South Park: ‘The City Part Of Town’ Review

Welcome Home

The new season of South Park has set a super high standard. This week was a bit of a letdown but it’s hardly a surprise after the last episode in which Mr. Kim starred in. The Sodosopa development was the star of this episode and Kenny’s house being right in the middle of it all was clever but other than that this episode just seemed different to me.

South Park appears to be making some big changes this season and I think this episode illustrated that perfectly but this show is supposed to make us laugh throughout the entire episode and I just didn’t find myself laughing as much as the previous two.

There were still some funny moments, however, and I was actually moved by the ending promotion for Whole Foods. It looks like Season 19 is bringing us an updated, revitalized South Park. Welcome home and enjoy the recap.

The Shitheads Of America

In a bid to bring a Whole Foods to South Park and with Mr. Garrison’s antics last week, the residents decide that the best thing to do is to turn the shitty part of town and develop it into a hip and cool place to be after Jimmy Fallon totally rips on them.

Did someone say rape? That's the word for clever here in South Park

The residents of South Park are not too happy about Jimmy Fallon’s comments and it appears that South Park has become the laughing stock of the entire country. There was also something hilarious about Cartman saying “he apparently doesn’t care that his jokes are at the expense of actual people.” Love that irony.

The mayor calls a town meeting where local geologist Randy Marsh explains that the town needs a Whole Foods which would apparently validate the town as a community that cares about stuff. The plan involves creating a brand new development around the shitty part of town to bring in new business. And Sodosopa was born.

Welcome Home (Kenny's House)

Kenny and his family are the only residents that are unimpressed with the development since it is being put up around their house. Mr. Kim is also not too happy when he finds out that he no longer has any customers because of the new revitalization.

What the hell is a sodosopa?

With Sodosopa bringing back some life to South Park, Randy gets on the phone with a Whole Foods representative in hopes they can get one for their town. The results were hilarious.

No No No No No

Randy continuously saying ‘No’ was easily one of the best parts of the entire episode which isn’t saying a lot, but Randy is easily one of the greatest characters on this show so it’s definitely worth mentioning.

Then shit gets really weird with these advertisements promoting Sodosopa. Obviously Stone and Parker are making fun of real-life city development and their promotional material and it was pretty funny, but the jokes got old very quick especially considering there was a lot of them. A representative from Whole Foods eventually shows up to decide if the town is worthy of a Whole Foods so the town puts on a show as usual.

There wasn’t too many funny moments as the Whole Foods rep went around town, although I did get a laugh when the mayor referred to Craig as a homo.

Next to our beloved Craig, who is a homosexual

Oh, and this is how they slaughter livestock in South Park:

Guy shoots cow in head

Meanwhile, Mr. Kim has gotten together a child labour force with the intent to bring down Sodosopa. I didn’t really understand why Mr. Kim was so obsessed with child labour in this episode and the joke got old very fast but at least this .gif came from it:

Let's Go Child Labour

Eventually, Mr. Kim is pretty much forced into retirement until Kenny comes up with a plan to get people back to the shitty part of town. Mr. Kim creates his own advertisement for CtPaTown. I have to admit, I did get a laugh out of this because it was completely ripping on the previous advertisements in the best possible way. It’s a place where you can get all of the ‘shitty’ hot spots and ‘shitty’ food that South Park is known for.

City Wok

And can’t forget about City (pronounced Shitty) Wok where you can get shitty chicken and shitty sour soup. Plus, it comes with a state-of-the-art toilet which is a great place to squeeze out all of the shitty food you’ve enjoyed.

Of course, this pisses off the whole town because they are trying to ensure the Whole Foods rep doesn’t find out about the shitty part of town. This ultimately leads to Mr. Kim’s child labour force fighting the rest of the town.

The Shitty Part of Town

In typical South Park fashion, just when it appears the town is screwed, the Whole Foods rep ends up being impressed with the town’s display of an exaggerated sense of social consciousness and grants them a Whole Foods.

The end advertisement with the Whole Foods now in town was also very satirical as well and I’m going to leave you with that final quote:

“There’s a time when a town becomes more than it was. When the people take that bold step into making things better. To progress. To change. To not be what you were in the past. This is a new place, ready for the next decade. Updated, revitalized and ready to fit in with the most progressive towns in America. This is South Park. Welcome home.” 

Updated and Revitalized. Welcome home.

Is this a reference to the show itself? Has South Park updated and revitalized itself to fit in with the most progressive towns in America? Of course not but I must admit that I do love what they are doing this season up to this point. While The City Part of Town was more of a letdown than anything, it still had its moments and I really enjoyed that final ending.

The Verdict

Mikey Dislikes ItWithout Cartman, Butters, Stan and Kyle this episode wasn’t nearly as funny as it could have been. Obviously it was going to be a difficult task to match the Mr. Kim episode where he turned out to be an alternate personality of Dr. Janus. I kinda loved that they made fun of those condo advertisements which are so cliche. Other than that though, this episode just seemed to be lacking the punch that South Park usually delivers.

It’s not very often that I dislike an episode of South Park but I just wasn’t feeling this one. The condo development ads were hilarious but the whole Mr. Kim practically losing City Wok and shouting “Child Labour” wasn’t all that funny. I think this episode could have been a lot more entertaining if Mr. Kim went all insane and did something crazy to Sodosopa, which is actually a pretty fucking hilarious name.

In all honesty my expectations are way too high for this show because I love it so much but couldn’t bring myself to give this a like. Points were awarded for Randy saying ‘No’ a bunch of times when he was on the phone with Whole Foods and that cow getting shot in the head. But everything else lacked a certain something and I found myself not laughing as often as the previous two episodes. Hopefully this was only a transition episode into what I hope will be an extra-hilarious episode next week.

So what did you guys think of this week’s South Park? Where does it rank this season? Hope you enjoyed the recap and…Welcome Home.