South Park: ‘Truth And Advertising’ Review

South Park 'Bad Apple'

The remaining two episodes of South Park’s 19th season had so much potential but I’m finding the story to be a lot less interesting than pretty much everything that comes out of Caitlyn Jenner’s mouth. So thankfully she was present for this episode with her new BFF’s Mr. Garrison and Principal Victoria. Truth and Advertising would not have been nearly as good without Caitlyn and she has been one of the best new characters of the season.

The entire story with Leslie had so much potential but having her be an ad isn’t working for me. It was hilarious when PC Principal was screaming at her to stop talking during the school assemblies but ever since they revealed she was going to have a bigger part to play in the story, it hasn’t exactly resulted in laughs. I understand that she is a plot device but there was so much potential to make this super hilarious and it just hasn’t been so far.

So with all of the new developments in town, no one in South Park can seem to afford their new lifestyle anymore which was the basis for Truth and Advertising. Jimmy has been busy with Leslie and those news reporters but it was Mr. Garrison and his new running mate returning to town that supplied all of the laughs. Please though, whatever you do, do NOT attempt to cross the street when Caitlyn Jenner is in the vicinity or you’re definitely going to have a bad time. Enjoy the review!

How Do You Like Dem Apples?

Everything gets started with Kyle getting called to the principal’s office but PC Principal is no where to be found. The PC bros have apparently went on a hunger strike from eating pussy and Jimmy and Leslie are missing because that’s what happens…when you go against PC, you just end up missing. Just like in real life, right? Classic. Also, Mr. Mackey is easily the most derpiest character on the show:


We find out there’s a news story going around the school that Jimmy and Leslie were treated to a vacation but we all know this is not actually what’s going on. The boys find out that Nathan is the one in charge of the school newspaper but they aren’t able to get much info out of the kid which isn’t surprising considering this is his next big story:

Best News Story Ever

Good job, Nathan! Keep up the excellent work. Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Butters do some investigating on PC Principal but ultimately, they end up eating ice cream after they are bombarded with ads on the Internet. And this continuously happens every single time they try to find information on PC Principal. I especially loved the jokes about Clyde’s mom.

We're trying on shoes and eating chicken nuggets, stupid!

Stan is super suspicious that Kyle doesn’t want to investigate PC Principal and this leads to Kyle calling Stan a “Cartman” and ultimately they get in a fight. Who’s to blame? Obviously advertising.

We also got a brief history lesson from Jimmy about how ads cannot be stopped. This totally reminded me of the episode about Walmart being a real entity that couldn’t be stopped. This time it’s advertisements that have found a way to disguise themselves as news. Plus, this guy attending to his pot plants was fucking hilarious:

Is this guy an ad?

Jimmy is still hanging out with his news reporter friends as they try to figure out a way to stop these ads. I guess news reporters would be greatly affected by these ads if they are now disguising themselves as news stories so this makes sense. It was especially funny how all of them talk like reporters as well.

"Back to you, Tom"

Jimmy is still interrogating Leslie and he’s starting to think that ads aren’t so bad after all. But the news reporters know better and they know Jimmy is only thinking with his dick. They send him back in but our news reporters are interrupted by a pop-up ad, giving Leslie enough time to convince Jimmy that he needs to save her. Obviously this is a big mistake and the news reporters freak out, fearing that Jimmy’s dick has been compromised. They have no choice but to shoot and kill the kids and, obviously, Barbrady is given the task. But he refuses to shoot anymore people which obviously leads to Jimmy and Leslie escaping. And this:

Barbrady shoots a news reporter

Yup, he shot yet another innocent person. Barbrady is the king of police negligence. So Jimmy and Leslie make their way back to the school to confront Nathan but Leslie ends up attacking Jimmy since she has been lying the entire time. You just can’t trust those ads and Jimmy really shouldn’t have been thinking with his dick.

Leslie beats up Jimmy

With Jimmy out of the way, Leslie ends up at Kyle’s front door and tells Kyle that she can show him what’s going on but, unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the season finale for answers!

Meanwhile, Randy is asking his family if they want to bail on South Park and everyone in town appears to be taking out second mortgages on their homes so they can afford this new lifestyle. Classic Randy. First he goes all PC and as soon as he realizes he can’t afford it, he changes his mind. Even the local farmers are having trouble adjusting to the new South Park.

"You mean like someone put their balls in the glass?"

Mr. Garrison, Caitlyn Jenner and Principal Victoria return to South Park and they are not impressed with what has happened. Also, I was immediately in tears from laughter when Mr. Garrison forces Caitlyn to put on a fake mustache. Seeing as Caitlyn Jenner is, biologically speaking, a man it was pretty funny watching Garrison make fun of her for her reluctance to put on the disguise.

"You're such an asshole."

And, of course, they arrive back in town in the best possible way. Is there anything better than Caitlyn Jenner behind the wheel of a car? The answer is a definite nope!

Caitlyn Jenner runs over guy at Whole Foods

This will seriously never get old…ever! So the entire town has been completely transformed and Mr. Garrison and company must now figure out what the hell is going on. First up, they decide to pick on Randy with Caitlyn Jenner acting as the muscle. This scene can only be described using gifs:

You like apples?

How do you like dem apples?

South Park’s version of Caitlyn Jenner is absolutely fucking hilarious. I could watch an entire series based on this character, just throwing that out there. So Garrison and his new crew check out Randy’s ass and confirm that he’s a total PC bro. Things are not looking good for everyone’s favorite deadbeat dad.

Caitlyn, Principal Victoria and Mr. Garrison find out from Randy that he was the one responsible for gentrifying the town but what Randy doesn’t realize is that this gentrification cannot be contained and is happening everywhere. And some of the names of these new districts were pure genius: Nodofopa, Socacheywo, Chimichanga, Lodo, Sobro, Rivmo, NoWE3Pi and NoMoAuchie round out the list. Fucking hilarious.

Obviously Randy had no idea about this conspiracy and decides that he’s going to take the bastard down himself. So looks like Randy is officially on Team Garrison and I am thrilled! They head over to the PC Frat House and, in typical Caitlyn Jenner fashion, this happened again:

Caitlyn Jenner runs over a jogger

Like I said, this will never ever get old. I especially love how they just get out of the car like this is a normal, every day occurrence. They head into the frat house and Caitlyn Jenner makes sure the room is clear in the best way imaginable:

Caitlyn Jenner making sure the coast is clear

Of course, because this is South Park, Mr. Garrison and his crew end up in Foot Locker eating ice cream, just like what happened to Stan, Kyle and the boys earlier. And one last amazing Caitlyn Jenner quote came from this:

That stupid bitch had it coming

I really wish Mr. Garrison and Caitlyn Jenner had more screen time as they were the only ones that really saved this episode. The stuff with Jimmy and Leslie was mediocre at best, even if listening to those news reporters was pretty funny. I can only hope that Garrison’s team of nutbags is the focus of the finale, but let’s be honest…it can’t be as bad as last year’s finale with the awful PewDiePie.

The Verdict

Episode Score: MIKEY LIKES IT

Mikey Likes ItEverything that happened with Jimmy and Leslie was not that funny. On the other hand, everything that happened with Mr. Garrison, Randy and Caitlyn Jenner was hysterical. So please, let’s focus more on them, show! I could seriously watch an entire season of South Park’s version of Caitlyn Jenner. The way the illustrators drew her is absolutely fucking hilarious and everything she says is so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh. She is easily the best thing that has happened this season.

That said, I think I’m completely over this serialized story. What happened to the good old days where you could watch any episode from any season and still know what’s going on? While there was a lot of potential for success from this type of storytelling, it just hasn’t been quite as funny and I’m hoping that the series goes back to their old ways next year.

That said, there were still a ton of funny moments in Truth and Advertising and I’m hoping the finale goes all out on the stupidity. Making fun of celebrities is one thing this show does so well and hopefully the Caitlyn Jenner nonsense continues for the final episode of the season. I was on the fence regarding whether this episode did enough to get a like and I believe it did, especially with Mr. Garrison back in town.

So what did everyone think of Truth and Advertising? Did you like dem apples? Or was it worse than having Caitlyn Jenner disguise herself with a mustache? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for next week’s finale which is sure to have us laughing our asses off as only South Park can. Thanks for reading, fellow South Parkers!