South Park: ‘Stunning And Brave’ Review

Check Your Privilege

Feeling good on a Wednesday! South Park returned for its 19th season last night and with so much ridiculousness to choose from, they pretty much included everything they possibly could. We had references to Caitlin Jenner, Bill Cosby, Syrian refugee children, Tom Brady and the NFL and even Jared made an appearance.

The episode was great in that it addressed a lot of serious world issues and they did so in hilarious fashion. I mean, all you have to do is go on any social medium and you are sure to find people preaching about what is politically correct these days. Attempting to force people to share their views on these hot topics appears to have been the perfect storm for South Park who decided to use a fraternity of bro’s to get their message across.

And while I agree that there has been a ton of insane shit going on in the world, it is probably true that some people are just like PC Principal in trying to enforce their opinion. Whatever happened to letting people form their own opinions on the world around them? Well, that’s why we have South Park. Enjoy the recap.

I’m Gonna ‘Tom Brady’ This Thing

The beginning of the episode got started in typical South Park fashion, with Randy Marsh acting like a big man child:

Randy throws paper at Mackey

And this was just the beginning. With Principal Victoria being fired after a ‘Hot Cosby’ incident, they introduced a brand new character. PC Principal, who is total bro squad and has had enough from the people of South Park. I mean, who doesn’t know someone just like this:

PC Principal drops the mic

Obviously he was going to be forcing his own agenda onto the people of South Park and, much like the real world we live in, these people totally exist. It was a classic example of someone correcting another for being politically incorrect. And if you are not in line with the PC bro squad, then you must not be a good person. That was the theme of this episode and I absolutely loved it. No one was safe…not even Mr. Kim:

Ohh, I hated Mongolians

PC Principal arrived and was ready to police the town of South Park on tolerance and acceptance and he says it best, “That’s the sound of 2015 pulling you over people…suck it!” Hell, even Cartman was given four days detention for calling Heidi Turner ‘clitty litter’, a new name that we should all start using because it’s, well, hilarious.

But things really heat up when we find out that Kyle doesn’t think Caitlin Jenner is a hero. It was classic South Park as Kyle’s dad tries to explain to PC Principal that some people, including his son Kyle, don’t really believe that Caitlin Jenner is stunning and brave. Of course, PC Principal loses his shit because if anyone doesn’t agree with these frat bro’s, they must be terrible people, right?

You got a fucken problem, bro?

One thing that I loved about this episode was the fact that they used these college frat boy types to get the point across. That entire scene in the bar with all of the PC bro’s was beyond hilarious, especially when they were pissed about someone referring to Caitlin Jenner as an ‘it’ or thinking that Venezuelans aren’t Americans.

Bro Squad

This leads to the bro squad forming a fraternity where they can all hang out, drink beer and make sure no one says the ‘wrong’ thing. Also, these old farmer hicks showed up:

Looks like things are getting all PC again

Oh shit, I just used the term ‘hicks’…I might be getting detention. Then things get interesting. Cartman appears to have given in due to the fact that he doesn’t want any more detention and the dialogue between Cartman and his friends questioning his resignation was pure genius. It was one of the most epic, and hilarious, parodies about the Tom Brady deflategate scandal. They even got the numbers right with Cartman getting four days of detention (just like Tom Brady). And now everyone will surely be saying “I’m gonna Tom Brady this thing” for the next month.

So Cartman does what Cartman does best and obviously this involves framing PC Principal for having a pair of Butter’s underwear. Classic Cartman.

By all means, please, keep your dick out

But in an unexpected twist, Cartman can’t seem to scare PC Principal into doing anything. The best part of this entire scene is when Cartman utters the word ‘Kapeesh’, leading to PC Principal freaking out on him about Italian-Americans. Even the use of the term “spokesman” is apparently off-limits since women are perfectly capable of selling sandwiches as anyone. Of course, Cartman’s only motivation is framing PC Principal for raping Butters and everything he said was taken out of complete context by the bro squad. I loved this commentary because this kind of crap happens all the time where things are taken completely of context. Especially on Facebook and Twitter.

Cartman, however, ends up getting the crap beat out of him and I’m not sure how PC Principal managed to get away with beating up an 8-year old kid.

Did you just use a term that excludes women from an occupation, bro?

Meanwhile, Randy heads over to the frat house and accidentally ends up becoming a pledge, probably due to the fact that there was booze. Randy is one of the best characters on this show and I’m glad they have been using him a lot more. Last season’s Lorde storyline was comedy gold and having Randy give us all a lecture about better defining and reinforcing tolerance and acceptance of all groups of people while hungover was awesome in every way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great message, but maybe it’s all about how we deliver that message that is the issue here.

They serve refreshments, yes

Back at the hospital, Cartman has given up and admits that he is no longer Tom Brady. Cartman says to Kyle that they are bigots but we all know that Cartman is the only real bigot here. He says it is time for them to ‘grow up’, which I can only pray they never do, and calls Kyle his ‘friend’, to which Kyle has the best response ever:

Ah, Fuck You

Back at the bro squad frat house, Randy and his bro’s are getting their drink on again and dancing to Silento’s Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) which was typical Randy making us all laugh our asses off. How can this not make you laugh?

Randy and Frat Bros dance it up

The bro squad is in full hazing mode and has their new pledges go out to ‘check your privilege’, which is essentially getting someone to acknowledge their own inherent privileges and reminding them (over and over again) to put them aside to better understand another human beings plight. The best part about this episode is that these bro squad’s actually exist and do absolutely nothing but preach. If you really want to ‘better understand another human beings plight’, then simply don’t be a douche. There is no need to get in everyone’s face about the word ‘spokesman’, right Jared? Also, this:

Randy pukes

Best. Gif. Ever. And hands down one of my favorite parts of this episode was Cartman as Tom Brady. That entire dream sequence where everyone ‘broke the rules’, including Roger Goodell and Bill Belichick, was epic in every way and totally took the piss out of the Deflategate scandal and how ridiculous it all was.

You Broke The Rules

Naturally, this is South Park so it’s time to start a war with the frat bro’s. Cartman heads to the bro squad frat house and gave us a complete riot of funny. First up, he sends in pregnant Mexican women.

Step 1: Pregnant Mexican Women

With that done, it’s time to fire the taco launchers:

Step 2: Fire the Taco Launchers

And this wouldn’t be South Park without sending in the Syrian refugee children:

Step 3: Syrian Refugee Children

And can’t forget their secret weapon…Jared:

Step 4: Jared

Instant laughs. Talk about an epic plan of attack. The pregnant Mexican women fall asleep on the tacos, the Syrian refugees are trying to protect their children from Jared and this bro gets thrown to his death in hilarious South Park fashion:

Bro gets thrown off balcony to death

Does anyone do random death scenes better than South Park? The answer is nope. So with Cartman basically instigating a war on the social movement, our episode ends in easily the best way possible. Because really, this episode was all about Tom Brady. And Cartman’s message at the end was also genius. You see, sometimes joking about un-PC things is actually important because it starts a “dialogue”. Not only that, Cartman appears to be victorious once again and even Kyle suggests that he was the only one that ‘won’ here. Just like a certain famous Patriots quarterback. Cartman totally fucken Tom Brady’ed us all. And it was absolutely epic in every way.

We Got Tom Brady'ed

The Verdict

Mikey Likes ItThis was an awesome start to the 19th season of South Park. This show began when Mikey was still a teenager in high school and years later, it hasn’t lost a step. The fact that they create these episodes with the expectation of addressing current social issues is priceless and I could not agree more with the message. People should still be allowed to have an opinion about certain things and whos business is it to interfere with these opinions? Case in point: some of us don’t think Caitlin Jenner is a hero…period. Does this mean we’re against transgender people? Absolutely fucking not.

That said, the premiere was everything I could have asked for. We had some brand new catch phrases (like ‘clitty litter’), Jared made an appearance and it looks like PC Principal is here to stay. And Cartman ending up getting exactly what he wanted in the end was everything South Park should be.

So what did you guys think about the premiere of South Park? Do you like the addition of PC Principal? Are you going to be saying “let’s Tom Brady this thing” now? Just beware the hot Crosby…it could get you fired. Thanks for reading.