Survivor Second Chance: ‘Survivor MacGyver’ Recap & Rankings

The Social Network

“I realized that not everyone behaves in that manner out here. We’re real people and I’m going to be a real person throughout this.” -Kass

Survivor: Second Chance is still crushing it in the ratings department and this season has gotten off to a great start. There has been emotion, drama and lots of game play up to this point and things have already shifted significantly on one tribe.

New alliances have been formed and the theme of the season so far seems to be all about the social game. Shiren, Spencer and Fishbach don’t seem to understand this aspect of the game and it has gotten them into hot water early on. Terry, on the other hand, has improved his social game significantly since his last appearance on Survivor and he appears to be reaping the rewards. Of course, this will all change once the merge hits but for now, let’s enjoy this crazy Brazilian soap opera.

Besides Joe making hammocks, we really didn’t see or hear much from the Bayon tribe and it became apparent that Ta Keo was going to be heading for their second tribal council. And that was easily one of the worst mistakes at the immunity challenge I have seen in a while. It’s going to take a miracle for this tribe to get their shit together.

Abi is still one crazy coconut but she has managed to find a way to stay in this game and her new alliance with Varner and Terry was unpredictable and has Survivor written all over it.

Check out our Castaway Wall to see who’s left! Who will survive 39 days? Be sure to check out the rankings below.

Survivor: Second Chance - Who's Left Chart

The Elite Eight

1. Jeremy

Sitting Pretty

He’s off to a superb start in a super strong alliance and forming great relationships. I think if him and Savage remain a team, they are going to be extremely tough to beat this season, although I think Varner and Terry might be able to offer some stiff competition, that is if their tribe ever wins an immunity challenge. It seems as though playing without his wife by his side may be the tipping point for Jeremy and I see him going far so long as he doesn’t end up with a bunch of haters on his tribe.

2. Jeff Varner

He’s right, it’s not 2001. It’s 2015 and the game of Survivor has evolved into a beast of a game. Varner and Terry joining forces is smart but he has also been in cahoots with Shirin, Spencer, Kelley and Abi if only to back stab them early. Now it looks like he has formed a main alliance with Terry and Abi which is quite surprising. Woo and the rest are just following the crowd so good on Jeff for playing the game hard and dirty. He also came up with Abi’s new nickname, the Brazilian Soap Opera, who comes equipped with buttons you can push for various levels of entertainment. Who needs food when you got Abi, right? I love this guy.

3. Joe

Survivor MacGyver

Making a hammock is just all around hells ya! If I’m on that beach with nothing to do but scheme and plot my way to a million dollars, I think you might as well set up a beach-side resort. Survivor MacGyver is the official nickname for Joe but I’m thinking he’s sticking out way too much. Fishbach said it best when he said that Joe is great to have on your team in the beginning, but once the merge comes it’s time to put out his torch. As awesome as Survivor MacGyver is, I don’t see him winning the game but he is still one of the biggest threats.

4. Kelley

Worshipping Idols

She’s got a hidden immunity idol and security can go a long way in this game. For someone I don’t really remember from her previous season, she’s sticking out in front of the pack in Cambodia and as long as she doesn’t get too confident, her stock will continue to rise.

5. Terry

Terry and Abi-Maria forming an alliance? This may have genius all over it. Terry wanted to improve his social game and the improvements are visible already. Oddly enough, this whole Terry-Jeff-Abi alliance has me fascinated in every way.

6. Andrew (aka Savage)

Savage’s story about the playboy magazines was classic and he’s such a likable guy that it might be hard for anyone to vote this guy out. I mean, I’m not even playing the game and I don’t want to vote him out. His story about how he met his wife was the stuff movies are made from and you can tell his tribe was eating up every minute of it. Kimmi’s reaction was priceless.


7. Keith

Keith is only here by default since everyone else on the other tribe sucks, with the exception of Varner and Terry. Woo, Peih Gee and Kelly only seem to follow the rest of their tribe and are not capable of thinking for themselves and so I could only pick someone on the other team and I just like Keith the best out of the remaining bunch. He’s a funny guy and an underdog and he could go far if he remains under the radar.

8. Kass

We're Real People

Did you really expect to see her name her? Either did I. But she’s clearly learned from her previous experiences and has formed some new friendships in Cambodia. I kind of like this new Kass and if she doesn’t come on too strong, she may see herself at the top come the end. Chaos Kass has been put on the sidelines for now but that could all change if her tribe ever loses an immunity challenge and has to go to tribal. Stay tuned.

On The Chopping Block

1. Abi-Maria

The Brazilian Soap Opera

The Brazilian soap opera. One of the most hated players in this game and also the absolute perfect candidate to bring to the end. Varner seems to think Abi is the perfect person to keep around but me thinks she might be way too much of a liability down the road. The only reason she remains on the chopping block is because it looks like they are switching up the tribes next week and I can’t imagine she is going to be able to keep her mouth shut long enough to survive a second time. This is second chance after all…not tenth chance. Her argument with Peih Gee was ridiculous in every way but I’m not a fan of Peih Gee and anyone who can bring some fire and drama to this show should be allowed to stick around, if only because she likely has no chance of winning the million at the end.

2. Stephen (aka Fishbach)

He is falling into the same trap as Spencer and Shirin by not forming any real relationships with the rest of his tribe and I can pretty much guarantee this will be his downfall. With a switcheroo coming next week, it could help him out a bit but I still don’t see him learning from his past mistakes. Constantly looking for the immunity idol is never a smart move because it means you are vulnerable and/or paranoid and Fishbach is both. His Survivor days in Cambodia are definitely numbered.

3. Spencer

From the top to the bottom

The theme of the night was the social game. Andrew gave his tribe a heartwarming story about his wife and Terry made a connection with Abi Maria after her former alliance turned their back on her. Terry was right all along when he said the social game could be the thing that makes him or breaks him and Spencer did the complete opposite of that. This was literally a tale of going from first to worst and Spencer is in big time trouble if this tribe keeps losing immunity challenges. Never would have expected this.

Final Thoughts

Well it looks like things are off to a quick start as we already had our first blindside…well almost. If Abi could keep her big fat mouth shut. Somehow Shirin and Spencer went from top to bottom very quickly and now Abi, the Brazilian Soap Opera, is the head bitch in charge…at least for now.

Of course we can probably throw out these rankings because it looks like next week we’re dropping the buffs when two tribes will become three! Can’t wait. Thanks for reading, fellow castaways.