Survivor Second Chance: ‘We Got A Rat’ Recap & Rankings

Survivor Second Chance "Drop your buffs"

“Drop your buffs” -Jeff Probst

Survivor decided to switch things up last night and it couldn’t have come at a better time. When Jeff utters those three iconic words, ‘Drop Your Buffs’, you know things are going to get interesting on the island and they most certainly did last night.

I still cannot believe the outcome at tribal council especially considering the math involved was pretty basic. It’s always great watching everyone scramble more than scrambled eggs and that was exactly what happened. Oh, and another hidden immunity idol was also found!

So let’s get to it Survivor fans. Drop your buffs and enjoy the rankings!

Three down, seventeen to go! Check out our Castaway Wall to see who’s left! Who will survive 39 days? Be sure to check out the rankings below.

Survivor Second Chance: Who's Left Castaway Chart

The Elite Eight

1. Jeremy

Idol Hands

This guy is simply dominating Survivor. Not only is he the king of his tribe, he now has a hidden immunity idol to go with it. I don’t think it can get much better than that. If I am anyone else playing this game, I would start making plans to bring him down now or this season might not even be close at all.

2. Kelley

The numbers might not be on her side but her new tribe may never lose an immunity challenge so she’s in a great spot. Even if they do end up going to tribal, Terry is probably the bigger threat. Besides, she’s got an immunity idol and I’m positive she won’t be afraid to use it, especially considering she has no trouble kicking Terry under the bus.

"Go under that bus, Terry."

3. Joe

Much like Jeremy, Joe will have nothing to worry about until the merge. He’d probably be at the top of the list if he had a hidden immunity idol too. That’s okay since Survivor MacGyver also happens to be great at individual immunity challenges. I don’t see him going anywhere for a long time, if at all.

4. Tasha

"We got a rat"

Just when you think it’s completely game over for Tasha and Savage, she pulled an amazing move (with a little help from Varner) that changed the entire dynamic of the new Angkor tribe. By calling Varner a rat after his little signal to Kelly, this created complete chaos throughout the Angkor tribe and Kass would definitely be proud. Tasha and Savage probably would have survived this regardless due to the stupidity of their new tribe (I’m talking to you Peig-Gee, Abi and Woo) but I still love the move which ultimately led to a power shift.

5. Savage


His worrying during the tribe swap was a bit annoying even if him and Tasha were outnumbered. Clearly this wasn’t an issue at all after the former Ta Keo tribe completely imploded on themselves. Call it sheer luck but he’s in a great spot sitting at the top of the Angkor tribe with Tash.

6. Kass

She didn’t do too much this episode and that’s okay since she’s got the numbers on her side. With Kass, Keith, Joe and Ciera all remaining on the same tribe, it looks like the chaotic one will be sitting pretty for the next little while. Her gameplay has completely transformed and it has been nice to see but nothing has gone wrong yet. Will she be able to keep the new persona going once she’s in trouble? We will have to wait and see…and it could be a while before we find out.

7. Terry

His social game has been stellar but even better for him is the fact that his tribe might never lose an immunity challenge. I may have had to take him off this list if not for the fact that they have one helluva strong tribe. This should give Terry ample opportunity to continue forming those relationships which could lead him on a path straight to finale night.

8. Keith / Ciera / Kimmi / Monica

These four get the last spot simply because they have done absolutely nothing up to this point. Not that they had too. None of these four have been to tribal council yet and they’re all in very good shape with their new tribes. If they keep avoiding the vote, they all could be major players in the long run (once we actually see more of them). No blame either, it’s simply a numbers game with 20 contestants this season and these four have simply drawn lucky numbers.

On The Chopping Block

1. Jeff / Abi

Rain Dance

I couldn’t decide between these two. Varner made some pretty big mistakes and literally went from being in the elite to being on the chopping block. I have no idea how Abi even survived a third tribal council but it’s clear that she is probably on the bottom of her new alliance. Luckily, there is one other individual who is a bigger target (see below).

Also, Varner giving the middle fingers to the rain was classic! He’s pure entertainment so I hope he gets back on our elite list soon. The Brazilian Soap Opera, on the other hand, needs to go.

2. Kelly / Spencer

Lighting A Fire Under Your Ass

While I admire Spencer for improving his game significantly after the tribe swap, he’s still in a bad spot given the fact that him and Kelly are the minority on their new tribe. If I had to guess, I think Kelly might be the first to go if this tribe ever does make an appearance at tribal but regardless, these two are going to need to do something to shake things up. Hopefully they learned something from Tasha and Savage.

3. Woo

Woot Woot

He’s in big time trouble. After voting with Peih-Gee and going against Abi, I have no idea how he will survive another tribal council with his new tribe. Savage, Varner, Tasha and Abi are the majority and Woo is the odd man out. Unless something crazy happens, which is definitely possible with Abi and Varner in the mix, Woo’s chances of winning are at an all-time low.

Final Thoughts

The tribe swap came at an absolutely perfect time. Spencer and Fishbach were in big trouble but luckily they got new life and a new buff to go with it. I am also still amazed at the stupidity shown by Varner, Abi, Peih-Gee and Woo. This was not rocket science, the numbers were 4-2. All they had to do was vote Tash or Savage out and everything would have been peachy. Instead, Abi and Varner decided to act like the characters from Under the Dome and now Savage and Tash are in complete control. As someone who has seen every episode of Survivor, this was as dumb as it gets.

As for Peih-Gee, I didn’t really like her chances at all. She seemed to lack a social game and she’s terribly boring to watch. Her constant arguing with Abi was annoying (and hilarious), and even though she did nothing to deserve it, it ultimately cost her the game.

So who does everyone think is going to take home the million? Let us know in the comments and thanks for reading, fellow castaways!