South Park: ‘PC Principal Final Justice’ Review

South Park 'Keepin' It Classi'

South Park kept it classi  for the finale and our season long story about PC Principal was wrapped up for good. Or was it? In a twist ending, it looks like PC Principal will be sticking around in South Park after all but hopefully there will be a whole lot less PC next season. And also in real life. Personally, I loved this ending because of the metaphor. Social justice warriors are taking over the world and they’re here to stay so we all just better get used to it. And how appropriate was Stan’s final response to finish things off.

Of course, the obvious solution was guns and every single person in town ended up getting one, with hilarious results. Only on South Park is something like this going to happen as everyone was convinced that this was the only solution to their ad problem. And surprisingly, no one got shot even with every single person in town pulling out their gun at the same time.

We were even introduced to a new character, Classi with an “I”, and I can’t stop laughing about her expectations for how people are supposed to pronounce her name. The finale had a little of everything and, overall, it was pretty damn funny so grab a gun, keep it classi and enjoy the review!

This Is Gonna Be Really Hard

The opening scene of South Park’s finale was epic in every way with PC Principal decimating human ads left and right. Here were the highlights. First up, a good old fashioned PC Principal face stomp:

PC Principal Face Stomp

This was followed up by the classic ‘arm broke in half’ maneuver:

PC Principal breaks a guys arm in half

Next up, PC Principal decides to literally put a broken pool cue through this guy’s face:

PC Principal sticks pool cue through guys face

And last but certainly not least, this guy gets the handle end of a hammer through the head.

Guy gets handle end through the head

Once again, South Park gave us some hilarious, over-the-top violence which only this series could possibly get away with and this time it was PC Principal doing the dirty work. If only those ads knew the answer to the following question: “If an African American flips a turtle over on its back and a transgender Filipino sees the helpless turtle baking in the sun, what color is the Filipino’s father?” Yup, this all actually happened and apparently I’m an ad because I have no idea what the answer to that question actually is.

Meanwhile, back at South Park Elementary, it’s revealed that PC Principal is actually part of a huge network of radicals that kill anyone who doesn’t believe in their PC ideology. Kyle also thinks Stan’s dad faked a Bill Cosby joke to help these radicals get into town. And naturally, the only solution to this problem is lots and lots of gun. Yup, I can’t even make any of this stuff up.

Stan is now super suspicious about his dad who eventually sneaks his way into the garage to meet with Principal Victoria, Mr. Garrison and Caitlyn Jenner. They come to the conclusion that ads are gentrifying the entire world and soon no human will be able to afford it. Yup, they’re trying to “price” our species out of existence. I have to admit, South Park is at its best when it goes completely overboard with the story and having ads trying to wipe out the world’s population is absolutely ridiculous in every way. Plus, Caitlyn Jenner said this:

You don't want to f@#$ a vampire. You'll get Hepatitis

I don’t even know what was better…Caitlyn saying this or Mr. Garrison’s reaction. We also catch up with Jimmy and Nathan where Nathan explains that he had to align himself with the ads to support his “expensive taste” lifestyle, including high class prostitutes. The hooker Nathan is with goes by the name of Classi…with an “I” and a little dick hanging off the C that bends around and fucks the L out of the A-S-S. I have no idea why but I can’t seem to stop laughing about this. It was such a random thing for Classi to say and Jimmy’s response was even more hilarious for its simplicity and naivety as he responds, “Nice to meet you, Classi.” Maybe I’m the only one, but this was the comedy we have come to expect from South Park. 

Classi with an "I"

Keepin’ it classi! So now that everyone has a gun in South Park, it was only a matter of time before every single person started pulling their guns out for the dumbest things imaginable. Cartman and his mom end up getting in an argument because Cartman didn’t want to go to bed, and this was inevitable:

Cartman and his mom face off with guns

I can only hope and pray that this isn’t the kind of thing that’s happening in our world right now because of the fact that everyone is afraid of terrorists but I’m certainly happy that South Park took the piss out of it. Clearly this illustrates just how idiotic it is to think that the guns are going to save the day and no better way to get the point across than through the citizens of South Park. I mean, everyone was getting their guns out over the dumbest, most idiotic things. I couldn’t stop laughing when Randy pulled out his gun on his own son:

Ohhh Syke

They even pulled out their guns at the dinner table while arguing about pulling guns on each other.

Guns: Clearly the Solution

Yup, guns have pretty much taken South Park by storm. We check back in with PC Principal and he’s been captured by the military, who want to know why he’s been shooting up revitalized arts and foods districts. They end up getting a call from Leslie, in disguise as the President, and she asks for the release of PC Principal. Leslie also convinces Kyle that he needs to give a speech, something he gave up long ago. I loved all of these little references to previous episodes from the season, especially considering I forgot about the fact that Kyle’s speech is what started all of this nonsense in the first place. And because this is South Park, they decide to give this speech at the gun show since there will be so many guns that nothing bad could possibly happen.

We also got an explanation about the motivations of these ads. Apparently they had Principal Victoria replaced so they could use PC Principal’s ‘PC’ as a means to start gentrification in South Park. Eventually, PC Principal started looking for answers and ended up being distracted by that State Farm ad of him and Leslie. Stan immediately recognizes Leslie in the ad and tells everyone that Kyle is with her so everyone grabs a gun and away we go.

Buckle up, Buckaroos! On the way to the gun show, Caitlyn Jenner does it again, this time her victim was an old lady walking down the street. How many more people in South Park have to die at the hands of Caitlyn Jenner’s terrible driving ability? The answer is obviously many more.

Buckle Up, Buckaroo

Jimmy and Classi are also on their way to the gun show after Nathan decided to slap Classi in the face. So Classi decides to join Jimmy instead because she ain’t no mimzy ass hoe, she’s a classy bitch! So Jimmy and Classi get in the Classi-mobile and head off to the gun show.


Yup, that’s totally a little dick hanging off the ‘C’ on the car door. Can’t. Stop. Laughing. I seriously have no idea how these writers come up with this stuff but I would love to spend a day in the writer’s room and see exactly how it happens.

Everything finally reaches its climax at the South Park Gun Show which was exactly like a dog show with guns. Mr. Stotch was hilarious as he pranced his gun around the arena for the judges.

Mr. Stotch prancing his gun around

Inevitably, every single person pulls their gun out when they think the gun show is under attack. And in a complete twist, we find out that it was Mr. Mackey who got Principal Victoria fired. Yup, sometimes counselors need counselling too. Finally, PC Principal shows up and he’s super pissed off which ultimately leads to him ‘expelling’ Leslie by shoving his fist through her face. Good thing she was an ad.

PC Principal puts a fist through Leslie

The residents of South Park end up degentrifying the town, including Whole Foods which flew away on its own, but things are certainly not back to normal in South Park. It looks like PC Principal is here to stay and the final words uttered by Stan sum up everything for everyone everywhere…”This is gonna be really hard.” And ain’t that the truth. The social justice movement is going no where, and much like PC Principal, they are here to stay so we all better get used to it.

This is only the second season in which South Park has tried to tell a serialized story and it was pretty clear that they did a much better job of wrapping things up this time around even if Classi was the highlight of the finale. I still can’t stop laughing about that.

The Verdict


Mikey Likes ItPC Principal Final Justice was the perfect ending to an up and down season of South Park. I really liked that the writers were able to utilize everything that had happened over the season from Butters Canadian girlfriend to Kyle’s speeches to Whole Foods. It really was the perfect way to wrap things up. Last year, I was extremely disappointed with the finale, possibly because my expectations were way too high, but everything about this finale felt right. All of our stories were wrapped up nicely and Stan’s final words were the absolute best.

Plus watching the entire town go gun crazy was very fitting considering everything that is going on in our insane world. I especially liked watching the Marsh family all pull guns on each other over the dinner table, clearly proving that guns are not the answer.

This season, while inconsistent, was still a success in my books. But I also think it’s time for South Park to go back to the old way of doing things and scrap the serialized story. I feel like this show was much better when each episode told its own story and I think the 20th season should go back to its roots, even if PC Principal is still around. Plus, it’s much more difficult to rewatch a serialized series because of the time commitment, so hopefully the writers go back to this formula next season.

So what did everyone think of PC Principal Final Justice? Did it make you want to take a ride in the Classi-mobile? What did you think of PC Principal sticking around in South Park? Were you surprised that Mr. Mackey was the one responsible for Principal Victoria’s firing? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow South Parkers! Stay Classi!