South Park: ‘Safe Space’ Review

South Park 'A Crying Shame'

It was only a matter of time before South Park addressed the concept of ‘shaming’ and, as you might expect from one of the greatest comedies ever, they did so in hilarious fashion. That said, it was not nearly as funny as some of the previous episodes and I’m kinda getting sick of the new Whole Foods. Cartman decides to post an image of him “looking ripped” on Twitter and the Internet completely shames him for being a fat ass…as they should.

Even better was the fact that they used those super annoying charity donations that have become an every day occurrence for almost every purchase we make these days. Randy is completely right when he says if he donated to these things every day, he’d be broke! The point is that anyone can be shamed for anything so instead of focusing on being an insensitive little bitch, we should either suck it up and do something more productive with our lives or simply don’t post our shit on the Internet if we’re gonna cry about it later.

There was a lot of potential for this episode given the topic but unfortunately, the laughs didn’t land as well as the previous episodes. now

Charity Shaming

It all got started with Cartman who decided it would be a great idea to post an image of himself working out on Twitter. Obviously Cartman, who thinks he’s ripped, is living in his own world because in reality, he is clearly a fat ass.


Cartman, being Cartman, complains to PC Principal about everyone fat shaming him and asks his fellow students to help filter out the negative comments on his social media accounts but they’d all rather take a two week detention than help their fat ass friend out.

Another classic part of this episode was the random inclusion of Steven Seagal and Vin Diesel. Watching Seagal dance in front of the entire school was fucking hilarious and I had totally forgot about this guy, possibly due to the fact that he is now a washed-up actor no longer in his prime.

No More Fat Shaming

Butters ends up being the one who has to filter Cartman’s social media accounts but this quickly becomes a full-time job after Demi Lovato and Lena Dunham also sign up for his services. And Butter’s job becomes even more difficult after Lena Dunham posted a picture of her asshole on twitter and wants only the positive comments. Butters is definitely in for a world of hurt.

One thing I didn’t like about this episode was the ‘Safe Space’ song they played in this episode. After last week’s ‘Boogers and Cum’, this one simply didn’t even compare but at least we got to meet Reality.

Mr. Reality

Eventually, Butters is attacked by Mr. Reality who is trying to stop him from filtering everyone’s social media accounts and I loved every minute of it. The message was great: if you don’t want to be shamed for something than don’t post it on the Internet. Not a very difficult concept if you ask me. Mr. Reality was the perfect foil in this case especially when he says “you want to put all your shit up on the Internet and have every single person say hooray for you…fuck you, you’re all pricks.” Of course, the residents of South Park end up hanging Reality which was a classic ending but I think the message was clear as day that society needs to suck it up and quit whining about some of the dumbest things ever. Quit being sad that people are mean because the REALITY is that the world isn’t one big liberal arts college campus! Otherwise, you might end up like Butters:

Butters jumps out the window

Meanwhile, Randy is having his own problems at the local Whole Foods where he is continuously being harassed to donate a dollar to help starving kids. Whole Foods basically goes out of the way to make people feel like a complete asshole for not donating. We’ve all been there though, right? And this show is right, it’s so fucking annoying so I welcomed this plot with open arms. Just because we don’t want to donate to a specific charity designated by our local Whole Foods, doesn’t mean we’re not doing our part to help out. So fuck you and your stupid sandwich:

Pull My Sandwich

Randy’s advertisement was quite possibly one of the most fucked up, and funniest things, I have seen in a while. After being asked over and over to give a dollar to feed the starving children around the world, Randy goes on a mission to end what he calls ‘Charity Shaming’. Hope is scarce and little Jojo might not eat today but does that mean it’s okay for cashiers to ask us for money while we’re in the checkout line? $2 a day adds up to $62 god damn dollars a month! Classic Randy.

Charity Shaming: It isn't right and it isn't fair

Personally, I loved how South Park addressed the idea of shaming in the sense that anyone can be shamed for pretty much anything. That is simply reality! For example, Mike was shamed for not being a good recycler and this random guy was shamed for, well…I’m not even sure but it was fucking comedy:

Butter Butter Dirty Line Cutter

And not even Steven Seagal and Vin Diesel could help Randy when it came to Charity Shaming:

Vin Dipshit and Steven Seagull

I definitely found myself agreeing with the writers that society has become WAY too oversensitive about kind of crap and we all just need to get over it. So what if you’re a bit overweight or you’re a butter butter dirty line cutter…quit being a sensitive little bitch about it and live your life the way you want. Everyone is critical of everything these days…and so what. Instead of putting all your efforts into crying like a fat ass little bitch like Cartman, do something productive instead…because THAT’S REALITY!

The Verdict

Mikey Dislikes ItWhile the premise for this episode was awesome, I didn’t find it nearly as funny as I expected it to be. The story was well done with the whole idea of shaming and there were a few funny moments here and there, but at the end of the day I think this episode could have been a helluva lot funnier given the fact they were talking about fat shaming.

Points were awarded for Reality becoming an actual character and Randy’s advertisements about Charity Shaming (including butter butter dirty line cutter) but other than that, I didn’t find myself laughing very often throughout this episode. The ‘Safe Space’ song also seemed like a big waste of time especially after last week’s amazing, and hilarious, musical number.

While I have been an advocate of South Park’s new serialized episodes, I’m starting to get really annoyed with Whole Foods being the focal point of every episode. Time for a fresh, new setting please and thank you.

So what did you think of Safe Space? Do you think people need to stop being sensitive little bitches? Or do you think shaming is wrong, even though it’s reality? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow South Parkers.