South Park: ‘Where My Country Gone’ Review

Buckle Up, Buckaroo

South Park’s Mr. Garrison is at it again and this time he’s after illegal immigrants. Wait, I mean undocumented immigrants…don’t want the bro squad getting in my face. The only problem is that the bro squad is back from the premiere and it looks like South Park is continuing its season long stories. I am epically thrilled. Even Randy is still a total PC bro.

We immediately find out that the immigrants in question are actually the northern kind and once again South Park has us calling people our buddy, friend and guy. Every time Canada is involved in South Park you know it’s going to be a good time.

So buckle up buckaroo and enjoy the recap but a quick warning: it might be a good idea to avoid getting into a vehicle with Caitlyn Jenner. You’ve been warned.

Fuck Them All To Death

I cannot stop laughing about this episode. I mean, first Mr. Garrison is going after Canadians. Second, Caitlyn Jenner finally makes her appearance. This resulted in laughter to the point of dying. It all starts because of Kyle’s speech from last week regarding tolerance and acceptance. This has apparently set off a shit storm in South Park to the point where you can’t even say ‘illegal immigrants’ because the politically correct term is ‘undocumented immigrants’. And Randy is there to set the issue straight.

Randy to the Rescue

Mr. Garrison goes on a hilarious rant about how millions of immigrants are coming over the border and no one seems to care. He is absolutely sick of them crossing the border with their dirty family’s and playing their stupid music. Of course, the immigrants in question are the Canadian kind.

Hey Buddy, another Moosehead eh

Personally, I love it when South Park makes fun of Canada. I am Canadian and I can’t stop laughing whenever Terrence and Philip and the rest of Canada make an appearance on this show. Also, you’re not my buddy, guy! Mr. Garrison believes they should have put a wall on the border to prevent those dirty Canadians from getting across the border. Of course, it turns out there was a reason behind this madness but more on that later.

Back at the White House, after being awarded with a free ride home with Caitlyn Jenner, Kyle gets in a car with her and she ends up doing the funniest thing ever:

Caitlyn Jenner Hit and Run

Yes, I realize they are making fun of Jenner’s current legal troubles for a fatal accident she was in last year but I will never be able to stop laughing at this. Buckle up, Buckaroo! South Park is at its best when random and absolutely ridiculous shit happens and this was a perfect example. I will also never get in a vehicle with Caitlyn Jenner.

The PC bro squad is still around and they are not too happy with Mr. Garrison’s intolerance with Canadians. Luckily, Mr. Garrison’s complaints are getting through to the people of South Park, including Cartman who completely disses Kyle for his speech last week. Cartman thinks that Kyle knowingly gave that speech to get the illegal immigrants into South Park and Clyde says it best, “It’s fine that you want to go preach about Caitlyn Jenner but you can’t just make blanket statements about letting anyone do whatever they want.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison is forced to attend Canadian Language night classes which featured one of the most hilariously dumb things I have ever seen. First, the teacher of the class:

Blame Canada

Yup, his name is pronounced Mr. Stick-A-Dick-In-My-Balls. Then he sings the alphabet and I completely lost it.


That’s right. In Canada, our G’s are actually pronounced ‘Guy’, our P’s sound like ‘Buddy’ and our V’s come out like ‘Friend’. Yup, these are Canadian ABC’s, Susie likes hairy balls what do you think of these? Just fucking hilarious. Obviously Mr. Garrison cannot deal with all of these Canadian immigrants and sets up a plan to send them back to Canada.

He makes a speech at a school assembly about Canadian culture and ends up getting fired by PC Principal due to his views on Canadian immigration.

"There's only one immigration policy and that's fuck 'em all to death"

And Garrison is sorry, not sorry! This leads to Cartman devising a plan to have Butters sleep with a Canadian girl so they can all get along. Kyle starts giving another speech but is quickly stopped short by Cartman.

Is he seriously giving a speech right now?

Butters ends up befriending a Canadian girl named Charlotte using lines from The Lion King 2, which I didn’t even realize was a real thing. Things really get funny when Cartman calls Butters and asks if he’s given her the ‘ole Hot Cosby yet. And I love that they are going to be rolling with that term throughout the season because it’s fucking hilarious. Butters ends up going to Charlotte’s for dinner but her father is suspicious that he has the ‘maple fever’ which apparently means having a fetish for Canadian women. Is this really a thing? Probably not, but it is now!

Is that it, you got Maple Fever?

We find out that the Canadian’s don’t even want to be in America because they already have everything back in Canada. The reason behind this was once again comedy gold since Stone and Parker totally rip on Americans for giving Donald Trump a chance to become the President. Charlotte’s dad explains that there were several candidates during the Canadian election but one of them was a brash asshole who just spoke his mind. He didn’t offer any solutions, he just said outrageous things which the Canadian people thought was funny. Then it was too late and Donald Trump became the President of Canada.

Suck My Balls

Thank you South Park for doing this because it was the perfect analogy to what is going on right now with that idiot Trump. He just talks out his ass like an arrogant fuck and I’m glad to see this show completely rip on him. After all, he was responsible for destroying Canada 🙁

Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison puts his plan in motion which involves rounding up all the Canadians, pulling down their pants and literally fucking them until their spirits leave their bodies so they can build a wall on the border to keep them out. Only South Park can get away with this and it was epic. Of course, Canada has already built a wall to keep the Americans out and Garrison is pissed right off about it so he heads straight to the USA/Canada border.

Naturally, Garrison needs to get over the wall to Canada and the best way to do this is to launch himself off of Niagara Falls in a barrel.

Watch the Balls

They end up throwing Mr. Garrison off of the Falls and everyone assumes that he is immediately dead when the barrel breaks apart mid fall but he survives and heads into a now deserted Canada. And he finds Trump getting his dance on to The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats:

Canadian President Donald Trump on South Park

Garrison confronts Trump and they end up getting in a fight which ultimately leads to Garrison fucking the Canadian president to death.

Fucking Trump To Death

With Garrison fucking the Canadian president to death, the illegal immigrants are free to return North which is exactly what they do since Canada is “the greatest country in the world.” And in hilarious South Park fashion, Kyle tries to give another speech at the end of the episode but stops himself short due to everyone thinking he’s being a douche.

Finally, Mr. Garrison heads off with his new running mate, Caitlyn Jenner, and they get in the car for yet another ride. Buckle up, Buckaroo!

Buckle Up, Buckaroo Part 2

Once again, I cannot stop laughing at this. Another absolutely hilarious episode of South Park that had everything. It was a parade of funny with undocumented Canadian immigrants, Mr. Garrison fucking Trump to death, slow Cosby’s, the Canadian ABC’s, maple fever and of course Caitlyn Jenner.

I can honestly say I have no idea where this show is going next but Stone and Parker are on a roll and so far Season 19 has been everything I could have asked for.

So what did you think about ‘Where My Country Gone’? Did it give you a slow Cosby? Let us know in the comments but be sure to buckle up, Buckaroo! 

The Verdict

Mikey Likes ItI think this episode was even better than the premiere. I love how South Park used Canada to make a point about how we can pretty much look at any country or culture and pick out things to criticize them about. For example, Canadians putting maple syrup on their mac ‘n cheese. We don’t actually do this in Canada but maple syrup is totally a thing up here so I couldn’t stop laughing about this.

Further, they finally addressed Donald Trump and the explanation of how he became the president of Canada was simply perfect. Any episode that features Trump, Canada and Caitlyn Jenner has instant classic written all over it and this episode did exactly that.

My only complaint was how they used Mr. Garrison and how he wanted to fuck all of the immigrants to death. This was really the least funny aspect of the episode but luckily there was enough hilarious moments to keep us all laughing.

We’ll be back next week for another review of South Park. Now buddy, please pass me a Moosehead eh! BUCKLE UP, BUCKAROO!