Survivor Second Chance: ‘A Snake In The Grass’ Recap & Rankings

Bayon Blindside

Survivor Second Chance gave us our first blindside of the season so take notes, fellow castaways. Monica just showed us how to NOT play Survivor. First off, why would anyone bitch and complain that they are depleting the ocean by removing clams for dinner. Are you fucking serious? I’m sorry Monica, but you’re an idiot and you are not Captain Planet, so just stop. Second, when you have a strong team of four, it’s probably not the best move to start making plans to form an all-girls alliance considering there are two guys in your CURRENT alliance. All I know is that she definitely deserved to go this week.

It was a good old fashioned Survivor blindside and I still can’t get over the fact that Monica thought the six of them were going to deplete the ocean. Collective facepalm. Enjoy the rankings, fellow castaways!

Five down, fifteen to go! Check out our Castaway Wall to see who’s left, with Monica getting the old Bayon blindside!

Survivor Castaway Chart

I think Monica absolutely deserved her fate in tonight’s awesome episode of Survivor Second Chance. It appeared that she had a strategy but when you start thinking that not eating in lieu of preserving a MASSIVE ocean is a good idea, you’re definitely going to piss people off and that was exactly what she did, myself included. And in hilarious Survivor fashion, we had Terry basically say that even if they get hungry, they have a “grocery store” at their fingertips in reference to the abundance of food in the ocean.

Also, did anyone else just love Fishbach doing Angkor a favor in the immunity challenge. That guy is a mess in every way but at least he’s in a much better spot than he used to be prior to the switch. So let’s get to it and rank our elite eight after an exciting tribal council and our first big blindside of the season.

Woo Hoo

The Elite Eight

1. Joe

There is no stopping this guy. He’s got a five person alliance with Keith, Ciera, Kass and Kelley and if that holds up after the merge, I just don’t see how he’s going to get voted out. I know I’ve had Jeremy in the top spot all season but after Bayon lost their first immunity challenge, I simply had no choice but to move Joe to the top of the pack! If you ask me, I can’t see any way this guy is losing.

2. Jeremy

Gun to your Head

Even with his hidden immunity idol, I had to drop him down to the #2 spot simply because Joe is destroying everyone. If both Jeremy and Joe make the merge, and I expect that they will, I can see these two butting heads and he just might have the advantage with his hidden immunity idol. But for now, he’s #2 if only for the fact that Bayon had to go to tribal for the first time while Ta Keo is sitting pretty yet again.

3. Tasha

I Got Big Boobs and I cannot lie

She talks big game and also has big boobs! Sorry, but how could you not notice those things. Keeping Woo around was hands down the smartest decision this tribe has made and even though they had to rely on Abi to keep him, it was all Tash and Savage. Now they are in a position to switch things up again and if they do end up back at tribal, I am predicting that Abi’s torch will be going out.

4. Savage

Blazer of Glory

He brought back the blazer from his first time on Survivor and I absolutely love the throwback! This attorney is in it to win it and him and Tash have completely flipped the Angkor tribe on its head. They were on the bottom after the switch but now they are sitting pretty at the top and might even do us all a huge favor by voting out everyone’s least favorite villain, Abi.

5. Kimmi

No Pumpkin, No

Whoa, pumpkin! Where did you come from? We haven’t heard much from her this season but boy did we get an extra big dose this episode. I love that she’s playing the game hard and learning from her past mistakes in the Outback. I also love how annoyed she was with Monica and how calm, cool and collected she remained during it all. I probably would have lost my shit when Monica was talking about preserving the sea so good on her. She was also the one responsible for blindsiding Monica. We can’t really fault her for not getting much air time since this was their first tribal council, but I’m loving watching her play the game and she has some potential to go far if she can keep her cool.

6. Kelley

She is doing unexpectedly well. She still has a hidden immunity idol and she has planted a seed on the Ta Keo tribe that Terry needs to go first. If that happens and she were the next to go, she could still easily flip the entire game on its head by using her idol. I don’t know why but my gut says she might be going to the end and she is easily the most underrated player on this list so far.

7. Fishbach

Fishbach Fail

Yup, you’re reading this right. Somehow this clumsy goofball made it into our elite eight! And well deserved because he was pretty much on the outs before they switched things up and he’s managed to work his way right back into Bayon’s good graces with Monica being the first to go. With him, Jeremy and Kimmi working together (and Spencer and Kelly still on the outs), he might now be in a prime position to make some headway so long as he doesn’t keep helping other tribes during the immunity challenge. But it was pretty funny, wasn’t it?

8. Ciera / Keith / Kass

High Five?

It was a toss up for the last spot and all these three made it for the simple fact that they formed a tight five person alliance that could go far in the game. Still, the preview for next week didn’t look to friendly for one castaway and my gut is telling me that someone from this alliance might be pulled from the game sooner than expected. Even with losing one though, they would still be four strong and with Joe on their tribe, they might never have to go to tribal before the merge.

On The Chopping Block

1. Terry

Grocery Store That Way

With a five person alliance sealed in stone, Terry is in big trouble if his tribe ever loses an immunity challenge. I don’t even know how this happened to the poor guy, but no amount of social game is going to save him now so his tribe better keep winning for his sake. Of course, having Joe on your tribe will help enormously but this one better be hoping for the merge to come real soon or he’s going to be going home early.

2. Abi Maria

Just like I predicted last week, she has already moved down to the bottom of the totem pole with her super annoying behavior. Woo tells his tribe a very heartbreaking story which, obviously, infuriates Abi because she has no heart whatsoever. This is not a competition, hun. And as Tasha said, it makes more sense going forward with Woo instead of Abi because dealing with her gives us all a headache. Ain’t that the truth.

3. Kelly

We Have Crabs

Kelly and Spencer are both super lucky because if it wasn’t for Monica and her stupidity, one of them would have been going home. Still though, with Kimmi, Jeremy and Fishbach running things on the Bayon tribe, I think Kelly is now at the bottom, even if Spencer is still hanging around. She better get her act together because I don’t see very much fight in her, especially in comparison to the very first Survivor where she almost beat Richard for the mill.

Final Thoughts

Monica gets blindsided

I really don’t understand how Abi is still alive in this game but Angkor better keep winning those immunity challenges or she will 100% be going home next time. Like I said last week, the dumbest move she made was not sticking with Varner and Woo and she’s definitely in big time trouble. Hell, even with a merge, she’s probably too annoying to keep around anyways and an easy target. Sorry, but the Brazilian Soap Opera is going to be getting cancelled sooner than later.

And Monica, what were you thinking? Did you seriously think six of you were going to deplete an entire ocean? Come on, girl! She also pissed off Kimmi in the process which led to her downfall and who can blame Bayon? Why would Jeremy and Fishbach want to keep her around if she’s talking about an all-girls alliance? Rookie mistakes all around for Monica and it cost her big time as she became the first casualty of a blindside.

So what did you think of A Snake In The Grass? Were you as concerned about those clams as Monica? Or is the ocean just one big grocery store? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow castaways!