South Park: ‘Naughty Ninjas’ Review

South Park 'Bad Boys'

YESSS! Leslie’s interruptions have gotten so out of hand that PC Principal was forced to call the SWAT team on her in this week’s episode of South ParkIf you read my last review of South Park then you know I totally asked for this and I couldn’t be happier that the writers decided to get Leslie more involved into the story.

Naughty Ninjas centered around Officer Barbrady, who accidentally shoots a child during a school assembly leading the people of South Park outraged. Let’s be honest here, the people of South Park are a special kind of stupid so you just knew having them turn their backs on the police force was going to have hilarious consequences.

Surprisingly though, the very end of the episode was the best part as South Park continues its serialized story which is now going to include Leslie, the little girl who can’t seem to keep her mouth shut during school assemblies. I am extremely excited to see where the writers are going to take this, especially after watching every cop in town commit police brutality on homeless minorities. Yes, that sentence just happened and we should all be shamed for loving this show so much. But who really cares, right? This is South Park after all. Enjoy the review, fellow ninjas!

Ninjas Are Gay

Damnit Leslie! That’s right, Leslie thinks talking to her friends is more important than learning about diversity in third world countries and PC Principal is forced to bring in the SWAT team to handle this potentially harmful situation. Oh man, I could have never expected South Park to start off like this but I’m already loving it. And in typical South Park fashion, Officer Barbrady who is also the worst and most negligent cop in the world, wanders his way into the school gymnasium and does this:

Cops: Officer Barbrady shoots a child

Yup, he shot a Mexican Latino American kid. Could this opening have been any better? The answer is clearly no!

Officer Barbrady is immediately fired for shooting an unarmed child and no one should be surprised. Barbrady is easily one of the stupidest cops ever and he’s finally forced to give up his badge, gun and shades. It gets even worse for Barbrady who becomes homeless almost immediately after being fired. Classic South Park.

The town is no longer cool with the cops after the child shooting and one of the cops tries to spend his time off at the bar but, unfortunately for him, the residents of South Park no longer take kindly to folks who impose their authority on the underprivileged. Randy says it best, “We’ve only had a Whole Foods for a month and already we don’t need cops. So cool!”

So Cool

Randy Marsh is still the greatest thing ever on South Park. The fact that he thinks the town is better off without cops was pure jokes and you just knew it was only a matter of time before this was all going to blow up in their faces. And that was exactly what happened.

But not before we got the most hilarious montage with N.W.A.’s Fuck The Police bumping while the town harassed the shit out of the cops in the dumbest ways imaginable.

Put your middle finger in the air and wave it around like you just don’t care:

South Park gives the cops the finger

And can’t forget about Randy going full frontal for the five-o:

Randy flashing the five-o

Meanwhile, the McCormick family is having problems with homeless people scaring their children but the cops refuse to help since they are no longer able to beat up minorities. Yup, South Park totally went there. Luckily, Kenny is around to solve the problem by creating a ninja clubhouse to scare the homeless dudes away.

Sausage Party

And their plan appears to be working perfectly because everyone seems to think that these ninja children are actually ISIS. This guys reaction summed it up perfectly:

Random guy reacting to ninjas

I fucking love how Sodosopa has been completely destroyed already. The homeless have made it their new home and somehow the people of South Park have already managed to completely ruin the newest part of town.

With the cops no longer helping out and the media believing that Ninja Kenny and his samurai friends have actually joined ISIS in Sodosopa, the homeless have no place to go. They are scared shitless of the so-called ISIS ninjas and turn Shi Tpa Town into their new homes. This is obviously not cool with Randy and the rest of the townspeople who now think they have to figure out a way to get the homeless people out of Shi Tpa Town. They go back to the police to reconcile their differences but the cops are busy doing other things:

"I might even kiss a dude."

That’s right, they’re getting ready for the big luau and Officer Yates might even kiss a dude. So random. You just knew the people of South Park were going to need the cops to help but it looks like that luau is a much bigger priority.

We also find out that actual ninjas want to talk to Ninja Kenny, actual ninjas actually being ISIS. And with the cops not willing to help, the town decides to bring back Officer Barbrady and send him off to Sodosopa to shoot some kids. I can’t even believe how ridiculous this entire story was but it was super funny every step of the way.

We Need You To Shoot Some Kids

Barbrady is finally convinced and heads off to Sodosopa to shoot all of the kids. Randy finally realizes that ‘scary’ + ‘gay’ = his kid is one of the ninjas and so he also heads to Sodosopa to stop Barbrady. And this wouldn’t be South Park without another child getting shot. Randy interrupts Barbrady who then proceeds to shoot David in the arm. It was not a good day to be a cop, especially a stupidly negligent one.

Officer Barbrady shoots David

This obviously leads to Barbrady getting fired yet again and the residents of South Park make a deal with the police force and agree to turn their backs on police brutality against minorities. So the cops return to the streets and clean up the homeless problem using any means necessary. The results were hilarious.

Officer Yates punches homeless dude in face

Homeless dude takes nightstick to face

It did not go well for this guys balls either:

Cops kick homeless guy in the balls

And my personal favorite, the cops rig up a Zamboni and literally sweep up as many homeless people as possible:

Sweeping the homeless off the streets

I realize that this is a serious matter in real life but I can’t stop laughing. And how about that ending? Officer Barbrady is approached by a secret agent who fills him on some plan to take down South Park. He hands him a file and it looks like PC Principal and Leslie are much closer than we thought.

Damnit Leslie

Mind. Blown. I cannot say enough good things about this ending. Almost every episode has featured PC Principal yelling at Leslie for talking and now it appears they are a part of something much bigger. I totally asked for this in my review for Craig X Tweek and I’m super excited that we’re going to actually get more episodes about this mysterious Leslie character. Can’t wait!

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT

Mikey Likes ItNow we’re talking. Maybe South Park should continue to take every other week off from now on. Okay, maybe not because that would suck but this episode was a huge improvement and a giant step in the right direction with regards to the serialized story. I loved that ending with the final reveal of Leslie on the swing with Principal PC and it appears they are a part of a bigger plot to take down the entire town.

We haven’t seen an episode featuring Officer Barbrady in a long ass time but it worked quite well to have him back in the fold, especially after he negligently shoots an unarmed child for no reason. Twice. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to wrap up the Barbrady story by having him do the exact same thing again and get fired twice in the same episode. I also loved how the town ended up dealing with their homeless problem. I said it once and I’ll say it again: This series is at its best when the townspeople are at their stupidest.

The biggest complaint for me was having to listen to Cartman complaining that ninjas were gay throughout the episode. I realize that Cartman has been making fun of Kyle since the first season but these jokes were clearly the least funny. Still though, you just knew this was going to be hilarious as soon as Barbrady accidentally shot the Mexican kid. Dealing with issues such as police brutality and ISIS are not always easy but South Park was able to do it up in the perfect way. And no one should be surprised.

So what did everyone think of Naughty Ninjas? Did it make you want to get a Zamboni and sweep people off of the street? Or do you think ninjas are gay? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow South Parkers!