South Park: ‘Sponsored Content’ Review

Mad World

South Park just killed me from laughter. Sponsored Content started one of the most ridiculous, and hilarious, stories of the season. Plus, the entire season seems to be connected and coming together at the perfect time and in the perfect way.

Everything got started when one of the first-graders decided to use the word “retarded” in describing the new cafeteria policy in a front-page article in Jimmy’s Super School News. And as it turns out, there is a lot more at stake because ads have been manipulating the entire PC bro movement the entire time. I’m ecstatic that Leslie was brought into the bigger story and I think having all of the episodes connect has paid off big time as we head towards the finish line.

Sponsored Content was everything I have come to expect from a Jimmy-centric episode of South Park and may have been one of my favorite episodes of the season. Plus, I love it when this series goes all out on the ‘just fucking ridiculous’ meter and with ads taking over the world, I am expecting big, and hilarious, things to come our way leading up to the finale. So grab a newspaper, because I can pretty much guarantee we all haven’t done that in a while, and enjoy the review!

Ad Got Me, Sharon

PC Principal is on a rampage after the word “retarded” is used in the school newspaper. In hilarious South Park fashion, PC Principal threatens to break the legs of whoever is in charge of the school newspaper which is going to be pretty difficult considering Jimmy’s legs are already broken. PC Principal thinks the “R” word is very bad but Jimmy has zero fucks to give about what PC Principal wants.

Since PC Principal is not going to allow Jimmy to hand out the paper at the school, he decides to start his own paper route and delivers a copy to every house in town. Yup, newspapers still exist which seems to be a surprise to everyone in town, including Butter’s dad:

Butter's dad catches a newspaper

Nice catch, Mr. Storch. Even PC Principal receivesa copy of the paper but the headline, “PC Principal’s ‘Retarded’ Policy”, is obviously not going to sit well with the PC bro squad. It probably didn’t help that Jimmy did this either:

"Suck my dick, PC Principal."

Is there anything better than Jimmy trying to curse at people with his stutter? So PC Principal is uber pissed off about this entire incident and decides that Jimmy needs to be shown that he’s being an Uncle Able.

Mr. Storch is absolutely loving this new, yet old-fashioned way of reading the news. His flashback of him reading the news on the Internet was hilarious and I think we can all relate to this one way or another. For me, I absolutely fucking HATE those websites where you click on a link and it ends up going to something completely different than what you clicked on. And I ESPECIALLY hate those slideshows…like why can’t everything just be on ONE fucking page??!! God damn, I feel just like Butter’s dad:

Stephen Storch in Ad World

So after this latest incident with the school newspaper, PC Principal brings Jimmy back to his office only this time he brings Nathan with him to teach Jimmy a lesson. Nathan is totally loving apples and bananas but his feelings get hurt when someone uses the “R” word. He’s also afraid of bears. Poor Nathan.

That word makes my heart piss its pants

Jimmy confronts Nathan, knowing full well that he uses the word “retarded” 400 times a day, and it becomes clear that the town of South Park is in big trouble. Nathan says that everyone is about to learn the truth and that a war is coming. He also wants to be on the right side of this war and enjoys smelling trees. Classic Nathan.

I Like to Smell Trees

PC Principal decides to throw an event for those with disabilities. The real reason for the party, however, is so these PC frat boys can crush some pussy. So it tooks like this whole PC thing is a complete farce so the bro squad can get laid. At least they are getting affirmative consent before they crush that pussy. God, I hate these PC bros and I hope they all end up getting killed by the end of the season. I am all PC’ed out from real life so having these PC idiots in South Park doesn’t allow for much of an escape from reality. Luckily, Jimmy is around to save the day with his latest headline for the school news paper.

'PC' Stands for Pussy Crushing

Later, Jimmy is visited by a Geico representative and they want to give him $20 million but there’s obviously a catch. They want Jimmy to create some news stories about auto insurance but Jimmy is not falling for it because he knows the difference between news and ads. Stick it up your ass, I say! The Geico rep eventually pulls a gun on Jimmy and that is when shit starts to get super ridiculous. Jimmy thinks he can stop ads but the Geico rep thinks that ads will keep getting smarter and the more we try to shut them out, the more clever they will get. That’s when Barbrady, and his gun, returns to the action:

Fuck you, Geico

So obviously there is something much bigger going on with these ads. Barbrady brings Jimmy to some secret location to meet with some guys in suits and they partially let us in on what’s going on. Apparently, the average human can’t seem to differentiate the news with an ad and the PC people are being manipulated by some new enemy to humanity. This new enemy is the ads themselves, they have intelligence and they know what we want before we know we want it ourselves. Apparently advertisements have become smarter than humans and are now manipulating everything we do. Naturally, Jimmy thinks this is retarded and he’s not wrong but this is the world of South Park and I love it when the plot goes completely off the tracks. Crab people, anyone?

By creating things such as ad-free news and ad blockers, the ads had to start disguising themselves as news in order to survive. I can’t even make this shit up. So Jimmy has to take a test to see how good he is at determining what is news and what is an ad. And Jesus Christ, Jimmy was off the charts!

The men in the suits eventually put Jimmy in a room with Leslie and it turns out that she’s not even human at all. She’s a fucking AD!

Leslie is an ad

Seriously though, this episode was great! Everything from this season is coming together and the fact that Leslie turned out to be a living, breathing advertisement was a great way to set up the final two episodes. Who would have thought the plot of South Park would be so interesting. All I know is that I cannot wait to find out the real enemy behind these “ads” and what the people of South Park are going to do about it.

Sponsored Content also saw the return of Mr. Garrison and his new running mate, Caitlyn Jenner! That’s right, she’s back and better than ever! Mr. Garrison is debating Hilary Clinton at the 2015 Presidential Debate and the first topic, obviously, had to be Syrian refugees. Mr. Garrison thinks all Syrian refugees are terrorists and Caitlyn Jenner even joined in on the fun too, making fun of Hilary Clinton in the process:

She looks like a donkey took a shit on her face

Best. Running Mate. Ever. Caitlyn Jenner is classic South Park and I couldn’t stop laughing upon her reappearance in this episode. Things get even more interesting though when we find out that Principal Victoria is back after being replaced by PC Principal and the three of them are going back to South Park to deal with this PC problem.

BUCKLE UP BUCKAROOS! Oh. My. God. I will never stop laughing at South Park’s version of Caitlyn Jenner.

Buckle Up, Buckaroo

And this time she decided to run over an entire crowd of people:

Caitlyn Jenner runs over crowd of people

I have no idea why this makes me laugh hysterically but South Park’s version of Caitlyn Jenner is easily the greatest thing of the Fall 2015 television season. She literally murdered 12 people with her car and this time, she actually drove onto the sidewalk to do it. I fucking love you, South Park.

So with only two episodes remaining, I can’t wait to see how this is all wrapped up. Every single episode has had something to do with this main plot so it’s going to be a fun ride to the end with Caitlyn Jenner at the wheel!

One last time: BUCKLE UP, BUCKAROOS!

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT

Mikey Likes ItWell this was just fucking hilarious. Bringing back Caitlyn Jenner was the icing on the cake and I absolutely loved how the entire season is coming together. With Leslie actually being a living advertisement and the PC bro squad being used to manipulate reality, it looks like Jimmy, Barbrady, Mr. Garrison, Principal Victoria and Caitlyn Jenner are the only ones who can save the day. I cannot believe how this season of South Park has played out, especially now that they are serializing the show.

Last year, I was repeatedly shouting HAPPY HOLOGRAMS, and with the Christmas holidays around the corner, I’ll be sure to do that again this year. And this season I can’t stop saying BUCKLE UP, BUCKAROO! My only request is that they don’t completely butcher the finale like they did last year. PewDiePie was the lamest thing that ever happened to South Park after the much-hyped finale and I was super disappointed with the final episode last year. That said, this season has been an improvement from last and the serialized nature of the show has been that much better.

So what did everyone think of Sponsored Content? Did it make you want to click on a bunch of ads? Or are you too busy smelling trees to be bothered? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow South Parkers!