Survivor Second Chance: ‘Play To Win’ Recap & Rankings

Survivor Second Change 'The Merge'

“Fuck them.” -Savage

MERGE MERGE MERGE! And no we’re not in traffic. Finally shit is gonna get interesting because we’re f’ing merging the tribes! Survivor Second Chance switched things up yet again and I say next time, let’s just do a 20-man battle royale with only one tribe. Screw this tribe versus tribe shit, every man for themselves, always! Right?

Having 13 people merge made things super interesting. That said, I don’t understand why they are not targeting the bigger threats in this game like Joe, Jeremy and Savage. Still though, I was more than happy to see Kass go home. Things are sure to get interesting once these hidden immunity idols come out but for now it seems like no one is ready to make a power move. And I’m telling you right now, if they don’t get rid of Joe soon, he’s going to easily go all the way. Enjoy the rankings, fellow castaways.

13. Kass

Kass voted out

A lawyer’s biggest flaw is usually their own arrogance and Kass is as arrogant as they get. I knew her “Calm Kass” gimmick was all bullshit and it was only a matter of time before she went back to her old ways. Anyways, there’s really nothing else to say about her other than this:

"There's the door, bitch"

12. Ciera


I have no idea what this one was thinking when she tried to call out Savage in front of the entire tribe. It didn’t make a lot of sense and ended up putting her on everyone’s radar. Even stranger was her sole vote for Savage at tribal. I did, however, love her fight at tribal. It’s always nice to see our castaways fighting for their lives and she did just that. If the tribe decides to make a big move and go after a power player, she’ll be safe but if not, she’s likely going home next.

11. Abi

She stuck with the wrong alliance and tried to vote out Tasha and I really don’t know where she stands at this point. Somehow, the Brazilian Soap Opera has managed to stay under the radar and the longer she stays in the game, the greater the likelihood she’ll go to the end because who wouldn’t want to be up against her in the final two. Like Ciera, if the other castaways don’t start targeting the bigger threats, she probably won’t last long and I don’t think anyone will be sad to see her go.

10. Fishbach

He really wants to make a big move but I can’t help but feel like this is going to bite him in the ass. I love his commitment to the game and his appetite for making big moves but it seems like he can’t seem to adapt to the tribe and it may cost him in the end. I definitely would like to see Fishbach make a big move and take one of the bigger threats out of the game but I also get the feeling a lot of our castaways are playing it safe for now and I highly doubt Fishbach will adopt that attitude.

9. Keith

The Claws are Out!

There’s not much to say about him since we have barely seen him at all this season. Does this mean he’s going to go far? Probably not. Keith is the type of player who has yet to really make any moves yet and he might be good to keep close if only to bring him to the end for the easy victory. If there is one thing that I can’t stand in Survivor, it’s players who don’t play the game and Keith hasn’t been playing very hard. At least his ‘cat fight’ gesture while Tasha and Kass were going at it was hilarious!

8. Kelly

Really not much to say about her other than I’m very disappointed with her gameplay. She just seems to be one of the sheep that the power players can use for a vote and if she doesn’t get it together, she’s going to end up just like the rest of them…with her torch snuffed out. I really don’t understand why she is so quiet this time around. She was so close to beating Richard in the very first Survivor but I’m not seeing any fight in her. Time to wake up, hun!

7. Kimmi

Like Kelly and Keith, she wasn’t involved much in this episode but I’m still cheering her on. I know she has some fight in her and she doesn’t have to do much for the time being, given she’s in a tight alliance with Jeremy and Fishbach. It’s always better not to ruffle feathers and that’s exactly what she’s doing having learned her lesson from her past outing in the Outback. I can definitely see her going far and I’m just waiting for her to finally make that big move! Go pumpkin, go!

6. Spencer

Wanna build a sand castle?

He’s in a much better position now that the tribes have merged and I loved that he was speaking Joe’s language right off the bat. He seems to have a solid alliance with Joe and Kelley and that could go a long way for him. Plus, with his nemesis Kass out of the game, he can now keep his eyes on the prize without worrying about the chaotic one.

5. Tasha

"Go home, girl!"

I don’t get what all the bad beef is between Tash and Kass but things obviously went in Tasha’s favor. Her alliance with Savage and his group should allow her to go far in the game but if she continues getting in arguments like she did with Kass, she might see herself going home early. Also, I’m pretty sure she did say bye bye to Bayon but lying is the only way you’re going to win in Survivor.

4. Kelley

Survivor and Chill

Kelley has been one of my favorites this season. She never made the merge in her previous season but she’s there now and she’s got a hidden immunity idol to go with it. Her original alliance with Joe, Keith, Ciera and Kass is obviously done now but her distrust for Savage and Tasha could potentially help her. She seems to be buddying up with Joe and Spencer and it looks like we have three main alliances at work right now (Kelley/Spencer/Joe, Jeremy/Kimmi/Fishbach and Savage/Tasha/Kelly). If you ask me, I’d say Kelley picked the best one but she is going to need to find a way to get Joe out of the game before the end and there might not be a better way than playing that hidden immunity idol.

3. Jeremy

He’s still got that hidden immunity idol and is sitting in a pretty good spot because of it. Obviously others will look at him as a physical threat but if he senses the votes are going against him, he can easily play his idol and change up the game. That said, his idea of splitting the vote was pure stupidity in my opinion. Are you really worried that Kass has an idol? I didn’t see the point in splitting the vote and, in fact, that plan could have cost Tash the game.

2. Savage

"Fuck them."

I have a gut feeling he might be going all the way to the end. He has received a ton of favorable edits so far and we’ve seen A LOT of him in almost every episode which makes me think he will find a way to maneuver his way to the final four. And really, what’s not to like about him? I loved how angry he was with his former tribe after they went behind his back and voted out Woo and I think this will ignite a fire inside of him to play the game hard. Targeting Ciera though, not so sure that’s the brightest plan when there are much bigger fish to fry.

1. Joe

The King of the Jungle

“It’s dangerous but it’s fun.” God damn right, Joe! Another day, another immunity idol for the Survivor MacGyver. If they don’t vote this guy out right away, he will definitely be going all the way to the end and no one would be surprised. What I don’t ever seem to understand is why our castaways can’t seem to figure this out. They should be targeting people like Joe, especially knowing how good he is at immunity challenges. Still though, as long as Joe keeps playing his social game and winning challenges like a boss, he won’t be going anywhere and is why he gets the #1 spot.

So what did everyone think of the merge and who are you rooting for to win the million? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow castaways.