough money for himself and Fiona.

Frank decides that the easiest way to make a lot of money is to blackmail Derek’s father for child support payments and that was exactly what he did.

Meanwhile, Deb is not allowed to bring her baby into class and is already starting to learn a valuable lesson about the stereotypes of being a teen mom. She is forced to enroll in distance education so she heads to the Alibi to seek some help from Vee and Svetlana but they’re too busy getting their vagina’s interviewed so Deb finally let’s Lip help her out with the new bae. The entire Gallagher family gets back together for ‘infant fucked us’ o’clock as baby Francis is keeping everyone up. It was a great moment though and this series is at its best when the entire Gallagher family is working together. Cheers to family!

Old school Gallagher blowout

Eventually, raising a baby starts taking a toll on Debbie and she falls asleep with her baby in her arms, leading to baby Francis taking a spill. Debs is super upset about this but luckily Fiona is there to comfort her. This really could happen to anyone, especially if you’re only 15-years old and trying to raise a newborn. I know I’ve been a huge advocate for abortion this season but maybe having this baby will end up being the best thing for the Gallaghers and bring them all together just like old times.

Shit immediately gets serious again though after someone throws a brick through the front window. It’s not exactly the safest environment for a baby but with Frank extorting Derek’s father for child support, this was inevitable. And obviously, Fiona’s new fiancee is not too happy with Frank. Personally, I don’t think it would be possible for any somewhat sane person to actually like Frank and it was only a matter of time before the fireworks went off. Sean is super pissed about the whole ‘brick going through the front window’ thing but when it comes out that Frank has been blackmailing Derek’s family, all hell breaks loose in typical Gallagher fashion.

Putting your heads together

This was soooo intense in every way but I think it needed to happen. Fiona tells Sean that she doesn’t have a heart when it comes to Frank but it’s hard not to take Sean’s side here. Frank has been nothing but an asshole to his own family and it’s about time someone confronted him on it. I think this one might be a keeper Fiona!

Of course, that’s if Sean can survive the finale because Frank just so happened to meet some random idiot on the subway that would love to take care of his problem for some cash money. This will likely be the last straw for Fiona. I think it’s inevitable that she is going to find out what Frank has done here and shit is most definitely going to hit the fan. It’s one thing to be a deadbeat dad but it’s a whole other thing to put out a hit on your daughter’s fiancee. That shit be cray cray even for Frank.

Meet Bruno from Mars

Let’s just all hope that Sean survives this mess and that the Gallaghers finally realize that Frank is the worst person ever.

Two Hot Fake Lesbo Wives

Kev, Svetlana and Vee have their hands full with the immigration department after Kev opened his big mouth last week. Luckily, they’re able to fool the officer by pretending that Vee left Kev for that no-good commie slut Svetlana. Can you fucking believe that shit? Kev can’t either and he’s completely confident that Vee doesn’t want to munch a cooch.

She's like the Sphinx...part cat, part whatever the fuck

As it turns out, Kev is completely wrong after Svetlana seduces Vee by crawling naked into bed with her and Vee ends up unleashing her lesbian side as the two ladies get it on fo’ real!

No balls, maybe holes

I didn’t know what to expect from this entire side story but it has been pleasantly hilarious, especially after Vee comes clean to Kev about the fact that her fake lesbo marriage is becoming real. Kev’s reaction to Vee’s admission was completely fucking hilarious in every way. On the one hand, he obviously doesn’t want Vee munching carpet with Svetlana but on the other hand, he’s totally turned on by the whole situation.

"What the fuck, Vee?"

Kev has been one of my faves this season and watching his entire reaction to this situation was quite possibly the funniest thing I have seen in a while. I was literally laughing out loud at Kev’s reaction, especially when he says “I’m not confused. I am fucking pissed off. And strangely turned on which is very confusing. It’s just like my worst nightmare and greatest fantasy all combined into one.” This was absolutely classic in every way!

Plus, the final scene with Kev writing out the ‘fuck schedule’ had me howling with laughter and was one of the funniest things I have seen this season on Shameless. I couldn’t stop laughing at Kev coming up with the most ridiculous scenarios for him, Vee and Svetlana and how confused he has been about this entire situation.

“So...are we gonna have a fuck schedule or a fuck calendar?”

Side Stories

It’s also worth noting that Lip has had enough of all of the bullshit that he’s had to deal with at his new TA job and who can blame the guy. Professor Youens is completely useless and Lip is stuck doing all his bitch work. That is, until Lip completely loses his shit on his boss for being a sack of shit in the middle of his class. It also didn’t help that Lip was hitting the booze hard before class started. Lip totally makes Professor Youens look like a complete moron in front of his class and it’s about time Lip is finally standing up for himself.

"Maybe you'll learn something."

Professor Youens ends up firing Lip but this is probably for the best since Lip doesn’t exactly fit in anyways. It’s time for Lip to move on to bigger and better things and I don’t think he’s going to be able to do that wasting his time working for a deadbeat professor so all the better that this finally happened (although it was probably not a good idea to get arrested for smashing Professor Youens car).

Meanwhile, Ian started his new job as an EMT trainee and he’s loving his job up until the point he gets fired for lying on his application. It was really a lose-lose situation for Ian since if he didn’t lie, he would have never received the job in the first place. It’s all complete and utter bullshit too because Ian’s whole situation suggests that people with a mental illness are incapable of ever getting better.

That said, Ian’s story this season has not been interesting whatsoever. I can’t stand Caleb and I really have no idea where this story is going. It’s really unfortunate that Mickey wasn’t a part of this season because without him, Ian’s story has become a whole lot less interesting. What I would absolutely love to see is for Mickey to return and kick the crap out of Caleb because that would be awesome in every way but I’m not getting my hopes up.

With only the finale remaining, it’s time for these stories to wind down and see where we’re headed for next season. It’s been a season of ups and downs but at least we’re finishing strong with a showdown between Sean and Frank coming next week.

The Verdict


Mikey Likes ItShameless is so much better when the entire Gallagher family is together and that was exactly what happened in ‘Sleep No More’. It was also a huge wake up call for everyone after Frank’s latest scheme to blackmail Derek’s family. If I’m Sean, I’d be getting a little worried. Frank has finally went too far by putting a hit on his daughter’s fiancee and I have a strange feeling that this might be the last we see of Frank, regardless of the outcome.

It also looks as though we are finally moving on with Lip and Ian who both can’t seem to hold a job while Carl appears to be on the right path to a career in law enforcement. And who would have fucking thought this was even possible?! I’m quite curious to see just what happens to the three Gallagher siblings and I was thrilled to see their stories move in the right direction. The only thing left to do now is to get rid of Caleb, who literally puts me to sleep every time he’s on the screen.

Once again, Kev and Vee were responsible for a lot of the humor and this episode was no exception. I cannot stop laughing about this entire situation and watching Kev attempt to figure out their new ‘fuck calendar’ at the very end had me in tears, especially considering how excited he was. With Mickey out of the picture, it has clearly been a lot more difficult to get Svetlana involved in the story but this was pretty much perfect.

So what did everyone think of ‘Sleep No More’? Are you ready to get involved with a fake lesbo marriage of your own? Or have you had enough of ‘infant fucked us’ o’clock? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow Gallagher fans!

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